All My Children’s Leading Men to Do Cooking Segments on The Talk Same Week The Chew Premieres in Their Timeslot?!


I wonder why Les Moonves and Brian Frons don't just whip out their wee-diddles and measure 'em? It would certainly make more sense than all the head scratching moves that have taken place on the CBS and ABC Daytime lineups in recent years.

According to, All My Children leading men Michael E. Knight, Ricky Paull Goldin and Jacob Young will be appearing on The Talk the week of Sept. 26 as part of an "All My Meals" segment. The gents will discuss what Pine Valley meant to them, while cooking and carrying on with the ever-revolving cast of The Talk. No, this isn't one of my spoof posts, according to EW it's the real deal! 

Pine Valley's Martin-Chandler men will appear on the As The World Turns replacement the same week ABC Daytime will premiere their soap's timeslot replacement The Chew. I just LURVE how The Talk has become the go-to place for AMC stars to reflect on a soap ABC killed to replace with a cheap talk show, considering The Talk itself is a cheap talk show that was created to kill a soap.

Didn't you just feel the empathy Julie Chen and Co. had for La Lucci a few months back when she stopped by to dish her memoir and how it felt for Erica Kane to be kicked to the curb by Mickey Mouse? Meanwhile, poor Eileen Fulton and Colleen Zenk are just happy CBS didn't make them change out of their unmentionables behind a bush off somewhere in New Jersey like they did the cast of The Guiding Light.

I mean seriously, am I the only one who sees how utterly disingenuous and patronizing it is for The Talkers to be commiserating with AMC'ers when they did the same doggone thing to ATWT?!  Do The Big Three really believe all this desperate cray-cray is easier and more cost effective than simply putting in strategic efforts to save soaps that garner higher ratings and more brand loyalty? Really? Really?

You mean to tell me this tomfoolery makes more sense than figuring out a new business model for soaps, cutting costs where needed, creating a viable backend via Video on Demand, DVD collections, merchandising, etc. and most importantly demanding better, more relevant storytelling? I give up. Can someone make me some bread pudding on that there "All My Meals" special? I feel a binge 'a comin'.

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    Because I am an eternal optimist, the first thing I thought was that maybe the rumors of PP finding a TV home for AMC and OLTL were true and maybe it would be CBS. Imagine that!!!!

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    I don’t know Jamey – I think it’s kind of brilliant. If there are two talk show formats on at the same time and both involve cooking, are people going to tune into the one that is focused on chefs or soap stars? If the Chew does worse than The Talk on that episode, I think there is a valid arguement for saying that people care more about the soaps than the food. However, if the Chew beats the Talk, then it may just prove Frons/ABC correct in their decision making process.

    IMHO, I personally hope that the Talk kills the Chew in ratings for that particular day, and after that I hope both shows continue to tank.

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    I think it’s a brilliant FU move too, regardless of the fact that The Talk did the same thing and actually competes with OLTL. Every show on the air now has displaced some other show. I actually was perplexed why The Chew wouldn’t have tried to do this initially and locked in some AMC stars, just to get the AMC fan to tune in that first week.

    What I don’t like is that I have a The Chew ad pop on my Daytime Confidential page. I know, I know. DC doesn’t set the ads. At least it isn’t as bad as when I would have Yes on Prop 8 ads on my DC page a few years back.

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    I think it is brilliant. But CBS/P&G screwed the fans and actors and all the employees of Guiding Light and As the world Turns. I don’t trust any of them. It comes down to the buck.

    I still say the daytime dramas had people tuning back in on a dayt to day basis more than these talk shows and food shows and game shows. The dramas pulled people every day and then they stayed for the others. This will not be proven until daytime dramas are all extinct. Wait and see…

    The Talk is still Horrible with a capital H. Not liking new group either. Maybe if they get rid of Chen. When will they figure that out and also Sharon O. Will not watch even with the soap stars on it.

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    This is just pathetic and hypocritical. CBS should get off their high horse since they lead the charge killing soaps over the last few years. The Talk and The Chew are the same damn thing — soap killers. ATWT had to go to make room for The Talk just like AMC and The Chew. I guess some people are just too happy to “stick it to Frons” to see the big picture.

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    How horrible! Why would this be a FU to Frons? Isn’t he in charge of what makes what on the air? I’m sure he was behind this, and they are just wanting to get the millions of viewers AMC (no where even close to what this stupid new show will get).

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    I have to find this article kind of funny. CBS are major hypocrites but I enjoy the stick it to Frons and ABC notion. But, what irked me as I’m scrolling to the bottom I see an advertisement for The Chew. I find the fact that a site that is dedicated to soaps is running an advertisement for the show replacing All My Children at the end of the article.

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    Kansas Bubbles

    It’s not much of a stretch for Jacob Young to be on The Talk since his new network is CBS and he’s either going to Y&R or B&B. I don’t know the difference between the both of them. Nearly all of the former AMC actors have either ended up on one or the other.

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    AS far as I am concerned all 3 networks suck with soaps its just ABCs turn. Need we forget what Frons did to the NBC soaps or what happened to ANother World,SuBe for that horrific Passions only to have it cancelled too. The cycle moved to CBS and now is at ABC.

    THese networks really just eat and spit out these soap actors all of them but I do get a kick out of THe Talk having these 3 come onto their show in cooking segments the week the Chew begins. Kind of brilliant in a way.

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    It’s so silly. I can’t imagine why Frons would not have inserted a soap star into The Chew, just to go after the soap audience and appease them. None of those 5 is even remotely interesting to me, but a soap star and I might tune in. It doesn’t even have to be a current AMC star. It’s not like he couldn’t pull a The Talk and Marissa Jarret Winokur (sp?) or Holly Robinson Peete the person at some point.

    DC should do a live blog off on the premiere of The Chew, but not of the actual show. Pick something else at the same time. Hell, pick something from the Food Network.

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    “How horrible! Why would this be a FU to Frons? Isn’t he in charge of what makes what on the air? I’m sure he was behind this, and they are just wanting to get the millions of viewers AMC (no where even close to what this stupid new show will get).”

    I think you read it wrong. They are going to be on the The Talk on CBS show during the same time the chew will be on ABC. That’s why they are saying it’s an FU to Frons.

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    Actually you have good points but I’m also in agreement with Brendaonlymrsmorgan

    and think its brilliant hopefully they’ll beat them out in ratings. Too bad pimp daddy didn’t think of it..what better way to smooth things over than showcase some soap stars.

    Anytime I can rub Frons nose in it it makes it even better…I know he doesn’t respect or give a flying flip about soap fans but it sure makes me feel good if they beat him ratings…Praying to the ratings gods please let them beat the Shew just this once.

    I just made bread puddin’ this weekend I’ll give you the recipe (we’re Creole) its really easy LoL

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    Jamey Giddens

    The way Google ads works is similar to Facebook ads. Since I wrote a post about The C H E W, the Google ad sensor placed the ad on the page. It’s robotic, but as I said, we are working to get ads for The C H E W blocked.

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    Jamey!!! I love you like a play cousin, but I am shocked, shocked I say that you dont see how FIERCE this is!!! Forget about what CBS did and just think about what these great actors are doing!! WEEERKKK

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    Wow, some of you are just plain ridiculously hypocritical..

    CBS did the same thing ABC just did, only it happened a few years back. All most of you are showing is that a couple of years from now, you’ll have forgiven ABC and may even take their side against another soap that is fixing to be axed.

    Honestly, its sad that most of you dont seem to realize how short-sighted you are being. No wonder soaps are dying when even its biggest fans pile on a publicity stunt pulled by a replacement show.

    I am ashamed of some of you…

  16. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I have to say, as I said, I like the idea. But I will not watch. I’m an OLTL fan, but were this opposite The Chew then yes I would. If anything it would a show that a soap actor’s appearance gets my eyes. I also think it’s great from the actor’s perspective. It’s a let-me-go-over-here-to-this-other-network-the-day-you-launch-my-replacement. Chew you!

    As a total aside, I was watching Anderson Cooper’s show yesterday and during the bit where he bench presses Kathy Griffin I hear a familiar tune and it caught me completely off guard. It was the DC theme music. It’s was so Pavlovian, I expected Luke to start speaking. It also broke an illusion of mine. I always imagined that Luke composed that piece. I didn’t know it was something that is out there. Never change it. Doo doo do do.

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    Oh but Jamie All is forgotten by now. The audience has totally forgoten that The Talk replaced ATWT. How could we possibly remember that far back?
    I can not even remember NBC killing off my soap Another World to replace it with that insipid Passions. Or that The Doctors USED to be a soap opera!
    We don’t know who Dena Highley is and if she is the headwriter of Y&R come next monday morning we the audience won’t even notice. Oh look Monty Hall uhm I mean Wayne Brady is giving away some money now to someone in a cereal box. Uhm didn’t I used to watch Reva Shayne on this station? No I am probably wrong. Something about a guiding… oh I will think of it in a minute. I kinda remember that it was on for like… ya know since radio. What the hell was that old show. Gee I forgot. Just like the execs on tv think I do.

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    This is a joke!! Moonves lost 75% of his loyal daytime viewers refusing to watch “The Talk” for this time period and he is now trying to pull lost audience of ABC to CBS! Soap fans are soooo much smarter, because soap viewers will be on be on OLTL. True soap fans won’t be near “The Talk” or “The Chew”…2 of biggest flops in the talk genre in long time because soap fans isn’t going support the trash replacing our soaps. Moonves & Frons are one in the same.

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