How Will All My Children’s ABC Run End?

Will the denizens of Pine Valley live happily ever after once All My Children leaves ABC's airwaves? Susan Lucci,  Michael E. Knight and showrunner Julie Hanan Carruthers, spoke with TV and revealed what fans have to look forward to on Sept. 23

Tell us what you can about how it all ends.

Carruthers: What you get — and this was our No. 1 priority — is a sense of family. So, all of the families, whether they're at the height of dysfunction or they're most connected, all the families come together in one way or another. Our last week is a true tribute to the families that make up the canvas of Pine Valley. Trust me, you will need a Kleenex every day of the final week.

Knight: Our major strength in soaps is legacy, the families and people who you get to know and invite into your living room 20 years in a row. They brought Agnes, which was a blessing for us because we get to revisit some of that legacy and that family stuff. The history of the show didn't mean so much for a while, for maybe the last 10 years. I get a curtain call that I don't think I would have without them.

Lucci: Adam and Brooke are throwing a party in the final episode, and I was surrounded by the whole cast, so the setting was spectacular and perfect for the last day of shooting. I looked out to all the crew and just mentally took pictures of all of them. And then the last night was a real outpouring of love from the cast and the crew to Agnes. At the end, she said she wanted to sing a song that she felt was really appropriate and she wanted us to sing it with her. It was the Noel Coward song "I'll See You Again." She sang beautifully, and everyone joined in. I will say after that there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

To read more on what All My Children creator Agnes Nixon  has to say about fan favorites reprising their roles, click here!

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  1. Profile photo of GHdoolFan

    I like that I have no clue who JR is going to shoot, but I’m pretty sure its going down that road. I wish he would just kill himself. Jacob Young has been AMAZING. Too bad I don’t watch B&B, but I hope he has much success there.

    I’ve loved the shows. I think the Kane/Slater/Lavery episode has been the weakest so far. Yesterday’s (The Martins/Chandlers) was the best for me. Today has been great so far, but I won’t spoil it.

    I really can’t even guess who JR is going to shoot. I suppose he’ll probably shoot a few rounds into a crowded room. I have a list of people I definitely don’t want to be killed off and a few that I wouldn’t mind so much.

    David Canary is AMC for me. What an actor. Its been a true pleasure to have him back for the last couple of days of this version of AMC. I know he’s basically retired so he won’t be on the web. If Adam gets killed I will probably die. I think Vincent Irizarry is the best actor in the soap medium, but David Canary was and always will be, IMO. Michael Zaslow and David Canary are 1 & 2. I didn’t really know how much I missed him until the minute he walked into the Chandler mansion.

  2. Profile photo of keanna

    I hope JR just points a gun at someone and it goes off offscreen, maybe it will turn out that JR thought he shoots someone and wakes up in rehab or something.

    I love Jacob Young and will miss him dearly, but they can recast if need be. I know he and Debbi Morgan will not go to the online version, and we know that Cameron Mathison and Lindsey Hartley said yes, Alicia Minshew is going on recurring, we’ll see who else goes.

    Guys don’t forget to promote AMC on the View tomorrow, saw the previews it looks great. Can’t wait!!!

  3. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    It just hurts SO MUCH that the show is ending on ABC. It hurt too when GL & ATWT went off but AMC was the first soap I watched.
    I was 6 & it was the early 80s watching with my mom.

  4. Profile photo of jphelps

    I think JR is going to kill himself.

    And can I say today was AMC’s most awesome episode in years. Killing off Stuart was as damaging to the canvas and Adam as killing off Alan Q was to GH’s canvas.While I think that David Dr. Frankenstein story was nonsense, it was worth it for today. THank you Agnes Nixon. It was the perfect bookend to AMC for me

  5. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I agree that the Kane/Lavery/Slater was the weakest, but I am loving the families framing device. I didn’t like the talking to the screen.

    I’ve also liked the suspense of wondering if returning characters will be ghosts/memories or returning from the dead. The only let down was Gillian. Was that a budgeting restriction? She must have been paid an under five rate.

    Once AMC transitions to the web they need to institute a no death policy for some time. Now that they have this “cure” for dying, death is even beyond soapy meaningless.

  6. Profile photo of onnie

    Just give Jacob his Emmy now. It is breaking my heart what they are doing to JR, a legacy character, but Jacob is playing JR pain and anguish raw and real.

    I just hope JR kills Marissa ‘s useless ass on Friday.

  7. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    [quote=onnie]Just give Jacob his Emmy now. It is breaking my heart what they are doing to JR, a legacy character, but Jacob is playing JR pain and anguish raw and real.

    I just hope JR kills Marissa ‘s useless ass on Friday.[/quote]
    I have been hoping that he kills Marissa ever since he started playing around with that pistol and while he’s at it he can shoot Bianca so that she goes into a coma for a while and when AMC comes back online she is played by Eden Riegel with no memory of ever having wasted her time sucking face with that lifesucking cure for insomnia Marissa.

  8. Profile photo of harlee490

    Yes, it’s been intense the last 2 weeks but this week, w\Adam\Brooke back and Scott finding out his dad being alive was just splendid and heart warming. This is were soap writers TODAY always miss the beats of a story today (most are plotting not connecting) but leave to pros like Agnes, Lorraine & Addie to add a slight element which fits right into the canvas. Scott going to see Marion, not a big scene but the type of scene that fans appreciate because it wasn’t forgotten about Stuart\Marion being married. If another writer of today had been writing this ending we would of never seen that type of scene.

    JR, is out of control and Young has been at his best the last 6 months. EMMY please just like Debbi & Darnell should have Emmys next year for their work the last 2 weeks.

    I will have to disagree about the Kane\Lavery\Slater because I like how the writers pulled episodes together honoring PV’s families and this is Erica’s side of family. I have enjoyed all the family episodes displaying the connection and interaction of each family.

    I know it will be sad tomorrow, just knowing another end of a soap. I’ve not been a viewer as many fans and yes shedding many tears. I might not in that category but I completely understand the emotion. I know I cried (literally) the last whole month when my ATWT & GL had ended. The last week was the worse for myself personally especially when it came to GL. I cried a week afterwards. The lump will in your throat realizing that on the following Monday and your soap is not present. I send my heartfelt condolences to long time viewers of AMC, but at least you only have to wait until January. :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :) :) :) :)

  9. Profile photo of onnie

    [quote=Daniel St. John][quote=onnie]Just give Jacob his Emmy now. It is breaking my heart what they are doing to JR, a legacy character, but Jacob is playing JR pain and anguish raw and real.

    I just hope JR kills Marissa ‘s useless ass on Friday.[/quote]
    I have been hoping that he kills Marissa ever since he started playing around with that pistol and while he’s at it he can shoot Bianca so that she goes into a coma for a while and when AMC comes back online she is played by Eden Riegel with no memory of ever having wasted her time sucking face with that lifesucking cure for insomnia Marissa.[/quote]

    Yes please get Eden back and get rid of Marissa. Everyone I know cannot stand her.She is an epic fail who ruined JR for me.

  10. Profile photo of harlee490

    OH MY GAWD…ON NB’s FB PAGE HE’s HEARING from Digest that Lorraine B. could be writing for OLTL when it goes online so maybe her & Anges will be over both soaps for the relaunch for online. This could be excellent news. She could bring real balance to both soaps…if so good job PP & Mr. Executive in Charge Frank…if true they are not messing around and shoring up for REAL soap opera telling of stories…not bunch of BS.

  11. Profile photo of jphelps

    NB and his know all. The was already listed in this weeks SOW and SOD. He doesn’t have any scoop. As for Agnes, shes 83 and there is a reason she does not HW shows anymore. AS a consultant yes, as a HW no. But it would be good for OLTL as RC is awful

  12. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Yesterday’s Martin family episode could have been an episode of this show from the eighties or early nineties. It was that good!

    I might be alone in feeling this way but I still say that the dead should have remained dead. Sure I loved all those people when they were around back in the day, but I also mourned for them and accepted their passing when their lives ended. Beloved family members die in real life sooner or later. Can’t the same thing be allowed to happen in soaps?

  13. Profile photo of GHdoolFan

    Marissa is one of the people I wouldn’t mind JR killing off in the finale, but I feel like Sarah Glendening would be more than happy to continue online and they should probably take what they can get, as far as that goes. Also if VI ends up going online with the show there’s still a lot of beats to be played with the Marissa/David relationship. I really don’t want AMC to end its television run with JR firing shots and the screen fading to black, but I’ve pretty much accepted that’s how its going to happen. So I have to enjoy the first 53 minutes as much as possible.

  14. Profile photo of onnie

    [quote=Tmaddy32]I think Jesse will likely shot and kill JR only to it be reveal Babe is alive.[/quote]

    I would rather have end up in Oakhaven with Annie than die but i guess we have to wait and see if its a sucide or mass murder.I almost feel like this punshiment for JY for not going to PP.

  15. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    The day Stuart died was the day I quit caring about AMC, so I was really happy to see him reunited with Adam and Scott today. Why did we have to flash to Ryan and Greenlee? Ugh.

    I hate the way they’re serving up JR. Why does everyone get redemption but him?

  16. Profile photo of lfad

    I think Jacob Young is a mediocre actor. He has his moments, but other times he gets the emotions wrong or comes off as hammy like he did yesterday with hallucination!Babe.

    If the show has to end on a violent and sad note, I want JR to commit suicide. It could be the impetus for some people to leave town and be used to start new storylines on PP. I don’t know why a big shootout is necessary. Didn’t characters just leave town to start a new life back in the day?

    As for today, there was way too much Kane and Rylee crap. I wanted more Chandler moments, I’ve already seen how ~happy~ Ryan and Greenlee are.

  17. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I have said it before and I will say it again: the ONLY GOOD THINGS Pratt did at AMC were bringing back David Hayward and introducing Brot.

    Everything else he wrote was crap. Killing off Stuart and having Adam do it cuz he was drugged was just an insult.
    I am glad Lorraine & Agnes un-did it.

    These back from the dead stories aren’t the way I expected the show to end and I did have a problem with it but this week I decided to just go with it and enjoy. Which I have.

  18. Profile photo of Dew Chanin
    Dew Chanin

    At this point, I can’t wait for it to be over.
    I was all nostalgic when Ryan’s Hope was canceled but this is struggling to reach the last day. The way it’s being written makes fools of most of the core cast. Tad looks like a nitwit. He was just in love with Cara. Now he loved Ditzy forever. He treated Cara so shabbily but so what she got a Green Card! Babe’s here. No, she’s not. Kendall treated Griffin horribly but hey it’s okay because she’s back with Zach. Binks has a girlfriend, who never expressed an interest in a woman until it became a plot point. Liza is suddenly interested in …what’s his name Michael Nouri. I can’t even remember. Thank God they’re not bringing back Damian (Damon?) to embarrass.
    Unbelievable. Literally.
    Prospect Park has a lot to do to fix this so I’d watch it again.
    OTOH, this is doing me a big favor. I won’t miss it if I don’t watch it again. It’s just another show that jumped the shark.

    And Mr Frons, I’m not going to be watching The Chew.

  19. Profile photo of GHdoolFan

    I don’t mind these David Hayward bringing people back from the dead storylines. There was always a little mystery surrounding Dixie’s death and she has come back before. No big deal. Everyone and their mother knew that Zach wasn’t dead when there was no body found. Either one of his partners or someone else was keeping him alive, so I don’t have a problem with him doing that either.

    The only really off the wall one is Stuart and I will say that is more than worth suspending belief for two episodes. Stuart truly is the heart and soul of Pine Valley, as even David put it. Its pretty obvious that the last one is Babe and that is another one that’s kinda random, but if he was saving people why not do everything in his power to save his own daughter? I think even if she was basically dead he would keep her alive on machines praying for a miracle. Maybe it finally happened.

    I don’t find it insulting to the viewers at all. Babe wasn’t much of a big deal to bring back. No one wanted Stuart dead and everyone knew it was a big mistake so having the real writers of AMC come back and undo a royal fuck up doesn’t really bother me at all. This is by far the best end to a soap week I have ever experienced. AND its not even really ending. I LOVE IT.

  20. Profile photo of GG78

    I think that AMC has been great the last few days. Other than talking to the camera, don’t like that at all. IMO, I think that Susan Lucci is being a spoiled biyatch. She’s not that good of an actress and should thank God that she was offered a job online at all. Her career, other than AMC, has never taken off, so she should be satisfied with the work on AMC. Erica Slezak, Julia Barr and Robin Strasser are far better actresses than Susan Lucci, she is just the most famous because she’s the “prettiest”.

  21. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I spent years criticizing Ms. Lucci’s acting abilities, wondering exactly why it was that people felt that a woman who seemed to have the acting range of a student in a high school production deserved an Emmy back when that award actually meant something.

    I have, however, come to realize that for many people Susan Lucci IS the face of daytime, so having her on the web version of the show might help to ensure its success.

  22. Profile photo of goyankees


    Just as I did when GL and ATWT ended, I’m here to offer my condolences to the fans of AMC.

    The difference here is, I didn’t watch those shows. I DID watch All my Children. And I’m so not suprised this day is here.

    Anyone who tuned into Soapnot during their recent homage(s) to this show, and saw HOW GREAT it once has to be so Effing Pissed off right now. Again, about 4.5 years ago I threw up my hands to Pine Valley, I’d had quite enough.

    I watched this week for a few reasons. Obviously, how would this be wrapping up? I tuned in to get my last chance of Adam/David Canary and Tad/Micheal E. Knight. Julia Barr’s return was a cherry on top, but again. Blurred vision where she’s concerned after the kick-to-the-curb treatment the Assholes in charge gave her.

    Finally, I was wondering if I’d have any sadness or nostalgia. I watched this show from the mid eighties to 2007 (I’m in my mid-to-late 30’s) so that’s a good chunk of time. I can honestly say…. I’m feeling nothing. I’m sorry if that sounds disrepectful of the show so many of you love, but it’s how I feel. The ONLY bit of nostalgia I’m getting is when they show Adam and Stuart. Another poster said David Canary IS AMC. His absense TRULY is a reason this show no longer has much life.

    I honestly hope JR just blows up the whole town. Apropos as that’s what his Bosses metaphorically did.

    Farewell, AMC. Thanks for Natalie in the Well…And The Will Cortland murder…for Billy Clyde giving me nightmares as a kid… Angie and Jessie, for allowing Peter Bergman to become my Jack Abbott….Nico and Cecily and all the great couples you created before Greenlee and Ryan swallowed this show in one repulsive, gag inducing gulp. Here’s hoping your replacement, THE BARF only makes it 40.5 years less than you did.

  23. Profile photo of harlee490

    Agnes said it best “the kinship of humankind under God.”

    “The great and the least

    The weak and the strong

    The rich and the poor

    In sickness and health

    In joy and sorrow

    In tragedy and triumph

    You are All My Children.”

    On this sad day it’s words that will never be forgotten. :((

  24. Profile photo of Soap_fan_forever

    It’s a sad day in soapland today:(
    I’m not sure if I want to watch todays episode right away or put it off..because the thought of it ending is just so sad.
    I’m not really a big fan of the net show thing so can’t say i’ll watch…guess it will depend on who goes over and if it actually looks decent once it starts airing.
    Ugg that though of next week with out it.:(
    I had a mental moment when going thru the guide for next week..not seeing AMC at 1pm:(…instead seeing the Chew…ick…gag me:P

    I am though interested in seeing who JR will shoot…since that’s gotta be the cliffhanger of who he kills….I am crossing my fingers it’s himself…esp since we know Jacob went to another soap….I’ve never been a JR fan…could be because the writers always trash him.
    I am sooo mad that Babe ended up being a ghost!!! That sucks! All this hype up and talking about her I really did think they would bring her back…because she’s David’s daugher,she was last seen with David pretty much, poor Krystal having to hope her daughter is alive, and to save JR even though i’d want her with Jamie…all around stinks!! I am still holding out hope that maybe she’s alive. :p

    I was so excited to see Staurt alive…totally made my day!! I can’t believe I didn’t think about it this whole time…with David coming back as Adam and the fact that they pretty much annouced everyone coming back s you kinda knew who was going to make an apperance…I still didn’t figure it out till like a few scenes before it happened lol!!

    It’s nice to see i’m not the only one that does not bow down at Susan’s feet…i’m sorry…I know I step on a lot toes when I say this but I just have never though Susan was some incredible actress…So many others on daytime do a way better job….just because she’s been on the whole time doesn’t mean she’s a good actress…her character is just so self-centered it annoys me to no end…and you really never see Susan do anything else so that could be a mistake not continuing with the soap for her…although everyone seems to love her and think she’s some goddess actress.
    I can say if she doesn’t move to the net show that might actually be why I watch. *Ducks from flying tomatoes*

  25. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    with all the back from the dead stories, they might as well had someone wake up and the last several years had been a bad dream. It is a little hard to keep rooting for people who can not die. It also cheapens the deaths of actually dead people for me.
    I am sorry AMC is going off tv. I hope it does great on the internet! However I would like to see a little less back from the dead and more on to the future stories.

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