Ugh, Ugh, Double Ugh. Premiere of The Chew Matches Most Recent All My Children Numbers; Bests Soap in W18-49!


This isn't a good sign for our remaining sudsers. ABC Daytime's cheapo replacement for All My Children, The Chew, premiered to 2.5 million viewers, or basically about the same number of people who watched AMC during the most recent rating's cycle (Sept. 12-16).

According to TV By The Numbers, the premiere episode of the insanely hyped foodfestwhich I hear was an overcrowded, hot mess, and didn't even feature tentpole Chewer Mario Batali (He appeared via satellite from a charity golf tourno!)—bested AMC 's Sept 12-16 numbers among women 18-49.

You just know Les Moonves and the peeps over at NBC are paying close attention to this. Hopefully it will be a sign to Sony that something drastic needs to happen at The Young and the Restless —like firing Maria Arena Bell—before that soap's continued, record low ratings cause CBS to start looking at it like a vulture would, while flying over a weakened herd. 

Basically, if the networks continue to prove they can almost match—or just best— the numbers our beloved soaps are pulling in with run-of-the-mill, bargain basement, inexpensive schlock, we're done for as a genre in like three years tops.  I really hope the four soaps which haven't been cancelled straighten up and decide to fly right.

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    The Chew was horrible, though. Those numbers are surely going to drop big time. Anyone can watch better cooking shows with less annoying personalities on YouTube.

    But yeah, I figured that the show wouldn’t do much worse than AMC. Most people aren’t as passionate about their shows as the folks online are. They’ll watch anything kind of/sort of decent that’s on during the time they’re watching tv.

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    While I think that these numbers will go down for the Spew (curiosity seekers turned in), I don’t think viewers equal quality. Look at how many people tune into trash like Jersey Shore. In the end, the networks will be left with the creative vacuum that is talk/reality programming. Intelligent viewers will have moved onto other networks. Soaps are dead on network televsions—let’s just hope they are alive in other arenas. Here’s hoping the powers that be at Prospect Park seek to hire REAL creators and not recycle the leftover hacks from the people who killed the genre on ABC.

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    Honestly, I wouldnt worry about the ratings. I think people turned in because people were curious. I really doubt those ratings last. Lets see in December if the ratings hold up. I doubt it.

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    Well I’m just going to have to say that there must be some unloyal AMC viewers out there for it do numbers like that. The numbers will surely drop, but the big opening will buy the show and ABC some time. I know GH was basically the walking dead anyway, but that is the nail in the coffin.

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    I figured some folks, especially folks who are not online or don’t watch the soaps, would check it out to see what it was about. Those who do watch the shows probably wanted to see WTF was replacing AMC. But I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if those numbers dropped like a lead balloon in water. That’s what the Food Network is for. Those incessant commercials alone should’ve turned off anyone with half a brain cell.

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    I just logged in to say basically what Mets82 said. Once the curiosity factor goes away, the real ratings will shine through.

    I’m still not watching simply because I am not at all interested in the premise.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Playing devil’s advocate: what if the numbers for The Chew aren’t “fixed,” according to those who believe they are? Why would ABC not “fix” the ratings of OLTL to reflect a flat or downward trend to further justify its cancelation? Why would ABC not “fix” the numbers for AMC in its final weeks to show how something worse than what they were?

    What would be in it for ABC to “fix” the numbers for The Chew but not OLTL?

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    [quote=soapfan616]While I think that these numbers will go down for the Spew (curiosity seekers turned in), I don’t think viewers equal quality. Look at how many people tune into trash like Jersey Shore. In the end, the networks will be left with the creative vacuum that is talk/reality programming. Intelligent viewers will have moved onto other networks. Soaps are dead on network televsions—let’s just hope they are alive in other arenas. Here’s hoping the powers that be at Prospect Park seek to hire REAL creators and not recycle the leftover hacks from the people who killed the genre on ABC.[/quote]

    This is exactly how I feel… I knew that some of the people on the various boards who said they wouldn’t tune in to see The Spew ultimately would. Honestly, there was no way for me to watch it being at work during the day, but why in the world would you tune into something that replaced your favorite program? Did the promos not get shown enough to show you how horrible it would be? Thankfully, the reviews were sucky. Why Esquire Magazine thinks that this show can be fixed is beyond me. The Talk got rid of two people and now they have revolving hosts who still suck – Jacob Young was the best thing on that yesterday and I only watched his COOKING segment!!!

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    The numbers are surely not fixed. everyone knows the ratings system is very flawed because not every household is counted, but I do trust that they don’t fudge the numbers they actually keep track of. It was probably a combination of curiosity and habit. I’m sure there are plenty of people who said they were loyal soap fans and wouldn’t tune in that actually did. And if they liked it (hopefully not) they will stick with it. I’m a DAYS fan and I sure as Hell didn’t DVR that trash ass show so they didn’t get my household. Hope it bombs like never before. I’m kinda disgusted by the good ratings though, even if the show did suck.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Again, why would ABC “fix” the numbers for The Chew but not for OLTL? It makes ABC look much worse in regards to OLTL’s cancelation to “let” the ratings show an increase in viewership (it was most recently #2). Why would they not “fix” OLTL’s ratings if you believe they “fixed” the numbers for The Chew? (actually, it’s a fairly obvious answer, but I’m curious about the rationale among those claiming the numbers were “fixed.”)

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    So people online who swore they would never watch this show actually tuned in? lol

    Actually I admit I did and I think the show is just not good. It does take time for shows like this to gel but this really is not anything I am interested in watching anyway. I just watched to see that dumbass Daphne Oz who is still dumb as a post. I do like CLinton Kelly and he needs to get back to What not to Wear pronto. He is being setup as the Frons fallguy so please get back Clinton to the show I like you on.

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    J Bernard Jones


    Just as convenient as it is that every media outlet (including DC) compares the ratings of a show to the one it replaced, as well as its year to year averages.

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    Well let’s not forget it’s the premiere of the show. Many were no doubt tuned in out of curiousity. Also let’s not forget people who’s DVRs are set to record everyday at 1 P.M. on their ABC affiliates.

    I would love to see if the Chew can hold onto its debut ratings. Most shows like this don’t. After seeing the first episode, I fear that the show will need to be re-tooled fast!

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    [quote]So people online who swore they would never watch this show actually tuned in?[/quote]

    Not necessarily. Viewers who talk about tv shows and comment on blogs and message boards are very small minority of television viewers. People fall into the trap of thinking people on message boards, LiveJournal or blogs make up a significant portion of the audience. They don’t. Not by a long shot.

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    Curiosity, yes — and another thought is that is always going to be a coveted “lunch hour” timeslot, so some will just have the TV on, no matter what is airing. I totally agree with all those who think the numbers will tank.

    Another thought: If ABC put it’s best teases on those (incessant) promos, then this crapshow will get the ratings it deserves. But … I won’t know because I won’t watch. Ever.

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    Do people realize the outrageous promotion that was made for the Chew. I am a Bravo watcher and the network kept showing the promo again and again…

    Carla Hall is a huge fan favorite of Top Chef viewers (3 million audience), why wouldn’t Top Chef fans check the Chew to watch Carla?

    I don’t think the ratings are fixed. I just think that there was a high level of curiosity linked to the fact that they brought some hosts that people love. Will it last? I don’t think so as every critic seem to think it was a hot mess…

    What was the ratings of the firt day od “The Talk”?
    What are they now?

    I work during the day so I never watch the soaps live and won’t have the temptation to even try to have a look at the Chew. But I guess also that the announcement that AMC was going on line has perhaps take aways some of the guilt of some ex AMC viewers???

    Anyway, I know I will never watch this stuff but I don’t think I can scream for fixed ratings when as someone said it if they fix The Chew why not fix OLTL also whose ratings is making them look like fools?

    Let’s just wait a month… Then, it will be time to be truly sad about the quality of our TV programs. Right now, if someone was willing to “FIX” GH and turn the show into something watchable, that would be great…

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    [quote=edenpark] Right now, if someone was willing to “FIX” GH and turn the show into something watchable, that would be great…[/quote]

    AMEN. I have been waiting for that for years now.

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    With the incessant number of promos ABC ran — not only on daytime, but during prime-time (including premiere week, no less) and SoapNet — it’s not surprising that people tuned in out of curiosity. Actually, I think it’s kind of sad that despite all that promotion, they only achieved about the same numbers as AMC, which hasn’t been promoted outside of daytime for YEARS.

    I have yet to see a positive review from the critics, and while the reputation of the Spew being a train wreck might get some viewers to check it out just to see how bad it is, give it a couple of months. I bet by end of year, it will only have a fraction of the ratings the premiere got.

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    The numbers aren’t fixed. The ratings are metered and tabulated by independent corporations. They are what they are. There are margins of error, especially in samples this small, but they aren’t bogus. The networks and studios wouldn’t base billions of dollars worth of decisions based on totally fabricated data.

    [quote=GHdoolFan]Well I’m just going to have to say that there must be some unloyal AMC viewers out there for it do numbers like that. The numbers will surely drop, but the big opening will buy the show and ABC some time. I know GH was basically the walking dead anyway, but that is the nail in the coffin.[/quote]

    Why would watching “The Chew” make an AMC fan unloyal? AMC is gone, canceled. It’s replacement and it’s success or failure is irrelevant. AMC was gonna be gone no matter what replaced it. No amount of failure by “The Chew” or any other show that ends up in that slot will bring AMC back to ABC or save OLTL or GH at this point.

    A large chunk of the general audience is offline and while disappointed that AMC is gone was probably willing to give it’s replacement a shot, as were fans of food/lifestyle shows who may not have watched AMC.

  20. Profile photo of david46208

    @J Bernard Jones: I’ll take a stab at it. I’ve said for a long time that there are more people than just soap fans out there who watch TV during the day or on their lunch hour. There are still millions of people who don’t and never have liked soaps. So you can surely bet that those untapped viewers are part of the group who initially tuned in. I also believe that the silent majority of soap fans, many are not that ambivalent to watching a replacement series. People like my grandma uses to just watch one show after the next. People like her were uses to shows coming and going. Because there were a lot soaps in the 70’s and most of those didn’t survive. So people like her just rolled with the punches.

    Us die-hard soap vans, especially those whom are the most vocal critiques, have a tendency to take a certain view or perspective on things. And over the years I have found that often our voices are not always the dominate voice of the fans. Or that many of the silent majority may fuss and shout, but tune in anyway.

    Let me add that when they cancel a soap and replace with a reality TV or talk series they are not thinking that soap fans today will follow. They must obviously know that there is market out there for something else. And that is the market they are trying to get.

    TV was always about dollars and cents. It’s all about the advertising. And in a world where money is the driving force, anyone is expendable to make that next buck.

    So it is like going to your favorite Jazz Club and finding out that it has been turned into a Hip Hop venue because that is where the money is at. And since you make money off the alcohol at the club then we can all see from a business prospective why they would have made a sudden change. Didn’t have to like it. But that is how it works.

    One day you are the biggest singer in the world and the next you are a washed up old lounge singer abandoned by the record company for something younger and fresh. Even though you can singer better then all the youngin’s combined after 4 concerts in the same day (a nod to Patti Label who said something similar). But that doesn’t matter anymore.

    That’s just my assessment.

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    I’m with Mets and GHfan, I was watching ESPN, E!, even USA, those channels were promoting it like crazy, and most of those people aren’t soap fans. People were watching for curiosity, let’s wait until the week’s over with to tell what’s going on.

  22. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    They promoted the hell out of it, I hear tell it sucked so everyoone tuned in once for a crappy show to see what it ws about. I’ll wait to get the weekly numbers before I cry about it.

    And Jamey, Mario the tentpole chewer? priceless.

  23. Profile photo of elvara

    This is not really surprising. I mean the promo has been going on and on for months. Let’s see in a few weeks if it’s still the same.

    But really, no matter what the numbers are or will be, they will always say that it’s cheaper to produce. So soap fans will never win. :(

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    Maybe we should bolster the shows that are left on tv and see if we can’t get the viewers interested in them again. Days of our Lives is honking on fire right now with their reboot. Why not focus on what we can do something about and not what has already happened. Maybe we can turn Days and other soaps that are on the air into successes so they won’t be canceled. NBC is having ratings problems all around and I am sure they would love to have a huge success with the Days reboot. Plus it will show the other soaps that it can be done! This is a great time to start watching the show again or for the first time if you are a new viewer. Because the story lines are all new and the cast and crew and writers are all trying their damnedest to provide a good show. I would like to see a twenty percent increase in their ratings this week. I think it could happen but we need to support that so that the show will not get discouraged and drag out the purple paint again.

  25. Profile photo of BetseyD

    [quote=Dueler312]Something tells me those numbers are fixed.[/quote]

    This is what I was thinking. There was no way in Hell that ABC would have released dismal ratings numbers for this trash!

    IF they did, indeed, get these numbers, I think that it was only because of first day curiosity, and you will see these numbers drop – SHARPLY – in the coming weeks/months!

  26. Profile photo of KindredKian

    I LMAO reading this comment over at deadline:

    I have a wonderful Idea for a replacement for The Chew!!!! It’s genius!!! It’s called “The Beat Down” a reality show for the masses!! See you have 20 pissed off soap fans competing for $500,000 and the chance to beat down Brian Frons. Contestants will create and complete physical challenges to come up with the most effective way to execute a good old fashion beat down. With Susan Lucci, Kathy Brier, Catherine Hickland, Robin Strasser, & Michael E. Knight as judges and mentors teaching the contestants skills and strategy. Walt Wiley and Cameron Mathieson as hosts and of course our beat down subject Brian Frons. Now that I will watch!!!

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    J Bernard Jones

    [quote]This is what I was thinking. There was no way in Hell that ABC would have released dismal ratings numbers for this trash![/quote]

    [quote]I agree. I bet they lied about the ratings…..[/quote]

    [quote]Something tells me those numbers are fixed.[/quote]

    So….ABC is lying about the recent surge in ratings for One Life to Live, too?

    BTW, A.C. Neilsen tabulates the ratings, not ABC.

  28. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    This says to me that the remaining soaps CANNOT afford to lose any more viewers and need to keep the ones they have.

    As for that shit The Chew, it takes all kinds as I heard Mrs. Trumbull say on I Love Lucy the other day. I for one know that there is a whole channel for that type of show hence The Chew will never get my viewership.

  29. Profile photo of possum jones
    possum jones

    Isn’t it strange that the ratings for Dirty Soap are still not available and that we always had to wait 2 weeks to find out the ratings for the other soaps, but The Chew’s ratings came out so quickly. Regardless of the ratings, the fascination will pass and the #’s will fall.

  30. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    [quote]Isn’t it strange that the ratings for Dirty Soap are still not available and that we always had to wait 2 weeks to find out the ratings for the other soaps, but The Chew’s ratings came out so quickly.[/quote]

    Not strange at all. Broadcast network ratings are released as soon as they become available, usually the next day. It is not uncommon for cable ratings to be released on a slower timetable, in some cases not at all.

  31. Profile photo of david46208

    @J Bernard Jones: I don’t for any reason believe they would fudge the numbers. Although that would make a good movie plot. A young late 20’s MBA grad gets a job at Thomasin (a fictional Nielsen Ratings company), and learns that he can move up the ladder quickly and make more money fast if he tweaks the numbers for television series. All is working out well to make some shows better in the ratings then others for a given network that provides him with kickbacks and special gifts the shows fail. Yet all that is challenged when he is asked to tweak the ratings for his elderly grandma’s favorite soap opera “On The Edge of Life,” so it appears to be bleeding ratings and gives the CBN a chance to cancel their lone remaining soaps, which loyal fans refused to stop watching and keeps it well above the minimum.

    Anyways, I believe the ratings are what they are. And people just have to accept that these things happen.

  32. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I didn’t watch the show but amc had catered to the longtime returns, etc. I had lost interest as a newer viewer of a couple years. I guess they had a hard time trying what to do. I think returns were planned already when amc was picked up. I wish they did cliffhangers. I had stopped watching. I just checked in sporadically. cbs will do what is good for cbs. same for sony.

    The actor that plays JR was on The Talk talking about B&B on Monday.

    I do like the suggestion to support remaining soaps. I sill don’t see an improvement in GH. I check in, get disgusted and move on. Y&R better move on from Sharon. B&B goes up and down. Steffy is so interesting to watch. She is like passing an accident, I have to look. oltl is awesome. B&B and oltl are easy to support. Not sure of the others. Still think networks will find out these other shows do not bring people back every day like dramas do.

  33. Profile photo of Chocolate-Mama

    I am not a fan of food shows, so this program is not something I’d waste my time watching. But good God, what kind of name is that?! ‘The Chew’ makes me think of someone chewing food with their mouth open, with bits of it stuck between their teeth.

  34. Profile photo of sethbook

    I think there’s going to be curiosity. Anyone who is at home at that time and is not a soap viewer might tune in. Also, if they don’t watch cable food networks, or don’t have cable, I can see its attraction. I think even I might have been interested if it were not for AMC and the stupid-ass remarks made by Carla (two-time lower on Top Chef).

    Also, a lot of people have their VCRs and DVRs set up to record whatever ABC has on at 1 pm. A lot of my message board pals have been reminding everyone to undo their daily 1 pm tapings.

    FWIW, I don’t think it’s fixed, and I really doubt people are going to watch every single day the way they did a serial drama. Also, a lot of people just don’t like soaps.

    HOWEVER, the Chew is up against two other popular soaps. DOOL is having a much-publicised reboot, and Y&R has at least a 3.3, and DOOL at least a 1.8.

    If the Chew premiered with a 2.2 or higher, I might be a lot more worried.

  35. Profile photo of glam_queen

    At about 1:56 i turned the channel to ABC. I never watched AMC so I forgot that it had went off. I was sitting here puzzled for a second like wtf is this? Mario burnt the pizza it was just a mess. I havent been watching any of the soaps I watch lately (OLTL&GH) they’re both uninteresting to me at the moment. But next time I decide to tune into OLTL I will definitley wait untill the cable box says 2:00

  36. Profile photo of tylerbo20

    uhh i watched the last 30 min of the show what a horrible show reminded me of Martha Stewarts new talk show which vanished off NBC…i hated it im sorry..and i cannot stand ANderson and i certainly wont watch Katie Courics show….id say bring the soaps to prime time as thats where the soaps are these days sorry prime time serials same thing..

  37. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Honest question…in my tv market, we are one a one day delay. So while everyone was watching the chew, I was watching the finale. Does the viewing on Monday add to the chew ratings or AMC? It never mattered when it was the same show on Monday and friday, but when it’s one show friday and a different one on Monday it makes me wonder…

    Also I have heard that ratings for soaps include dvr+2 days…does that go for all daytime tv, or just soaps? I wonder if talk shows have the same guideline.

  38. Profile photo of glowery

    Being as I am one who has never watched ABC soaps, I am a CBS girl :), I forgot The Chew was even going to be on. I won’t be watching because I am not the least bit interested in the show. But come to think of it, I don’t think I have seen one commercial advertising the show. Maybe I don’t watch ABC much at all, not during the day, or during the night.

  39. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I don’t thin Canadians count in terms of the Nielson ratings, but I turned the channel to ABC at 1:59 so I could catch OLTL.
    I would never tell someone what to watch, but I really hope online AMC fans aren’t pretending not to watch this show, but then watching in secret. Some ratings will probably come from people who just leave the T.V. on for company.
    I hope the ratings go down once curiosity wears off. I don’t believe ABC fixed the ratings, if they were going to do that, it would only make sen that they would’ve fixed the ratings of the soaps years ago, so they could cancel them.

  40. Profile photo of missmuffett41

    There is a rumor that dirt soap was less than 1 mil. viewers and the chew got at least 2 mil views. I am a pissed off soap fan that did watch dirty soap. This says a lot about our loyalty to this genre.

  41. Profile photo of DaytimeFan0001

    See what some advertisement can do? Soaps will never have billboards and primetime spots, but if you advertise well curious seekers will check it out. You have to spend money to make money.

  42. Profile photo of missmuffett41

    Well E! daytime confidential, we love soaps, Msnbc Today, Kelly Ripa, and headline news and the soap actors themselves advertised the hell out of dirty soap and soap fans still didn’t watch it.

  43. Profile photo of samanthadelayed

    I think we just have to realize that there are a lot of people out there that like crappy television.. I am not surprised the numbers are good. A few years ago I might have questioned these ratings, but now that reality programs are King…. nothing surprises me.

  44. Profile photo of samanthadelayed

    I didn’t say that Dirty Soap was crappy tv. I was talking about the chew. I think the majority of reality tv is crap,but I did enjoy Dirty Soap because at least I know who some of these people are. I have no clue who any of those stanky housewives are. I couldn’t care less about a bunch of trash from N.J. A cooking show is one thing..but “lifestyle tv” is just another way of saying crap to me. Even if it wasn’t replacing a soap, I still would not be watching the chew…
    I would never tell people what they should or shouldn’t watch.. but I have no problem giving my opinion about what I don’t like.

  45. Profile photo of Vicky4041

    I’m sure some watch for curiousity sake. I did not and will not. Let’s see what it looks like 6 months from now. I’m sure they’ll keep it on no matter what for a couple of years because it’s so cheap to make. I will say I’m disappointed in GH. It’s a little better this week overall but not great.

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