American Idol’s Diana DeGarmo Gets Contract Role on Young and Restless

The stunt casting continues on The Young and The Restless. TV Guide's  Michael Logan is reporting American Idol runner-up Diana DeGarmo is heading to Genoa City in a contract role! DeGarmo will play mobster Angelo's daughter Angelina. 

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    Angie Lucy

    Y&R has a mobster named Angelo? Why? And why do we need his daughter? Is she going to be one of Devon’s musical acts? Guess I’ll be doing a lot more flipping to Judge Mathis during those scenes.

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    I like Diana Degarmo, but is she an actor? How much do you wanna make a bet, she will come on as a singer? Like Flash(Sarah) from OLTL, lol! And MAB is about to build what Garin Wolf over at GH is trying desperately to dismantle…A Mob based Soap opera. Congratulations Y&R…PHAIL!

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    Exactly why does Genoa City need yet another peripheral character???
    There is no reason at all why we need the daughter of another useless peripheral character. Forced retirement and attrition does not work in daytime.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    BREAKING NEWs: Ruben Studdard to replace Darius as Malcolm Winters ;) …Well at the rate Maria is going this could actually be true. But expect to see some Biggest Loser stars making some guest appearances and a few actors who have not worked since the cigarette commercials were done by doctors.

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    Jamie if Ruben gets to sing I would be all for it! The velvet teddy bear might not be stud of the century but he is a warm fuzzy! However if Dru comes back, they would have to have a stunt double for a love scene! Poor Dru would get lost in there somewhere lol.
    Hey why stop there.
    Fantasia as Dru
    Clay Aiken as Chance. Then he can finally come out.
    Mama Bowersox as Mac
    Adam Lambert as the new Daniel R.
    Jennifer Hudson is perfect for Sophia
    Carrie Underwood as Heather
    Kelly Clarkson as Vicky Newman
    Now this is a Y&R I could get behind. We could even bring back the old Bill Bell penchant for spontaneously breaking out into song. Sort of Y&R the Musical!

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    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]So we’re losing Tristan Rogers so TPTB can bring on an Italian chick with huge tits? No wonder this show is going down the tubes.[/quote]

    If they keep TR they have to write for older woman LIKE Jill. THEY WANT YOUNG WOMAN WITH BIG boobS AND YOUNG PARTS TO POSE ON DESK TOPS FOR OLD MEN LIKE JACK, VICTOR AND TUCKER TO GET THEIR ROCKS OFF ON. So welcome young meat, Avery, Idol woman, Daisy, Eden, & Hunter. Goodbye to our wonderful Y&R characters and most talented actors Jill, Nikki, Lauren or Gloria,the writers can’t write for you, but will allow you to say hi once in awhile. Plenty of story the old men like Tucker, Victor and Jack, they are shoved down our throats EVERYDAY.

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    I personally believe they are trying to return to their roots ” The Young and The Restless”

    This is a show about balancing Career experienced peoples with problems and issues and The Younger Generation.

    However, in recent years, it has become less blended and more all about the veteran characters contrary to what Guza was doing on GH.

    Diana Degarmo’s addition is definitely a step in bringing balance and attention to the reality tv model. I personally am looking forward to her as Angelina, she is a very capable actress. Her penny pingleton in hairspray goes unmatched.

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