The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge and Thorne Go To War!

Ridge/Thorne: Taylor and the kids get some info about how to be a force within Forrester Creations. Thorne sides with Thomas and Steffy, when Ridge decides to devote his time to the Hope for the Future line. The brothers get into an argument, which leads to them throwing blows! Stephanie is flabbergasted when she finds out what happened between her boys. One of La Forrester's boys gets knocked out!

Taylor/Ridge/Brooke: Logan finds out Doc has a new man and is thrilled. The Chiseled one isn't too gung-ho about Taylor's blossoming relationship and is hoping the two will split.

Steffy/Liam/Hope: The Forrester vixen thinks she's concocted a scheme that will finally land Liam. Steffy tries to use a jam Liam is in to her advantage. Sucks to be Steffy. She discovers Liam has asked his lady love Hope to bump up their wedding date. Bill isn't thrilled by the news either. Meanwhile, Hope is scared about what Liam will say when she tells him she's unable to speed up the wedding date.

Katie: She is in the dark about Bill's plans to kick Hope out of Liam's life.

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    Great storyline potential between Ridge and Thorne since Ridge is a Maroni this could be a good battle why Thorne hasn’t stepped up to claim Forrester from Ridge I’ve never understood.

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    IM LOVING B&B! I wanna see Thorne and Taylor together, it would be great if they fall in love and Taylor becomes the new bitch to get even withe the forresters…….Thorne & Taylor so perfect together!

    I can’t wait to see Rick Forrester, the real Rick Forrester !!!

    I also wan FELICIA FORRESTER back! I want my Lesley Kay back as Felicia!

    Get rid of Marcus, Dayzee, Donna, Justin, have them leave LA for work in Paris at Forrester International….

    Rick, Felicia and Thorne back in LA!

    Felicia and Nick are perfect together! 0r Felicia can take 0wen away from Jackie? Jackie falls for Eric Forrester!

    So many ways to make more exciting drama, not too much of Hope, Steffy and Liam!

  3. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Why is Thorne siding with Thomas and Steffy again? Thorne should be against them AND Ridge!

    Right now, Thorne has no ownership in his family company and that is because of REST and Stephanie duping Ridge. On top of that, Steffy and Thomas aren’t giving their shares up…so why is Thorne buddy buddy with them? That is the foundation for an all out war against ALL of the Marone/Forresters…which can bring Ridge closer to his children for once.

  4. Profile photo of Smitty

    Even though we have been there and done that with Ridge and Thorne I have been itching for the other Forrester Children (Thorne, Kristen, and Felicia) to go after Ridge!

  5. Profile photo of BFluellen1

    I was thinking the same thing too. Why would Thorne side with them when Thomas & Steffy have shares that should belong to him, Kristen, and Felicia. See with Rick and Bridget returning — this is why I want them to SORAS RJ, Dino, and Alexandria while bringing back Zende, Kristen, and Felicia b/c this story should be go all out and make it a Forrester blood bath for shares and the right to the company. I just hope that Brad plays out the beats with this story and let it ripple effect into many more future stories.

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    I have never understood how Thorne’s character has been downplayed. I thought he was the business mgr. And why have they never developed his daughters character? She would have much more say so, or rights than Ridge’s kids, because she is a true Forrester and they are Marrones. She also is older than Hope. “I think”.
    Love Thorne, Can’t wait for Felicia to come back, and would love to see Maura West, or Beth Ehlers come on as Kristen. SO TIRED OF THE LOGAN GIRLS!!

  7. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    Liam’s whole storyline is beyond over the top ridiculous!!! He can’t promise Hope to be faithful because he has all this “sexual enegery” bottled up!

    You’re telling me the guy can’t go into the bathroom or shower and relieve himself!?

    what kind of crap is this?

  8. Profile photo of ldylkng

    Thanks Alston, I had forgotten her name, How could tptb let her be forgotten and left out for so long? Hope she comes roaring back! Would love to see her kick Steffys ass out the door!
    Stephanie Gatschet is looking for work!!

  9. Profile photo of booze26

    This is ridiculous. There is no build up whatsoever on this soap. So all of a sudden they release Thorne out of the basement and for what?? WH is a great actor, I still remeber the scene where he lost it and throw his chair through through window, but to have another fight is just stupid. And where the hell is Ally? Its a major flaw and Thorne doesnt even mention her, its stupid.

    There is no consistency or build up. Brad is throwing all these ideas and none of them actually seem to work. He keeps making the same mistake, promoting one or two actors to drop them after he wrapped up their storyline (Thomas this year/ Aggie in 2010/ Rick in 2009/ 2008 was a complete mess, I stopped watching ).

    He is also clueless about Taylor for over three years now, just drop her would be the easiest thing, but he keeps clinging to something that isnt there anymore.

    And what was that scene last week with Justin and the doctor? Where the hell did that came from and why was it even necesarry? I just dont get it…

  10. Profile photo of booze26

    Well…I wasnt ready I guess…the storyline with Hope and Liam is boring as hell. The worst part of it is Bill changing his mind all the time. First he dislikes Hope, then he likes her and now he is going to disapparove of her again. And this is a so called bussinessman with a strong opinion.

    Steffy is just ignorant. I dont buy it for one minute, I really hoped Brad wrote something else for her. I even suggested a lovestory for her and her brother Thomas. She seemed obsessed with him for some time, and I think Brad should go over the top with that and let her be in love with her own brother. SHe has daddy-issues since she came on this show, so why not try that angle instead of pushing her in these relationships. We have already seen her try to destroy Jackie-Owen/Katie-Bill/Hope-Oliver and now Hope and LIam. Enough is enough.

  11. Profile photo of WickedThoughts

    What is troubling about the Hope abstinence storyline is the message they are sending. Instead of kudos to Hope for respecting her body and waiting till marriage to have sex. We have Taylor suggesting that the reason Hope isn’t putting out is because of her Mommy issues. When did she sit down and talk to Hope about her “issues”. So because of that, it’s OK for her slutty daughter to go after another unavailable man. I find Steffy totally disgusting in her attempt to convince Lian that Hope is going to turn out to be a frigid wife. Liam is such a loser for not telling Steffy to stay away from him. I really wish Hope would dump the loser once and for all.

    The idea that Thorne is going side with Taylor and the Maroni’s spawns is beyond ridiculous. Those shares belong to the true Forrester heirs. I’m hoping this is all a scam on Thorne’s part to get those shares back. Would love to see Thorne come out of this a winner for a change. Of course that’s just wishing thinking. Unfortunately for Thorne his time out of the basement won’t last too long.

  12. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Wicked Thoughts I agree and agree with most of the posters esp about Alexandria should definitely be on the canvas! I don’t understand why they won’t write for Thorne, Felicia to be all in it…just Ridge and he’s not even a Forrester.

    I’m a JMck-Woods fan and I don’t like or get why they keep writing her like this. I just don’t understand it.

  13. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I can see why thorne would want to be on team taylor. He knows his mother favors ridge above all else so Im guessing she would divide her shares evenly between all the children INCLUDING ridge and shes going to encourage ridge to do the same which would give him majority stock. If thorne is fed up with seeing his mother get what she wants and seeing his brother always coming out the winner, what better way to stick it to them in the end than to foster the rift between stephanie and taylor and the wedge between taylor and ridge and put the business in thomas and steffy’s hands, both of whom would likely be entirely easy to influence. His best chance to ensure his future is to make sure he cuts a deal with thomas and steffy that gives him certain dept.s to control and a role for his daughter. Having his brothers girl would just be the icing on the cake

    I agree that hope holding out for marriage for conviction is admirable but I do think there is a whole lot of IM NOT MY MOTHER issues going on, which is why she said lets wait to be certain….soon…soon…lets wait for a commitment…okay now lets wait for the wedding. Liam should be able to wait, but I think its fair for him to want to know why she keeps setting a standard/condition and then backing off.

  14. Profile photo of shilling

    Its been long since I have been eager to watch BB mostly because am tired of the LOGAN girls! I am with the underdogs and cannot wait to see Taylor and Thorne love affair. I think this will be a strong storyline..

    I forsee Alexander coming back and Steffy/Thomas taking onto her as a sister more than they do Hope. Deacon needs to come back and disrupt Hope’s life so that we can see her deal with real issues other than being on a pedestal.

    I think Thorne is siding with Taylor because he shares their experiences mostly under the hands of Stephanie and Brooke. This will be a cooperation out of love and trust rather than blood so Rigde better watch out!

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    How can people be happy about a relationship between Thorne and Taylor. You know, they tried that a few years ago and it was the most boring pairing in soap history of B&B. So please, let it go.

    I do agree with the people who mention Ally as the reak Forrester heir, that could actually make things intresting. I would love to see Ridge against Thorne and Ally against Thomas, Steffy and Hope (who are all three no Forresters)

  16. Profile photo of booze26

    How can people be happy about a relationship between Thorne and Taylor. You know, they tried that a few years ago and it was the most boring pairing in soap history of B&B. So please, let it go.

    I do agree with the people who mention Ally as the reak Forrester heir, that could actually make things intresting. I would love to see Ridge against Thorne and Ally against Thomas, Steffy and Hope (who are all three no Forresters)

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