Elisabeth Hasselbeck Goes From Battling Michael Moore to Finding ‘Angels Among Us’

Thanks to Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s confrontation with Michael Moore over Osama bin Laden, it hasn’t taken long for the new season of The View to grab headlines. But The View and debating with documentary filmmakers isn’t the only thing keeping Hasselbeck busy these days. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hasselbeck will co-host the limited run series Angels Among Us on CMT.

Each installment of the four-part series recreates three real-life life-or-death instances in which someone's life was saved by another person. The episodes will conclude with a follow-up about how the lives of people involved were impacted. Hasselbeck will present the stories through survivor interviews, eyewitness accounts and reenactments.

Angels Among Us premieres tonight on CMT. The debut episode features the story of three September 11 survivers.

If you missed Hasselbeck's face off with Michael Moore, watch a clip of it after the jump.

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    She makes my skin crawl. I just can’t watch this show. They talk over each other and they never let their guest finish a sentence. I do like watching Joy Behar’s show on CNN, but even that can occasionally be annoying.

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    Whether or not you agree with her Ideology, Eliazbeth Hasselbeck she is a major reason the View is engaging and entertain. Without Elizabeth and her viewpoint the View is just THE TALK with Barbara Walters.

    Some people on this board serve no purpose but to hurl insults at any and everyone they can. Can we bring something constructive aside from lame over used sound bites?

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    I liked Hasselbeck much better when we had Rosie around to hurl insults back at her. Now her yammering on and her “friendship” with Sheri is nauseating. ANd The View would still be in the ratings toilet and Elizabeth fired and off getting pedicures everyday of not for the popularity that the conflict she and Rosie had on the air brought to the show I dont care how many kisses BW blows to Frons

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    Elisabeth Hasselbeck may not be my choice for the voice of young conservatives, but shes right on in what she said to Michael moore. MICHAEL MOORE may not still be at war, but ask the military men and women that are still in libya, afghanistan, egypt and iraq if we are still at war. I guess he forgets that his nasty ass is safe and he is free to mouth off because THEY are over there suffering and sacrificing in part for his safety. How dismissive he is when it comes to their efforts.

    As for worrying that OBL would become a martyr, there is no comparison to World War II that makes any sense. The Nazis werent flying in to our buildings with complete disregard for whether or not their pilots survived. The never planned to try and blow up our subway system or bomb a sporting event or any of the other high value targets that modern terrorists would love to take out. Does MM even realize that this wasnt a Bush decision or an Obama decision, but it was one that nearly everyone across the board supported? Was it self defense on the part of the Navy Seals – I dont remotely give a F*** and Im sure if he had to take part in their mission he wouldnt have waited to see what kind of explosives they had or how sizable their arsenal was at the time. Its easy to ask that kind of question when its not your ass on the line.

    And I have to wonder – had OBL been captured and as the result of his trial – some muslim group came and blew up madison square garden as retaliation, would he still be off promoting the view that it was important to have a trial? WOuld he be willing to look a wife in the face that just lost her husband and son in that attack that his theoretical view of the world was more important than their ACTUAL lives. Im sorry but michael moore makes me incensed. He preaches about how the banks stole all the money and how the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer, but he had no problem availing himself of the michigan film tax credit – money that could have gone to paying benefits to the disabled, building schools, extending unemployment etc. all the things he claims to care about, but NOOOOO he had to take it for his “investors” since the film broke even and the only profits would come from the tax rebate. HMMM I wonder who his number one investor is? As a Michigan citizen, Im thrilled that we could help pay for his New York penthouse lifestyle for years to come. Im sorry but people MM drive me crazy because everything they say is complete hypocritical nonsense.

    I think its interesting that no one is defending MM so much as they are trashing EH. She may be grating more often that not, but IN THIS SEGMENT, are you all saying that you think she was wrong or rude?

  5. Profile photo of Chocolate-Mama

    I have never thought that EH was stupid. I do believe, however, that she is not very well rounded. It was clear even when she was degrading herself on ‘Survivor’, that she didn’t know many people that were not like herself.

    I love MM, but what I always found a bit hypocritical about his anti-Bush documentaries, is that as far as I was concerned, people like him put Bush in. Those being Nader voters, that thought Al Gore could just pull stray votes out of his behind from somewhere. They knew that election was close. They knew that by voting for someone who didn’t stand a chance in hell, they could be putting George W. Bush in, and they went and did it anyway.

    Bin Laden deserved to be killed, plain and simple. There is a great, two hour program that has been running on the History Channel this month called ‘Targeting Bin Laden’. This piece of filth had sinister plans that targeted President Obama and many of the 911 commemorative ceremonies that took place this past week. The president, the CIA, the NSA and the Navy Seals worked their asses off to get rid of him.

    A trial meant the man might’ve spoken and I’d heard enough out of him, with his foul ass videos he cranked out every six months. I hope that shroud was swallowed whole by an octopus, shark…something.

    As for ‘The View’ itself, I can’t stand the show. Those women epitomize every negative stereotype that women have to fight everyday.

  6. Profile photo of season1217

    I’ve had issues with Michael Moore ever since his film Fahrenheit 911 showed Iraqi children playing in a playground and interviewing Iraqi’s saying how wonderful it was in Iraq just days before the war. He did everything but show it raining gumdrops and skittles.

  7. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I don’t always agree with Elizabeth, but she serves her purpose on the show.

    That being said…I understand Michael’s point that if you choose to applaud and cheer the rule of law, then you should also do so when it doesn’t benefit you. Putting OBL on trial would have been difficult for everyone to watch, and it could have easily incited others to violence….but there is a reason why the right thing isn’t always the easy thing to do.

    But we are human too…he was responsible for the loss of many lives, the creation of many fatherless and/or motherless children, the many nightmares, the fear that envelopes us when we get on a plane and see something “different”. We are at war, and we are angry…and he got the death penalty in the end. He admitted to his crimes…many times over. He ran from punishment…and it caught up with him.

    In this case…a trial wasn’t needed.

  8. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Court I dont disagree with your post, however I give this caveat – I cheer the rule of law for AMERICAN citizens. I also cheer the rule of law for citizens of foreign countries with which we have legal agreements. OBL is not entitled to any rights or protections of our laws because he is not a citizen of our country or any country with which we have an established agreement. Tim Mcveigh was every bit as evil and deserving of death as OBL but he received a trial because whether we liked it or not, he was an american citizen. To suggest that OBL had legal rights is a slippery slope that I dont think MM appreciates.

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    Gosh, this has gotten so political in a good way…different views. I’m a progressive but I can’t stand MM…he’s a big mouth aka Rush Limbaugh of the left. Not of many of my progressive friends agree a lot with his views, it he makes progressives look foolish in many ways. As such, Rush does to his conservative base. EET, you’re right about the slippery slope. We have pre-911 prosecuted terrorist (foreign & American) in this country with success but you look back on history when attacked on home soil we do attack back with the fury of USA, Pearl Habor, destroyed Japan, went after Hilter aka OSL is no different.

    I think Jamey sums it up best with Blanche’s quote: “KILL THE KILLERS”!

  10. Profile photo of Jon

    I’m not an Elisabeth fan, nor am I a fan of ANYONE on The View except Whoopi in small doses, but re: Elizabeth vs Michael Moore, I feel she was right!

  11. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Osama Bin Laden is probably a bad example because he pretty much deserved whatever was coming to him, however I do not understand why people are opposed to due process for everyone not just American citizens. Are non citizens not human beings? Are we only entitled to due process because we are Americans? Is that that what the founders had in mind when they wrote the Declaration of indepence and the constitution (bearing in mind there was no America until after the constitution was ratified. All people deserve the right to be tried fairly and openly in a court. This has been the rule of law and not just in this country for hundreds if not thousands of years. If we lower our standards in this country to say that only Americans deserve to be treated fairly, then we are no better off than the taliban. I am ambivilent about the death of bin Laden because his offences were not denied by him and he openly admitted his crimes and he was killed in an attempt to capture him. But in general, I hear too many people act like Americans are the only people who deserve to be heard in court.

  12. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I love that episode of Golden Girls.
    I also love when Rose isn’t having it and knees the parking attendant ” in his safe deposit box” who was chasing her who she thought was a criminal.

  13. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I am confused by the comment about golden girls…

    I do not have the same political views as Elisabeth but I think she has improved in her research and debating. Rosie lifted her skills a bit in the end. She used to just scream and bicker. She is better at debating and sometimes I do agree with her ideas about etc. Just sometimes.

    There are worse out there. Yikes Gretchen from Fox is an airhead and put on. I remembered Gretchen from cbs and I can never tell if she is acting. I was shocked at Gretchen’s craziness. I feel she can’t be that narrow minded or could she be? Elisabeth seems more sincere in what she believes and is not putting on an act. Gretchen comes off insincere and just saying stuff to make money.

  14. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Due process is a right the constitution grants to our nations citizens. We also have extradition treaties with other countries that govern which citizens will and will not be returned to the us if captured. Anyone else that we grant due process to, we do so because thats our system and thats what we believe in, but they arent OWED due process. Moreover, due process is not a right that would be granted within the course of executing a war. Are we still at war? I guess thats the key point, and I dont see how anyone could believe that we are not.

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