Susan Lucci on Brian Frons: “He Has That Fatal Combination of Ignorance and Arrogance”

Looks like the paperback version of Susan Lucci's autobiography All My Life: A Memoir is set to bring a bittersweet smile to millions of heartbroken ABC soap fans. According to the New York Post, the All My Children leading lady puts ABC Daytime president Brian Frons on full blast for his decision to cancel AMC in the book's new epilogue, citing his hiring of "subpar" pal Chuck Pratt to write for the show, moving AMC to LA and other disastrous moves on Frons' part, like forcing out creator Agnes Nixon

Lucci says Frons told her in April that “All My Children” would be replaced by a food show cheaper to make. She writes, “An iconic show was losing out to greed … If Brian Frons could show his bosses that he could save the network 40 percent … he could keep his job even if the rest of us lost ours.” She continues, “I watched Brian Frons’ decisions destroy the production of our show and the lives of people on both sides of the country.”

Lucci said Frons appeared “self-congratulatory” delivering the bad news to the cast, and he “has what, for me, is that fatal combination of ignorance and arrogance,” adding, “I cannot fathom any network executive choosing to alienate millions of loyal viewers in these economic times.”

Frons appearing self-congratulatory certainly lines up with what TV Guide's Michael Logan reported last April about Frons' demeanor when he was planning to gut AMC and OLTL at the same time.

Word is, ABC Daytime chief Brian Frons has a talk show and reality show lined up for fall — both of them much cheaper to produce than soaps — and he needs to clear the schedule. More disturbing, insiders say Frons has been extremely cavalier about all this, showing no signs of sorrow or regret about a drastic decision that will leave General Hospital as the network's only daytime soap. 

Extremely cavalier, self-congratulatory, sounds like the man who said, "Our lesbians are cuter" to me. Which has me wondering, why did Frons even bother giving those tired interviews to the soap magazines a few weeks ago? You know, the ones where he talked about how he and everyone else at ABC who worked on AMC and OLTL loved the soaps just like the fans did? (Uh, bull ish. Top PR and marketing execs who worked under Frons at ABC and SOAPnet reportedly told anyone who would listen they weren't even fans of the soap opera genre.)

Maybe Frons is finally starting to feel the heat? I heard awhile back he had allegedly sought the assistance of a head hunter to sniff out potential new gigs. I'm sure the beloved queens of daytime finally speaking out about his shoddy leadership isn't helping his case; especially considering the yahoos he's entrusted to handle his division's public image.

 If Jeff Zucker lost his job for dismantling NBC's primetime lineup, shouldn't there be similar recompense for Frons having done the exact same thing to ABC's daypart? At any rate, I cannot wait to get my hands on that epilogue!

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    I’m a little surprised she’s going to let loose like that in the paperback edition of her book.

    Audiences’ tastes change and genres come and go, but Frons and ABC killed their soaps. Daytime soaps may have been dying before Frons, but he and ABCD hastened their demise by plunging the knife in way before soaps were ready to take their dying breath.

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    Frons is disgusting. Everyone at GH should be looking for new jobs. How the hell did Frons even get this job? It would be like me getting a job promoting and pushing the emo lifestyle; emos annoy me and I really know nothing about them at all. It was probably Frons’ plan to dismantle soaps from the very beginning. I hope he burns for eternity.

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    I believe they followed the example of P&G/CBS when they couldn’t agree on anything and together destroyed the two shows especially gl. (Ashley/Grady/deaged Daisy) Remember???? I do believe SL knows what she is talking about. Reduce viewers by killing a show. There is always a million who will watch out of complete loyalty. Others drop the shows.

    I hope this online version is successful. I just found out I can adapt my tv to my little laptop and I think I will be good to go.

    I think Frons is in for a big surprise. The continuous dramas bring the people back to your channel daily. The other shows, even popular ones, are watched here and there. They are not shows that most people will mind missing. Wait and see, now with boomers retiring…..I see the overall daily viewing of the networks taking a giant dive…

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    Susan is very smart- perhaps one of the smartest in daytime how she does her bidding. Very respectable and classy. What does Frons think? No one was going to call him out? people are not stupid and especially those who work in ABC Daytime- they’ve been watchin for a looong time.

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    I think Frons is a bumble head but are his decisions any worse than what Sony and the Bells are doing and have been doing over at Y&R or what Ken Corday has been doing at Days? I may not care for B&B but I for one at least believes Bradley Bell loves his show and believes the moves he makes are good for the show. Ken Corday is an idiot and I partially blame Sony along with the Bell family for both Days and Y&R also.

    I think Frons is dumb/arrogant enough to believe the moves he made were for the good of the shows. Yes I do believe the man is that stupid and he fits right along with executive mgmt in todays climate who dont know squat but think they do. Hell Barbara Bloom anyone?

    this I take seriously from Lucci because this woman is the epitome of class and I give her credit for towing the company line all these years and putting on a happy face and no I don’t think her speaking out would have mattered at all. While IA Pratt was a terrible choice for AMC I really wonder what kind of glass house these people at AMC were living in to think the show was doing great before him. It was boring and then there was the “unabortion, banana pancakes” Megan McTavish.

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    I find it amusing(as well as infuriating), that, when I’m tuned in for the hours of 12:30-4:00 PM here in the East, the networks are hawking primetime “scripted drama”.
    Which begs the question: Mr. Frons, why are you so sure that people are moving away from such programs during the day? If they’re looking for it at night, surely there must be a market for it during the day. And if people cannot be home to watch it live, why then do they bother to record/DVR it?
    As La Lucci says, “…the fatal combination of ignorance and arrogance.”
    The same qualities shared by Gordon Elliott at…(I can’t bring myself to type that replacement shows title.)… 0:)

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    OMG! Just visualize a video somebody took and posted on YouTube showing Susan Lucci running into Fat Boy Frons, hauling off, and giving him one of the patented Erica Kane full arm extending hard slap across the face, followed by the hand to shoulder hair flip.

    Hey, a guy can dream but just visualize it. It would be GLORIOUS!

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    Too little, too late Susan. As a fan, it’s frustrating. Where were these comments months/years ago? Susan was a company girl til the bitter end… In public she appeared to completely support Frons’ vision for AMC, no matter how ridiculous it got. I wish she had made these statements BEFORE the show was cancelled. But regardless… She is a class act and I wish her the best.

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    TnT 2.0 Forever

    Like I commented earlier, I love Susan Lucci but all this talking is too little, too late. So what, if Frons is horrible person who hates soaps? The most important thing is the fact that those of us who “claim” to love the soap industry allowed Frons to do this to us when we could have organized and tried to stop him years ago. But we turned a blind eye for various reasons. Now, the soap industry is on its death bed and everyone wants to use Frons as a scapegoat. If you allow a dangerous person to destroy something you care about, don’t commit yourself to stopping them and you are willing to put up with their abuse or turn a blind eye until they have accomplished their mission, you only have yourself to blame. Frons is a soap hater, why would anyone expect him to actually try to save the industry and furthermore, get mad that he didn’t? What’s next, getting upset that Playboy Magazine doesn’t value women for their intellect?

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    @ TnT 2.0 Forever

    Bravo. And all the ranting and raving about Frons now where was all this ranting and raving when McTrash was over at AMC gutting that show before Pratt. OLTL well while the Todd story is bringing in viewers lets notpretend that that show doesn’t hate women and treat them as vapid appendages and for YEARs people kissed the ass of Bob Guza over at GH and didn’t bat an eye with his murderous vision as long as Jason and Liz were together ignoring what so many have and are still pissed about. Yet somehow someway these were all ok moves by Frons when people liked what these folks were doing. And under these writers the show were still dropping viewers as they still are(barring the uptic OLTL got from the Todd story). Brian Frons AND HIS APPOINTed WRITERS have killed these shows for years lets not forget that people.

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    Whats the confusing part. How many people have ignored what Brian Frons and his minions like Mctavish, Guza, and yes Carvalati to an extent have done provided they get what they want. Many. Raving about Jason and Liz, Zach and Kendall and whatever while watching AMC kill off Dixie, write off Brooke, gut the show and watching Bob GUza decimate the Quartermaines Cassadines and be ok with it because Liason are magical or because Liz is now in a frontburner story while he butchered that show was a -ok. Now people seem to want to blame Frons for what he has been doing for years because the shows are cancelled or getting there. In many ways we have all been enabling what Brian Frons has been doing haven’t we?

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    People have been hating Frons for as long as i have been coming to the message boards i didnt know someone could be hated so much before i started coming online especially at the ABC board which has been over 6 years now hating Frons is not something that has just happened recently.

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    TnT 2.0 Forever


    Oh, people have always complained about Frons and yet continue to support the shows and rave about the writers and agenda-driven story lines, no matter how much women, fans, actors, gay and minority characters are disrespected. This applies to all three ABC soaps. But people aren’t usually objective, they are more than willing to overlook the shortcomings on their favorite soap or of their favorite writer/producer and point the finger at another. Unless we are willing to honestly take a look at what can be done to improve the genre and the quality of the soaps produced, the industry will continue on its current path. Besides, its much easier to scapegoat Frons than to consider how my fave(soap, writer, producer, etc.) may have actively and/or passively played a role in the destruction of the soap industry.


    You are absolutely right! Many viewers will put up with certain things as long as they get what they want. This kind of behavior only encourages Frons to continue doing whatever he wants.

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    [quote=jphelps]Whats the confusing part.[/quote]

    The confusing part is that you would reference Jason and Elizabeth. They aren’t together. They weren’t allowed to share scenes or acknowledge that they even knew each other from 2002 to 2006 and again after 2008 until recently. Elizabeth gets treated like a red-headed stepchild, the actress was FIRED earlier this year. I would hardly think you would use Rebecca Herbst as a poster child for the ills inflicted on GH/ABC by Brian Frons other than the fact that she and her character have been his favorite VICTIM for the past 9 years. He is clearly NOT on her side and hates Elizabeth & Jason so while I’m not confused about THAT I am confused about your point.

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    Doodleynoodle – One would only draw a connection between GH’s decline and Liason if they hated the pair. Clearly, no one pairing or s/l destroyed GH or any soap, it’s the fact that ABC/Disney wanted out of the soap game just like Proctor and Gamble before. Frons is carrying the company’s desire.

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    [quote=doodleynoodle][quote=jphelps]Whats the confusing part.[/quote]
    The confusing part is that you would reference Jason and Elizabeth. They aren’t together. They weren’t allowed to share scenes or acknowledge that they even knew each other from 2002 to 2006 and again after 2008 until recently. Elizabeth gets treated like a red-headed stepchild, the actress was FIRED earlier this year. I would hardly think you would use Rebecca Herbst as a poster child for the ills inflicted on GH/ABC by Brian Frons other than the fact that she and her character have been his favorite VICTIM for the past 9 years. He is clearly NOT on her side and hates Elizabeth & Jason so while I’m not confused about THAT I am confused about your point.[/quote]

    You are absolutely right doodley, I think jphelps was trying to make the point, as long as a fanbase is that they are getting what they want…they don’t care about what is happening on the rest of the show…Unfortunately I guess jphelps doesn’t really watch the show, or they would know what you just posted. Jason and Elizabeth fans have probably been the LEAST happy, these past 4 years…..Now if you want to bring up SAM AND JASON fans… who got pretty much everything they asked for their couple…then their point would have been correct.

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    I applaud Susan Lucci for stepping up and speaking out. So many of the other actors, I am sure would love to do the same thing. Probably the fear of being black balled in the industry, prevents them from doing this. I am sure Frons has that power,… to open and close doors for these actors…Lucci probably doesn’t care any more though…She has the PP deal if she wants …or probably has enough money to now retire…Good for her.

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    TnT 2.0 Forever


    I agree that ABC/Disney wanted out of soaps and used Frons to do their bidding. However, I don’t understand the anger at Frons. He didn’t just start this, it took years to get to this point. Why weren’t all these people who are speaking out now, saying something back then? Especially to ABC/Disney? They might or might not have changed the course of things in the soap industry but at least they could honestly say that they stood up and fought for the industry. Instead they kept quiet and now want to blame Frons or ABC/Disney? Those people don’t care about soaps. Their priority is to make money for their shareholders. So I honestly don’t see what all these comments blaming Frons after the fact accomplish. The responsibility is on us to make them pay attention to us before, not after, they have succeeded in doing what they set out to do.

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    TnT 2.0 Forever


    If people are too afraid speak up, then Frons wins. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. (Edmund Burke) In other words, ABC Daytime’s fate was sealed the minute Frons started his job because no one had the courage to call him out.

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    To quote the folks at the Pine Valley Podcast, “SUCK IT, FRONS!”

    Long after AMC is gone, Frons will be forgotten, but Susan Lucci will always be remembered as the classier and more truthful…

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    How the hell did Frons even get this job?


    10 bucks says he has a few unflattering pictures of someone bent over a desk in an uncompromising position…

    That said, good on Susan for speaking out!

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    I’m glad Susan Is finally speaking out. However, while permoting her
    book she did many interviews latching out at a certain blogger with an agenda.
    Now we know this blogger’s job is to report the happenings and goings on of soap
    opera entertainment . The good the bad the ugly. Tell it like it is.
    I think Susan ought to be willing to give an interview . So maybe a little I’m sorry i dished you when your were only doing your job . Thanks for telling the truth while others were smiling to the camera and keeping a blinds eye to what was really going down. Always keep it real Daytime Confindential!

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    Good for her. I know people will kill me for saying this, but it’s not so much one or the other of the shows being canceled that bothers me (because I know they are a dying breed, or certainly they would have been in the not-so-distant future), it’s the fact of what is replacing them that disgusts me! It’s like he just threw some sh*t together and bam!, there you have “The Chew” and “The Revolution.” The man is delusional and needs to have his head examined.
    I think one of the biggest problems is that network execs have this idea that anyone who’s watching daytime TV must be a complete bonehead and has no life. Let me tell you something, Frons, Les Moonves, et. al: We grew up watching these shows. I for one knew that they will have to be canceled some day, because it’s a dying genre (fortunately they are going online, for how long, we don’t know), but the complete and utter incompetence that Frons has displayed is appalling. Nobody wants to watch a bunch of grinning idiots on a cooking show (as far as I can tell by the commercials, they’re acting like grinning idiots) anymore than they want to watch a soap that they’ve never watched. I for one think that besides the devout soap viewers who watched AMC and OLTL religiously, you will also not see any curious viewers continue to watch these shows. But, hey, the folks at ABC don’t care if “The Chew” gets 500,000 viewers a day; they can just pat themselves on the back knowing that they “saved” money.
    And, I know this is a really bad example/comparison, but I noticed that the same thing is happening to the Saturday morning cartoons. I have a lot of memories of those when I was little, but ABC Kids, for example, is being replaced by reality shows too. So, I guess what I’m saying is that daytime television is going to the dogs, and fast! :(

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    There is a joke about lawyers that I think applies just as well to middlemanagement. What do you call 1000 middlemanagers at the bottom of the ocean? answer: A good start.
    Brian Frons had he been in the Nazi party in ww2 Germany would have made an excellent soldier for Germany. He is totally willing to do anything to advance himself. He is also short sighted enough to not know what is a good thing to do and what a bad thing to do is.
    I do think the man had a big hand in the internet deal. Whether it was out of guilt (not likely), or out of greed (what does he get out of the deal? I bet he gets something).
    Let’s just hope that the internet project is very successful and that AMC and OLTL are just way ahead of the curve and the future of home entertainment. Because I believe that internet and tv will eventually be exactly the same thing. In the mean time just plug your tv into the internet and you won’t notice much difference when your soaps come on. Well ofcourse that depends on how successful the show is at retaining the cast (not that hard mostly. What else are they going to do?)

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    Agreed, Mark. What’s really going on is that the entertainment executives are trying to block people from watching shows online more easily and inexpensively. Look at what Fox Broadcasting Network has done with their shows online, partnering with Dish Network and all. After they are not able to block those kinds of things as easily, TV and internet definitely will be the same thing.

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    SO GLAD to see Susan Lucci and Erika Slezak call Frons out on his crap…Frons and the ABCD brass have ruined ABC Daytime and they’re in for a very rude awakening once these beloved shows are off the air

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    Tell it Susan! Glad she got to vent about Brian Frons, the man who has destroyed ABC daytime forever.
    It’s okay ABC, we’ll all turn to other channels like NBC and CBS when your soaps are off the air, and give them your ratings there.

  28. Profile photo of jphelps

    Listen I could care less about Liz, Jason, Sam or any of the rest of those vapidly dull characters. And yes I find Jason, Sam, and Liz very dull as I do Carly. Sonny oddly while not a fan can still be entertaining.

    My point has been all this venom on Brian Frons has been enabled for the most part. Becky Herbst love her whatever, saving her job while maybe a victory did nothing to improve anything. Did it save the soaps or get rid of Brian Frons? No. Just like the little victories along the way have done nothing to save anything.

    Ok I won’t pick on the actors what I will say is I have seen and heard or not heard many people praising the WRITERS ANNOINTED BY FRONS such as Guza and Carvalati because they get what they want ignoring the inherent problem Frons has introduced which hasn’t gone away. I don’t care if you like Jason or the mob like them but open your eyes to the overall show. I saw a ton of love for Sarah browns Claudia here but she was a hateful putrid character and GH;s ratings fell a lot during her focus and the zaccara focus but Guza was great because he featured her character so much? Is that really a balanced assessment. Its again I love Sarah Brown so I will ignore everything else about the show or the fact that her character sucked because she’s on screen, Guza put her there and is a great actress. I would argue her tenure(and I adore Sarah) was the worst GH has been in recent years. Because its story and nothing else. And who pens the stories and visions for the shows? the HW’s Frons hired thats who.

    Off on a tangent but I happen to agree with the poster who said we all let this happen and are now shocked at the fact that Frons got the results he and HIS WRITERS have been working towards for 10 years now.

  29. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Oh please give me a break about Elizabeth Webber and her fans with Jason. Why the hell she and Liason was dragged into this discussion behooves me…

    Newsflash GH was dropping viewers prior to Liason AND after. I’m only cutting for Elizabeth because this makes no sense when rumors have been out here for “years” that Brian Frons has no use for Elizabeth Webber or the actress Rebecca Herbst and has done everything writing wise to stifle her popularity. She is no Fronsonian or Guza pet otherwise he wouldn’t have written her with Jason in such a shitty story then continued the hatchet job until he left. And even now she’s only half way from under the bus.

    ALL fans want their favs in front burner story and “campaign for that to happen.” I campaigned for “several things across all three soaps.

    Not just couples or characters. I also campaigned ferviously against the misogynistic writing style of these shows … how they portray women. There have been ongoing active campaigns re Brian Frons and Guza since I joined one in 2003 because of his public statements about Kathy Briar…among many other of his perfect blunders. They had a website dedicated to the demise of Frons so that’s where I was…

    …MOST fans support couples and characters why lay the cah cah at Elizabeth/Liason fans feet when its done by everyone. Still bitchin and moaning about a storyline four years ago written by a hack…

    one of the “worst” stories I’ve seen in my years of watching daytime…They weren’t written to succeed so what is there to still point fingers about they’ve been gone for nearly four years and the show still was crap…damn right I campaigned for her her crappy writing didn’t begin or end with Jason Morgan.

    …Guza started trashing GH before Elizabeth ever showed up in Port Chuck and Liason didn’t have much to do with that…its amazing her fans would get called out…..Guza reign of terror and his mob obsession with Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos is “one” thing I campaigned for along with the misogynistic writing style,

    …Along with the killing and backburning of vets, demise of the Webbers, Quartermaines and Cassadines. The writing of Nikolas the non writing of Matt Hunter…Over the years its been one endless campaign for “everything that I felt has been wrong (for me) watching this show.” Elizabeth Webber is just “one of many”

    I am still waiting to see exactly what Frons will allow Wolf to do. Sweeney worships at Frons feet so good luck with getting her to fire him…Our last big campaign effort I was involved resulted in her giving him a promotion…so there you have it..Its going to have to come from above Anne’s head Iger or the BO Directors.

  30. Profile photo of Shey

    Woo-Hoo! Thank you for telling it like it is Susan!! It might be too little, too late but I’m sure that she (like me anyway) thought they weren’t really going to cancel the shows and so she kept quite because she wanted her job!!
    Frons has committed suicide by cancelling AMC and OLTL, there’s no way in HELL that a frigging cooking show’s going to generate the loyal viewership that the soaps have. Yeah, we may complain about the stories at times but we still keep watching them…, I’m in a soap group for the very purpose of bitching about story lines etc.. Let’s be honest, complaining about soaps is as much fun as watching them :)

    The Spew (Chew) may be cheaper to produce than a soap but who in the world do they thinks going to watch it? First off, everyone already HATES it, we’re offended by the commercials they air all through the soap afternoon trying to sell us on it. Hell, If I want to watch a cooking show, I’ll turn on the FOOD network |( I will NEVER watch any of the replacement shows and I don’t think that anyone who watches AMC or OLTL will either!! Hmm, Frons, it’s gonna be hard to get advertising dollars for a show that NO ONE watches!!! I hope you saved your pennies Mr. Frons, you’re going to be out of a job soon and the economy sucks!!!

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    I agree with what you wrote almost 100% however, I only responded to Jason and Elizabeth because it was brought up so whether you care or not care …

    again it was brought up. I misread I only saw Elizabeth and Liason in reference to GH…I don’t watch OLTL that much although I keep all three shows
    on my recordings…not sure if that helps since I’m not a Nielsen family.

    Re: Frons, I don’t exactly know what can be done to fire Brian Frons as I said there have been active campaigns I know about since 2003 so what should we do to get him fired. If anyone has suggestions for that one I’m all ears.

    From my vantage point he’s done what part of his job description entails developed new programming his boss wanted ABC out of soaps. They are. So he’s done his job.

  32. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Wait, wait. I have a confession. It’s my fault soaps have declined in recent years. Stop blaming Brian Frons or Anne Sweeney or any exec over at ABC/Disney. It’s time I owned up to my fandom of Liason which DESTROYED General Hospital. As we all know, GH was in great shape before 2007 when I pined away for one my favorite all-time soap couples, Liz/Jason. My complete love for them made it easy to ignore the soulless writing and the killing off of Emily, Georgie and Alan. Blame me because I can’t multitask, enjoying one thing while despising others.

    Blame me for killing All My Children, which I wrote an angry letter when Tad was written to have killed a man and stuffed his body in a crate. I also killed OLTL when Jessica was “de-Buched” and made the daughter of Mitch Lawrence because I, yet again, wrote an angry letter to ABC.

    And it’s not just ABC soaps, I killed Guiding Light by demanding better writing when Reva was written to have cancer and ABANDON her husband Josh, leading to them never reconciling.

    It’s my fault. All my fault.

  33. Profile photo of arielade

    ABC issued a response, stating, ““We have all the respect in the world for Susan, and are sorry she felt the need to write this epilogue to an otherwise incredible career.”

    |( I wish there was a vomiting smiley.

  34. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I am really an ABC soap watcher, although I have loved the other soaps and always read about the mags and I love hearing them on the podcast, but I don’t recall this much coverage regarding the CBS cancellations from the last few years. I am constantly amazed that I see ABC soap articles on non-soap specific sites, like and I just love reading all the comments from people saying they will not watch The Chew. I hope that is the case. I have always been a loyal ABCD watcher and I would watch whatever: the home show, the mommies daytime show, the match game. Now I will not. Come early next year, GH is it.

    I also love that this Lucci excerpt came out, just as The Chew is trying to drum up some press, all of it mundane and boring so far. Great way to shift the focus.

  35. Profile photo of BornSoapStar

    BRAVO! Brian Frons is a colossal *sshole. It’s a shame that influential people in the industry are only now saying what we the fans of the ABC soaps have been saying for years.

    Brian Frons has permanently tarnished the ABC/Disney image in my opinion. Nothing on this network after the soaps are gone will be viewed on my televisions.

  36. Profile photo of TomZulawski

    Brian Frons had an agenda, Get rid of the soaps!!! His directive from his higher ups was to loose scripted television from daytime. It was no accident that Frons put his nose in where it didnt belong time and time again and drove these shows into an early grave. When you see ratings dive week after week and continue on the same path, it should be as obvious as the nose on your face that there is an agenda being performed. Frons feels that if he can get cheaper programming and make the network money that equates to advancement and money back into his pocket. The goal of Frons was never to bring the ratings for the soaps up, it was never to bring in better writers and producers, his agenda was to kill the legacy of the shows, kill the vets, kill off the families and the emotional bond of the long time viewer to their particular show, thus less of a fight from the viewing audience at cancellation time. Boy was he wrong! He didnt count on the public fighting back as they have and he didnt count on OLTL experiencing a creative and ratings surge. This story isnt over yet, because the final nail in the coffin will be GH being cancelled and dont fool yourselves for a minute, its coming sooner than later.

  37. Profile photo of WickedThoughts

    The unofficial cancellation date for GH is September 2012. Now that the ever perky and always boring Katie Couric has signed on, I expect to hear the official word on GH soon. I’m adding Krazy Katie to the list of daytime shows on ABC I will not be watching. I don’t see many soap fans actually tuning in to The Spew or The Revulsion. I’m waiting with glee to see these shows fail. My smugness will know no bounds.

  38. Profile photo of appleridge

    Bravo for SL

    Now if some think RC and FV get to tell any story they want at OLTL, That is Not True. If Left truly up to what they together wanted to do, OLTL IMHO would always be on FIRE

  39. Profile photo of td655

    I fault SL for not speaking up sooner–but I am glad that both she and Erika Slezak have taken Brian Frons down a notch. Someone on the message board said that Brian Frons will be forgotten–not by me or millions of soap fans. Years from now he will still be known as the SOB who destroyed our shows.

  40. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    TomZ Bravo! Your points are spot on for me…rumors began as early as 2004 that Frons wanted those three spots for “cheaper” programming. If you are to develop new program where the hell was he going to put them…during that time when the soap cable network was launched it was rumored he was inevitably moving these three shows to that sister satellite station. But IMO that cable network was a fiasco.

    And I can’t agree more…it is obvious (to me) his agenda to drive the shows in the ground and make them unwatchable to purposely drive audience away. How can you continue down the same path when it is proven its not working it seemed everything that the audience campaigned for he did the direct opposite and I’m not talking about these asinine couples. I mean the show in itself. He dogmatically refused to listen to fans, mocked and ridiculed many of us.



    Liason destroyed GH LoL….

    I just get sick of those who don’t know the history because the fall of the House of GH started when Anna was the main lead. When Jason/Carly)became the leads, a ratings freefall started that has slowed a few times but has been fairly consistent. The over four million people that left since the beginning of Jason and Carly hates them.

    Also in 2006 ABC had a 12% decline in their Demos Your couples on the table were Jasam, Carson, Rexis. Liason was no where in sight. GH was tanking long before Jason, Elizabeth and the Summer of Sizzle.

    This may have changed since our network tracked this kind of stuff but at the time, May 2007 was the last time they tied for 1st in demos. February 2007 when they were 1st with no tie.

    GH had been losing viewers at a rate at an average of -.2 every year since 2000 and continues to lose viewers at about the same rate no matter “what Frons preferred couple he deems worthy to brand the show hasn’t changed this.”

  41. Profile photo of fletcher373

    Why should viewers take the blame for this? I know of alot of campaigns against BF and the various HW through the years and nothing was done. Tiic didnt take enough action that isn’t the viewers fault. The best campaign was when viewers stopped watching, that would’ve been the biggest indicator that the status quo wasn’t good enough if tiic really cared about soaps they would have made the appropriate changes. Soaps are dying not because of viewers apathy they are dying because they are more expensive to produce than other types of shows. So BF made decisions that would lose viewership so he would look justified in canceling them and less viewers means less ppl to complain to the networks when they were canceled. This was a decision based on money and all the campaigns in the world wouldn’t have changed the outcome if the shows continued to cost the network more money than it gained. I don’t get the talk that SL should’ve spoken up sooner–Robin Strasser spoke up and got fired quickly. How many of you guys complain to your bosses? cmon

  42. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Susan’s timing in blasting Brian Frons makes perfect sense. Why would she have attacked him two or three years ago, risking her job and livelihood? That would have been career suicide. Susan is NOT a stupid woman. Would any of YOU jeopardize a steady paycheck just to piss off your boss? Susan has an empire….and she built it by knowing what to say, when to say it, how to say it and who to say it to, not by having loose lips. A wise man once said: “Loose lips sink ships.”

  43. Profile photo of TnT 2.0 Forever
    TnT 2.0 Forever


    I wasn’t blaming you specifically for the end of soaps and I don’t think anyone here is either. I was just stating that blaming Frons doesn’t solve anything. But I will concede that venting does make some people feel better. I am just sadden over the loss of this genre, not just about the soaps being cancelled but its steady decline over the years. I honestly don’t watch anymore because I find the quality of the shows to be awful and it isn’t worth investing 5 hours a week when I could spend that time doing something more productive. I am just as guilty as anyone else, for so long I put up with the horrible state of the industry and didn’t notice what was happening until it was too late. However, I still don’t see the point in blaming Frons, its our loss not his. It would be one thing, if he cared what we had to say, but he does not. So unless Susan Lucci can find a way to get Frons where it hurts, it would be smarter for her to save her energy for her book tour and book signings.

  44. Profile photo of TnT 2.0 Forever
    TnT 2.0 Forever

    @rabbit on the moon

    I love Susan Lucci always and forever. She can say whatever she wants, but I don’t have to agree with her. I just don’t understand her motivation behind making these statements, that’s all. Does she honestly think Frons or ABC/Disney cares what she thinks now that her show is cancelled? She is of no value to them now because they don’t need her anymore. Maybe she is just venting and if that makes her feel better, then good for her. I have already made peace with what is happening to our beloved industry and moved on, so I guess its hard for me to get emotional and join in the venting party.

  45. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Frons and network suits like him had a hand in killing the industry; but there is plenty of blame to go around. What about the soap magazines that were still big sellers up to the beginning of this century?

    Most of their so-called “reporters” never did any real journalistic work on the reasons why so many millions of viewers were abandoning network daytime. They never called anybody to account for the bad writing, silly storylines, poor casting choices, and terrible acting. They were happy just to have access; and just ran with whatever crumbs the execs dished out.

  46. Profile photo of chevjuls

    Brian Frons is more than a bobble head. As you said he is dumb/arrogant son of you know what(don’t want to curse). He told all those people that the show was’nt going to cancel, then he took the show to LA and pull the rug from all of them even Agnes Nixon, now all these people don’t have a job and we don’t have our beloved shows. Brian Frons should be fired from ABC and I hope the CHEW tank real bad.

  47. Profile photo of

    Duh! Thank you Susan Lucci. You have this arrogant idiot picking couples, and his track record is ZERO. His agenda knows no bounds. Let the damn writers WRITE, and you figure out how to keep the show on the air and in the black. STOP thinking you know what is best story wise as you SUCK and every time you mandate something, it BOMBS. Journey anyone? Then when Jasam 2.0 was such a unmitigated DUD, he fired a VERY popular actress and killed a child to try and force feed his vision down people throats. Seems if Becky is gone and Jake is dead, NOW this crapfest will fly? And the ratings just fell more. Now there are rumors of fortune cookies being passed out to pimp this ridiculous chinese restaurant wedding of this failed pairing? When is pathetic past pathetic?

    GH is dead. As soon as Brian finds gigs for his ‘pets’ I have no doubt the plug will be pulled, and most of us also have NO doubt why.

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