Susan Lucci Trying to Work Out Deal With Prospect Park!

In an interview with NPR Radio covering All My Children’s broadcast finale, Susan Lucci reveals all hope is not yet lost we might see Erica Kane making waves in Prospect Park’s Pine Valley.

"I would love to. And we are trying, as we speak, to work that out. We are waiting on a response at the moment."

Right after the Deadline story broke that Lucci had reportedly turned down PP's offer, our Jamey Giddens tweeted he was hearing that series creator Agnes Nixon had stepped in to try to broker a deal between Lucci's camp and the production company. Stay tuned…

Photo credit: ABC

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    I Think AMC Stars have issue with Contract Length over Money. Chrisell has said they want everyone on 4 year deals but over at OLTL Sean ringgold (Shawn) signed a one year deal, so I dont know if I buy what Chrisell said at a fan event is the same for everyone on these shows.
    As For Stuase she has wanted Off AMC for two years and unless they let her recur, I doubt will stay. Thats Ok cause Amanda can be recast.

    it sounds Like PP made Lucci an offer and she has countered which happens all the time in contract talks so we will see

    Alicia Minshew said she told PP she’d be willing to do it but Time & Family are Important and she said PP were very receptive to that

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    Its going to happen, I feel it in my gut. AMC will live w\Erica Kane being Erica Kane. Thinking positive. I certainly have become a true fan of AMC. Dare, I say this because some will want to horse whip me…but I have fallen in love w\AMC more then OLTL….I said it. OLTL is going get all sy-fy on our asses, w\Stacy S|L and now the micro-chip bs, hope it’s not implanted on Todd or Victor. I had go through something like this S|L w\Chris Goutman & ATWT. I’ve been watching since end of ATWT, the last year been rebuilding and I watched it move completely away from Pratt and stories and herculean effort to repair the damage done over the last decade. Poor Lorraine and Agnes had such little time to retool at lightening speed and some of Dr. Davidenstein story was far reaching but it can move forward now as AMC. The last 2 months have been a joy to watch.

    I still love the idea of Jamey on the podcast about USE HISTORY, bring back some core family in Martins, Brents, Tylers, Cortlands, and age the babies as next generation of Pine Valley families along with a stable vet cast to show continual on canvas.

    La Lucci is the stepping stone for others to follow, she is her own “Moses, leading her oppressed people of Pine Valley to the glory land”.

    We could see more names go aboard with PP.

    Unrelated topic…but I have been thinking about Dr. Davidenstein’s other female patient and I thought Vanessa, possibility and then with CM already signed on w\PP maybe “Gillian” is alive and if RB does sign on would immediately create conflict for “Ryan & Greenlee”. Maybe PP is going in direction for this couple. Listening to fans and split them up. It could start off a good mystery of David’s last patient and be a nice set-up. At the same time giving fans a romantic couple they do love. Have Greenlee start fresh and Jamey said “bitchy” again, with a new love interest with returning families, like young Tyler heir, Phoebe’s grandson. How about Griffin & Greenlee?

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    Just a quick question

    does anyone know if OLTL and AMC are still going to be considered for the Daytime Emmy’s in the same categories after the Prospect Park move?

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    No. Since they won’t be produced for TV they can’t compete. It would have to compete in the New Media category alongside Venice.

    The Emmys will have to change the rules eventually since more TV will move online. Its inevitable.

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    AMC in ratings last week. OH MY GAWD!! AMC showed it still has some life was a solid #2 the week in ratings scoring 2.3!!! I saw it By-the-numbers
    very impressive numbers up by 500k viewers! AMC helped ABC’s other soaps last week as lead in because all were up…that is saying something in underlining of soaps. Give fans a good story and they will come and poor AMC was just finding its footing again with the stories.

    Total Viewers
    1. Y&R 4,348,000 (+99,000/-705,000)
    2. AMC 2,990,000 (+499,000/+720,000)
    3. B&B 2,843,000 (+201,000/-208,000)
    4. OLTL 2,778,000 (+110,000/+558,000)
    5. GH 2,542,000 (+103,000/+164,000)
    6. DAYS 2,311,000 (-11,000/-65,000)

    1. Y&R 3.3/11 (+.1/-.2)
    2. AMC 2.3/7 (+.4/+.6)
    3. B&B 2.2/7 (+.1/same)
    4. OLTL 2.0/7 (same/+.3)
    5. GH 1.9/6 (+.1/+.1)
    6. DAYS 1.7/6 (same/same)

    The bad news is Y&R is was up by 99k, but stilling bleeding, I want Y&R to keep dropping viewers until MAB is gone!!! I won’t watch! Jamey get ready for your rant….rave…..hummm

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