Ratings, Rants and Raves: A Melody Thomas Scott-less Young and Restless Hits New Lows; OLTL Still No. 1 Among Women 18-34

That sound you hear is Sony executives wailing and gnashing their teeth as CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless hit record lows the week of Aug. 22-26 (Source: Soap Opera Network). Granted, the ratings for this period were effected slightly by preemptions on Tuesday, due to the earthquake, and Friday, because of Hurricane Irene, however daytime's No. 1 soap was the only sudser to hit new lows in total viewers, women viewers 18-49 and women 18-34. In the latter demo, Y&R was in fifth place! Y&R also tied its record low among women 18-49 for the third week in a row. Sorry, Maria. No natural disaster to blame that last one on.

I can't comment on what happened in Y&R storywise for the week in question because I was boycotting the show. I feel the exact same way about Y&R right now as I did during Chuck Pratt's show-destroying stint at All My Children. If Maria Arena Bell isn't either reigned in or relieved of her duties, this show could soon be irrevocably broken. Oh yeah, and where is Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott)?

The Bold and the Beautiful went up a tenth of a point in households and among women 18-49 that week, but dropped one-tenth of a point among women 18-34, tying it's all-time low in the demo.

In story, Hope (Kimberly Matula) rushed out of the room when Liam (Scott Clifton) tried to pop the question, because growing up with a brazen sex cat like Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) for a mother has made the poor, little lass a bit frigid. I'm not buying Steffy's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) sudden obsession with Liam after chasing his bad dressing daddy for the better part of forever. The whole Amber/Marcus/Dayzee triangle is also quite the snorefest. 

Over at NBC, Days of Our Lives was last place in total viewers and tied with All My Children and General Hospital in last place in households. DAYS came in fourth among women 18-49 and tied with AMC and GH at No. 2 among women 18-34. Aunt Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) brokered peace between the Kiriakis and DiMera clans from her University hospital room bed the week of Aug. 22-26. Maybe we should send her to the Middle East? Sami (Alison Sweeney) found out she had cysts as opposed to an 84th pregnancy and another hooker got beaten up.

At the Mouse House, One Life to Live was once again No. 1 among women 18-34.  OLTL was No. 3 in total viewers and households and was tied with GH at No. 2 among women 18-49. OLTL continued its make-every-moment-count pacing as David (Tuc Watkins) and Dorian (Robin Strasser) bid a poignant farewell and Clint (Jerry verDorn) broke house arrest to go to Rex's (John-Paul Lavoisier) mansion to commemorate Asa (the late Phil Carey). The Buchanan men were joined by Bo (Robert S. Woods), after he received a pep talk from Renee (Patricia Elliott) at his Pa's grave.

Across town, Tea (Florencia Delgado) had to memorize a new name to scream out loudly in the throes of passion, as she decided the best way to deal with Victor Lord, Jr. (Trevor St. John) was to screw his brains out. He may be "slow" according to his campy mama, but boy can obviously lay pipe for Tea to decide to overlook him not being Todd (Roger Howarth).

 Earlier in the week, Rex found Kim (Amanda Setton) working a pole at the Spotted Pony, facilitating the scene stealer's return to Llanview. The week ended with Blair (Kassie DePaiva) realizing Dorian's gun was missing. The only story I can honestly say didn't have me riveted on OLTL the week in question was all this Kim/Gigi/Stacy crap. The Morasco Fiasco is so not a story I want to be recalling while OLTL has been on such a phenomenal upswing. Besides, hearing Kim mention Sierra Rose, Kyle and Fish only opens old wounds and makes the whites of my eyes threaten to go black again.

AMC was the only soap opera to gain total viewers for the week, inching up 3,000. Like OLTL, AMC was also up year-to-date. As previously mentioned, AMC was tied in last place in households and tied in last with B&B among women 18-49. Among 18-34, AMC went up one-tenth of a point and was tied at No. 2.

Pine Valley continued to reel from the machinations of the evil Dr. David (Vincent Irizarry), who managed to find time to stick his tongue down Cara's (Lindsay Hartley) throat amid practicing necromancy the week of Aug. 22-26. JR (Jacob Young) became even more desperate to get his son back, while his Mama Dixie (Cady McClain) reconnected with her homegirl Angie (Debbi Morgan), and had one of those wonky flashbacks while on a picnic. Dixie, girl, don't ever let a blind lady bring the potato salad!

General Hospital lost a whopping 230,000 total viewers over the previous week. GH was tied for last in households, tied for No. 2 among women 18-49 and women 18-34.  In story, Siobhan (Erin Chambers) went home to the land of shamrocks and heavenly leprechauns, which caused Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) to cry….again. It also resulted in poor Liz (Rebecca Herbst) having to stand around looking all guilty for something she didn't do. Kinda over Liz as GH's Diagnosis Murder suspect of the week — every week. I'd say one of the soap's most popular heroine's deserves a bit better, doncha think?

 Loved, loved, loved Skye Chandler Not-Quite-Quartermaine (Robin Christopher) discovering her former flame Jax (Ingo Radamacher) at the warehouse and sticking it to Tracy (Jane Elliot) over Mrs. Spencer-maine's The City mob ties. While I would have rather had Skye home in Pine Valley, seizing control of Chandler Enterprises from JR during AMC's last weeks and months, I will take R.C. however I can get her. Tell my Matt Cory (Matt Crane) I said hi, girl! 

Two characters I can admit I am enjoying much more with Garin Wolf writing GH are Dr. Matt Hunter (Jason Cook)—whom I mentioned last week—and shocker-of-shockers Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). While I will never stop believing Elizabeth is Jason's (Steve Burton) one true love, Sam has impressed me with how she's stepped up to defend Super Jase as he fights for his life. Monaco has also been spot on as a scared, newly-engaged woman, trying not to think about her dreams coming undone. For the first time, the character doesn't lack integrity or purpose. Now if she could just find someone else to marry… See you next Ratings!

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  1. Profile photo of soapfan616

    Shame GH couldn’t hold onto its ratings gains for even two weeks. Could it be viewers who were hoping Mr. Wolf would rid the show of the mob are dismayed that it continues to be prominently featured? And could viewers who were hoping that Dante was not the lead actor 4 times a week are also dismayed by his continued dominance of screen time?

    I don’t know…but if I were wanting the ratings up, I’d start there.

  2. Profile photo of donde

    Young and restless bring back my Sharon and Adam. Maybe i will watch again. Whoo Hoo for OLTL they deserve it. GH is there any hope we will get back Greg Vaughn as Lucky?

  3. Profile photo of keanna

    As always great ratings article, Jamey!!!

    It’s been so depressing with the attacks, Maggie fighting for her life, Sami’s health scare, can’t wait for Melanie and Darrell’s writing to start, with Jack, Marlena, John, Austin, and Carrie in tow. Can’t wait also to see Sarah Brown.

    As for the ABC soaps:
    Yeah the returning from the dead stuff may be too Sci-fi for some of us but I love it.
    JR acting out of control, glad the Jesse/Angie baby stuff’s wrapping,and Marissa/Bianca, AMC is on fire!!!

    I cried like a baby when Robin Strasser (Dorian), sad she’s gone. Love the Todd/Victor stuff, the only thing I don’t like is Rex seeing “Gigi” or whoever that is, just a little bit much.

    Maybe those 230,000 were disappointed that GH hasn’t stop centering around the mob, but there are at the hospital a lot more. The women are stronger, Garin has turned that around, but it feels like something’s missing still. The what if fantasies were good didn’t like the endings to Monica and Liz’s fantasies, I did love the flashbacks though, Steve, Leslie, and Rebecca have not aged at all.

  4. Profile photo of soapfan09

    Y&R is without a doubt, lifeless right now without Melody in the canvas. The only storyline that has really kept me watching is the Tucker/Devon storyline the rest is just bogus! Genie Francis and her atrocious character cooked up by Maria picking fights with Jill, and having sex with Jack just send shivers down my neck!
    Do us ALL a favor and just bring Nikki back Maria!

  5. Profile photo of bishbay

    I think that the sudden pivot with Liz and Sam being attracted to each other–sexually–in the wake of Jason waking up asexual is NOT going to make many longtime fans happy but will certainly get everyone talking. I hear that Lam go to an adult toy shop together in early October!

  6. Profile photo of jphelps

    Who will Jason be? Let me say who cares and it seems GH’s non stop promo run on every cable network out there didn’t entice anyone to watch because who cares. Shockers that Jason is exactly the same. Yeah I was on pins and needles waiting only not and my magnificent Alan wasted on that crap. Maybe people are sick of being promised less mob and being lied to again so they tuned out. And Jason cook is still dull as dirt as he was on Days. NOt even Queen Liz can make him interesting. Well thats not a shock.

    Whats missing on GH is still family and friendships and with the show gutted from those famileis and friendships that were organic and important to the show(Brenda/Robin, EMily/Liz, Alexis/Jax) or the sibling relationships(Alan/Tracy, Lucky/Nikolas, Jason/Emily, Georgie/Maxie) who cares about the manufactured relationships of Robin/Liz, Steve/Liz or Lucky and ? well Lucky has no relationships on this show anymore with any of his family. ALl thats left is the played out Jason and Carly. You can’t write what the show lost with which was gutted which were real character driven years in the making friendships and heart. The heart of GH LIz(vomiting) cannot replace that.

    Y&R no words that show is pathetic. I would love to say its been a tad better this week only because I got to see Nina and Paul and Jill is full business mode for a change. I don’t even mind Lane but please get Genevieve off my screen. I love Genie but its painful. I shutter at Debbi’s arrival.

    AMC and Project Clusterfeck can take a hike. This week(not ratings week) was terrific with Angie Jessie and the baby fallout but I feel cheated because this was a story that should have played out for months but LB decided to focus on SciFi Dr. David Zombie Frankenstein Hayward. I have to say today was the first day in months I felt like I was watching AMC in years. Good scenes, and even Zach was likable. It helped that the showkilling Zendull and Rylee were not on and no PROJECT ORPHEUS crap for the most part.

    And I want to say if AMC can bring Dixie back from the dead for lets see the upteeth time, I am waiting for someone at GH to wake up and bring back Alan, AJ, or Emily. And can I say Dixie’s return IMO a zzzzzzz. She and Tad are deadly dull now and MEK just looks uninterested but he and CAra, well AMC was onto something with them but another wasted opportunity. Oh well. I would have much preferred Adam and Brooke back for 2-3 months over Dixie and Zach.

  7. Profile photo of GHfan30

    Lante and Lulu weren’t on the show at all last week, which is the week these ratings are for. Dante was on one day with Olivia. How are they being blamed for the ratings? It was all Carly, Liz, Lucky, Sonny and Jason all week.

  8. Profile photo of koalygirl

    GH: When I heard Guza was gone from GH, I hoped that the writing would change the canvas around. I quit watching a long time ago because of the mob focus that made them the savior of the town, the ridiculous key-stone cops, and the misogynistic storylines. I was hoping that with the change in writers, that GH would return to a more balanced show that focused on relationships that didn’t fall apart 6 seconds after they began, for one thing. I hope the Sonny/Jason focus will change. I’m staying in the shadows, peeking at it for now.

    OLTL: I tuned in as of late, and found that even though I hadn’t watched in a long long time, I recognized characters and could catch up. I loved it.

    Y&R: Bell, Hamner and Sheffer have to go. Again, my problem is balance and focusing on only a few characters till I get sick of them. Storylines are begun, yet dropped just when they get good. I don’t trust the Bell team. Though Gen was written horribly, putting GF in a hard spot, I do like how the Atkinson family is being given some screen time. I love seeing Jill and Colin, along with Cane and Lily. That stories has so many possibilities that I’d like to see happen.

  9. Profile photo of miztee246

    Where in the world is Melody Thomas Scott? Did Hackarena think she could force-feed us Genie Francis and we would just forget Nikki Newman? Sorry, the blondes are not interchangeable. I loved Genie all those years she appeared on GH, so she just seems miscast in her new role.

  10. Profile photo of

    Once again, I’m letting you all know about a petition letter that will be sent to Sony/CBS to fire MAB, SH, and HS from their duties at Y&R. You can see and sign the petition as well: http://yropenlettercbssonypictures.blogspot.com/

    Also, we do have a FB page dedicated to getting MAB, SH, and HS fired. “Like” us and join the campaign to rid the show of these horrible writers! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fire-Maria-Arena-Bell-from-the-Young-and-the-Restless/199881346739801

    We also have a twitter feed as well: @FireMABCompany

    Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Daphne and I will do the best we can to answer those questions for you!

    Let’s all work together and rid Hackeria Bell from Y&R along with her two idiotic co-horts!

  11. Profile photo of csc1

    I agree with most comments about Y&R. I’ve watched since day one, but at this point, I’m fast forwarding through much of the show. I am so afraid it will be cancelled because it has certainly gone to you know where lately and is getting worse. First, get Melody back NOW!!! Get back to story lines about people we care about. It’s like all of a sudden we’re being fed a NEW show and they think people are going to accept it!? Nope,most of us aren’t. Devon, Tucker’s son!? Kay creating a record label for Devon!? Genie Francis….Paleeeeze! This show has come unraveled and I truly hope some sensible writing puts it back together and saves it. Y&R writers take note and HEAR what fans are saying before it is too late!

  12. Profile photo of Myst Stied
    Myst Stied

    JMHO..It’s definitely the bad storytelling, no balance and starting a good story and then shelving it for a long period of time, forced feeding us the same characters day in and day out..Because the week in question most if not all the core characters were shown that week..And if you look up the episodes count for August, all the core characters/actors with the exception MTS are in the top ten.. And The newbies aren’t on enough to make a different. It’s the way they’re telling the story is what drove the viewers away..People watch soap opera for romance.. And all the couples are broken up…It’s time MAB start putting some couples with chemistry back together, I am for one am glad Jill and Colin are back together for the minute because they’re a great sexy mature couple along with Nikki/Victor.. They really need to cook up some romantic reunions, that would get the viewers watching again..I think Adam/Sharon, Lily/Cane and Billy/Victoria really need to find their way back together.. I may not care for any of those couple but a lot of the fans do..Plus, we need fun, fun, fun and enough with all the gloom and doom..How about throw a big lavish party where everyone dressed to the nine..

  13. Profile photo of nickskelton

    Soapfan616, you got it right with the second option for me. I barely watched GH that week because of, as usual, too much Dante (even one minute of Dante is too much Dante!!! LOL), too much Siobhan and Lucky, too much Jason and I was not intesrested in the dreams thing at all as I am no Jason lover…
    And not enough Johnny and Alexis and Anthony was in killer mode instead of “most enjoyable villain mode”. Didn’t watch Monday either. Came back as soon as Alexis was on as well as Johnny… So I watched much more of GH this week (and we have been spared Dante for the past 2 days, HAPPY DANSE!)

    But I have watched every sequence of every episode of OLTL. Even watched three times the Dorian/Viki montage and I was in tears the three times. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Tea remaining with Victor, that’s my girl and FL and TSJ just proved again that their chemistry is off the charts. I know that this week’s ratings for OLTL will be very high again with Victor’s death and those heartbreaking scenes between Tea and Victor as well as Tea/Dani. My question is for next week and the week after when Victor/TSJ will be gone for good not to be seen before at least PP in the best case scenario. I know that I am not sure that my OLTL current passion can survive no Todd-Victor/Tea anymore on my screen. I used to love RH but I don’t see the same chem with Blair/KDP and they won’t be enough to keep me watching I fear…

  14. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Y&R: Um… WTF was that crock Maria was spinning about bringing MTS back??? Huh??? What??? Where??? When??? How??? Y&R as of late actually hurts my feelings… Oh, and is Diane still dead??? Does anybody even care???

    [quote] The whole Amber/Marcus/Dayzee triangle is also quite the snorefest. [/quote]

    Wait, what? Is that what’s actually happening there??? ;) Hope/Liam/Steffy is totally Brooke/Ridge/Taylor… but funny enough, Taylor’s daughter is the huzzay (but I like Steffy, lol), while Brooke’s daughter is the one not shaking her milkshake for the boy at the yard.

    [quote] and another hooker got beaten up. [/quote]

    Just another quiet day in Salem… which reminds me, I should call my pimp and tell him I won’t be working the block near 7-11 tonight; too many of us girls getting tricked instead of treated. :stare:

    [quote] Kinda over Liz as GH’s Diagnosis Murder suspect of the week — every week. I’d say one of the soap’s most popular heroine’s deserves a bit better, doncha think? [/quote]

    I’m shocked Liz wasn’t blamed for the heat wave and lack of rain as well. WHY is she always a victim? RME. It is hard being a Liz fan, I gotta say…

    On the flip side, I do like that Sam is being written more to who she was when she first came to town. Now, please send Anthony’s ass on a one way trip to Moldavia.

    I have to catch up on AMC this weekend.

    OLTL: It was great last week even through the damn preempts and the switching to a previous episode during Dorian and Viki’s goodbye. Stacy should just stay dead and CH should never return to my screen again. Sorry, but I couldn’t stand her on GL and just despised the hell out of her here. I still think when we actually “see” her, she’s going to be looking a lot like FF. Her hair color is literally ice blonde like CH’s was. No other reason for her to be looking like that AD. I’ve read that folks are speculating a Heaven Can Wait storyline… something similar to what they did with Al, new face, new body, old soul, whatever. If it looks like a Gigi, if it walks like a Gigi…

    I know some other folks may not see chem between RH/KDP, but I saw it with that kiss at the premiere, I saw it when he said he admitted leaving that island and risking his life to be with her during their fight, I saw it even when he blamed her for everything (par for the course for him), and hopefully I’ll continue to see it when they share more alone scenes this month and so on as they attempt to reconnect, rebuild and repair their relationship. It’s been a long time and Blair has been romantically removed from all men named Todd for years now. It’s not like they just split up like they always had in the past, she literally thought he was 1st, dead, and then someone else, and forced herself to move on from what she THOUGHT she had with this man when he chose another, and now she’s learned he’s not who she thought he was and all that she forgave of Todd in the past, loved, accepted, cherished and had actually moved on from was never really “her Todd”, as Dorian put it, and she’s a mess, but trying to hold it together for those around her and ignore her feelings entirely, denying until she’s blue in the face, instead of voicing the truth.

    Todd just doesn’t get it, which doesn’t surprise me, because it’s typical when it comes to his feelings for Blair. He never left that place in his heart where she’s concerned and he clearly doesnt get how or why she could or would be removed from it, which is where the “how could you not have known?” comes from, so he’s gotta work a bit harder than he has in the past to get her back into his orbit. They’ve barely gotten any time alone (two alone scenes total since the kiss last month, and they were short plot points), and none to talk about anything relevant dealing with just the two of them. They’ve had no real time to breathe and accept each other again and just talk, instead of fight and blame. She hasn’t even touched his face yet, and that was Blair’s “thing” where he was concerned, so I have to conclude that this is a purposeful choice on both ends until the time is right. I hear it’s all coming once the dust settles and they get more relevant scenes about THEM, so I’m willing to be patient for the slow burn, they need it, it’s been too, too long to just jump back into what they once had, considering they were not even together when he disappeared. Chem is subjective. I gave Sonny/Brenda up until the sex, and that was generous, and finally tossed in the towel when it got awkward. I realized my initial instincts about both them and her return were right on the money. I didn’t see the chem with them anymore because VMG wasn’t playing Brenda. She was playing someone trying to play Brenda and failing at it, miserably, therefore, I didn’t see the same heat they brought in the 90s or even in 2002. I see things in the way that T&B interact and look at one another and in the acting choices that remind me of the old days during the friendship when they were attracted to each other, before things got complicated. Well, they’re still attracted to each other, but things GOT complicated, and they’re going to have to deal as adults, something they’ve both been avoiding. They’re not on the same page yet, nor should they be given the amount of time he’s been away and what has happened since. It’ll take time and it should. I know the hardcore T&Bers of yore see it too, but to each his/her own… I’m excited to see what comes out of the few months left for them. At the end of the day, I ride or die for T&B.

    Great ratings, rants and raves, Jamey!

  15. Profile photo of gato1

    Ummm, not even the newly sainted MTS can save YR now!!! Yes she should be there, and YES she was a major part of the show for a long time, but she simply is not the cure for all that ails Genoa City.

  16. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    The state Y&R is in saddens me. The scene this week of Jill and Genevieve having to share an office SPOKE VOLUMES about the current state of the show. I was embarrassed for Jess Walton and Genie Francis.

  17. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    Jamey. Brian Frons told Gordon elliot to tell me to remind you AGAIN that OLTL’s ratings are a fluke, a curiosity to people who want to see a species before it becomes extinct. Because we all know that no one has time for stories anymore.

    I’m not surprised by GH still struggling in the ratings. I don’t have enough faith that GW is autonomous enough to be allowed to write a good story for the GH “top two”. I’ve watched clips and can see that he is making a difference with the rest of the show, but since the show focus has always been Sonny and Jason, it’s hard to tune in when only the “supporting” cast is getting better story. Sonny is alreay a lost cause to me, and Jason’s story has been lulling me to sleep for years. As for Jason’s story last week? I could just youtube clips from 2005(?) when Jason took drug to find Michael and ended up with an aneurysm. Sam snotting at his bedside, talking about Hawaii, and being together forever. SSDD. I’m over Jason Morgan as he has been written for the last 8 years. GW needs to give the man a personality to go with his good looks if he wants to get me to watch again. What’s really the difference if Sonny thinks for Jason or Sam does? When will Jason think for himself? I tune in again when that happens.

  18. Profile photo of met

    [quote]If Maria Arena Bell isn’t either reigned in or relieved of her duties, this show could soon be irrevocably broken.[/quote]
    Wow this from a website that was lauding Mrs. Bell almost every day. Now gone are the nicknames “Auntie RiRi” etc. Its just amazing to see the pendulum swinging to the other side more.

    Another thing, if Melody Thomas Scott is so good why hasn’t she worked on anything else since leaving Y&R in April? Oh Please Sony is telling that diva that if she is that good, then she should be capable of getting another another acting gig somewhere else. This whole crap is starting to smell like Victoria Rowell’s argument for wanting to go back to something that seems hell-bent on not wanting her back.

    My advice to all those actors is to best TPTB and get an acting job on a show that’s working and gaining steam. Stop trying to fight to get on dead houses.

    Plus soap audience makes the worst critics anyway. So what do we know other than what’s in front of us. And that’s all I have to say.

  19. Profile photo of josser

    Melody Scott Thomas’ absence isn’t responsible for the ratings hitting bottom. It’s the story. I can only believe that MAB felt it necessary to create all of these ludicrous storylines because she feels that mania will bring in ratings. It’s not working.

    Characters on Y&R have been behaving illogically for the last few years. This week we saw two very smart business executives, Jack Abbot and Jill Foster Abbot Fenmore, made no business sense:

    Jack hired Genevieve as marketing director. Genevieve has no business experience. She was involved in a huge scandal. Yet, Jack, the CEO of a billion dollar cosmetic firm decides to hire to lead his marketing team?

    Jill, who is co-CEO of a large, successful department store, leaves that position to return to Jabot to become its marketing director. No one in business takes such a huge backwards step in her career unless she is in financial and career dire straights. Supposedly, Jill did this for the chance to eventually regain the CEO position at Jabot. Why would she do this? She had more autonomy and control as co-CEO and co-owner of Fenmore’s.

    Every day, we read about another Y&R actor who is landing a gig on a primetime show. Is there any wonder that all of these actors are reading the writing on the wall and know that their steady gig at Y&R is coming to and in 2014? Seriously, I would encourage every actor on Y&R to audition like hell for new gigs.

  20. Profile photo of SoapGuyFlorida

    People need to get over the whole “women 18-34″ demo, stay at home moms are a thing of the past. Catering too much to that demographic is a big reason soaps are failing as a genre.

    Get with the times people, this isnt the 70’s & 80’s anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    What is it going to take for someone at Sony/CBS to wake up and fire these idiots? MAB lacks the talent to be running this show with all the responsibilities she has been given. Someone please throw this show a life vest!!!

  22. Profile photo of miztee246

    @met, I am not sure what board you are referring to in post #19. Most of the comments here have run against MAB since I joined this board. As for soap audiences being the worst critics–who better to critique than the show’s audience? We are the ones who will either tune in or tune out.

    josstheguy, you are correct, MTS absence is not the reason Y&R is going down the tubes. The ill-advised direction of the writing is the primary reason.

    No Daisy, I agree that GW should give Jason Morgan a personality that equals Steve Burton’s good looks. (I am so shallow that I’ll look anyway.) Over the years, Jason has been the one with better critical thinking skills than Sonny. Although Jason is supposedly second in command, whenever he is out of the picture, Sonny (and the organization) head to hell in a handbasket

    GHfan-4now, I am totally with you on sending Papa Z’s ass packing for good. Just watch old Hill Street Blues episodes if you have doubts about Bruce Weitz’s ability to play crazy. At this point, the novelty has worn off and BW looks like a one-trick pony, despite his immense talent. It is as if TPTB @ GH have been reading Hackarena Bell’s playbook at Y&R.

  23. Profile photo of jmoney

    I have to say, anyone expecting the mob to be completely removed from storylines the second Garin took over is in for a rude awakening. To remove it instantaneously without so much as an afterthought would do the show a great injustice due to the fact that the mob has played such a major role on the show for more than a decade.

    How about focusing on everything Gavin has given you: stronger women, less actor domination, more Qs, the return of Stuart Damon and Robin Christopher, more Jason Cook.

    As Gavin spends more time developing his stories, the mob influence will decrease, I can almost guarantee it. But it can’t happen overnight.

    I think its a good sign that Gavin has been able to give you some of what you had asked for. It has certainly entitled him to a little faith and time to get this right.

  24. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Sorry, but I’m actually ENJOYING Y&R minus MTS. Besides what did she contribute as of late other than walking around making snide remarks here and there? They haven’t had a decent storyline for her in years. Reminds me of the MANY, MANY years she walked around ranch wringing her hands all damn day.

  25. Profile photo of flyhigh5

    No doubt, Y&R has got its problems. When I watch some of the new characters added to the mix, I just keep asking, why? They are adding nothing and taking time away from the characters that I love.

    But, I’m not ready to burn MAB at the stake just yet. I don’t think all hope is lost. Now, if the ratings don’t recover a little when Billy (and hopefully MTS) returns to the mix – and GC’s residents/couples start working their way out of the depths of despair – then, I’ll worry.

  26. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Hackarena Bell is too busy trying to turn Genie Francis into a viable replacement for Melody Thomas Scott (which, unfortunately, will NEVER happen!) to care that this show has been transformed into garbage.

    And those of you who are saying that Melody Thomas Scott is not an important piece of the Y&R puzzle really sadden me, and I couldn’t disagree more. You might not like her, but you can’t deny that she’s a keystone actress/character. Aside from Jeanne Cooper, she’s the longest-running female character on Y&R, and you can’t throw out 32 years of legacy with the bathwwater, not even by bringing on another daytime legend. These two actresses are NOT interchangeable. Frankly, I used to enjoy Genie Francis’ performances, but lately I just roll my eyes whenever she comes onto the screen. Genevieve is nothing but a cartoon character, and her onscreen rivarly with Jess Walton/Jill seems forced to me, and it stopped being interesting about 10 minutes into its inception.

    And I agree, anyone who thinks that this website is the type that kisses Maria Bell’s heavily-Botoxed ass couldn’t be further from the truth. You only have to read 95% of the commentary on here to figure that out.

    Change, I fear, will NEVER happen until Y&R loses its #1 spot in the ratings. I don’t want to see this show fail because I do have a heavy nostalgic attatchment to it, since it was the 1st soap I ever fell in love with, but if that’s what it takes to get rid of this horrible woman (Maria Bell!), then the ratings can’t plummet fast enough for me. I already find myself watching LESS and LESS……….and trying to hold back my urge to vomit most of the time when I do. Something must change.

  27. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    The Absurd and the Creativeless is still on a downward trend. Jamey, you have joined my ranks of not putting one iota of attention into the the #1 daytime drama, that whet from having Neiman Marcus quality stories to Dollar Tree bargain basement deals. So they need to cut her and the whole head writing team. I can’t stress more the need for Sally Sussman Morina to team up with Kay Alden and together those two get the show back on track.

    Until then Maria will continue with her charades. I have a feeling she just watched Freddie vs Jason and wants to incorporate that into the show, since she gets her ideas from movies.

    We all have to remember she’s “doing things they’ve never done before.” And she touts that as her success.

    But shit if I could get to helm the show as EP the first thing I would do would be a Paul Rauch style firing. I’ll send a lackey to see Julia Pace and Eddie Winslow on their way to their cars to inform them, “You have just worked your last day.” Then I’ll call Genie Francis to my office in true Rauch style and tell her, “You’re not even worth it!”

    Then like Gloria Monty I will kill all the scripts a start fresh.

    We won’t be in talks with Vicky Rowell we’ll be signing deals. And I’ finally hire Lawrence Saint Victor to play Nate Jr.

    The writing team would work out a way to keep Nikki on air and honor the limitations on MTS’s contract.

  28. Profile photo of timepass

    Wow I am not the only one who shortly watch GH to see Liz and Jason fantasy. I had to stop watching because it is still boring like hell.

    As for Y&R too many useless character get rid of NuHeather, one note Chloe, boring Cane and even more boring Lily and what about useless Daniel and the worst Abby.

    Other than NuHeather noting wrong with their talent, but can they be more antipathic and moronics? YES, they can be utterly destroyed KAY, the worst mother ever.

  29. Profile photo of tedew

    RebeccaJ … I obviously totally agree with your post #26 but I also agree with alstonboy in #28 regarding MTS.

    If ratings dictate that she return then hopefully (as I have previously mentioned) it will be as a strong independent woman free and long clear of Victor. No more haughty Lady Macbeth turns, no more unnecessary snide remarks, no more hitting the bottle in forlorn self-disrespect. An interesting renewed character for a change would be something new for Y&R

  30. Profile photo of arielade

    To be fair, I do remember a time when MAB first took over, Jamey did refer to her as Auntie RiRi. However, I can’t remember who she took over from, and we thought that person was the butcher of all storyline butchers (if I am remembering things correctly). And I think with MAB there was an initial return to the vets and to the stories that made Y&R great a long time ago. But, as we have all seen, things have steadily declined under MAB, to the point where we are dangling between sub-human levels of protozoa organisms and the earth’s core.

    Is it not okay to change your mind about someone when you see things go devastatingly bad? And most people are a combination of good and bad, and are neither pure virtue or pure evil. I feel like things did get momentarily better at first with MAB, and all of us Y&R fans were desperate to see things improve, so we WANTED to see the best in her. But the best just doesn’t exist in her. She has demonstrated for a very long time now that she does not know what she’s doing at all, and the ratings are a reflection of that.

  31. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Jamey dont you normally post the day to day numbers? I was just curious.

    I totally agree about amc. Had they given Angie and Jessie this kind of powerful front burner story all along I would have been far more interested in the show. DW and DM seriously BROUGHT IT this week – had me in tears a few times.

    Love all things Sam. And while its shocking that Jamey likes sam more, Ill throw out a shocker too and agree that Liz fans deserve better. A week of her looking at everyone like a deer caught in the headlights is NOT riveting tv. Im liking a lot of the changes but the whole anthony drugs/bakery stuff is a snooze and playing spinellis mental illness for laughs is disgusting. Lucky crying again….le sigh….I miss my greg v! I agree too about the more friendships and siblings.I kind of wish that we would find out diego never killed georgie, but rather kidnapped him for herself. Maxie and johnny could go to find her, and then she could be paired with spinelli

  32. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @arielade: Looking back, LML was much better then Maria. The black folks was on 5 days a week. The cast was more integrated and at least Gloria was a plausible character tied and connected core cast members.

    Sure LML had the Phelia and Nazi Art mess. But at least she had a direction. She knew where she wanted to go with things. She wasn’t painting by numbers.

    I would say Judith Chapman trumps Genie Francis when it comes to being able to play a delicious villain. An rather go back to the days of seeing her on 5 days a week then all the mess Maria did after her honeymoon period ended.

    So looking back LML get’s the last laugh.

  33. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @EricasEvilTwin: Yes what Debbie and Darnell did this week. I can’t thinof another soap performance so far this year that comes close to what they gave. If they don’t get no Emmy’s for this, it is what it is. But they did their finest work in years this week. And it was all written by Lorraine and Agnes. The best in the business!

  34. Profile photo of YR Southern Observer
    YR Southern Observer

    Sony, Bell and Les Moonves are guilty of what Susan Lucci so brilliantly described aboout Brians Frons as “suffering from that fatal combination of ignorance and arrogance”. Contrary to what Moonves previously said…Soaps are not dead…viewers want and need them. It is like comfort food in a storm….(yes, I am currently dealing with the tropical storm)…..we want and need the familiar. YR has, in previous years, had wonderful stories with great characters…it has a legacy…now it is just a mess. We want and need to escape to the magic of Genoa City and the families we have grown with….whom we have an attachment. We don’t need to watch what is a disaster…painful scenes with Genie Francis or the new character that is Noah’s friend or the many others that have been brought in…and are still being brought in. And Nikki Newman/Melody Thomas Scott is our Susan Lucci….she is part of the history….an integral part of the show…..she CANNOT be replaced. BRING HER BACK ASAP!! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Ed Scott returned? How many businesses have failed when it is handed to the next generation…..well….we are witnessing it in the soap world with the decisions of Bell Productions. Put away the ego’s and nepotism and do what Bill Bell would do.
    Nikki…Victor, Katherine, Jill, Jack, Victoria, Nicholas, Billy, Tracy, Michael….and even Gloria….I am praying for you…..and the life of Y&R. Right now, it is on life support.

  35. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    @EET, Soap Opera Network has asked that people not copy and paste the entire ratings anymore, so in trying to respect that, I direct people over to their site at the end of my column to read the actual numbers.

  36. Profile photo of arielade

    Thanks david46208! I forgot about Lynn Marie Latham (Lantham?). I remember just hating some of her stories, but I think you are right about her having the last laugh… :-( Poor Y&R.

  37. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I liked the Y&R when LML wrote it. In fact, I never followed Y&R very closely until she took over because she wrote on my beloved Knots Landing from ’85-91 and those years were golden. I liked her stint on Y&R. I did not love it but it trumps any thing written by Hogan Sheffer or currently on Y&R.

    I think the retention of horrible writers and showrunners on daytime soap operas ruins the genre. It feels highly intentional that executives want out of the soap game and either tank their soaps or allow them to tank.

    And just because I can’t stand him: Hogan Sheffer should never work again for what he did on ATWT and then DAYS, yet, he is on the #1 soap. Ugh.

  38. Profile photo of

    I know you guys will probably call me a zillion names I have never even heard of … but maybe people just aren’t watching soap operas anymore?

    Hey, I am 40-years-old and have been watching them since I was nine years-old. But it’s just a possibility.

    I don’t like saying it, but’s possible =(

  39. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I do love Victor and Nikki together but I don’t think Y&R can not survive without MTS. The whole problem with Y&R is that NOONE in the writing staff knows how to tell a soap story. They think that a story is setting up some big surprise. Then the end of that story and on to the next big surprise. I do like those twists and turns in stories. Ones that you don’t see coming. Or maybe you figure it out slightly before it happens. But those twists and turns and surprises are what is supposed to drive story not be the end of the story. Once one finds out that Devon is Tuckers son, then the story becomes how does that change things? How does that affect Devons life? How does it affect the Winters, since several of them work for Tucker…… I have the feeling that it won’t have much affect at all. Much like Ronan being Nina’s son or Lauren and Jill being sister Phillip being gay, Chance is alive. The secret is totally the climax of the story and no intent on building upon it. If your secret or your big suprise or your twist has no what’s next, it is a dead end and not a soap opera story.

  40. Profile photo of Joan76

    Just don’t know what going to do in the afternoons, I have 300 channels but there’s noting on. I just was getting into OLTL Because of the ATWT/GL actors, Kim Zimmer, and I was so please to see Jeffery Van Dorn again and the old Margo on there, I’ll try to watch it on line. I hope there’s a special place in hell for these soap killers. >)

  41. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I do agree that Y&R is in a big slump and I find myself not liking more than liking more of what I see but I still say its better now than when LML was there…
    The Winters’ family had story and was on a lot and I did like the Brad’s story actually but other than that it was not y&r…
    Daniel hooked on porn…the whole Clear Springs bullshit…Jack and Nikki both waking up one day and deciding to run for office, Sheila with Phyllis’ face, Victor and his epilepsy, writing off Ashley cuz LML didn’t know what to do with her, and a whole lot of other crap.
    And the worst of all: KILLING John Abbott.

    Of course, give me some more time and I just might change my mind. I hope not though.

    For the record I do think LML is a talented writer as I remember Knots and Homefront. I just think she belongs in primetime where its 22 episodes a year vs. 250. I can’t comment on the year she was the HW for Port Charles cuz I didn’t see it.

  42. Profile photo of soapfan616

    [quote=GHfan30]Lante and Lulu weren’t on the show at all last week, which is the week these ratings are for. Dante was on one day with Olivia. How are they being blamed for the ratings? It was all Carly, Liz, Lucky, Sonny and Jason all week.[/quote]

    I apologize if my recollection of the week is foggy. It seemed like Dante was prominently featured. It seems he has a reason to poke into just about every story line on the canvas. When he is not getting knocked out, he’s getting out smarted. For me, his character represents, like Sonny, what is wrong with this soap opera. A dumb ass cop too wrapped up in daddy issues to do his job. All the while the smarter mobsters run the town! It’s just ridiculous writing.

    His character is WAY over-used on the canvas. And frankly, the actor doesn’t bowl me over with his skills.

    So, perhaps a few seconds on the screen seemed like LONGER for me but it’s hard to argue that Dante is not one of the three male leads of this show….Sonny, Jason and Dante….and for me that’s too much mob non-sense since they all are wrapped up in Sonny’s s**t.

    If he were used less and given an IQ….and placed with someone with whom he had chemistry, I could grow to like him. But so far, the writers prefer dumb ass Dante instead of smart cop.

  43. Profile photo of harlee490

    Concerning LML, I feel that has been a horrible slow process growing on Y&R’s soul, LML & MAB is destroying the very being of what Y&R stands for, having their own agenda not respecting the show, a long, long time viewer of Y&R it all started with LML and graduated to MAB. They both started with a good story but something happened by not paying attention to the show’s history, characters and the creator’s vision, not their vision. MAB & LML wanted to change the history of characters to fit they own personal fixations and ignoring the viewers…especially long time CBSers. Both have cause erosion from the long time viewers. I am waiting patiently for someone at Sony to wake up and read on DC do a Donald Trump style “You’re fired!!” Off with their heads…before its to late.

  44. Profile photo of tedew

    Ryan-Scott … speaking of Victor’s ailments; what about those???
    Victor in the past year or so found out he has epilepsy, has had a heart transplant(!) and is possibly under the spell of a necromancer. So there he is carrying on life just as normal; no epilepsy meds, no rejection meds, still drinking, causing grief to all around and off on wild adventures. That is all very realistic!

    Plus everything else you pointed on in post #41 (and more).

    The other thing that bugs me more so lately is that so many cause grief to parents, children or relatives and are still able to maintain great friendships with their children, parents or relatives. (For example why is Victor such a Saint in Katherine’s eyes considering the way he treats Billy? Katherine had no compassion at all toward Ashley even though her other great friend was John the Advise Giving Ghost. Heather and Nina … and so forth.)

    And of course … all of those wondrous face and body changes by those god like geniuses of the plastic surgery field.

  45. Profile photo of harlee490

    @david46208 it is sad, to watch this beautiful soap become a shell of its self. It’s from the direction of past 2 regimes. These 2 hacks (both filled both positions EP&HW) didn’t create this soap…Bill & Lee did, LML & MAB were put in charge to maintain the vision of the show. It had the strongest foundation of CBS’s soaps because of Bill. I’m not saying you can’t create a new character or family but it needs to be done correctly and not at the expensive of beloved characters. Hell, Bill did it with Y&R, first decade was on 2 completely families, then in ’80 he created Victor but the difference was the writing was consistent throughout the change and the change took 2 years to fully weave Victor into the canvas. The story of Victor & Nikki was gold and have drove story since the inception of Victor/Nikki saga. Sony needs Kay Alden back to balance the show and have the characters resemble the characters long time viewers know and love. She started with Bill’s writing team in 1973 and had a hand in the all the characters creation and direction…who knows these characters as much as Bill Bell himself is Kay Alden. Off with their heads! |(

  46. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I don’t see Kay Alden moving from The Bold and the Beautiful to Y&R. I think they like where they are now at that soap. I would like to John F. Smith come over from B&B, sinc right now, according to Wikipedia, he’s a breakdown writer/script writer. He would be a good headwriter, I think, because he was an associate head-writer from ’86-’02. He would know quite a bit of the show from working with Kay Alden and Bill Bell. He could replace Hogan Sheffer. I wouldl like to possibly see Josh Griffith return and take Scott Hamner’s place. I just don’t see MAB leaving. She’s a Bell, and Sony/CBS don’t seem to care about the fact that they are losing viewers, so long as they don’t have to be bothered about the daytime part while they are focusing on creating their umpteenth crime drama on primetime. :D

  47. Profile photo of BornSoapStar

    Great article! OLTL is the best soap by far right now! Dorian’s departure (especially the montage of scenes with Vicki) made me cry and seriously pause and reflect on the fact that I was witnessing the end of an era. Robin Strasser is an icon and the genre will not be the same with out her. I applaud her career on this show.

    Trevor St. John deserves props too. I love Roger Howarth as Todd, but I have to say I’m a huge fan of TSJ too. His performance has been heartbreaking as Todd2 learned he was not Todd afterall, but rather Victor. You could see the realization of the ramifications play through TSJ’s eyes and face.

    “Kinda over Liz as GH’s Diagnosis Murder suspect of the week — every week. I’d say one of the soap’s most popular heroine’s deserves a bit better, doncha think?” I couldn’t agree more. When GW gives the fans what they have been screaming, writing, emailing, faxing, twittering, calling for (like Jason, Elizabeth and Jake reunited!) then maybe the viewers will tune back in.

  48. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Y&R Fans: Kay might not leave B&B to come back to Y&R. But the only other writer who understands the show could come and take the helm and she’s free, Sally Sussman Morina. Need I say more? She created the Phick love affair and has a history of writing with the show:

    The Young and the Restless

    Associate Head Writer: June 10, 2005 – November 2006
    Breakdown Writer: June 10, 2005 – November 2006
    Writer: 1984 to 1988
    Storyline Consultant: 1983 to 1987 (hired by William J. Bell), May 17, 2005 – May 12, 2006 (hired by John F. Smith)

    I would suggest her. She’s free and would be willing to helm it. There is no other writer I can think of who knows the show.

  49. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    David, I never thought of Sally Sussman-Morina. The only thing about her is that she might write “out-there” storylines. I still don’t trust her after she wrote the micro-chip storyline on Days. At this point, though, anyone would be better than the current trio of MAB, Sheffer, and Hamner.

  50. Profile photo of harlee490

    @Nathan, the only problem I have with Josh G. is he worked for LML and then for short period was EP & HW just before MAB. I wasn’t impressed by him either. Sally would be ok but like you said she writes some “out there” stories and that scares me, it could cause more damage if the story is way out of Y&R’s character. Sony, knows this is a business and as long as MAB is in charge Y&R on my TV is dark. I won’t watch this soap Maria is peddling. I don’t want Y&R cancelled would love to come home with good news. But my thing is Chris G. is working at Y&R lets hope he stays in directing not hired at EP, geez he did serious damage at ATWT the last 3 years and is more ego then thinking about the fans…proven point Martha B. I’m not sure but if the opportunity is there for Kay Alden to come back to Y&R and her contract will allow it, I feel she might come back. If Y&R doesn’t change the direction, Sony\CBS well its on them because I’m done watching and Les gets his way again by cancelling a soap. Les M. is Brian Frons in sheep’s clothing, granted not as blunt as Brian but on Les’s watch he has destroyed CBS’s daytime.

    Trent Jones would be a good return to add to the writing staff.

  51. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I would like to see Kay Alden back as a co head writer. She brings the traditional Y&R pacing to the show and knows how to make a story rich and filled out. My problem with her is that she is not as imaginative as I would like. She would be well paired with John Smith or even MAB herself (I think she would be better if she had Kay to slow her down and ground her. I don’t hate all of her ideas, it is her execution that is the biggest issue.) I am not the biggest fan of Sally Sussman either. I did not enjoy Generations at all. Maybe pairing Kay with a successful author from outside the field would do something…..

  52. Profile photo of Chelley62

    Good Lord, kill me now, I never thought I’d long for the days of Jack Smith but I am. At least he could tell a story and he understood most of the history. LML started off good and then went downhill fast. I never want her to write this show ever again! She should NEVER have killed off John Abbott! What I dislike about MAB is that she doesn’t do her homework when she writes a story and she having the plot drive the characters not the other way around. Shame on her!

    I actually wish they’d find Pamela Long (Hammer back in the day) and haul her to Hollywood from wherever the heck she is and see what she can do. She revamped and energized GL back in the 80’s and knows how to create and tell a story!!!!

  53. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @marknsprmo: was a big Generations partly due to its fully integrated cast. The theme of one family on the way up and the other on the way down was excellent. Also the way they were able to infuse African American culture into the storylines was another strong point. Such as the catfight between Maya and Doreen or the way Doreen and Ruth fought over issues of racism. There was also the big developing story of Ruth’s mother having known her daughter ha slept with the husband of her ex-employer when she was a teenager. They branched out to show a multitude of African American personalities one would not normally get to see Some of the early casting choices though weren’t that great but recasting them worked. And back when the Emmy’s meant something she manage to help get several nominations for the actors on the soap. Like any new soap it takes 5 years to get its full groove going she was getting there by the 2 year.

    As for her stints at Y&R they have been nominated for writing awards when she was there. Again she created the Phick Affair. That was a major hit. But beyond that LML wanted to write the show herself so she was no longer needed.

    So her body of work is more successful then it is bad and she has the awards to boot.

    As for getting someone outsize the genre. We don’t have time for that anymore. Maybe getting a good soap fan whom is a writer too would work. Ron C. is a soap fan and did good at OLTL. So someone a long that lines work if it were not her.

    We’ve already dealt with LML, Chuck Pratt, Hogan, whom has turned out to be the devil in disguise as a good writer. (Don’t let his ATWT stint fool you. He started out good and ended badly.) And there is Scott Hamner.

    I ultimately believe if Kay and Sally were paired they could get it going. Make it do what it do.

  54. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Nathan: Well she only wrote the direction that Days was going in and she manage to get the show awards and nominations during her tenure. By then Days was going Sci-Fi and she wasn’t the EP so she was following orders. After the Levitation story things completely changed at days. With the rise in the ratings the Network ex’s at NBC were looking at ad dollar signs. So was Ken. We had by then long since left the days when writers could just write. Remember she said she would never go back to Days after she quit. Too many cooks in the kitchen. So when she was at Y&R she wrote the show as it was and based off her previous work she knew how to write from the traditional standpoint.

  55. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    David: I didn’t realize that. I knew something was different about what she wrote elsewhere, like the Sami Execution storyline on Days. It was much more realistic and riveting than any brainchip storyline.
    But anyway, like I said, I would take her or Kay Alden or Jack Smith any day over the current regime. The current regime doesn’t know what they’re doing and goes from one sensational storyline to another. In my opinion, that’s all Hogan Sheffer knows how to do. As everyone knows, he wasn’t in the soap business when he joined on at ATWT, so I think he just goes by what he thinks will be a great deal of “shock and awe.” And with MAB, we just see her going along, not to mention the fact that she has never really created storylines previous to 2008. She wrote scripts and was a fashion consultant, so, in my opinion, she ultimately doesn’t know jack-squat about storyline writing, respect for history, etc. Yes, she ultimately makes the story decisions, but I still feel like she’s a figurehead who just goes along with Sheffer’s “bright ideas.” Now look where it’s gotten us.

  56. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Y/R was my go to soap but IMO its very Guza-esque and IA with what was previously posted. I’m just not impressed yet with GW but I’m willing to wait longer for his storylines to kick in.

    The Hurricane may have had something to do with the ratings as well I read that primetime dropped in numbers also.

    I also agree this site has not applauded Aunty Ri-Ri in a very long time…they did when she first came on board and fixed what was broke however in podcasts Jamey, Jillean, Regan Luke Mel has repeatedly said that she was excellent first coming on but that was repairing what was broke however after that,

    is epic fail at introducing new characters….if you listen to the podcasts its no doubt where they stand they say what is good but mostly their critiques have not been in the writing’ favor. I remember well because I am one in the (shrinking)group at the time who kept saying Y/R is being bashed, its the best soap that everyone is being negative unnecessarily blah blah. I think I was the lone holdout..

    …but it got to the point I had to admit and acquiesce(kicking and screaming) they are right. it anymore it was all on the screen. I just couldn’t defend anymore…It was the chipmunk sline that did me in;

  57. Profile photo of YR Southern Observer
    YR Southern Observer

    Jamey…Is there a way you can verify what #58 saw on the cover of CBS SOD and if it is true? Because, please, please say they are wrong!!
    If I have to suffer through the worst acting and character in soaps…namely Genie Francis/Genevieve…..well, just gag me. I use to like Genie Francis and her Hallmark movies….now you couldn’t pay me to watch them…her stint on Y&R has ruined it for me……and her scenes with Jack….the poor guy should be getting hazard pay! She is a cheap imitation of Nikki….and not a very good one at that!
    I don’t know what Sony or MAB’s beef is with Melody Thomas Scott…and frankly I don’t care…..just bring her back!! Eric Braeden, do something!!!!! Victor Newman would never allow Nikki to be treated this way!!

  58. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Just bringing Melody Thomas Scott back won’t elevate the crapfest that is Y&R right now. She was there for years being nothing more than Victor’s doormat and nothing else. And yes the ratings were better in those days, but I seriously doubt that she had anything to do with it.

    She needs to be given good material to play if they’re going to have her on the show. So does every other leading player.

    As I’ve said before, I don’t want to see the characters I believe I know and love doing the same exact storylines they did before. I want to see the impact those past storylines have had on their lives and choices now. New stories should grow out of those past storylines. For example, Victor had epilepsy and heart problems (a heart transplant for God’s sake!) in the past. This would slow down any CEO that was half his age in real life. Sure he could and should continue to be a bastard, but he should be a bastard with a soft touch, and not just for Sharon.

  59. Profile photo of tedew

    YR Southern Observer …
    well basically it depends on which day of the week it is or which side of the bed Victor Newman gets out of as to how he treats Nikki that given day.

  60. Profile photo of Verdilover

    [quote=soapfan616][quote=GHfan30]Lante and Lulu weren’t on the show at all last week, which is the week these ratings are for. Dante was on one day with Olivia. How are they being blamed for the ratings? It was all Carly, Liz, Lucky, Sonny and Jason all week.[/quote]
    I apologize if my recollection of the week is foggy. It seemed like Dante was prominently featured. It seems he has a reason to poke into just about every story line on the canvas. When he is not getting knocked out, he’s getting out smarted. For me, his character represents, like Sonny, what is wrong with this soap opera. A dumb ass cop too wrapped up in daddy issues to do his job. All the while the smarter mobsters run the town! It’s just ridiculous writing.
    If he were used less and given an IQ….and placed with someone with whom he had chemistry, I could grow to like him. But so far, the writers prefer dumb ass Dante instead of smart cop.[/quote]

    I so agree with you Soapfan616, Dante has been shoved down our throats so much that now I almost vomit each time he is on screen. As a previous Lulu/Logan fan I was resentful to JoLu of course and jumped on the Lante train very happily. Which was a huge mistake as I used to love Lulu and being paired with Dorkte has ruined Lulu to me. I have come to loathe Dante with a passion and he is the reason I have stopped watching GH regularly. Each very promoted Lante scene (their first Opera night, the first ridiculous lovemaking, their recent pathetic adventures in Florida and Greece, the so chauvinistic “birthday gift”) have proven to be a huge rating flop. So do not apologize for your “foggy recollection” Soapfan as Dante highjacking GH has been the reason A LOT of viewers have given up on GH.
    And BTW, thanks to Dante, I am now rooting for a JoLu reunion as it will always be much better than the current pairing Lulu is stucked in. Never thought this would happen one day but at least Lulu has chem with Johnny and I loved their recent scenes where I got a glimpse of the old Lulu.

    OLTL remains the best ABC soap BY FAR. The Viki/Dorian montage was phenomenal and brought me to tears. And the death of Victor this week was also sweeps material. In fact the past OLTL year has been like a very long brilliant sweep time to me when the latest sweeps I can remember for GH was the Black and White Ball before the Falconeris hijacked the show…. Hoping that Garin Wolf will change that.

  61. Profile photo of The90srock1995

    Melody HAS had and worked on other projects. She has said so many times on twitter. Some are even in PRIMETIME. Victoria Rowell is completely different story wise. Last time she did primetime was eons ago. Plus, Vicky burned a lot of bridges, Melody hasn’t. Mel defends MAB all the time. Two different people. Incompairable.

  62. Profile photo of jabon y agua
    jabon y agua

    I have been a fan/lurker of this site for years…yet I have never felt the need to comment until I read the posts related to this article. How in the name of all that is good, holy & sanctified on the face of God’s green bountiful earth can the absence of the leading actress of Y&R for the last 32 out of 38 years not have an effect on the ratings ??? I find it to be downright offensive that so many of your are flippantly disregarding Melody Thomas Scott’s iconic stature. Yes…I do agree that the character of Nikki is in need of some character development…but that cannot and will not negate MTS’s wonderful performances over the years nor will such development occur if Nikki is OFF screen !

  63. Profile photo of The90srock1995


    By burned bridges I meant with Y&R. She is never going back and I dont get why people bring her up. In my opinion she is delusonal. She said that she was going to be back on Y&R about two months ago, then said it was a “rumor” when someone asked if it was true. Yet SHE was the one that tweeted she was talking to the show and that people better get ready to see her hats back, etc. She knows she will never be back yet continues to twist her own words for no reason.
    Daytime wise, people recognize MTS over VR. Neither have won an Emmy, but Melody stands out on Y&R. She was there since she was 23, for 32 years now. Vikki, or Aunt Vicky, whichever one of her aliases she goes by, is not always brought up on boards, and for a good reason. The thread dies because people post about how “nobody cares about her rants”. She is washed up in the soap world, Y&R wise. Now with that being said, if she goes to another soap, more power to her. She can be a superstar there. But there are always those “three people” that prevent her from coming back. Whomever they are. I really think she should name the names already.

  64. Profile photo of jabon y agua
    jabon y agua

    David…the point that is being made is that MTS has had work outside of Y&R since her last scenes on April 28th. The90srock1995 was referring to
    a poster whom suggested that MTS is not capable of garnering work besides Nikki/Y&R. MTS has stated on twitter that she has been working on a number of projects…one of them being a primetime show that she has taken numerous meetings for. As such…I find it interesting that soap fans who vociferously defend the genre from conjectures that daytime is less worthy than primetime…find it necessary to cut & paste primetime credits to prove or disprove the worthiness of one daytime actress over another.

  65. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @The90srock1995: You got your information wrong.

    Victoria Rowell
    1987 Leonard Part 6 Joan Parker
    1988 As the World Turns Nella Franklin (created by Douglas Marland; hired by Laurence Caso)
    1989 to 1990 The Cosby Show Paula 2 Episodes
    1990 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mimi Mumford 1 Episode
    1992 The Distinguished Gentleman Celia Kirby
    1991 to 1993 Hermans Head Susan Bracken 2 Episodes
    1994 Dumb and Dumber Beth Jordan
    1995 Deadly Games Courtney Lake 1 Episode
    1996 Barb Wire Cora D
    1997 Eve’s Bayou Stevie Hobbs
    1999 A Wake in Providence Alissa
    1993 to 2001 Diagnosis: Murder Amanda Bentley-Livingston 176 Episodes
    2001 Family Law Ms. Wilkes 1 Episode
    2001 Feast of All Saints Josette Metoyer
    2002 A Town Without Pity Dr. Amanda Bentley
    2003 Without Warning Dr. Amanda Bentley
    2003 Black Listed Patricia Chambers
    2004 Motives Detective Pierce
    2005 A Perfect Fit Sheila
    2006 Noah’s Arc Vonda 2 Episodes
    2006 Home of the Brave Penelope Marsh
    2007 Polly and Marie Rebecca McCaw
    2007 All of Us Deborah Cooper 1 Episode
    1990 to 2007 The Young and the Restless Drucilla Winters 455 Episodes
    2008 Of Boys and Men Aunt Janay
    2010 Ghost Whisperer Adrienne

    Melody Thomas Scott
    Marnie – Young Marnie (1964)
    Dirty Harry – Ann Mary Deacon [photographs] (uncredited) (1971)
    The Beguiled – Abigail (1971)
    Posse – Laurie (1975)
    The Shootist – Girl on streetcar (1976)
    The Car – Suzie (1977)
    The Fury – LaRue (1978)
    Piranha – Laura Dickinson (1978)
    The Young and the Restless – Nikki Reed Newman (February 1979 – Present)
    The Nanny- Herself (1997)
    The Paradise Virus – Linda Flemming (2003)
    Freezerburn – Jill Renzie the Moviestar (2005)
    My Name Is Earl – Pill Popping Mom (2007)
    Castle – Tonya Wellington (2011)

    So let’s get our information correct. Vicky has not burned a lot of bridges. And it wasn’t eons ago that she worked outside of a soap.

    Fight with fact from fiction is what I do daily.

    So it appears from her history she has made a more successful acting career then MTS. Facts don’t lie.

    And if she had burned so many bridges the NTY’s would not have made her wedding a whose who of Hollywood actors front page news. She would not have gotten congressional recognition. Sorry The facts are VR’s in favor not Scott’s.

    Also VR has currently wrapped up filming a movie called Soul Ties. So the woman is working. She has tangle work to review. Can’t say the same for MTS.

    And in the words of Dru: Nice Try Honey! ;)

  66. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @: Jabon Y Agua: I find it interesting the misinformation. The poster said she had not worked in Eons. He didn’t refer to Y&R or daytime specifically. And he referenced that MTS has work outside the genre. So I responded back with proof that is and has worked. So truth is she has worked. An actor is not concerned with the medium they are working as long a they are working. But i’m disproving the worthiness is based on talent. That’s where I make the judgement call. And not a Acting professor in the world would suggest MTS was some Meryl Streep.

  67. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model


    You find a bevy of ideas on all actors. Even MTS is brought up and not always in a positive terms. When she wines about her salary you will see people taking sides and different points of view on it. No actor or actress get’s a %100 positive reviews by fans in daytime or any other acting medium. So that is not even a plausible response.

    That’s not a reality based response. Threads are not the root of fan love or are hate. If that was the case… and here’s the zinger: If that was the case the Kish couple on OLTL would still be on. Also Y&R suffered little ratings loss both times MTS was off before due to contract issues. They also survived a loss of EB. Only VR and SM have taken viewers away with them to cause a ratings loss people can discuss. Now that’s the facts. Not some message board drama.

  68. Profile photo of jabon y agua
    jabon y agua

    David…I am at lost as to how this conversation divulged into malicious intent. Yet, if you are in disagreement with the worthiness of MTS’s talent I would urge you to watch Melody’s performance during Nikki’s AA rant that aired back in June.It was absolutely phenomenal ! However…acting is an art form & what should be considered to be art is purely your prerogative. I choose to admire what I believe is Melody’s immense talent. It is what it is. We will agree to disagree !

  69. Profile photo of jabon y agua
    jabon y agua

    David…the fact of the matter is that Y&R is suffering HUGE ratings losses at THIS moment in time. As such…I would not find it unreasonable for Mr.Giddens to suggest that the absence of the lead heroine of Y&R for a number of months might be a catalyst for such a devastating decline in viewership.

  70. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    The writing is what is at a loss on the show, the over casting actors, etc… There are a lot of factors that go into why Y&R’s bad. Whether MTS is there are not it is not going to affect the ratings. Bad writing didn’t keep AMC going strong even though they have Susan Lucci. It’s improvement has more to do with the writers then about whom they brought back.

    There are only a few actors in daytime whom can bring a few eye-balls back to a soap. But they won’t stay unless the writing is in place.

    For me though it is not malice. I take acting seriously. It is a side passion of mines. I look at from the technical standpoints. The techniques. Vincent I. (ex-David Chow, Y&R and David, AMC) once was asked whom he liked working with on show acting wise. Who did he call out? VR because he said “you never knew what she was going to bring.” I found that to be an accurate quote. I can discuss at lengths what she does when she was on or MS or JC or PB or KSJ or even MM or BM on their acting. Can’t say much when it comes to discussing acting on MTS accept that when its okay its okay and when its bad its bad. Never consistent.

    What i’m saying is that there are actors in daytime who make you have to step your game up whenever they are on screen. Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser, Debbie Morgan, Susan Flannery along with VR (just to name a few) fit into that talented top 1% of actresses who give us that. Even Roger Howarth falls into that category for the men.

    I’m being real but there is not one person here who even if you like MTS can say she is worthy of being in that group.

  71. Profile photo of jabon y agua
    jabon y agua

    Again David…whether or not YOU feel as if MTS can auspiciously manipulate acting techniques and whether or not YOU feel as if MTS can consider Debbie Morgan, Susan Flannery or VR as her acting peers are just that…your opinion ! Folks such as myself have the right to enjoy MTS’s performances without your validation. Additionally…if the praise of other actors is to be considered…just as Vincent I. has supported VR…Michael Muhney has stated on a number of occasions…whether it be on twitter or the DC podcasts that MTS was robbed of an Emmy nomination the last go ’round. I’m sure that there are people such as yourself that might disagree…which is positively fine ! However, there are folks such as myself that do & reserve the ability to do so.

  72. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    When I posted my comment (#64), I actually did not realize there was a whole MTS vs Victoria Rowell sideshow going on in the thread. I don’t even think there is a valid line of reasoning for saying one is more valuable than the other.

    MTS is an integral part of Y&R, and Victoria Rowell is THE reason I started watching Y&R; so BOTH those divas should be brought in to keep this sinking ship from going under IMO.

  73. Profile photo of harlee490

    I just want the strongest actresses on canvas for Y&R…which means I want both MTS & VR where they are suppose to be …front and center causing drama in Genoa City. Both actors are strong according to the writing and what direction of the writing. Regarding the ratings sure it has hurt Y&R because MTS is beloved by long time viewers. It had effect on ratings when VR left, its builds up and with 2 high profile actresses leaving in the last 4-5 years has hurt Y&R. That’s a fact. It’s not which actress is better, having both is definitely a stronger canvas to have to build upon a story.

  74. Profile photo of YR Southern Observer
    YR Southern Observer

    Personally, the story telling and new characters are horrendous. My beloved long time characters keep me hanging on….if by a thread. They give me hope. And shame on anyone who lessons the importance of Melody Thomas Scott and her character Nikki Newman. Victoria Rowell should stand on her on and her acting ability, absence from the show, etc. and should not be brought up in the same context as Melody/Nikki. She has been gone for a number of years and was not there for decades like Nikki.
    Nikki is integral to Y&R and she has been treated abysmal by Sony/Bell, as have the loyal viewers of Y&R.
    Personally, I am in need of a new laptop. I have loveed my Sony Vaio for the past 4 years. But for the sake of my principle’s…and to take a stand, I will boycott the product….radio and tv products too. I will not give my money to a company that is helping destroy the soap industry…and Y&R.

  75. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Victoria Rowell and Melody Thomas Scott are TWO different people with two different careers, mindsets, sets of priorities, attitudes, fan-followings and motivations. I also don’t understand how this thread drifted into “BASH VICTORIA ROWELL!” territory, but to each his (or her own!).

    I personally find it to be unnecessary and beside the point.

    You all can debate which actress is a more important piece of the Y&R puzzle until the cows come home, but that won’t take away from the fact that Maria Bell doesn’t value EITHER of these actresses, nor does she seem to give a damn about Drucilla or Nikki. Until this idiot is shown the door, every actress on this show will continue to be compromised with crappy writing and every female character will continue to be reduced to either slutty, whiny, weak-minded, wishy–washy, super-bitchy or just plain boring caricatures of their former selves. Maria Bell makes women EVERYWHERE look bad due to her misogynistic writing, which sets the feminist movement back at least 30 years (on a good day!)

    The PROBLEM with Y&R is Maria Bell!!!! Once she leaves, things will slowly fall back into place again, ratings will rise and the integrity of these characters and this show will be restored again.

  76. Profile photo of Chelley62

    The problems aren’t MTS, VR or any other major YR player missing from this show. It’s the lack of fresh storylines and poor execution of the half decent ones they manage to come up with. Further it’s the failure to UNDERSTAND AND KNOW the characters history/backstory. They also don’t need to write stories for characters that fans aren’t well vested in or care if they come or go (Malcolm, Sophia, Devon, Noah’s blonde allegedly parent-less friend). Did they learn nothing from the exit of Ana and her conniving mother/aunt? What fan base misses them? NONE! Take a lesson YR! All 4 of these characters could leave next week and have NO effect on the rest of the cast and free up budget money…. If the writers don’t know the characters well enough to write for them or write a fresh story that has NOT already been told, no actor/actresses past or present will save this show.

  77. Profile photo of Duchess

    I love MTS but I don’t think the ratings dive is solely about her absence since she’s been gone for months now and only in the past few weeks have ratings really gone in the toilet. I was at the Fanclub event a week ago and Billy Miller’s line was second longest after Eric Braeden’s. I think his absence the last few weeks and making it look like Billy isn’t coming back has definitely hurt the ratings. He and Villy are very popular so I think that’s been a contributing factor along with many other things including the snowball effect of no MTS, all these newer characters we don’t care about, couples being broken up, stories on all the time then off for weeks, and total doom and gloom. What happened to who killed Diane which was the whole show for weeks and now nobody cares?

  78. Profile photo of BillyMillerFan

    I definitely agree about one of the reasons for Y&R’s ratings drop being Billy Miller’s absence. I love the show but he and Villy are what really keeps me glued to the screen. I’ve had a hard time sitting through an episode since he left. I can’t believe it looks like they might put Sam with Victoria. Watching paint dry would be more exciting!!!

    I can only hope the show will go back to what worked so well and brought excitement to the show and that’s Villy. There’s not one happy/exciting/fun/in love couple on the show right now, and that’s one thing that’s seriously lacking. Putting Billy and Victoria back together along with other popular couples, bringing back MTS, and writing actual romance instead of more and more trials/deaths/sudden family would be one way to get the show back on track!!!

  79. Profile photo of The90srock1995

    THANK YOU! I agree! They are different people, completely different. I don’t understand why people must bring her up in every thread. The only reason I mentioned her is because someone else did when they said Melody hasn’t done anything primetime since she left, but she has. This is the only reason I even mentioned VR, for the soul purpose of replying to a post.

  80. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    THANK YOU! I agree! They are different people, completely different. I don’t understand why people must bring her up in every thread. The only reason I mentioned her is because someone else did when they said Melody hasn’t done anything primetime since she left, but she has. This is the only reason I even mentioned VR, for the soul purpose of replying to a post.[/quote]

    If Medley has done something prime time, please tell me what it was?

  81. Profile photo of tedew

    yojoromo4469 … your confusion is well founded.

    MTS was fairly comical in My Name is Earl in 2007 and then so very briefly just last season (2011) in Castle. In that episode she was not so very much different than she can so annoyingly be in Y&R.

    But that’s it for her unless more of something is in the can ….

  82. Profile photo of jabon y agua
    jabon y agua

    @Tedew Again…MTS has stated on Twitter that she has taken SEVERAL meetings for a Primetime show and that she has other projects in the works ! Hopefully nothing that you will find her to be “fairly comical” or “annoying” in !!! O_o

  83. Profile photo of tedew

    jabon y aqua … I certainly have nothing against MTS nor her talent.
    What I really meant was that she was amusing and different in My Name is Earl. However even you would probably have to admit that she can be pretty much in haughty lady of the manor mode on Y&R. She did not stray from that mode in Castle.

    Also, meetings and projects in the works do not guarantee air time. But hopefully she will find more success away from Genoa City (and maybe even concurrently back in Genoa City).

  84. Profile photo of jabon y agua
    jabon y agua

    @tedew I appreciate your elaboration ! Yet, I am a bit conflicted as far as your “haughty lady of the manor mode” comment. Both Nikki on Y&R and Tanya on Castle required MTS to portray socialites and her performances were in tandem with the nature of these roles. However, I would conjuncture that over 32 years as Niki, MTS has aptly demonstrated that she has range when the script calls for it. Additionally, if we are to reconsider Melody’s role on My Name is Earl, MTS can be as you say, “amusing and different” when the parameters of the role necessitate such qualities. I am also optimistic that MTS can find work outside of Genoa City !

  85. Profile photo of jabon y agua
    jabon y agua

    @tedew I appreciate your elaboration ! Yet, I am a bit conflicted as far as your “haughty lady of the manor mode” comment. Both Nikki on Y&R and Tanya on Castle required MTS to portray socialites and her performances were in tandem with the nature of these roles. However, I would conjuncture that over 32 years as Niki, MTS has aptly demonstrated that she has range when the script calls for it. Additionally, if we are to reconsider Melody’s role on My Name is Earl, MTS can be as you say, “amusing and different” when the parameters of the role necessitate such qualities. I am also optimistic that MTS can find work outside of Genoa City !

  86. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=tedew]yojoromo4469 … your confusion is well founded.

    MTS was fairly comical in My Name is Earl in 2007 and then so very briefly just last season (2011) in Castle. In that episode she was not so very much different than she can so annoyingly be in Y&R.

    But that’s it for her unless more of something is in the can ….[/quote]

    Reply below by yojoromo4469

    Never saw the Castle show and the Earl show was way beyond stupid. I like the actor and he is now on that series, Memphis Blues. Just don’t see Niki/Melody as much of a talent. Don’t understand how they can just have her being a drunk so many times or going back to Victor again and again.

  87. Profile photo of tedew

    yojoromo4469 … guess there is more than a fair share here who have a hidden room behind their bedroom closet where they can hang blonde hair extensions on that mannequin they have stowed back there.

  88. Profile photo of The90srock1995


    Melody IS a talent. She worked with Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas, and Alfred Hitchcock. She worked with Hollywood GREATS. At a very young age, mind you. Some nobody off the street is not going to work with them. You needed to have TALENT back in the day. Not to mention she did an episode Charlies Angels,had a recurring role on The Waltons, and did an episode of Ironside at the young age of 13. Big shows, and you had to really know how to act back in the day.

  89. Profile photo of jabon y agua
    jabon y agua

    [quote=yojoromo4469][quote=tedew]yojoromo4469 … your confusion is well founded.

    MTS was fairly comical in My Name is Earl in 2007 and then so very briefly just last season (2011) in Castle. In that episode she was not so very much different than she can so annoyingly be in Y&R.

    But that’s it for her unless more of something is in the can ….[/quote]

    Reply below by yojoromo4469

    Never saw the Castle show and the Earl show was way beyond stupid. I like the actor and he is now on that series, Memphis Blues. Just don’t see Niki/Melody as much of a talent. Don’t understand how they can just have her being a drunk so many times or going back to Victor again and again.[/quote]

    Once again you write “Nikki/Melody” but you seem to have difficulty distinguishing between Melody the actress and Nikki the character. You take issue with the way that Nikki is written and project this disdain onto Melody the actress.

  90. Profile photo of jabon y agua
    jabon y agua

    @yojoromo4469 I appreciate your reply. I understand your intent for writing Nikki/Melody. However, your comments make it seem as if Nikki & Melody are one and the same. For example…in your post submitted on 9/9/11….

    “Just don’t see Niki/Melody as much of a talent. Don’t understand how they can just have her being a drunk so many times or going back to Victor again and again.”

    Hence, I would still argue that your dislike for Melody is interwoven with your disdain for the characterization of Nikki. Yet, in your comments to @the90sRock1995 one would argue that you have had a distaste for Melody’s work prior to her portrayal as Nikki. Yet, I find it to be compelling that you would follow Melody’s work for a number of years if not decades when you obliviously do not favor her. To each his/her own !

  91. Profile photo of harlee490

    Jamey, where is your Ratings, Rant, and Review? Being waiting for you to rip into MAB and Y&R over this hot mess. Did MAB and Ron C. both go school at Dena Higley’s School of Writing? It’s more entertaining to read the rants then turning on the TV to Y&R! :)

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