All My Children Says Goodbye to ABC With a Bang!

My old journalism professor always said to wait 24 hours before you write about something you feel passionate about. Well, forget that. In 1996 when he was teaching me those lessons, the Internet was just a place where you looked up pictures of your fave celebs naked, and/or chatted on ICQ. Today is a new day and I want to share my thoughts on All My Children's breathtaking finale while I'm still reeling from the excitement of it all.

In a word, I thought the finale was wonderful, simply wonderful. After decades of seeing soap operas limp to the finish line in their final weeks, All My Children gave us some of the best episodes we've seen in years during the past month. While, I wasn't a big fan of the umbrella story that got us here (David Hayward bringing back several characters from the dead),  boy-oh-boy did those beloved characters shine, as this soap headed for the cliff, where executive producer Julie Hanan Caruthers (Someone I don't praise often!), Agnes Nixon and Lorraine Broderick expertly perched it, in hopes that fans will follow the soap online when Prospect Park hopefully debuts it this January.

Let's do a little catch up, shall we? Once upon a time, there was a spiteful, vindictive, ghastly woman named Megan McTavish, who reportedly didn't get along with wildly popular leading lady Cady McClain, so the hack killed off her character Dixie Cooney Martin via poisoned pancakes. Fast forward a few years, and an equally awful soap slayer by the name of Chuck Pratt took over AMC and decided to kill off the soap's heart and soul, Stuart Chandler (David Canary), in a wacky, whodunit. 

Even later, ABC, in its infinite wisdom, decided to move AMC across the country, causing several, popular East Coast stars, including popular leading man Thorsten Kaye (Zach) to say, "What gives?" It's like ABC read from a manual entitled, Soap Opera Killing For Dummies, yet later claimed to not have a clue as to why "viewer attitudes have changed." Okay, I'm getting sidetracked.  

So, because three popular and viable characters were killed off, AMC had to come up with a storyline to bring them all back from the dead — at the same time. Over the past few weeks and months, ABC has been managing to do just that via Project Orpheus, a sci-fi storyline about stem cell research that facilitated the returns of Dixie, Zach and this past week Stuart. 

Meanwhile, the writers have also been wrapping up an arc that saw beloved heroine Dr. Angie Hubbard (Debbi Morgan) lose her eyesight, only to have her stillborn baby switched with another infant. They were doing this while introducing a new plot that found the iconic Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) penning a second memoir (While being held captive by her doppelganger), that was quickly optioned by Hollyweird. Can I get the number to Erica's literary agent? This was all juxtaposed by the continuing downward spiral of JR Chandler (the brilliant Jacob Young), as the spoiled heir lost his wife, son, company and finally his marbles.  

(SPOILER ALERT) In today's episode, the soap's ABC finale, all things finally came to a head in Pine Valley. Angie begged Jesse to let David go, because he performs necromancy, er miracles. Brooke provided Adam with the next best gift he could receive after discovering his twin and conscience was still alive, she bought back his house. Jamie Martin (Justin Bruening) tried his best to reach out to his increasingly out-of-touch stepbrother and Erica Kane once again found herself having to choose between her aspirations and a man that she loves.

The action culminated at a glamorous, last minute party at Chandler manse. Everyone in town was in attendance, including an unhinged JR, who had sent a text to his ex-wife Marissa (Sarah Glendening) and her lover Bianca (Christina Bennett Lind), the two women JR holds most responsible for all that ails him. Or does he? Judging by the nasty exchange he had with his mother earlier in the episode, maybe it's the woman who brought him into the world, JR hates the most? Ungrateful little brat. Just think of all those verses of "You Are My Sunshine" Dixie sang to him!

JR's brain soaked with liquor and self pity, who knows what was truly fueling his demons? I'll tell you who, Agnes Nixon. Perhaps the most therapeutic of all soap writers, Nixon is still an expert at exploring what lies in the hearts of the men and women of Pine Valley, even after 41 years — 21 of which I've watched right along with millions of soap fans.

The Martins, the town's premiere family (Don't tell Aunt Phoebe I said that!), were front and center, with Tad (Michael E. Knight) giving a poignant farewell speech to the viewers who have watched the show for 41 years on ABC, that also encouraged them to stay tuned for what happens next. Friends and family were also happy to learn Angie had her sight back and the Hubbards found out a new baby could on the way. Not quite done with being dastardly, David continued to tease Dixie about his final lab experiment. Who else from Pine Valley's past could he have saved? Maybe they aren't from Pine Valley? Maybe it's Jimmy Hoffa?

Then of course, back to our Erica, the selfish, petulant female version of Peter Pan, who dared to believe her lofty aspirations were (gasp!) just as important as pleasing her man. When La Kane's BFF Opal (Jill Larson) informed her that Jack (Walt Willey) was thinking of calling it a day, after 24 years of loving and losing Erica, the diva did what she does best. She got dolled up, whipped a sideways ponytail together and headed for a party—and a confrontation—that ended with quite a bang.

We won't know who lived to love another day in Pine Valley until January 2012, but one thing is for certain, if Agnes and Lorraine were tasked with giving us something to make us follow All My Children, wherever she ends up — Mission Accomplished.



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  1. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Unfortunately, Canadian fans didn’t get to hear the gunshot. Some idiot at the switcher faded at the end, as Erica was running across JR’s viewpoint. Only when I went back did I hear the faint gunshot as it faded to a stupid promo for Nikita (which probably has a fraction of EVEN AMC’s pathetic audience)! It wasn’t until my online friends told me there was a gunshot that I knew.

    That’s fine for me, but what about ALL the Canadian fans of AMC who watched the show for more than 40 years, who now have no idea how it ended. They’ll just think it ended with Erica running after her boyfriend like a teenybopper. Nice going, Canada. I hate you. God bless America, I’m watching the west coast feed on ABC Seattle now, where our version of the FCC doesn’t block out the American channels and force us to watch the shoddy Canadian feeds!

    Stupid hosers.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    The final episode was kinda lame for me, personally. It seemed overly saccharin and cheesy. I liked Brooke and Adam getting engaged and Angie regaining her sight, as well as the hidden mystery surrounding the 2nd person that David has hidden, but that last scene just screamed SLOPPY. I wanted something more cohesive and powerful. The editing and lack of REAL dramatic impact at the end was a bit disappointing. I wanted something REALLY powerful like the final episode of Dynasty where Alexis and Michael Nader’s character go hurling over the balcony………or something more similar to the Moldavian massacre. Why not REALLY make people want to know what happened in an INTENSE way? I expected so much more.

  3. Profile photo of Karissa

    Love AMC finale. AMC really showed other soaps how to bow out with a BANG!! Sorry alstonboy4315 if you were disappointed by I believe that you are in the minority

  4. Profile photo of lfad

    I am so happy they didn’t go out with some over-the-top, bodies laying everywhere “shock” ending. Mrs. Nixon and Lorraine Broderick are on record saying they loathe stunts, and they made AMC’s stunt ending as unstunt like as possible. Some lame 1980s style nighttime soap ending might have been more exciting for some people, but it would have been spitting in the faces of longtime viewers who can’t move with the show online. Yes, I’ve heard the whole spiel about internet ready TVs and set top boxes. LB and AN aren’t totally tone deaf and out of touch with the show’s older fans, they knew this was the last day for a lot of people.

    I didn’t mind he sap. These are characters I may not ever see again, I wanted it to be as sentimental as possible. I loved hearing the AMC poem again, having the kids recite was a nice touch. Adam asking Brooke to be his (last) wife was wonderful. Tad’s speech was nice. Heck, I even liked Jack and Erica’s corny Rhett and Scarlett moment.

    Overall, it was a nice episode, noticeable rewrites and editing problems aside. I give the episode a solid A- to B+.

  5. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I heard the shot on the west coast AMERICAN feed. It took a fraction of a second longer. Fuckin’ Canucklehead television.

    Sorry, alstonboy, I can’t sign on with your take of things. In fact, I already commented on my “home” board that I’m glad they didn’t go the Moldavian massacre route (one of the most embarrassingly bad soap moments in history…and sadly, prime-timers got to see it and further reinforce their disdain for soaps). I think this ending (and the entire week of shows was absolutely excellent and could not have been any better.

    That’s it for me. :-)

  6. Profile photo of jphelps

    As a fan I have enjoyed the last couple of weeks of AMC. Yesterday was pure gold with Adam and Stuart. I cried.

    Today was good but kind of a letdown. The only “cliffhanger” I thought was done well was when Jack walked away from Erica ala Rhett Butler and Erica with her Scarlett O’HAra vowing to get her man back.

    THe other patient if there is one I thought was poorly mishandled as a cliffhanger

    The shot at the end didnt have anywhere near the impact it did on the end of the Sopranos and I am thinking they were going for the same impact.

    Overall I dont think messing with the ending helped anything in terms of carrying viewers over to AMC 2.0. It was kind of blah

    But I want to thank Agnes and Lorraine for a great ending overall to AMC. I think they did a beautiful job for the most part and gave longterm fans some nice closure and great moments. I didnt mind the PO crap at the end because it was a HW recognizing the damage such deaths did to the fabric of the show not a stunt to bring back viewers like other shows have done. Its a shame GH doesn’t have the guts to do something similar. Zach though to me was never a key to AMC so they could have left him dead, Stuart and Dixie yes. And kudos to MEK for that speech at the end which was most obviously to the audience.

  7. Profile photo of nysam

    I thought the show ended with a whimper. Would a sound effect of screams after the gun shot been asking too much? This isn’t going to have people clamoring to watch it on the internet.

  8. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    If all you were looking for was a cliffhanger, you were missing the whole point. What about Tad’s great speech? As hard as I’ve been on him over the years, I’m glad he’s the one who got to say the words, “All My Children”.

    What about Marian’s reunion with Stuart? That was sweeter than Godiva chocolates! Frankie and Randi may be pregnant. Brot and Natalia are getting married. …I loved David leaving it up in the air who the mystery survivor is!

    Will Brot get involved in the life of the family of his lost war buddy? If Angie ends up in a coma (and how soap-poetic is that? Blindness to coma in a matter of days!), will Maya move in with the Hubbards to help them deal with their loss? Will Maya and Frankie fall in love and raise Lucy, making Jesse a grampa?

    I’m glad they didn’t show a big shoot-em-up scene with bodies lying on the floor like that ridiculous Moldavian wedding massacre on Dynasty! That was just stupid (especially since hardly anyone died). No, I think this was the best way to end the show. I’m very impressed with what they’ve pulled off in these final weeks, including today!

  9. Profile photo of trhnlhi

    Even though it isn’t ending the way I wanted it to end, I still have two hours to go before it airs here in Hawaii, I think it isn’t a surprise that JR fired the gun at the party. I so wish that they would have had a big wedding for Jack and Erica. That’s what I wanted to have happen. But I’ll take what I can get because and I’ve said this everywhere I’ve talked about AMC without Susan Lucci there is no AMC so I wont be following this on PP. I think it’s going to be a new AMC that as someone that has watched this since 1975 it just wont be the same. I get so pissed off the Asswipes at ABC let this soap go so far down the drain with the hiring of Pratt and then continuing with the next two when Lorraine Broderick was right there and should have been head writer all along. I hope the show replacing it, I refuse to even type it…rots in the ratings. Mahalo to the entire cast and crew, past and present for doing such a marvelous job all these years. Agnes Nixon Mahalo to you as well. It’s been quite the ride.

  10. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Thank you Jamey. I agree with everything you wrote.

    I loved Tad’s speech so much.

    As I said on another thread, Lorraine and Agnes had written another ending before PP stepped in hence the cliffhanger. I hope people keep that in mind. I liked it this way rather than another bullshit weather system breaking the windows and people running for cover.

    My heart is full and I am grateful for the years I got to see life in Pine Valley on ABC. AMC was the first soap I watched so this to me is like a death. I am 34 now and I began at age 5 watching with my mom and enjoying Erica, Joe, Ruth, Kate, Jenny, Greg, Nina, Cliff, Palmer, Daisy, Myra, Sloane, Jesse, Angie, Tom, Brooke, Ellen, Mark, Phoebe, Langley, Mrs. Valentine, Mona, Charles, and so many more characters that made that one hour visit to Pine Valley time well spent indeed.

    Pine Valley isn’t exactly the corner of Hollywood and Vine but it is pretty damn fabulous in its own way.

    Many thanks Agnes Nixon. xo
    See you in January.

  11. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I LOVED it myself…but then again….I like cheesy and saccharin too lol. I especially loved the way it started…(the opening montage) and of course the end…GWTW happens to be one of my all time favorite movies…and I especially liked the Scarlett/Erica comparison. I loved Tad’s speech at the end…I have been crying since The View aired today.

    If I already hadn’t planned on watching this show on the web…this finale would have had me tuning in to see what happened. I really hope they are able to sign a lot of these wonderful actors for the next version of this show.

  12. Profile photo of jphelps

    @TV Gord

    I liked the ending and honestly when I read what the ending was supposed to be like sort of the SFU and Friday Night Lights kind of closure it kind of irritates me that they did this because I don’t think it had the impact PP wanted and I think they should have stuck with the original plan. Regardless I think overall it was fine I just don’t think they needed the gunshot and the David part because to me both were not particulary done well. But overall I think the show ended respectfully, better than this fan expected it to.

  13. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @Jamey – Nice article. I think your former professor may be on to something with “wait 24 hours”-rule because I am kinda emotional about the conclusion of All my Children. AMC has never been a favorite of mine but since the notice of cancellation, I have tuned in regularly an enjoyed what I have seen. This week has been awesome and I enjoyed today’s finale. Granted, I do not have the history with AMC that long-time fans do, and perhaps, that is why I found the finale pretty satisfying, albeit, all so rushed. I do not understand why AMC did not give the Chandler party a week-long treatment. That way, the endings could have been soaked up before a “cliffhanger” finale. I thought their was good amount of closure. Yes, there are things I would have done differently, but I felt AMC’s finale had a heart that my beloved Guiding Light did not hold in its finale. Ducking my fellow GL fans but I felt GL and ATWT were sorely lacking in that heart and impact that I felt was present in AMC.

    I loved how great everyone looked and that was a treat in its self. I will watch the finale again tonight (with some family) and evaluate how I feel once more but, right now, I feel pretty good about how it ended (on TV anyway.)

  14. Profile photo of kgbmc

    I loved Tad today. I think the last show was good enough. Debbie Morgan was feeling it, as were others.

    It did serve to make me recall all the years, as a much younger woman, I watched and ranted and raved about the stories, and it caused me to remember many of the characters who entertained me and allowed me to escape into Pine Valley.

    I am sad to see it end.

  15. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    It seems a number of people are saying they’re okay with the ending, but there were things they didn’t like. That’s the thing I dislike the most about the blogosphere. Everyone complains if you don’t get precisely what YOU want! Well, suck it up, ladies and gents. You aren’t the creative forces behind these shows. They’ll never do a show that satisfies everyone. For decades, we’ve had to deal with “focus groups” that wanted to change the ending of Fatal Attraction and countless other creative projects. YOU people who nitpick over every little thing are the reason we have executives who try to dumb everything down to the lowest common denominator. Let the creators CREATE! The people behind AMC have done brilliant work in the past few weeks! And still, you nitpick and complain. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lorraine and Agnes and everyone else decided to just pack it in and say screw it!

    Agnes almighty!

  16. Profile photo of harlee490

    I thought is was very good in all aspects of families, JR prime example didn’t need a happy ending. I liked the whole cast together at the end. I did like the set-up for January and the reboot but what I’m curious about when January does come time for the show to move, some cast will not be present so how do set up from that point? They could recast some characters, such JR, and even Angie (almost have to) maybe Erica would be shot or Adam that would die? Start off at Erica’s funeral? JR in prison at point? I don’t think PP can wait any longer then January for the reboot, you lose way too many viewers if they go until next fall. If they had “wrapped” up everything in nice ending then you could have a clean slate for the reboot. Erica in CA, JR in rehab, etc…wait to see.

  17. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @TVGord – So, it’s not okay to criticize art but it is okay to criticize each other? I have one opinion of AMC’s finale and I am fine with other people sharing their opinion. In fact, I invite it, that’s why I am here. I now remember your announcement a few weeks back that you were leaving the blog because you were critical of how it was managed and now you are back with criticisms of us participating in the blogosphere? Okay…

    And your reference to “focus groups” means nothing. The industry was killed at the hands of corporations that no longer valued the soap audience.

  18. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    TV Gord–

    First, welcome back. Second, I think you are a little too emotionally charged right now and perhaps you need to take a few………DOZEN……..deep breaths, and remember that this website has ALWAYS featured people nitpicking and it always will. I am a proud nitpicker myself, and won’t apologize for it. You are clearly very riled up about the loss of AMC, as are many of the rest of us, but instead of taking your frustrations out on your fellow posters, perhaps you should take time to remember that none of us put AMC in a premature grave. I think we all know who is to blame for what happened to this soap. Perspective is EVERYTHING right now.

  19. Profile photo of snizzle

    I will catch the episode later but just wanted to chime in and say I’m another one who feels like they lost a relative today.

    I was 5 years old when AMC started airing and vividly remember watching it as a little girl with my Mom and Grandma. AMC (actually the entire ABC soap lineup) kept my sister and I occupied during the summers during jr high and high school. Yes work and family eventually got in the way of my AMC habit but like an old friend you always knew you could turn on ABC any weekday afternoon and catch a bit of AMC even though admittedly it was a shadow of the great show it once was. Today is a sad day.

  20. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    This was the episode that brought AMC back to me. I’m a lapsed viewer and have been ff’ing since I restarted a couple of weeks ago. I like how they framed the families this past week and this ep finally had the drama I needed and some callbacks to my favorite years (Aunt Phoebe, queen of hearts, Winifred).

    I enjoyed Jack’s pronouncement, but I think the end could’ve been more dramatic. I agree with maybe hearing some screams. It needed a final extra exclamation point. It’s teeny, tiny nitpick tho.

    My favorite tv endings wrap up the main story lines, but keep some things up in the air. I like the idea that stories will continue on somehow. This episode head a different purpose, which was has always been its purpose, tune in tomorrow (or next year). And I will.

    I would love to hear or find out what the original ending that flashed forward would’ve been. Hopefully they will not have to use any part of it for another 40+ years when the show jumps formats from online directly into our brains.

    And to The Chew. I hope your death is quick and that Dr. Hayward can’t help you. Let your last episode show me how to make some peanut butter banana pancakes. That might make me tune in. Might.

  21. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    You’re right. I made a mistake coming back today, because it’s been an emotional day (week) and I value all of your opinions, even though I disagree at about the same rate as the rest of you do. I do enjoy this site (if not the editorial decisions on it), but I should not have dipped my toe back into the water, no matter how important this day has been. I won’t make that mistake again. :-)

    What I am trying to say is that for decades before the blogosphere, we consumed our entertainment and we didn’t have the place to come and nitpick. Entertainment worked just fine then. Still, we had those focus groups that we all hated that wanted to change endings to movies or dump an actor because his/her complexion was a little too dark, or that character was a little too ambiguously gay, and they got filtered out. Today, these blogs may be the focus groups, and it’s watering down our entertainment. I believe this is why we are stuck with all of the reality crap and Jersey Shore type shows that we’re watching today. They are the shows that people are commenting on most these days (not here, but elsewhere).

    Alstonboy, thanks for the welcome back :-), but soapbaby is right. I shouldn’t be here, and today has reinforced that. This site is four soaps away from extinction, anyway (since my main complaint with it was that it wasn’t covering ALL of Daytime in a balanced way, in spite of the name up there at the top).

    Maybe if it changed its name to the more accurate Soaps Confidential, I could come here and not be bitching about that all the time. ;-)

  22. Profile photo of CHRISTOPHER

    The worst ending for a drama!!!! The ending was a horrible event…SUSAN LUCCI is gone, JACOB YOUNG is gone, DEBBIE MORGAN is gone, MICHAEL KNIGHT is gone….they all left AMC and won’t go on the internet…when January comes, we will notice alot of absence in the party! How will u explain them being all missing? JACOB YOUNG is on B&B, whos is playing JR? when january comes? They should have done a bomb explosion at the end after Jack told Erica the GTWT inspiration (that was the best) of all the scenes…If ERICA KANE is shot…who is playing Erica Kane? No Susan Lucci is no AMC…!

  23. Profile photo of CHRISTOPHER

    I THINK WE LOST A GOOD SHOW WITH A VERY BAD ENDING! only one scenes when Jack told Erica, “Frankly, Erica, I really don’t give a damn!:” That was the only thing that was the best out of the whole show! Just one line!

  24. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Who does David have if not Babe?


    Yeah! WTF is David keeping on ice???

    I really loved the show today. Tad’s speech made me cry, Brooke and Adam getting engaged was lovely, and OMG, Erica pulled a Carrie Bradshaw on Jack when she told him that she couldn’t marry him. Immediately, I thought of Carrie and Aiden near the fountain when she was wearing that ring around her neck, and he wanted to immediately get married and she didn’t want to, and he said he wanted the whole wide world to know that she was his, that’s why he was rushing, and she said ‘who else’s would I be???’ And this was all after the Big affair, and it clicked for her that he still didn’t trust her… Anyway, I thought of that scene when Erica was talking to Jack, lmao. And then Jack pulled a Rhett Butler on Erica! All the people in my TL on twitter got that “Frankly” reference. Cracked me up.

    I admit, this has totally inticed me to see what’s going to happen on the online version!

    That said, WTF was up with that long ass commerical of the Chew??? They feel the need to expand on AMC’s last day and rub it in. Stay classy, ABC. Stay classy…

  25. Profile photo of sodsince16

    I have mixed feelings in review of the final episode.

    I cried at the opening scenes with the all of the children being born, it was beautiful and one of the best montages that I’ve ever seen on a soap.

    On the other hand, I take offense at the final Jack and Erica scene. Beyond the question of why Jack can’t stand beside Erica and allow her to pursue her dreams – I hated the idea that the final vision of Erica is her being humiliated at a party – rather than triumphant.

  26. Profile photo of keanna

    I liked the finale, remember guys this was a cliffhanger, and that’s what we got.

    Tad’s speech was beautiful, I started to tear up. You can tell everyone was feeling it, love Brooke and Adam being engaged, I actually liked Jack telling Erica where to go, Jesse and David calling a truce, who else was it that David was hiding, and for all we know JR may not have shot anyone at all, kind of like that last episode of Dallas when JR had a loaded gun and it went off camera and it went off.

    Can’t wait for January!!

  27. Profile photo of wiggum

    Loved the opening and Tad’s speech but I agree that this was not a great final ep.

    oh and thanks to ABC for the big EFF-YOU for the scroll about the Chew. It was bad enough promoting the new show to death (heaven forbid you actually promoted the soaps) but that was insulting to everyone to loves AMC and OLTL

  28. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Ihavent watched but I cant believe they didnt tell us who the other patient is that David has. The ONLY person I could realistically seeing at this point is Julia Santos unless JR imagining babe telling him its NOT her ends up just being his imagination and oops its babe after all. Of course that means the B is wrong that Dixie remembers and if the B is wrong then maybe the person being female is bull too. Technically I guess Stuart is someone Erica loved so that takes that aspect out of the equation.

    I agree with the previous poster – they cant wait past Jan. Even January is pushing it.

    I imagine the only way to move forward if they lose as many cast members as has been rumored is to pick up 3 months later and not actually at the party. The can recast JR and they might be able to recast angie but they obviously cant recast erica.

  29. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    “…perhaps you should take time to remember that none of us put AMC in a premature grave. I think we all know who is to blame for what happened to this soap. Perspective is EVERYTHING right now.”

    One more thing before I go…I think some of us did put AMC in a premature grave. I include myself in this. Remember when did their “Shop The Soaps” thing? They were pimping out all sorts of products (many of them lame) and we laughed at them for doing it. (I did, however, buy my late mother a Christmas Ornament from the Crystal Ball, which was a memorial for the now-no-longer-dead Maria Grey.

    Then, remember when they did the Campbell Soup Heart Healthy Month cross-promotion? Again, we in the blogosphere (myself included) scoffed at the crass product placement and how they were making our beloved characters hawk soup!

    Well, the reality is that the ABC executives were trying to tell us something. If we played along and BOUGHT some damn tomato soup, we might have kept our shows on the air. What we did, though, was laugh in their faces to even try to mix their commercialism into our shows. Well, that worked out well for US, didn’t it?

    At least THEY were trying! They may have given up on soaps by NOW, but they seemed to be actually trying to make them work THEN! If you stop and think about it, I’m making a valid point here. We are NOT completely blameless in the sad situation we are in today.

    Okay, I’ve gotten that off of my chest. And with that, I wish you all well. I hear when The Chew is inevitably cancelled, they’ll be giving Snooki a talk show! ;-) No one to blame but ourselves…

  30. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    I disagree with Jamey’s assessment…I think this may have been the worst ending of a soap I have ever seen. And even though it is moving to the Internet I still think there should have been more of an ending to things than what we got which was a week full of insanely insufferable characters behaving insufferable as hell. I can’t be the only person who wanted to hurl their TV out the window every time the show returned to Kendall and Zach’s living room.
    After seeing the nonsense with Erica Kane this week I almost hope she doesn’t sign on with Prospect Park…I love Susan Lucci and she is holding up spectacularly for her age but she’s still a lot closer to 70 than 30. Its time for Erica to stop behaving like a ingenue because it just comes off as sad now. JR roaming around the town acting like a douche wasn’t entertaining at all and instead of having this silly cliffhanger (that really won’t be much of a cliffhanger since JY is not coming back)there could have been really emotional, resonant scenes that dealt with his many problems with both parents and sent the character off the canvass instead of this plot driven hackery.
    The only bright spots were Julia Barr and David Canary coming back (even my cold, black heart was warmed by Stuart’s return from the great beyond) and seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar in Pine Valley (even though her not having one scene with Lucci seems like a waste) but everything else felt rushed and sloppy and wholly unsatisfying.

  31. Profile photo of HarleyFanForever23

    I watched the finale live in the U.S.’ eastern time zone, and I didn’t hear the bang. I don’t recall clearly hearing a gunshot. Maybe I thought it was part of the music. I’m glad there wasn’t a more heartbreaking ending, such as seeing who got shot, J.R. shooting himself, or a disaster that could’ve killed everyone. I expected a cliffhanger, and that is exactly what we got. It’s interesting that David still has someone else alive. But if not Babe, then who? Something I just thought of… If we’re suppose to believe that someone or multiple someones die once the online version is here, how can we knowing that David could do his magic and resurrect them? Killing people off on this show is hard to accept anymore. Anyway… I loved Tad’s speech, the kids reciting the “you are all my children” poem, the fact that there was one last lavish Chandler party, the Stuart/Marian scenes, Adam’s proposal, and the way Jack left Erica. The party was suppose to be for Stuart as well, but we never saw him & Marian arrive. I thought that was weird. The beginning of the episode – showing the different births & seeing how the families have grown – brought tears to my eyes. That and the party showed what All My Children is all about: family and community. AMC was my first soap. I’ve been a loyal viewer for about 15 years, though I remember seeing it farther back when I was just a little kid. My mom got me hooked on it. AMC has a place in my heart. Pine Valley will always be my TV home.

  32. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Harley, are you in Canada? CTVtwo faded just as the shot happened. i was really annoyed by that, because I had to find out from my board-buddies that I missed the gunshot, too! I listened again to the ABC Seattle west coast feed and the shot was fired and they went to black. (Luckily, if you watch outside your timezone, you don’t get the Canadian feed substituted over ABC.)

  33. Profile photo of Katheryn71

    [quote=wiggum]Who does David have if not Babe?[/quote]

    With what he said to Dixie about it being better she didn’t know, I’m guessing it’s his mother, Vanessa Bennett.

    I enjoyed the ABC finale and Tad’s speech. They have plot going forward, so I think it worked, especailly when coupled with the entire week’s episodes.

  34. Profile photo of harlee490

    David’s “other” mystery patient is something they can work on for the reboot, I personally don’t think its Babe but could be maybe Vanessa his mother, Julia is good guess, or maybe Trevor?

  35. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    I thought AMC’s finale on ABC was solid, especially considering how much sh** Lorraine and Agnes had to clean up from the last few years. I hold on to hope that when AMC returns in January, it will have more than just a few familiar faces and will stay true to who AMC is.. Michael E. Knight was perfect with Tad’s speech and Debbi Morgan never looked better. Bravo, AMC!

  36. Profile photo of The_Moustache


    i wish they had done a 10 second montage of all the opening credits like Guiding Light did before their final episode began.


    He told Dixie “You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.”!!!

    is it Jenny, Vanessa, Mona, Laura, Phoebe?!?

  37. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    They could use that cliffhanger, David’s Mystery Patient, as a way to bring back a core character. It will be interesting to see what the cast list looks like for PP’s AMC. I’d love Erica, but I think Brooke, Tad, or Opal could easily become the central character of the show.

  38. Profile photo of basilnsybil

    Canadian viewers who missed the final clip can try going to under on line section of shows listing to see if the on line episode will have the complete final AMC show this is the best bet. I was actually taping the Canadian earlier feed to avoid having to see the tacky promo for the icky food show which will remain nameless. AMC rocks!!! the show even got People magazine to do a special issue!!!

  39. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I am not a regular viewer of AMC but I caught the ep today and have been watching here and there for the last few weeks. I think that it would have been better to open the show with the party already starting and all the action taking place at the party. The first part didn’t exactly do alot that we hadn’t already seen on The view or could not have looked up on UTUBE. Especially the kiddies reading the same poem that we saw Agnes reading at the cast wrap on the view. Her reading and the cast repeating it had way more emotional value and almost church like spiritiality. The kiddie thing was like going to first grade play. They could have had all the catching up and the reveals at the party jumping from one group to the next. Maybe having JR seperated and going crazy with memories of Babe and other things. Then catching up with the family at the party and having a big condemnation pity party in front of everyone and pulling the gun out and shooting. fade to black. Overall it is better than some soap endings I have watched. Not as good as others. For the very best one, Texas might have ended better than any soap ever(I have watched alot of NBC shows so I have seen alot of endings lol) Lovers and Friends ended well too!. Funny enough the worst ending was on the same day and the same network thirty minutes before on The Doctors.
    I hope that AMC lands on its feet on the internet. I might try to watch the show if Agnes stays with it.

  40. Profile photo of colby chandler
    colby chandler

    lame… The whole week was amazing with montages about the main Pine Valley families, I cried in every episode EXCEPT todays. It wasn’t as dramatic as I had hoped it would be and seriously can I just ask wtf were the promo photos of Leo in ConFusion?! I thought for sure he would be back in todays episode but no…completely cheated.

  41. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    [quote=colby chandler]lame… The whole week was amazing with montages about the main Pine Valley families, I cried in every episode EXCEPT todays. It wasn’t as dramatic as I had hoped it would be and seriously can I just ask wtf were the promo photos of Leo in ConFusion?! I thought for sure he would be back in todays episode but no…completely cheated.[/quote]

    from what understand, the Leo at ConFusion pics were scenes that were shot before the show was bought up by the new company taking it online.

    I also read that there was going to be future look into everyone’s lives.

    I think Leo was going to be with Greenlee at ConFusion in their future.

  42. Profile photo of Smooshiest

    @TVGord: Thank you for addressing the naysayers. I watched the finale at Carolyn Hinsey’s NYC party. She did a great job of keeping people positive (i.e., asking what we thought during commercials, helping us to “Boo The Spew”, etc.). As many times as her column has mocked AMC, she has a genuine love for Agnes and Lorraine and really believes in their visions for the show moving forward.

    I want people to remember that we had no show on April 14th; PP stepped in to save the show (and OLTL, which I don’t watch, but want to go on for its fans). My only regret is that this is a licensing deal in which ABC still gets to make money from. That truly sucks, but anything that will keep it alive is great.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the finale, but I have watched the show since the very beginning (I came home from kindergarten and sat with my mom and/or grandma to watch). The only times I could not watch were when I was in college in the 80s and then when I didn’t have a VCR. In any case, everyone who knows me knows this soap is my passion and there is no way I would not follow it online. There are some boards with so much negativity; people who say they won’t be able to see it online. This computer is 10 years old and I have no trouble watching things online, so hopefully enough people who say they can’t watch will at least try (plus there are cheap enough ways to make it happen if you feel you have a bad connection).

    I do feel the finale had elements to make people come back – who was shot?, will Jack and Erica ever end up together?, who is the last patient?. Agnes and Lorraine did a great job and as I said before, I’m holding on until the next chapter begins.

  43. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    I loved it, mostly. I have only watched for a couple years, but I thought they did an amazing job. I liked all of the cliffhangers, and I think it will lead to some good stuff with Prospect Park. My only issue was the gunshot. It should not have been the end. You should have heard the gunshot, then a gasp. I had to watch it three times, because I wasn’t sure if it was a gunshot or Jackson slamming the door. I just wish that the shot was more defined, and that people were genuinely shocked at who got shot. But overall, I thought the whole final week was tremendous.

  44. Profile photo of luverica

    I LOVED the finale. I started tearing up before the opening credits. The whole episode was pretty emotional for me. I’ll go so far as to say that if this episode is submitted for next year’s Daytime Emmys, AMC deserves to be awarded for best written and all around best show. Seriously! Compared to the other more recent soap finales, this one was the best. Everyone was in character, including the usual troublemakers, who I just chalked it up as having a great day. Pine Valley can do that to you. This show has always been about the community putting most differences aside to celebrate life and considering that Stuart Chandler is the heart of Pine Valley, hence the party; this episode greatly spoke to that.

    Erica was being Erica Kane to the end and I love it. Granted, I agree that I wished they had matured her character within the last several years to more of a sassy and more mature matriarch of sorts rather than having her dress and act like she’s two years removed from her super model days but hey, too late. They went with who she is now and it worked. I actually found myself laughing at her entrance to the party because it’s so Erica Kane. The line my man Jackson said to her at the end was perfect because I always thought of Erica as the modern day Scarlett O’Hara.

    The cliffhanger was great. It was classic AMC, which was known in its day to have the best cliffhangers on a weekly basis so again, that spoke to the history of the show. I’ll probably check out the online version but I will miss watching this show on television. It has been a big part of my life and television will not be the same for me.

    And so I quote my girl Ashley Mendoza from the Pine Valley Podcast, “SUCK IT BRIAN FRONS!” I’m very curious to see how karma bites you in your fat ass.

  45. Profile photo of SoapSlut

    I missed all the CBS finales so even though I am not an AMCer I was determined to catch this one. I completely agree with every thing feeling rushed, with all the house buy backs /returns from the dead /pregnancies and engagements.
    They are going to have a lot of explaining to do come January, especially if La Lucci decides not to stay.
    As usual ABC made sure to throw shade by pimping commercials for the Chew during the final episode of this Iconic soap. I did scream though when Susan said. “I am Erica Cane.”
    I guess ABC couldn’t have had the class to let the final moments of the show be Agnes holding her book, encouraging viewers to continue watching the Show with Prospect Park in Jan. 2012 to see what happens, instead we get the closing cliffhanger/credits- followed by another Chew ad? WTF

  46. Profile photo of

    CAMERON MATHISON (Ryan) don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

    Oh wait, your vocal can’t get any more woman-like.

    Hero??? LMAO CAMERON MATHISON IS THE WORST SOAP OPERA ACTOR in the 30 years I have been watching soaps and I have watched all of them.

  47. Profile photo of aveRex

    @Renegade – What’s up with the hatred for Cameron? He’s done a great job on the show and is one of the nicest guys if you’ve had the chance to meet him in person.

    …In any case, I agree with most of the other posts, the finale was a great. I’m glad it didn’t end over the top. I think the only thing that will be possibly difficult is how it will launch in January? Modern technology and flow information gives us the ability to know a lot more than we would have in the old days, i.e., we are aware of a number of cast members leaving, particularly Jacob Young. So as he fired the gun and shot someone, this whole scene would likely have to be retyped with new actors playing the role, or they would have to setup something like Prison Break did in its closing, whereby they just advanced the story by several months and told it through some flashback explanation.

    As Jamie and others have said, I enjoyed the last few weeks of the show.

  48. Profile photo of ThatGirl

    I don’t believe ANY ending would have been satisfactory to viewers. When a show you love goes off the air, nothing can make you smile and say
    “oh, it’s okay …. it was a good run.” However, since this was NOT a final episode, but a PAUSE, I believe it could have taken a different direction.

    If I ruled the world, I would have spent the last week reviewing the history of the show. I would have had interviews with characters (both present as well as past), shown numerous historical clips, let the actors talk about them, and just go down memory lane with the audience. I would have really tugged at the heartstrings of the audience, making them salivate for more. And on Friday, I would not have pulled a Sopranos – it didn’t work on HBO, and it sure didn’t work on AMC.

    For me, there was no reason to have a cliffhanging final because the future is unknown. Maybe one of the actors who has stated he/she will not return…will have a change of heart and sign onto AMC2. Then what? Maybe JY won’t like BB and will want to return. Maybe DM will be disappointed in YR and want to return. Who knows. Maura West went to YR and was treated like garbage and then was fired. No one knows what the future will hold.

    If Jack had gone to CA people would have crucified him; with his telling Erica to go to hell, some were unhappy — can’t please ‘em all. Personally I was glad Jack reclaimed his dignity – Peter Pan (great description!!!) will never grow up and Jack knows it. Brook buying the mansion was predictable. Stuart/Adam reuniting was touching beyond belief. Tad and Dixie’s proposal in the park on speakerphone was cute… sort of. Scott and Madison made me smile – I really liked them together.

    But JR …. why was HE sacrificed, destroyed, humiliated, and spit on with such venom? He was the “chosen one” – the golden recipient of hate. I would have rather seen David finally busted, tried, convicted, and sentenced to hell, somewhere he deserves.

    It’s over …. for now. Wonder what’s next?

  49. Profile photo of TnT 2.0 Forever
    TnT 2.0 Forever

    I just wanted to thank the entire cast and crew of All My Children for the wonderful work they have done over the years. You all have truly touched my heart with the wonderful characters you brought to life and the interesting stories you told. I will always be grateful for that. All My Children will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you, once again.

  50. Profile photo of GaryJr

    Why not REALLY make people want to know what happened in an INTENSE way? I expected so much more.

    My sentiments exactly. It was a huge yawn for me. And a lousy way to end the character of Erica (like a self-involved brat chasing after her man). I watched the last two episodes back to back. I’m not a regular viewer but Susan Lucci’s acting was pretty bad. I felt like she was reading the cue cards. She wasn’t engaging her fellow actors eye to eye. If a gun shot (which was barely audible on screen) was the only cliffhanger–I don’t think they did much get get people to tune in another day.

  51. Profile photo of westvirginiafan

    My mom watched all my children during my lunch hour, sixth and seventh grade (when it first started in 1970–in fact my dog ran to the front door for years to look for me when she heard the opening theme, even after my choir practice kept me from coming home). So I date to Erica trying to break up Tara and Phil, Nick, etc.
    Given that was it too much to see if Karen Lynn Gorney was still out there (there were a number of Tara’s but she was the first) or to at least acknowledge that Tara and Phil, and Jeff had been part of the family as well.

    At least the Martin and Chandler families were relatively well represented. Wish there had been a plot device to bring Daisy and Nina back to acknowledge Palmer’s lasting influence, or benny and donna and others who loved Phoebe. And while I was glad that we didn’t have to do a parade of erica’s husbands again, a story of mona to her great grandchildren would have been nice.

    But, all in all, it was a good final week, and everyone went out true to character. there is still a huge question of whether or not they can make these characters interesting again when they are not hugging those thought dead. And, given that greenlee doesn’t want to continue, it would have been nice to send her off with leo. the “rylee” closure was certainly the ickiest part of the week.

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