Jack Deveraux Crashes the Hortons’ Celebration on DAYS!

Only one more week until September 26 and the DAYS 2.0 we’ve been promised! As Salem’s upstanding citizens prepare to honor the late Tom (Macdonald Carey) and Alice Horton (Frances Reid) it looks like Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) plans to use the occasion to surprise Jennifer (Melissa Reeves). Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    This looks like fun…my kind of soap (hopefully). Now KC is successful with the relaunch because of disgruntled soap fans we could see the other soaps going back to a more traditional type of soap setting on canvas. You can bring new viewers on board, like myself. It will be full circle, soap fans are clamoring for good character driven stories set in family, friends, lots of ROMANCE (missing today), mystery and intrigue of characters letting the fans getting to know new characters to build loyalty. Producers, writers, networks etc. just stick a newbies on canvas, 90% young with no talent over the last 10 years because its cheap. Where mix it up with establish and younger stars. I am psyched.

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    Okay, so should I start watching Days again now??? Maybe instead of Y&R? That show is torturous, but I’ve been reading that Days has been really bad too so I’ve been waiting until Marlena and John return…

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    Probably wouldn’t hurt to tune in early. The show isn’t as bad as it was but has a few more stupid stories to wrap up. I think Cloe’s story is going into next week. Hopefully Vivian’s clunker and Carly’s awful story should end this week. Both deserve better but this is what we have so I am dealing with it. But the show is getting more watchable by the day. So I would tune in now at least by friday. I think something big is happening on friday. Anyway that is the idea I am getting. Plus if you are a CC fan you better show up to see her last days. However you might want to skip it if you want to stay a fan. It has been pretty bad.

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    The show is better already IMO. The last few weeks have been re-written by the new writers and there is more romance and not so much gloom and doom. Having Jack come back along with several others is a great idea. I have always enjoyed Jack because he is not your typical character. He is actually kinda silly sometimes.

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    Just having Matthew Ashford back will improve Days by leaps and bounds. The man is golden.

    About Crystal Chappell: I thought she was very good as Olivia on Guiding Light, but I’ve never liked her on Days. During her first run, the whole Katerina Von Eurotrash nonsense and that over the top buried alive story that dragged out for what felt like a year turned me off. The less said about this second run the better. What did she do to make Dena Higley hate her so much?

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    DOOL fans go to NBC.com and watch these new promo videos of all the returning characters of Carrie, Austin, Deidre, Drake, Matt etc..it is just wonderful and kudos to NBC Daytime for truly going out promoting their soap and actually giving it the respect Days deserves from NBC. NBC is completely opposite of ABC & CBS by showing some love to their lone soap. It was always NBC that normally didn’t go out there way for years compared to the other networks. Fun, Fun…..Can not WAIT! Good-bye Y&R, Hello Days :)


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    Melvins mom

    If Matt Ashford’s “Jack” comes back this week, I just might tune back in early. Here’s just hoping the new writers treat this actor and his character better than past writing regimes.

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    There is a great difference between Jack and other rapists on other shows (or even this show). Jack has been punishing himself for his raping Kayla since it happened. People do things sometimes in a situation that might not ever occur again. This is one of those situations. Jack has berated himself, he has examined his life and owned up to what he did. I am in no way trying to say that it is ok to do something as long as you are sorry later that you did it. Rape is a horrible thing that stays with the victum all of that person’s life. It has stayed with the rapist in this case as well. Other characters have raped someone and skated through life afterwards on soaps. Luke, except for having to relate the stories to his kids and a few conversations with Laura on GH has not really struggled that much with his crime. In fact he got to marry the girl he raped. This is also true of other men on soaps including Days (Bill and Laura). As long as the writers continue to give Jack issues and he has to deal with his own guilt, and strives to be better, I find it interesting. Part of Jack and Jen’s issues are about his guilt. I also find that interesting and continue to root for this couple. Her mixed up history and his mixed up history makes for a complex and compelling couple who happen to be alot of fun as well.

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    marknsprmo….I see what you’re saying. The same with Todd on OLTL (Roger H.) is what he instilled in Todd, the guilt and all the angst emotions never forgiving himself. TSJ just didn’t hit that emotional tug on his Todd. This isn’t a knock on TSJ fans just an observation of how actors portrayed the character. You see that again in Todd with Roger back.

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    having said that, I hope that no other soap makes a hero out of a rapist again. I think it is offensive and not something that people ought to just forgive and forget. I still remember that women used to scream out “rape me todd!” to Roger Howarth when he would do public appearances. To his credit, he was just as appalled by that behavior. Soaps should be about empowerment to women and not making them a doormat. There are controversial topics applenty that could be written about that we do not need to do this one again. This I guess would be my soap staple that I would do away with. That and Soras lol.

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    I love Jennifer Rose Horton Devereaux almost as if she were a member of my own family! Her first boyfriend on the show was Glenn Gallagher(marknsprmo, I regard you as my official Days historian, so please correct me if I’m wrong.) Glenn was played by hunky Rob Estes, who went on to do Melrose Place.

    As I recall, Glenn and Jen, being a perfect Horton girl, were never intimate. Lord knows how she summoned the strength to resist! :)

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    I’ve got my remote primed and ready to FF past any and all scene that include John/Drake Hogestyn. BARF! He is the worst actor EVER and I don’t understand why he is so popular.

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