Trent Dawson and Jake Silbermann Race For a Cure

Former As the World Turns stars Trent Dawson and Jake Silbermann reunited in New York City’s Central Park on September 18 for the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure 2011 event, which helps raise money to fight breast cancer. See more photos  after the jump!

Jake Silbermann, Trent Dawson, Sharron Kearney and As the World Turns Fans

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    YES it is a great cause. I miss ATWT also and I was in love with “NOAH”, he’s just HOT and loved him and Luke together. I was a true NUKE fan. ATWT had found a top notch actor to play “Reid” in Eric Sheffer Stevens and could have the first true romantic triangle in soaps w\”Luke, Noah & Reid” :(( because ATWT had established these gay characters being on canvas for few years and fans saw the growth with Luke and fans was accepting of the story.

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