Kelly Monaco on Why She’s Doing Dirty Soap: “We Need Anything and Everything We Can to Save Daytime”


General Hospital's Kelly Monaco (Sam) recently did an interview with KTLA, where the soap starlet and Dancing With The Stars alum discussed her reasoning for signing onboard E!'s upcoming docusoap Dirty Soap. Monaco also shared deets about the recent, painful end of an 18-year-old relationship, which will provide fodder for Dirty Soap story arcs. Watch the interview after the jump!


Dirty Soap premieres Sept. 25 at 10 pm EST on E!

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    I avoid watching any “reality” shows. However, since it’s someone I admire and she’s involving others I admire, I am going to give what support I can to this show. I love the genre and in whatever form it can be helped to survive I’m there. Good luck Ms. Monaco and hopefully this will be a continuing series as opposed to just a one season pick up… 0:)

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    Poor Kelly she thinks this reality show will help save her soap? I guess she’s the only one who doesnt know ABCDisney already sold/leased the rights to Prospect Park and GH is done a year after OLTL ends this January

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    I don’t think that this will “save” her soap, but I do think the extra exposure could really help soaps in general. Let’s say non-soap people turn into this, and then get interested in where these crazy women come from. It certainly can’t hurt, right? I guess it all depends on how these ladies and their soaps are portrayed. If they are shown as dumb, campy, and ridiculous, then it probably will hurt soaps… We will just have to wait and see.

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    I’ll watch, of course, lol, but since Disney has taken a hatchet to the shows, nothing will save GH on ABCD… it’s just only a matter of time before the Asshats in Charge tell us “cluless” fans, once again.

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    Angie Lucy

    That was a good interview. I felt bad for Kelly when she realized which clip they had, but I liked how the reporter closest to her sensed her distress and changed the subject. I realize he needed to get to the DWTS questions regardless, but it was still considerate of him to mention that he was moving to a more “comfortable” subject.

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    I am not sure if its a too little too late type of thing, but I understand where she is coming from.

    If they have a successful reality show on E!(Which I assume is full of the desired demographic) then maybe newer viewers will follow them to see what else they do on TV. It may prompt them to look for and watch the soaps. These are the people that would be more apt to watch them online, and if there is enough of a following online, then maybe they can come back to TV (either network or cable).

    I think it’s fair to say that soaps will never be the same, the models behind the scenes will have to change, but if that change is done, it is possible that soaps can be revived for a new generation.

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    But they aren’t really “reality stars”, they are soap stars who are now doing reality tv (they already HAVE the careers, kind of lol, this is just trying an additional one). If anything, I think that this will introduce them (in their new reality format) to ppl who love to watch E! and all of their reality shows and perhaps those ppl might follow them back to soaps.
    And I mean, didn’t Kim Kardashian (sp?) just get like 19 million dollars or something equally ridiculous for her wedding (shows, photos, even gifts, etc.) and she is nothing but a reality star with no discernible skill whatsoever! So, if these ppl can gain some of the reality buzz & loot by doing a reality show (that IS promoting soaps by being called Dirty SOAP & starring nothing but soap actors), then I say more power to them. It may not “work” in the way ppl might hope, but it is at least worth a try… & maybe it will “work” in a different way & maybe it will be profitable & more ppl will be interested in soap stars’ lives and PP might want to have a show of their own (kind of like SOAPnets One Day With).

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    [quote=GHvetfan]Someone help me out. Has any reality star jumped from reality to a successful acting career? Couldn’t this be career suicide on all of their parts?[/quote]

    I can’t think of a reality star that has had a successful acting career – though many of them make a lot of money. I can think of legitimate stars that have used reality TV to revive a career. I think it has happened more on the musical side than acting..but its worth a shot.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Soaps get zero promotion in glossies. They barely get any promotion on network TV anymore. Dirty Soap, whether we like it or lump it, will be a 10-episode commercial, indirectly promoting half the soaps left on the air. If someone who doesn’t watch soaps falls in love with the “characters” on Dirty Soap, they may just decide to follow them home to their day(time) jobs, much the same way that people buy Kim Kardashian’s perfumes, makeup, clothing, diet pills, all because they like to watch her throw tantrums about psoriasis and her pro athlete lovers on E! It could work. I am optimistic.

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    Pure trash. Ms. Monaco is better than this. It’s this kind of show that has made networks give up on scripted shows in the first place. Rank this right up there with “Celebrity Wife Swap” as the most ridiculous offerings of this season. Sorry, Ms. Monaco: Any publicity is not good publicity. And swimming in the toxic pool that is killing scripted television can in no way improve this genre. It only serves to make all of your fellow soap actors even less admired in an industry that already de-values them.

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    Honestly I will give it a look. I never watch E! as the only channel of reality TV I am watching is Bravo… but I will give it a try even if I can’t stand JPL and FF… Just sad that there is no AMC star when it is produced by Kelly Ripa :( I thought it would have been interesting to show how an AMC actor was coping with the end of AMC and the possible jump to PP…

    Loved KeMo during the interview but I HATED the extract of Dirty Soap they showed. KS looked stiffed and KeMo looked totally faked while speaking of her relationship while she was so natural answering the journalist.

    Only part of the interview I didn’t like? She speaks of promoting soaps and trying to save the genre but she is not mentioning Martinez at all at Dancing with the Stars when they ask her who she is rooting for!
    He is a vet and an AMC actor! But she only mentions David Arquette and someone else I forgot…

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    Thank you for all of the responses. All I know is I cannot think of a single person I know who would actually admit to watching the Kardashians or buying their products. I am sure they must be out there though or why else would they have so many. I saw they were building a section of clothes for them in Sears the last time I was in the mall. I was disgusted.

    When I think of reality stars, I think of Paris Hilton and Kim K. I guess they have made names for themselves. But, is that what these actors are shooting for? Are they hoping to get perfume deals or a shoe line? Or, are they just hoping to make some bank? I seriously doubt they are all in it to save a genre. I doubt some even know what a genre is. Will it hurt them later if they want to be taken seriously and want a particular role? That is all I am thinking about.

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    Vet, my dvr is set despite reservations because I am just darned curious but I think I have the same questions you have posed esp. because I thought that KeMo ended that 18 year relationship awhile ago and was dating someone new. I wonder when this was filmed and how do east coasters JPL and FF fit?

    as for Jamey’s hope that viewers will follow their favs, I know that this ABC girl won’t try DOOL or go back to B&B which I tried briefly a decade ago that said I hope he’s right

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