Ashley Jones Heads Back to The Bold and The Beautiful

Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) is on his way back to The Bold and the Beautiful and now it appears his sister is too. According to TV Guide, Ashley Jones is reprising her character Bridget Forrester in a non-contract role. She will first appear on-screen October 18. 

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    If her role is noncontract, I doubt she’s going to be in a significant storyline. More like prop up material in a Forrester proxy/share fight and maybe some interaction with Hope. Just a guess.

  2. Profile photo of californiaguy888

    Did B&B get a cancellation notice? Just kidding. I always thought it would take a pink slip from CBS for Brad Bell to get back to family basics such as bringing Rick and Bridget back, ditto Felicia and Thorne.

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    yess she’s back , love Her.
    but i want her back for a full time, she”s needed in a front stroryline.
    I love the see her interaction with her mother and felicia back in the days………

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    It will be nice to have her back. Maybe we can finally get away from the Hope Logan show while watching Steffy grovel for someone else’s seconds. That s/l is truly becoming over-kill. Maybe she’ll shake up Jackie’s boy wonder instead of agreeing to a Big Love.

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    I was into her storyline with Owen and his baby but it fizzled out then poof it was gone and he got stuck back with Jackie who’s zapped his hottness…I wonder if they will ever unleash him from that old bird its been years. I like Ashely’s Bridgett but how will they use her…B/B have all these characters they don’t use.

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