DC EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Monaco Gives Daytime Confidential a Shout Out and Dirty Soap Sneak Peek!


Can't wait to get get wet with E!'s upcoming reality sudser Dirty Soap? Daytime Confidential has your first look at the series everyone can't stop talking about! Get a glimpse inside the real-life dramas of General Hospital'Kelly Monaco (who gives DC a shout out in the clip!) and Kirsten StormsOne Life to Live's Farah Fath and JP Lavoisier; Days of Our Lives' Galen Gering and his wife Jenna and daytime's sexiest real-life couple, DAYS alum Nadia Bjorlin and The Bold and the Beautiful's Brandon Beemer. Watch the clip after the jump, and thanks to Kemo for the plug!


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    Those E! reality are hit or miss, more miss than hit. I liked Ice & Coco, but those Kardassian shows, that tanning show that lasted two seconds and all their other “unscripted” shows sucked. I’m a little curious to see Dirty Soap, but it’s probably more semi-scripted suckiness from the E! channel.

  2. Profile photo of GHdoolFan

    CAN’T WAIT! If its scripted or semi-scripted its even more reason for a soap fan to watch. I don’t understand any hate for this show. I’ll def be tuning in to give this a chance. Very cool shoutout by Kelly.

  3. Profile photo of Miry

    I will definitely watch it. It looks like it might be good.
    Plus, as I said before, if it gets some attention & a couple of more eyeballs watching soaps, then I am all for it!
    I mean, we as soap fans SHOULD be watching this show! Does NO ONE see how amazing it is for a show like this (all about soap actors & their lives/careers) to be on a network (that is not SoapNet 5 years ago mind you) in THIS climate?? Where soaps are getting canceled by the pair every year! It is a testament that someone even greenlit this show to begin with. It means that someone, somewhere thinks that something soap related might still be viable & it is up to us (as soap fans) to prove that true.
    So be a pal & support it!!
    Everyone has at least ONE guilty pleasure show (mine is Vampire Diaries, lol), why not let this one be it if you’ll only allow yourself the one??

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    I would have just love to see an AMC star on it. Would have been nice to see how he/she cope with the end of AMC and the uncertainty of their job after that, see them make a decision about following AMC on PP. And it would have been a good way to get some people to start watching AMC on PP.
    We already know that JPL and FF are moving to the West Coast and won’t sign with PP for OLTL. So showcasing an AMC star would have been nice (they could have picked Natalie Hall… we would have gotten Brandon Barash on it too this way ;) ).

    I will give it a try even if I have never watched anything on E! before. That will be a first. But I didn’t like the extract that Kelly showed in an interview at all as it seemed overacted by Kelly and KS when both are great actresses… But I really like both those girls so I will watch. Cannot stand JPL and FF (please don’t bring JPL to GH as the new Dillon, the role belongs to Scott Clifton!) but I can always FF them! :)

  5. Profile photo of Grimm

    Would have been really must see if there had been the inclusion of a gay/lesbian actor…maybe one of them that is in the “glass closet”. With out gay actors in straight romantic roles still being taboo in Daytime, it would have been a brave upturning of that and compelling “Reality” tv.

  6. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Let the games begin………

    On a purely shallow note, I have never seen a BAD photo of Nadia Bjorlin until now. This is definitely NOT her shot. I blame the photographer and the stylist, though. Okay, now that I have gotten that bit of pettiness and randomness out of the way, I feel better……

  7. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Alston, I don’t think it’s bashing to say it’s a bad photograph, I thought the same thing, the reason why one notices is because I have seen dozens and dozens of photos of her and she is the kind of hot that makes a woman ask questions she may not want to answer… just not in that picture:) :)

  8. Profile photo of Miry

    LoL, agreed! In that pic she looks like she should be on The Exorcist! That phototog should be fired, how he could make NB look bad is like… I don’t even know!

  9. Profile photo of Soap_fan_forever

    I can’t freaking wait to see this tomorrow!!
    I honestly never thought they’d pick this show up…so I am so excited to see a network besides soapnet brodcast things about the daytime world since everyone seems to bash them because they’re on a “soap” when the reality is IMO they work way harder than primetime actors.
    I agree that a lot of this does seem scripted but I don’t care…it looks good! I just love Kirsten and Kelly…well I love them all except Brandon/Nadia I never liked too much but maybe after this show I’ll like her more.

    I just can’t wait to see all the drama…I hope that it sticks around and doesn’t get canned because it’s all about “daytime”

  10. Profile photo of lfad

    It was silly, contrived reality trash which I love, and I really liked Dirty Soap. Kirsten vs. Farah is obviously the big hook for the season. Kirsten wasn’t featured enough to get a good hold on her character, but Farah came off as funny but a little insecure and brittle.

    What was up with Galen’s wife? If they’ve been together for 18 years, and Galen’s been on soaps for most of that 18 years, why is she so upset about him kissing other women for his job? Silly scripted BS.

  11. Profile photo of missmuffett41

    I heard the show didn’t do to good in the ratings. If true shame on us soap fans for not watching this show. Even if you are not a fan of reality shows, you should have watched to let the networks know we care about the genre. It is reported that only 800,000 ppl watched the show, appauling numbers I might add when it’s reported that the chew got 2.5 million viewers and the talk get 2.0 mil. viewers daily. Shame on us, I guess we showed the networks and advertisers what we really wanted, more talk show, more game shows, and more cooking shows, SHAME ON US

    Between DOOL, B&B, GH, and OLTL THERE IS AT LEAST 12 MIL. VIEWERS. Yet Dirty Soap was viewed by only 800,000 soap fans.

    SHAME ON US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Profile photo of harlee490

    @missmuffett41 …I don’t like reality shows as personal taste and not going to support this dribble. On the other hand, if soap fans watched in droves it would be saying we like reality over soaps. Throwing a few soap actors together and (it’s scripted) and not going to sell me that load of shiz. What is so exciting of Galen’s wife throwing a tantrum over kissing another actress?…give me a break, Galen has been in this industry for HOW many years? This was scripted only for conflict. SHAME ON YOU!!!!! for trying to guilt soap fans into thinking we are disloyal. If E! truly wanted to pull over soap fans…PROVIDE us with a true scripted soap opera, carry Prospect Park’s efforts to show on cable TV. SHAME ON YOU!!!! for thinking we fans can’t think on our own and calling us traitors because the only kind of “trash TV” I want on my TV screen are Katherine Chancellor\Jill Abbott or any other soap divas cat fighting for my pleasure.

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    This show was about soaps operas in general.It would have sent a messsage to advertisers and broadcast and cable networks we care about daytime. You not watching dirty soap sent them a message that you don’t care about saving this genre. If 3 mil soap fans would have watched this show our remaining shows would have gotten ton of publicity and more viewership.

  14. Profile photo of harlee490

    I disagree respectfully, it wouldn’t gotten the other soaps tons of publicity for the simple reason it’s up to network carrying their product to have an advertising budget which all networks has shown doesn’t care for daytime and trying to convince viewers that soaps are no longer useful on TV. That fact this is completely wrong because of Prospect Park and their belief in this genre. The only network I’ve seen do any kind of marketing and showing some love lately is NBC for the reboot of DOOL. Kudos to NBC for at least trying to actually save their lone soap. It could have been easy to just go along and throw their hands in air and cancel DOOL. The viewership will come back if soaps are producing a well thought out story and that starts with writers. A good story is a good story no matter what age. I personally am so tired of reality shows being on every channel and no kind of alternative on network TV. Thank goodness for the sub-channels, they offer at least entertainment. Dirty Soap has gotten more advertising budget then any the remaining soaps on TV and people are just burnt out on this type of entertainment, so ratings speaks volume on “Dirty Soap” not soap viewers.

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