General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms Temporarily Exits


Soap Opera Digest is reporting Kirsten Storms will take a leave of absence at General Hospital due to an illness. According to a statement by the show:
Due to illness of Kirsten Storms, the role of Maxie Jones will be temporarily recast by Jen Lilley with a first airdate of September 28. The cast and crew of General Hospital wish Kirsten a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming her back to the set soon.


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    Marieperoy, that’s what I thought too. Who knows, but I do hope she gets well soon because I enjoy her as Maxie. She looked so thin in a show two days ago, but she’s always been thin during my recent GH tenure. It just always catches me by suprise because she must be tiny in real life.

    Is Dirty Soap still filming? I wonder if this will be addressed.

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    It probably is rehab…1-2 months is the typical amount of time for that…Real illness is kind of hard to pin down to a absolute time…She is thin… way too thin…it could also be another kind of addiction…She could be suffering from an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia…..I am curious about Dirty Soap though…whether or not they are going to cover this…I checked…Kirsten hasn’t tweeted since 8/28…You would think she would tweet to let her fans know…or a spokesperson for her. GH came out and said what was wrong with one is saying here..which makes me think rehab for something.

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    Kirsten could be out for any number of reasons, family illness, etc. Maybe she has Celiac issues/gluten intolerance, Sarah J Brown had her thin moments on GH due to that issue, occasionally she tweets about it now & then. In any case, Godspeed to Kirsten. :)

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    Soap In Depth posted this on Facebook…

    GH Star Recast!

    For the next few months, a different blonde will be playing GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Maxie: Kirsten Storms has temporarily been recast, reportedly due to an illness, with Jen Lilley, a regular on MTV’s comedy improv show DISASTER DATE.

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    I’ve loved Kirsten since I was nine and she was Disney’S Zenon, so whatever is wrong with her, I hope she gets better soon. I don’t like the idea of a Maxie recast – even a temporary one. Especially since they seemed to be going back to a Maxie/Spinelli angle and Kirsten and Bradford have a such unique chemistry.

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    Pathetic! They don’t learn anything. Please, go to a new era, no more stupid recast for a couple of days. This is a good quality televisión series or a crappy programa? Primetime never will do this crappy thing… Things like this are the explanation of the agonizing decline of soaps. If you don’t change the concepts and respect the public, there will be no public … The ratings are clear.

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    I wonder if Bradford Anderson came down with that illness, too?

    Can you imagine episodes without “The Jackal, P.I.”???

    I can … and they make me smile! =)

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    Why even bother with an “emergency recast”? If this soap were REALLY interested in reserving its resources and saving money, they would simply write Maxie off for an indefinite period of time, or simply not show her onscreen. God knows they are capable of doing the same thing with other characters like Edward, Tracy and up until recent months, Monica and Bobbie Spencer. Anyone remember Bobbie Spencer? These emergency recasts really irk me. They are pointless and distracting.

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    I miss Kristen but they really did an excellent job casting her emergency replacement! From the get-go she had the same speech patterns, mannerisms, etc. Even without an announcement you’d know which part she was playing.

    Hope Kristen gets better soon. I feel kind of attached to her since watching her grow up starting with the kid shows my daughter used to watch her on.

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    I can’t believe all the mean people on here talking about her going to rehab when they had no facts to back up salacious lies.

    Do you all feel like @$$holes now that you know she’s been diagnosed with endometreosis?? You should!! Endometreosis is an INCREDIBLY PAINFUL HORRIFIC, AND INCURABLE disease. Poor dear will only start to feel better when she hits MENOPAUSE. She has been doing amazingly well to suck it up for this long and still show up to work!!

    How many of you people could eat or go to work when your insides feel like they are being RIPPED out of you???

    But no one gives her any credit for hanging in there or toughing it out for such a long time. Everyone just wants to assume she’s a drunk or a drug addict. I have never heard anything prior to this absence about her missing work or showing up unprepared, to assume anything other than her being really really ill is just plain MEAN.

    Godspeed Kirsten and I hope you get the help you need to start being able to live life a little bit more pain free.

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    I’m so glad you cleared this up for everyone. I watched Dirty Soap and Kirsten future sister in law told Farah on the phone that it was endometreosis…so maybe next time people will think before they speak

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