Does Dirty Soap Get Your Vote?

Reality TV factory E! debuted former All My Children supercouple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' docu-sudser Dirty Soap on Sunday night. The sexy, glossy series featured Nadia Bjorlin embarking on her last day on the set of Days of Our Lives as opera singer-turned-hooker Chloe Lane, supportive boyfriend Brandon Beemer (Owen, The Bold and the Beautiful) by her side.

Also from DAYS was Galen Gering (Rafe), whose wife Jenna Gering was tired of being the wallflower at cast parties, but was apparently even more weary of seeing her hubby kiss Alison Sweeney (Sami) on national TV (Uh, how long has Galen been acting in soaps? This is just now an issue?).

Bjorlin's former castmate and galpal Farah Fath was also on hand. The mouthy scene stealer was in the process of relocating to La La Land in the premiere, after her time as One Life to Live's Gigi came to an end (Or has it?). Meanwhile, Fath's real and reel life leading man JP Lavoisier (Rex, OLTL) was avoiding relocating from NYC to Hollyweird like the plague.  

Also in the cast were Fath and Bjorlin's former DAYS' costar Kirsten Storms (Maxie, General Hospital), whom Fath was nervous about bumping into, due to their complicated past.  Storm's homegirl in and out of the fictional town of Port Charles, Kelly Monaco (Sam) was also along for the "unscripted" ride, and finding it hard to ditch the belongings of some dude she'd dated since like The Fresh Prince of Belair was still in production.

I thought the show was a fun, splashy—if sometimes silly—hoot. I cannot wait to see Fath and Storms showing out this season on Dirty Soap, especially if liquor and nightclubs are involved! I also think it's hella cool that at a time when every single mainstream media headline is screaming "Soaps Are Dead," one of the hottest channels around—catering to the very demos soaps need to survive—is basically offering a 10-week promotional blitz for suds. What did you guys think?

Does Dirty Soap get your vote?

Does Dirty Soap Get Your Vote?

  • No! Jamey, Dirty Soap is fake trash and you should be ashamed for watching it! (8%, 324 Votes)
  • Yes! I loved seeing my fave soapers mixing it up in real life! (92%, 3,678 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,002


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38 Responses

  1. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    We can’t deny the fact that some of this will be scripted, but I know for a fact that I will be tuning it, it seemed to be getting a lot of mainstream buzz, the creator of the vampire diaries tweeted that he loved it, it trended worldwide and even Snookie watched and loved it too! Brandon and Nadia are like the Brad and Angelina of daytime television but younger and more attractive, love them! I also love Kelly Monaco, I hope this show does well and entices some viewers to tune into some of the shows.

  2. Profile photo of Smitty

    I enjoyed it and surprising (and no i wasn’t drunk) Farah is who I enjoyed the most! I loved her snarkiness and her jokes. When she reference Bridesmaids at Nadia’s going away party I chuckled.

    I am ready for the drama between her and Kirsten…

  3. Profile photo of mipeony

    I liked it, I’ll keep watching. I found FF to be very annoying, and JPL must be very patient in order to put up with her. I also thought that scene of her comparing herself to NB at the goodbye party was very awkward for those around her. I sure hope FF doesn’t end up on GH, where it’s rumored he’s going.

    I felt for KeMo and her pain over getting rid of her ex-BF’s stuff, long term relationships are hard to just get over.

    BB has beautiful eyes. NB is a lucky woman there.

  4. Profile photo of danielb12

    Liked it but DAMN those are some shallow and self centered individuals. I mean they’re cute and all but not too bright, except for JP. Is he acting like Rex or is he just not a good actor?

  5. Profile photo of maxsmom

    GHteenybopper, I am glad to see you out from under the books but beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder: I would take Brangelina over Bradia everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

    I was distracted by the fact that Kelly Monaco not only got out of that 18 year relationship more than a year ago, she’s been dating someone else for a year, has that relationship ended or did he decide he didn’t want to be on the show? In either case, it feels like the end of the long term relationship is Kelly’s “storyline” and it already feels overwrought and cliched.

    It looks like Kirsten might be interesting but so far that’s only as a potential foil for Farah who has a very specific personality trait that I cant stand: the person who pats themselves on the back for speaking the unvarnished truth, my Max speaks the unvarnished truth because he’s 3 and doesnt know any better, absence of a filter isnt a laudable trait. I did like JP just as I liked Rex pre Gigi. I really hope he continues to stand up to Farah, that alone might be my reason to watch.

    I don’t know the others but my first impression of Jenna Gering’s stance on Galen’s job, kissing a happily married co-star seemed flat out dumb and also seemed like a “storyline”. Galen seemed nice as did Nadia and Brendon.

    I didnt vote because I am going to watch next week and see what happens.

  6. Profile photo of strato

    I only watched the second part as The Good Wife was late. I liked it but god so many things seem scripted and overdone!

    Was pretty disappointed at the KeMo/Kristen stuff. I thought this “I broke up with my BF” drama fake and haven’t we heard many times that the only woman Kristen really hangs on with on GH is Julie Marie Berman??? And now we are supposed to believe that KeMo would speak to KS as if she is her best bud and will help her clean her house? I found the scene where KeMo gets angry because KS is giving her directives (overdone also by KS) totally fake and the scene where she burns the dress just ridiculous…
    Too bad because I was watching initially for KeMo and KS… But at least I thought Kelly was REALLY beautiful and I LOVED how she was dressed in her garage. DOn’t think KS looked at her best… perhaps because I am used to Maxie getting the best wardrobe…

    Galen is really cute. Loved the scene where his younger kid was hitting the dog. The jealousy thing from his wife sound stupid though especially with Allison Sweeney who is happily married…

    I have never liked FF and I tolerate JPL (I soooo hope that he is not coming to GH as NuDillon). But i felt really sorry for him yesterday. Waht a SHREW FF is!!! She wants to move to California, she wants a house RIGHT NOW, SHE, SHE, SHE, SHE… Could this woman be more self centered???

    The very nice surprise came from BB and NB. They were the only ones truly natural and in fact adorable. When NB was leaving the DOOL studio, I thought that was beautifully done with her shadow… and the flowers. And I don’t watch DOOL and never watched B&B. So they were the characters I was really not caring about at first… But the nicest to watch in the end…

    I hope KS will put the Shrew at her right place…
    I hope that Kelly will have something else to do than faking to mourn a relationship she has already replaced at the time (which she was totally right to do!!!) from everything that was said (or was that segment filmed LONG before all the others????). Because she deserves to show that sweet side of her in a more “natural” and less “scripted” way…

    Will give it a shot again next week. Then we’ll see…

  7. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I Loved it! LMAO! Ya’ll peep Ron wearing his scarf at Nadia’s goodbye party??? ROTFLMAO! Seriously, he wears those damn things everywhere! I wanted to tweet about it so bad, then forgot because I was too busy cracking up!

    [quote] Is he acting like Rex or is he just not a good actor? [/quote]

    I was wondering the same thing as I watched, and kept saying it aloud, that he was acting just like Rex. He had the same tics, mannerisms, facial expressions, he even made the same comments as Rex… dunno, maybe he really thinks he’s Balsom to FF’s Morasco… :LOL:

    can’t wait for next week!

  8. Profile photo of visitor101

    Kind of surprised soap fans are watching this since reality has replaced our genre.

    If they weren’t soap stars/former soap stars you probably wouldn’t be watching.

    Fake or not, people don’t care? Is this because they are soap stars and that gives Ripa a pass to ‘create’ the drama?

    Just curious…..

  9. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Quick “fly by” as I’m off to teach. I actually enjoyed the majority of what I saw. 777-I know what you mean by the profanity. I was raised the same way( and do my best to at least keep it to a bare minimum ;) ). Like maxsmom, I’ll wait to vote untill I see next week’s installment… 0:)

  10. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I can’t speak for the others Visitor101, but I do not watch reality shows. I watch talent reality shows like American Idol, Dancing With the Stars…etc…but I see them more as talent shows. I would never watch any of those Housewife shows, Jersey Shore, or Big Brother… to be honest I don’t know any other show titles… because I really don’t watch them…as I think they are all fake and scripted..and a waste of time.

    The only reason I dvred this show, was because of Kelly, Kirsten, Farah and JP. ABC is my soap channel, and I watched to support the actors.

  11. Profile photo of strato

    Visitor101, I had NEVER watched anything on E! before yesterday night (even took me a few minutes to find it on my TV once TGW was over).
    I only watched because it featured soap actors/actresses (hate the word stars as they are no Brangelina sorry…) and because I find it funny if reality shows can make money based on soap actors/actresses lives…

    Perhaps Frons should have thought about featuring “real life” based on his soap actors/actresses instead of The Chew… Didn’t watch by the way but the first comments I have read on different blogs are confirming the MESS The Chew is and I am on the floor laughing… but still bitter that “We told you so” won’t bring back AMC or OLTL…

  12. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I guess soap actors don’t make as much as I thought they did. Their houses all seemed nice but pretty normal to me…nothing too elaborate.

    I enjoyed Nadia and Brandon, and I have never watched either of their shows. But they came across as pretty real to me.

    Galen and his wife’s story line seemed fake. We all know that there really isn’t anything going on in the sex scenes between the actors. It is just work to them…..I think after watching him do it for years, she would be immune to it by now…I think it was a way to incorporate her into the show…she did say she was a out of work actress.

    I have never been a Gigi fan…but I actually enjoyed her and JP. I thought she came off real also…and I liked her gay friends and how they called her on things…JP actually made a lot of sense when he viewed that house with her…He pointed out quite a few things that weren’t good about it…There has to be better choices out there to choose from. I did like their story…moving across country…buying a house…and dealing with relationship issues…

    Kelly I really liked her when she was talking to the camera. I like how she comes across so down to earth and nice. I also liked the fact she recognizes how loyal her fans are… I thought it was really cute when she said her fans would rip off your face if you picked on her…LOL…because they would….HOWEVER… I don’t care for excessive profanity ..especially from women. I think it shows a lack of class and upbringing…Sorry I can’t help the way I was raised. I did enjoy her though, other than that…Unfortunately I think her story is contrived also…She has been with this new guy Heath for a year…I guess they couldn’t come up with an alternative story line for her.

    Which brings me to Kirsten…I truly hope she gets some story line of her own, and isn’t used as a nag to get Kelly to get on with her life. She has so much more potential, than just being a prop for that story line.

  13. Profile photo of strawberrygurl22

    There should be a choice for boring, that’s what I thought of the show.

    FF is the only one who will make this show interesting(although I don’t like her or JPL),maybe Kristen(only if they discussed her health problem. The dude from Days, his wife, and Kelly’s was the most scripted.

    Although I’m not familiar with Nadia, she and Brandon are the only one I actual like. They are such a beautiful couple.

  14. Profile photo of SlutOfSpringfield13

    My only comment will be this; where was a show like this 5 or 6 years ago, when reality just got uber hot. The focus of having a reality show about the soaps could have possibly brought a lot of attention (i.e. new viewers) to the shows.

  15. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Ditto GHfan.

    The only reality shows I watch are Intervention, First 48, & Judge Judy. I dont watch Housewives, Kardashians, or anything even close. The only contest type show I watch is Project Runway. I am watching Dancing to support Chaz and JR but once they go so do I.

    I am not into social ridicule which is what the bulk of what is on tv today. Not for me.
    Will I watch this one? I don’t know. I love J-P so I guess I will give it a try.

  16. Profile photo of MeghannOC

    I actually loved it! I found Farrah Fath to be my favorite for sure! I know everyone on here is feeling bad for JP, but I was frustrated for FF. He was being such a typical guy and not getting a move on things! I liked these 2 the best and their story was very organic, it seemed to be the least scripted.

    Galen seems super sweet, but his story is sooo fake. No way his marriage could take it if she was freaking out about him kissing cosatrs for the past 11 years.

    Yeah, KeMO’s stuff also seemed a little scripted. I think she’s really playing up her heartbreak and inability to let go.

    Nadia and Brandon were cute and seemed like cool people.

    Looks like KS has some interesting stuff coming up and I did appreciate her honesty at the start about her DUI.

    Looking forward to the next episode,

  17. Profile photo of lostfan

    The show seemed very contrived. can’t stand kirsten, kelly and JP and the horrible Farah who is the definition of bitch. Nadia and Brandon seemed very nice as did Galen. As a huge Days fan, hope to see more of him. Will continue to watch out of curiousity

  18. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Overall I was bored. I don’t like these types of shows. The reality shows I like are the goal oriented types ( Big Brother, Next food network star, American Idol, Project Runway etc). But I did watch it. One big impression I got is I feel sorry for Galen if his wife is really that much of a shrew. I hope that is just posturing for the camera! I like Farah and JPL ok. They seem pretty good. I would focus in on them.
    One thing I was very surprise at was the utter lack of chemistry that Nadia and Brandon have. They are beautiful in their pictures but their personalities together are blah. Maybe that is all they are are just two gorgeous people. Nadia had more chemistry with Farah! I loved Farahs line about how stunning Nadia was in that dress (and she was) and then said BITCH!. LOL then acting like she could ever look like that! BS!
    I also liked Farah’s interaction with her gay posee. I am totally buying that she has one. JPL is a pissy little ass, but that seems to work for them. He needs to get the broom stuck up him out though. Ok so he likes New York better, well get a job there and stay! Farah needs to work in Hollywood where the jobs are.
    As a side note, I liked Mimi when Farah was on Days, but I think I know why OLTL people hate her. She said that she could run 20 scenes in her sleep. Well yeah 20 boring scenes or 20 bad scenes. But a good actor is always present in the scene. No matter what the scene is, it is better if the actor is giving his or her all. Turning trash into terrific. She needs to be reminded of that. Believe it or not, we soap fans want good acting. (we put up with bad actors in certan cases. Susan Lucci comes to mind. But there aren’t too many Lucci’s out there that we put up with. Mostly we just don’t like bad acting!)

  19. Profile photo of syworld82

    I loved it, absolutely loved it.. It showed how much Kirsten Storms works and I am going to love the Drama between her and Farrah… They actually lived together in LA.. They were like Paris and Nicole and then BAM .. Kirsten went to GH.. Farrah went to .. OLTL.. and it was all over..

    Its gonna remind me of RHWOBH.. so classy but oh so juicy…only YOUNGER…

  20. Profile photo of mecasey

    Rather watch The Amazing Race.

    My interest in candid reality shows is on the wane. Willing to give DS another shot but I was bored by the show’s second segment. Really bored. Nadia is one stunning woman. She should be in a James Bond movie.

  21. Profile photo of lfad

    I enjoyed it. Yeah, it was obviously staged or scripted, especially the scenes with Galen’s wife complaining about Galen kissing other women at work, but that’s what you get with these “candid” reality shows. This show will remain on my DVR.

  22. Profile photo of Nat Guy
    Nat Guy

    I liked the first episode a lot. Nadia and Brandon seem like a sweet down-to-earth couple. And gorgeous! Galen and his wife’s story was totally scripted. They made her seem a bit nutty too. Farah whines too much and came off kinda bitchy. Surprisingly, I liked JP more after seeing this. He sees funny and quirky in real life. Was he really driving a Delorean? Kirsten didn’t add much too this episode but it looks like she’ll have more to do as the series goes on. Kelly? Eh, I can take her or leave her. I wouldn’t want one of her fans to rip my face off though.

  23. Profile photo of tanishaw

    I cracked up when they showed Kirsten’s Zenon picture! I’m not gonna lie, I have seen all three of those movies and loved them at the time. Honestly, she was the reason my 12 year old self started watching Days of our Lives…to see my darling Zenon!

  24. Profile photo of elbugten

    I liked it. I’m not a huge reality fan, other than American Idol and guilty pleasures My Life on the D-List and Tori & Dean. I tuned in purely for the soap aspect. I’ve seen most of the cast on their daytime shows at one time or another. Of course it’s scripted. I don’t buy Galen’s wife being so upset by his love scenes with Ali, knowing that he’s been an actor for so many years and that she herself is an actress. You would think she would know how fake and choreographed those scenes are. Hello, it’s called “acting”.

    I’m glad a show like this has finally come to fruition. I remember FF and KS were pitching a show like this to tv execs back when they were on Days together and roommates, but no one was interested. I wonder whose idea it was this time, theirs or Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos?

    I did like the little tidbits Farah revealed, how she was originally supposed to play Gigi’s evil twin until the show got cancelled, and that OLTL’s last tape date is November 23rd. Didn’t know either of those things. The JP and FF story interests me since they seem at a crossroads, and I wonder what is happening in their lives now if PP has made them an offer: will JP get his wish to stay in NYC after all?

    I know I’ll be tuning in next week.

  25. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Overall, I thought it was great. Don’t know anything about Nadia or Brandon other than they’re both gorgeous but they came off the most natural, not to mention both seemed like sweethearts. Thought the Galen Gering stuff was a snooze, which is odd seeing as how it seemed to be the most scripted stuff of the show(and his wife came off as shrill and insecure; I’ll be ff-ing through their stuff unless of course Galen shows up sans shirt, pants or, preferably, both). A lot of the Kelly Monaco stuff seemed scripted as well; not sure about her or Kirsten yet. As for the Fath, she came across here like she does in every interview of hers’ I’ve read; as someone posted earlier, she takes extreme pride in her honesty to the point where she’s got a little bit of a chip going. I will say this show gives me a new appreciation of JPL; not only do I love his personality and quirkiness, but he must be made of bedrock to put up with what I suspect he does(plus he’s pretty damn nice to look at). He was my overall favorite, with Nadia and Brandon right behind. I’m on board for the duration.

  26. Profile photo of GodivaShorti

    I was rolling on the floor when I saw Ron and that scarf! And then in the next shot he was sucking face!!! Classic!

    [quote=GHfan-4now]I Loved it! LMAO! Ya’ll peep Ron wearing his scarf at Nadia’s goodbye party??? ROTFLMAO! Seriously, he wears those damn things everywhere! I wanted to tweet about it so bad, then forgot because I was too busy cracking up!![/quote]

  27. Profile photo of JasamForever

    Yeah I did notice Ron basically tonguing some women in the background. Wierd.
    I do feel a lot of it is scripted especially Kelly and Garin. Kelly has been dating Heath for over a year or so, so why does she always say she is single? He was at the GH FCW with her that they were showing footage of.

    Brandon and Nadia are just too gorgeous. They actually seem like very down to earth people which is good. No. I don’t think they are exciting, but it works for them.

    I will keep it on my DVR as I find the show pretty interesting. I would liket to know more about Kristen as well.

  28. Profile photo of Soap_fan_forever

    I loved it!! My favorite show of the season..I am def. going to be excited each week for it to come on.

    I love Kelly and Kirsten.
    Although I must admit I see what people talk about when say Kirsten is very bossy..but I don’t care…I love her!

    I can’t believe how bit**y Farah is…woah she def. tells you how it is…I am kinda shocked that her and JP have been able to stay together so long with her so bossy and him so mellow…I do agree he acts a lot like
    his character..I felt like I was watching Rex.

    That was a cool tidbit to know that OLTL was going to have bring in a evil twin of Gigi…really glad that’s not going to happen..because I hate those S/L but wonder if that’s who Kim has and then they had to change it around or something.

    I really found the Galen/his wife to be fake…I know I couldn’t be with someone that’s actor because I would be jealous of what goes on but that’s why I am not with an actor…she married him knowing the area he works in and you have been married to him like 11 years or something and you happen to be fighting over it still? Either it’s a fake S/L to make
    them seem interesting or she really is having issues…I mean they live in a huge beautiful house and they stay a float because of him working so…IDK it just got on my nerves…in her defense he could seem a little less giddy over getting to go and make out with Aly…although I don’t blame him…but since he’s married in all and his wife obv. has problems with it lol.

    Was it me or did it seem like they were blurring out Sami’s face on the tv when the love scene was playing?…maybe because the lack of clothes she had on but…that doesn’t really make sense to me.

    Ha…ok so I wasn’t the only that noticed Ron…everytime I see him he always has a scarf on….it really looks tacky…I never have watched the shows he is in but does he always wear a scarf in character as well? I totally cracked up though when you could see him sucking face in the back of the scene…I was like woah was he?? and so I had to rewind to make sure my eyes saw it right lol!!

    Either way this show is gonna be juicy and I am LOVING it!:D

  29. Profile photo of dancingelf88

    I thought it was great. I really enjoyed it. I don’t think reality tv is the devil. There’s enough tv out there for everyone.

    -Loved Nadja and Brandon. Never seen them on their perspective shows but they seemed real and sweet. And holy crap are they a gorgeous couple.

    -The Gering stuff was a bit of a snoozer. That wife came off way too insecure and whiny.

    -Surprisingly this is the most I’ve liked Farah Fath in ever. She usually comes across as bland but here she was actually interesting. Although her bitchines and her “I tell it like it is” declarations got on my nerves towards the end. I like JP now. He’s really funny and mellow. he made me crack up.

    -I also liked Kelly Monaco. I used to be just meh about her, but after seeing this she seems really down to earth and funny and sweet. This’ll actually make me root for the character of Sam now so that’s a good thing. It made me smile to see her talking to Becky Herbst in the clip.

    -Not much Kirsten but looking forward to the next episode.

  30. Profile photo of sweetiepie

    I saw it and liked it, but I was also wondering about Galen Gerings wife. Those scenes wer too contrived for me. This woman has been with her husband for 18 years and she is having problems with him doing love scenes? Really?…..I think that storyline ws very contrived and a vehicle for an out of work actress to get some face time. Not that I have a problem giving an out of work actor some screen time, just come up with something less contrived.

    Kely Monaco having trouble letting go of a past relationship also rang a little hollow, especially if you know she has been dating someone elso for awhile now.. I like her interaction with Kirsten, but I felt like I was watching Sam and Maxie, instead of Kelly/Kirsten.

    Farah Fath is just downright annoying. How JP can take it, I do not know. By the time it was over, I was telling him to stay in NY! don’t go anywhere near that woman again. That woman has issues.

    I will watch again, because I thought it was fun, but really it is about as reality based as any other daytime soap.

  31. Profile photo of Islandof1

    Mixed feelings about Galen’s wife that seemed too scripted. I thought Kelly had moved on and expected to see more of Kristen. Rex (JPL) seemed like a typical guy putting off a certain question though I did think he made some valid points about that house. Liked Farah’s gay friends! I will keep watching.

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