SNL Alum Molly Shannon Heads To The Talk

Looks like CBS is trying to pull out all the stops to revamp The Talk. Deadline is reporting funny gal Molly Shannon is heading to the CBS gabfest. According to the site, Shannon will be a guest co-host the entire month of September, along with the original hosts Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and newcomer Sheryl Underwood.  

Are we really suppose to believe CBS isn't trying to make this hot mess a rip-off of The View? Three comics on ABC's chatfest, three comic actors on CBS'? How long will we have to wait for Sara and Sheryl to get into a smackdown over politics? Here's hoping Molly's Saturday Night Live buddy Tina Fey creates a sitcom to rescue her from the madness.

The Talk returns for season 2 on Sept. 6 at 2 PM EST on CBS.

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    Dateline: Spring, 2065. 115 year old Les Mooneves, CBS-TV CEO, was recently dethawed from his cryogenic state. Raising his fists in protest, he loudly proclaimed: “The era of ‘The Talk’ is not yet over. It is an iconic show that has been on for 54 years!”

    I hate to burst your bubble, Mr. Moonves, but your precious show, ‘The Talk,’ has not been on 54 week, let alone 54 years, and already it is a train wreck.

    And, by the way, a question about this year’s daytime Emmy Awards? How many nominations did ‘The Talk’ receive? Hmmm, what’s that? I can’t hear you, you have to speak up. “None,” you say? you, the grand exalted head of CBS did not get a single nomination for the show that your dear wife hosts? Yet, the show that you replaced, can proudly lay claim to the two-time Emmy Award winning lead actor for a Drama Series – Michael Park.

    Can’t stand the truth, now, can you Mr. Moonves.

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    I’m still waiting for the announcement from CBS that states “the show formerly known as THE TALK has been changed to “The Incredible Julie Chen Happiness Hour” or something like that……..

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    I noticed that Holly Robinson Peete is not returning. Ms. Shannon, that should tell you something. Make sure you check your contract and see if you can put in a clause for an early “out” as necessary… 0:)

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    “The Incredible Julie Chen Happiness Hour” — LOL

    From a practical standpoint, Molly Shannon would be an excellent addition to a show of this type. But this show is so ill-conceived and dreadful, there’s no hope. I can only hope her experience with this pit of quicksand inspires some brilliant comic riffs in the future for her.

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    oh no. i like her. what the hell is she thinking? it’s bad enough that this show is a rip-off of a terrible show but now it seems to be imploding. I guess we all gotta get paid somehow.

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