Will One Life to Live’s Josh Kelly be Allowed to Take His Black Boxer Briefs With Him to MTV?


One Life to Live's Josh Kelly could soon be making viewers wish they had scratch-and-sniff screens for cable dramedy viewing. According to Deadline, Kelly has booked one of the leads in MTV's pilot Dumb Girls, from Awkward creator Lauren Iungerich.

Kelly will play Danny, a pal of lead character Michelle (Christine Evangelista), who wants to be more than friends. Michelle is described as being "competent at her job but foolish when it comes to guys." Well she'd have to be a damn fool not to jump Kelly's bones the moment he walks into a room! Or maybe she has those pesky morals people are always talking about. Awkward is one of my favorite new shows, so anything from it's creator I am definitely checking out and having one of my fave Llanview grifters onboard is definitely a plus!

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    I think he is the most beautiful man on Daytime TV. Everytime I see him in his little black boxer briefs, I just want to slowly peel them off with my teeth and explore that bulge he’s always packing. Oh Lordy! I feel like I took a big hit of David Hayward’s Libidzone. :love:

    On a different note, I was still hoping that Cutter would turn out to be C.J. Roberts, but it’s pretty obvious that’s not going to happen. :(

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    Bite your tongue angrierblackerman! I could NEVER picture George W. Bush in those sexxxy little black boxer briefs… with that VERY noticeable bulge. :wink:

    Have I already mentioned how bad I’d love to slowly slide those little black boxer briefs down his sexy legs? And… :love: go (down) to Heaven?

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    Yeah, he’s smokin’ hot which often gets in the way of realizing he’s actually a good actor with serious charisma to burn. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy wear such skimpy boxer briefs on a soap but damn does he wear the hell out of ‘em.

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    Glad for the actor but I hope Prospect Park keeps him for the online OLTL. He’s a real find and has turned what could have been a one-note, fly by night con artist into a real character. His evolution reminds me of Tuc Watkins, and look at where he is today.

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    Those black boxers are standard issue for use in daytime sex scenes and comes with a “built in bulge” for realism. (Sorry, Josh.) This is no more than a prosthesis!

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    Josh Kelly is the hottest actor now on daytime TV. I was really hoping he would stay with OLTL when it goes online but good for him that he got an MTV show. I will watch it just to see him. I also bet they will let him be clean shaven on there if he is supposed to be in his mid twenties.

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