Deidre Hall Mingles With Fans in New York City

Days of Our Lives’ Deidre Hall signed autographs and posed for pictures with fans at The NBC Experience Store in New York City. The Deidre Hall NYC Meet-N-Greet took place on September 22. Visit the Deidre Hall Official Website for more information on upcoming events. See more photos after the jump!

Deidre Hall


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Had i known about this i may have gone Sad((

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Deidre Hall's a dream.

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well i am just thrilled to see days reboot. its been a long time coming. the veterans and the originals as most ppl know them is what keeps ppl watching.

i cant wait to see whats coming now. i have watched since 1968 and i just love all the things that makes it days of our lives.

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Marlena seems more like Will's mom than his grandmother, and not just because she looks so young. He and Sami have more of a brother-sister vibe than mother-son. Knowing what we know about the direction in which Will's storyline is supposed to be going, I wonder if Sami will become jealous if Will chooses to confide in his grandmother and not her.