The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Rick Returns!

Rick: Both Eric and Brooke are over the moon when their eldest son arrives home for Paris. Rick's return home is just in the nick of time as his baby sister Hope needs his help. Rick starts to do some digging and is shocked by Liam's deception.

Marcus: He and cousin Rick have an uncomfortable encounter since Amber gave birth to little Rosie.

Bill: Dollar Bill puts in a call to a person that can help him stop Liam from marrying Hope.

Liam: The Spencer heir's bachelor party is in full swing when drama ensues… Liam gets a shocking private finale at the gathering. The following day, Liam makes Steffy an offer. Steffy counters by giving him a chance to quit while he's ahead.

Katie: She and Steffy have a showdown.

Thorne/Taylor: The two are over the moon with Doc's new position at Forrester. Taylor tries to reach Ridge to share the good news but she tells Brooke instead.

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    Seriously??? Didn’t Hope just tell Liam last week that the wedding wouldn’t be for 3 months? Who has a bachelor party 3 months before a wedding? Way to tell a story Bell…. NOT!

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    [quote=Chelley62]Seriously??? Didn’t Hope just tell Liam last week that the wedding wouldn’t be for 3 months? Who has a bachelor party 3 months before a wedding? Way to tell a story Bell…. NOT![/quote]

    it does seem like they are rushing things with this sl. I wish they would let it be organic storytelling.

    I also like Steffy and Liam for some reason i think that Scott and JMW have a great chemistry together. Also loved Steffy and Liam’s scenes on the beach on Monday.

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    Seriously why doesn’t Steffy find a man that’s not attached to someone in one way or another. It makes her look like a slut going after married or men that are taken in one way or another. She makes me wanna vomit with the way she is doesn’t she respect herself enough to find someone else and not act like a whore.

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    Yay! Rick is back! I love that Jacob Young will be back as Rick! I loved him as JR on AMC (I Miss You Already Pinevalley)…God willlng Rick will squash Steffy and put a stop to her ridiculous and disgusting behavior. It is sad, and it only shows that Liam and Steffy are cheaters and can’t be trusted. Thorne can trust her all he wants but Steffy has shown she will go after anyone and walk over anyone to do it, is he really that dumb? On the other hand I am happy to see more of Thorne and see him and Taylor get their spunk back but Steffy will walk over them both to get what she wants. Mark my words, Steffy will use Thorne and he will be left in the dust…

    I admit that Scott Clifton and Jacqueline Woods have great chemistry but I just cannot get behind Steffy and Liam as a couple. Liam is an idiot to go with Steffy when she just got done stalking and trying to get with his dad. It is gross and disgusting. Hope deserves better. I like Hope and Liam’s relationship. I like how naturally they took their relationship and I get why she wants to wait, no Hope shouldn’t have broadcast it to the world. I think she is seeing that she is committed to a man and she can sleep with him, its not like she is Steffy and jumping on any guy that moves.

    Liam should have spoken up earlier about how he felt about being used or felt like Hope was ruling over the relationship, you dont run around kissing your fiance’s step-sister. He is just as sad and he and Steffy can both implode for all I care, idiots both them. Steffy is just as bad as Brooke about chasing unavailable men, she needs a man who is not attached and will love her for who she is. If Liam cheats, it only proves that he will cheat on her and break her heart too…

    I hope Rick takes ‘em all down. Let him expose Steffy and Liam for what they are, I hope Rick gets some control back.

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