A New Day For Days of Our Lives!

It’s a new era at Days of Our Lives and based on your First Impressions, a majority of you are enjoying it. This week, the NBC soap continues to promote Salem’s new day and its five reasons to celebrate. What has been your favorite moment so far? Watch the trailer after the jump!

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    I am seeing the promise of change and it is quite nice. No more purple paint. No more repititious plot dialog. An open set that gives people many reasons to be there instead of everyone hanging (really Kate or Viv would be caught dead at the Cheating Heart? Really?) out at the same place or a hospital set that has seen better days. Beautiful and lush and expensive looking. Not to even mention pulling at the heart strings of America by naming it after two of daytimes most beloved patriarchs. What is not to love?
    Moments. Any moment with the Hortons is gold to me. Just having Doug and Julie on hand lends history to the show. I would like to have them talk a little more! Watching Doug dancing with his princess Hope was great. But watching Hope and Bo dance together was very nice. They are really digging into the romance again and it is working. I also loved Jack who looked like a troll hiding behind the tree spying on Jen and wondering who in the world this guy is she is with. I also liked the foreshadowing and promise of stories such as what is going on with Nicole and EJ?, what will happen when we find out that EJ is gonna run for mayor against his own brother in law? Why Will is so uncomfortable with his relationship with Gabi, and how long will she put up with it? What is the new job for Sami?
    Everything was light and airy today but there is promise of good drama, family oriented stuff with alot of romance thrown in.
    I am also an extreme sap for the sentimentality that was everywhere today.
    And the cast and crew of Days is SELLING it! That is what I am most happy with.
    One thing I wish that they had left out the Cloe scenes. Yeah I am sure there are alot of people wanting to say good bye to her. They could have done it at that party. The hospital scenes kind of reminded me of unfinished old business from before. This is a new day.

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    I liked the whole production of the episode. SO wonderful to hear good dialogue sounding like conversation and not robotic over-drive to remind viewers of just plot….letting it unfold more timely and natural. I loved scenes with Maggie & Victor so far and this is just the start. If DOOL stays on this path and it’s just beginning of story build. I can’t wait for Nov. sweeps when stories will be kicking in high gear. Loving the romance aspects, which all those soft intimate moments with couples are so rare in soap operas today. The viewers our still intelligent adults and young adults to enjoy the use of good language and don’t dumb down the script thinking viewers can’t comprehend anything pass high school.

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    I fell in love with Days as a kid in junior high in the eighties and with Y&R as a college student in the early nineties. Both those shows deteriorated seriously in the past few years.

    It’s really heartwarming to see that Ken Corday seems to have pulled his head out of wherever it was and is focussing on making Days great again. I really like what I’m seeing so far.

    One final note about the sets: The new Horton Square looks really nice. What they need to work on now is refurbishing that hospital. It looks cheap and depressing. Salem could also use a really elegant, high-class restaurant where people dress to the nines to have romantic dinners and intrigue.

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    I watched DAYS for the first time in a LONG time yesterday, and I enjoyed it for the most part. I agree, the dialogue did seem to be more natural and well-written, but at times the show seemed TOO sappy and overly-sentimental for my personal tastes. I am not that big on syrup– unless its on my pancakes at breakfast.However……

    a.) I found Sami’s dress to be WAYYYY too trampy. She looked like she was auditioning for a cabaret act or something. Allison Sweeney is a beautiful woman, but that dress did her NO favors in my opinion.

    b.) Why did they bring on that homophobic street trash, Patti Stanger? She a hack who shouldn’t be allowed to write FORTUNE cookies, much less charge a bunch of naively rich people find love on her pathetic TV show!!! I can understand them trying to pander to Bravo viewers, but this woman is disgusting. I almost vomited….

    Aside from that, I am glad to be rid of Dena Higley. I hope she spends a LOOONNNGGG time in the unemployment line. May she never darken the doorstep of another soap opera again. Wishful thinking, I know.

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    I love Doug and Julie, and Susan Seaforth Hayes and Bill Hayes look so great and are such an important part of Salem, the Hortons, etc. I want them to be on way more often

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    JAMEY you should be doing live blogging this week about DOOL and DC fans could go along for the ride…you certainly know Salem being an old NBCer?

    :) Well, it’s about that time again for day(s) 2 here in Salem and excited to go and visit Salem again today. A co-worker has started back watching again, left over 12 yrs. ago and then we chat about today’s episode. Its just a pleasure to have true excitement about a soap.

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    harlee490 – I agree that someone should be doing a blog on here about DAYS for at least this week, maybe longer, to see how it goes. I think it would help more ex-AMCers who are on the fence watch the show if they had opinions to match theirs against. It could be a big help.

    It would also give some of us who are longtime DOOL fans somewhere on this site to discuss each episode. Basically Perkie’s Observations with whoever writing it. Ha. I don’t really use the forum and don’t really comment much, although I have been lately, but if there was a daily DAYS blog I would be all over it.

    This is one of about two soap sites that I visit and this is usually one of my first stops when I do get online so maybe I’m just being lazy!

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    Why so excited that John and Marlena are back? Marlena on her own would have been much more realistic given Drake’s horrible and unrealistic acting. Never believed their great love story. Eh, between them and Sami/Rafe, I may have to tune out.

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