Is Soap Slayer David Kreizman Penning Scripts For General Hospital?!

What do you get for helping tank three soap operas in rapid succession? A gig helping finish off a fourth. Soap Opera Network is reporting that former Guiding Light, As The World Turns and All My Children co-head wrier David Kreizman is now writing scripts for General Hospital. I have honestly stopped trying to figure out how the people who run this industry think. Soaps are the only entertainment medium where you're only as good as your last failure.

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    The other thing that I don’t get is: can someone interview these people? I don’t want an attack interview, but if I had to read the standardized quotes about upcoming storylines when the soap was on then I want some post-headwriting analysis and an exit interview.

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    I’m not a fan of Kreizman’s at all but before he became HW of GL, he was a good breakdown and script writer for several years. As long as he has no control over the actual storylines, I don’t think it’s a big deal. If he’s given a pre-planned storyline, he can write good scripts around it. The problem at ATWT, AMC, and his last five years at GL was that he was HW and responsible for long term planning and pacing, which he sucks at.

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    Well at least he’s not head writer, I guess that’s the silver lining, but yeah, I don’t get why they keep recycling soap killers. Can we get some new blood please? I mean they hire a guy who helped kill three shows as script writer, but they probably never pursued Sri Rao who wrote season two of GH: Night Shift, which fans loved. Makes no sense.

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    @ RoseVioletDaisy, I agree with 100% about DK. But GH fans I feel for you because Ron C. is going over to GH also and if either one ends up HW that is serious because neither are outstanding HWs. They both could be better in a different position in GH’s writing staff.

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    I don’t care if this guy is just a scriptwriter. In all of Hollywood, NY or in the entire USA there is no other talent out there capable of writing scripts? Hell take a chance on a newbie. How else go you bring in new ideas if you keep the same people in these positions that have been there for years? Doug Marland started somewhere right? Of course PP is making the same f’d up mistakes too. Whatever. I fully expect Dena Higley to be hired on soon either at PP or at GH or most likely coheadwriting with MAB over at Y&R soon

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    I think that is a good way of putting it. I agree. I thought the dialog was better on amc months ago. I will say no more because I am a newer viewer and I know longtime viewers are happy to have their favs back. I just would not stay with show if it was like it has been the last few weeks. If a headwriter controls he will write great scenes.

    (I was under impression he has been gone from amc for months unless I am wrong)

    I wish RC would stay with oltl. I think he is good.

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    Honestly,GH has been hard for me to get thru lately. Jason has been in bed for weeks, Sam still didnt get her ring cause Maxie keeps losing it. Lucky is always hysterical crying. Whats it about?

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    I give up….It really seems like they want this show to die…

    …And on the very same day this news about this writer is announced… you have the actors like Steve Burton, Scott Reeves and Bradford Anderson… begging you not to FF through the show. They say the show gets credit for tivo and dvrs…as long as you don’t fast forward through commercials…They seem to think we can save the show if we comply with this.

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    Kreizman doesn’t deserve to be employed ANYWHERE in the realm of television: daytime, primetime or ANYTIME. In most industries, they don’t reward incompetence with job security and unlimited job offers. Maybe he should go into politics after all the soaps are killed off………or become a used car salesman?

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    Hey GH! Dena Highley is available….. Although she hasn’t gotten a soap canceled yet, she certainly makes soaps unwatchable. Maybe you should hire her too! Better yet why not make her one of the co headwriters for Y&R. The more hacks the better. And atleast she likes slow stories. Well her stories make no sense and the dialog is extremely repetitious with the same scene partners all the time, but her stories are much slower. She still doesn’t play the beats. Oh and she often doesn’t even have stories. She just throws people at eachother until some of them stick together like glue. And every spring EVERYONE breaks up and tries on new partners. It’s fun you should hire her and see. Besides, the writers room would be a great set for a new reality show, since she replaced Hogan on Days. They could cat fight over story. We could call the show ” Who sux the most?
    an unscripted reality show about script writing on daytimes most venerable soap that the writers are ruining”

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    A failure is a failure a hack is a hack period you shouldn’t want this clown on your roster in any capacity but again this is a good ole’ boys network they recycle the failures from one show to the other and since these are the same ones that killed the other soaps and its only four left they are circling around these like vultures..their cash cow has dwindled now. I am not impressed with seeing these names keep popping up. As for GH I feel sorry for his show its the same ole’ sh…warmed over.

    So they screw many fans over with hack writing and ask not to FF through commercials .. WoW that’s rich…I don’t watch the show that much but I’ll continue to give them my rating because I record that’ all they care about

    my contribution to trying to trying to keep this genre alive even though my interest is fading fast especially reading this kind of nonsense
    so I can FF through the show and watch commercials and its all good … Ok, whatever…

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    I guess he’s Frons’ boy toy. There can be no other explanation. Anyone posting a comment on this thread could write a better soap opera. GH takes one step forward then three backwards. We were promised balance but we get greasy Sonny and/or the other mob lunacy at least four days per week. There is a reason why GH is in serious danger of being the least watched soap opera. How sad for a show that once attracted millions and even more sad, a show that once made viewers feel deeply, instead of feeling disgusted.

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