Susan Lucci on Continuing With All My Children “My Heart is There”


Will she stay with All My Children, or will she leave? It is the question on everyone's mind. What will daytime legend Susan Lucci do once the show she's called home for 41 years leaves ABC this month? TV Guide spoke with La Lucci where the soap diva stated:

My heart is there. I think it's a very, very exciting possibility. I think that Prospect Park, the men involved there, have a wonderful, successful track record … It could be very exciting, especially with Agnes and Lorraine.

I'm praying to the soap gods Lucci's John Hancock is the first one PP gets once negotiations are squared away. To find out how Lucci felt on the last day of taping click here!


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    AMC isn’t AMC without Susan Lucci. She’s the heart and soul of the show, and with so many other vets jumping ship, it makes me wonder if they will be able to TRULY make this work if she decides not to stay with the show.

    I am trying to stay positive, but come on……..

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    I can only see a historical continuity when I think of soaps going online. Soap opera has been around as long as human beings have. Once upon a time, we sat by a fire and listened to men talking about their adventures in bringing down a whooley mammoth or battling with a bear. We listened to tales of the great spirit anamorphic animals and lightning strikes from the gods above. We painted on cave walls with our red ochre and brown clays the stories of our great conquests of antelopes. Later we painted tales of our gods and our great leaders on the sides of our temples. Still later painting scenes in our livingrooms and great rooms and bedrooms of lovers and enemies and gods. Later on we wove great tapestries of battles and of the apocalypse and of great lovers. We would sit in Shakespears theater and hear tales of people stranded on deserted islands or of lovers prefering poison to living without their great love. Later still we got these little pamplets talking about the end times and of retribution of God if we did not repent. And of news papers with tales of knights and their conquests as well as the births and deaths of babies and old people and of burning of witches. Then we got weekly stories printed in the paper. Short continuing stories that kept us coming back week after week. That became novels. That became radio and we listened to the perils of Pauline, and the travails of Mother Moynihan. Later the Bauers. The Bauers took us to the tv. When radio soaps went to tv, we cried fowl as well. But we all went out and got a tv. Now technology is leading us in another direction but the stories we hear are still the same ones. The ones about love and great adventure, and death and the good guy and the bad guy. Soap opera is not a tv show. It is a continuing story that has literally been being told since people could talk. What does the medium matter? A tv is simply the thing that bridged the radio to the next thing. It was never meant to be here forever. No more than 8 track tapes were supposed to be the end all be all for music! Whatever the medium is it is really and truly just the current version of our societies campfire.

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    She won’t go … and if she does it will be like “Santa Barbara” back in the summer of 1984 with that old woman that carried on the show for two or three episodes.

    Susan Lucci is NOT the heart and soul of “All My Children.”

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