First Impressions: Jacob Young Returns as Rick Forrester on B&B

After a fantastic final week on All My Children as JR Chandler, what are your First Impressions of Jacob Young’s return to The Bold and the Beautiful as Rick Forrester? 


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9 July 2009
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That's me with an "Ah" of satisfaction! Jacob Young has been and will always be the "real" Rick Forrester for me! He didn't have that many scenes to begin with but from what I saw, he just fit right back into that role like a svelte glove! Welcome home Jacob! We missed you!

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2 April 2009
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Glad to have him back. I liked Kyle L., didn't ever feel that Justin T. was a good recast, so this is good. Hated him on GH, never watched him on AMC, but it seems his acting improved over the years. Now if only they would get rid of Hopeless.

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4 May 2009
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I liked it a lot. He is a real talented sweetie pie. I saw him as JR but within a minute he was Rick again.

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8 September 2009
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How long before Brad Bell makes him an alcoholic? Lol!

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29 July 2011
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its so good to have him back he is the only rick for me.

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30 March 2009
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I'm glad he's back...I just hate his first episode was mostly spent talking about 2011's own Virgin Mary aka Hope....sigh

He's always been my favorite portrayal of Rick so I am ready to see what he does for the character now that he is a little more mature.

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Welcome back real Rick!

(How weird was it seeing Jacob smiling? He was never allowed to smile as JR)

If Brad Bell turns Rick into an alcoholic (which is highly likely) I DEMAND crossover epis with MTS. I would KILL to watch JY and MTS play drunk together.