SOURCE: DAYS Climbed in Nielsens on Monday Opposite The Chew!


Chew on this news, Soap Slayers. While ABC Daytime's The Chew might have matched All My Children's most recent numbers on Monday, sources tell Daytime Confidential NBC Daytime's Days of Our Lives also had an impressive turnout for that sudser's much-heralded "reboot" on Monday.

According to one source, DAYS hit a 1.9 in households on Monday, which is two-tenths of a point higher than its household average for the week of Sept.12-16. DAYS also went up one-tenth of a point among women 18-49, says the insider. Among the coveted demo, DAYS achieved a solid-for-these-days 1.0.

On Monday's episode of DAYS, Horton granddaughter Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso) and hubby Bo (Peter Reckell) gathered practically the entire town of Salem, U.S.A. for a celebration in honor of late patriarch and matriarch Dr. Tom and Alice Horton (the late MacDonald Carey and Frances Reid). The glitzy event featured the returns of two of Salem's most popular supercouples, John Black and Dr. Marlena Evans (Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall) and Carrie and Austin Reed (Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon), as well as the recently returned Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford), Doug and Julie Williams (Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes). That idiot woman from the Millionaire Matchmaker was also in town for some reason, but we won't hold the latter against them (You know I couldn't do a full post without just a wee bit of snark!).

The episode, a beautiful, romantic hallmark to the fans who have stood by the show during recent rocky years, also served to set up a slew of new stories, including a mystery concerning the late Alice "Gram" Horton, Will's (Chandler Massey) inability to claim his galpal in public, Sami's (Alison Sweeney) uncertain career options, and what exactly brought Jack and Jarlena back to Salem. 

Congrats to DAYS' cast and crew, led by Ken Corday and co-executive producers Noel Maxam and Greg Meng, as well as new headwriters Marlene Clark Poulter and Darrell Ray Thomas, on a job well done. For the first time in years, I am excited to watch DAYS every day. Here's hoping Days of Our Lives continues to climb creatively — and in those all-important demos. I want to see Hortons, Bradys, DiMeras, Carvers, Kiriakises and the like celebrating in that swanky new town square for the soap's 50th anniversary in a few years!

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    All I can say is that I severely underestimated this new writing team. When I first heard that some of them had worked under James E. Reilly, I rolled my eyes, thinking that all we would get would be stories about demon-possessed, transvestite doppelgangers from outer space.

    The way they wrapped up Dena’s mess and transformed this show has just been incredible. It just goes to show that there all still talented writers in the industry.

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    I am not completely sold yet. I am not a big fan of the returns but I have to say the production values are much improved and I have enjoyed how they have wrapped up Chloe’s run. CArly’s IMO was a dud as was Vivian IMO.

    But FYI Days does not compete against AMC or did not in all markets. Where I live Days goes up against OLTL and I watch Days over OLTL for the most part if I watch.

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    DAYS is pretty entertaining right now. I realize it’s only been three days, but I am going to give these new writers a chance to earn their stripes. After all, it takes more than a few weeks to make—or break—a show. Hacks like Higley, Pratt and Kreizman took YEARS to ruin their respective shows, after all. Hopefully, within the next 6 months, Higley will be a DISTANT memory!

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    I watched Days on Monday to to see what the “hype” was all about and I didn’t think it was anything special. I watched Days in the 90’s and it was a little slow to me it looked nice but the stories where nothing to write home about and I won’t be watching again. I am much more impressed with OLTL and will be following it online.

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    I am so happy Jack Deveraux is back.. I hope the ratings continue to rise the rest of the week for Days..

    [quote=jphelps]But FYI Days does not compete against AMC or did not in all markets. Where I live Days goes up against OLTL and I watch Days over OLTL for the most part if I watch.[/quote] No not in all markets but in many markets they do compete. Where I live both Days and AMC(use to) comes on at 12pm central.

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    Haven’t truly watched Days since I was a small kid with my Mama. It was heart warming to see all these familiar faces, at this lovely, romantic event. I am thoroughly enjoying Days right now. Even if there isn’t some riveting storyline at the moment, it is like coming home after many years, and it warms my heart.

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    Happy to hear about improved ratings. I think with the Monday episode, DAYS deserved it and Tuesday’s episode was even better (haven’t gotten to today’s episode yet.) At least, DAYS is making changes that will please audiences, whereas I cannot say the same about any of the other remaining soaps on the air. Y&R and GH seems to take viewer feedback and move further in the opposite direction, alienating fans at this critical time when soaps are struggling to stay on the air. I applaud DAYS right now. And heck, my Doctor Marlena Evans is back! Jack Deveraux’s lurking actually entertained me! I am happy. Unlike AMC, OLTL and GH, several of the fan favorites weren’t killed off or character-assassinated, so they are able to return to Salem. I hope the ratings only continue to rise.

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    Thanks Jamie for the info! I am hoping that people will be drawn to the new Days. I have been watching and enjoyed every moment since Friday. I know however that alot of this is sentimental memory for long time Days followers. And believe me they have hit the right notes. This is a honeymoon week for Days and the audience. I hope the production values and the lighter more community and family and romantic type stories will bring in viewers. The new set is great and I am happy to say I did not even see one speck of purple paint anywhere lol. I also like the shout out that one of the stores is named Hourglass. That is a nice touch. Others is the background music was nice to have. I noticed that there was a rift on the theme song that was played at times. The dialog was natural and less goal oriented than has been. I am very happy about that. People don’t just discuss the plot of their lives. They talk about a variety of things. I am also happy to see a mix of different ages and different characters mixing it up. Days has had a tendency to get very bunchy with their characters. All the young only mix with the young, couples only mix with eachother and their foille, etc. The town seems set for a great new future. I hope people will give it a chance.

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    I sincerely enjoyed Monday’s episode, in spite of it being overly sentimental, and overly cheesy. But all the same, it was indeed heartwarming. Tuesday’s episode was better, and I thought today’s improved even more. I think once the show gets into the swing of the new stories, they’ll be able to stop reminiscing so much about the past, and move forward. I think Monday’s nostalgia factor was due to introducing these past characters back to the canvas.

    Today began to introduce upcoming stories that I am seriously excited about. What secret did Gram Horton hide from her family? I absolutely adored Alice, but she was a feisty lady! I hope the secret is really juicy, and I love how Bo and Hope now have this new mystery to solve, as a team. John and Marlena have revealed to each other that they, too, have a secret for their return. Today’s episode reminded me WHY John and Marlena are so incredibly important to this show. As much as I’ve enjoyed Brady’s scenes with Victor, John has been needed to bridge that generational gap. John’s scenes with Brady today were awkward and tense, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this relationship.

    People have complained that Daniel is still on canvas, but I think he’s important right now to introduce Jack back to Salem. Now Jennifer is happy with another man, Abby adores Daniel and has some serious daddy issues. It was the perfect time for Jack to come back to ruffle some feathers.

    I just loved so much about DOOL the past few days, and each day seemed to get better than the last. And we haven’t even gotten into the introduction of Sarah Brown’s character, and Sami’s new job. Love Nicole and EJ playing a new game of cat and mouse. Love that Chloe left on a high note, and didn’t get killed off at the end of that atrocious prostitute killer story. Love that Kinsey went with her (even though I found Kinsey to be delightful, it was nice seeing her bond with Chloe toward the end, and honestly, she has no real connection to the show so her character isn’t needed). I’m excited to see what more is to come

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    [quote=CGat]@soapbaby, I seriously outright cheer everytime Marlena is in a scene! Haha.[/quote]

    I know right! I cheered every time Marlena appeared too! She’s looking all kinds of fabulous. I am a little giddy enjoying DAYS and it’s just what I needed after losing AMC.

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    I floved these last three episodes, Marlene and Darrell Ray are off to a great start.

    But here in Chicago, Days goes against the Talk and OLTL, but it’s great to hear of the ratings jump nonetheless, let’s keep it up.

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    The episode Tuesday wasn’t too bad. I never watched Days when it was good, the Days I knew was demon possessions, floating bed fantasy scenes and Swamp Girl. The show might be good enough to drop in whenever I’m not doing something, out or playing Wii during the noon hour.

  13. Profile photo of harlee490

    I’m loving this set-up for stories and I love the connections and “gathering” and being a community. For long-time DOOL fans its fond, loving remembrances and for new viewers it helps to learn all the connections of characters from families to friendships. I think Marlene & Darrell and their collective group writers are on to something grand, by giving fans story-lines that soaps haven’t written in years. This is my type of soap opera, telling good drama. The stories are lining up beautifully, being new I’m loving the mystery starting at Tom & Alice’s home. It’s very Pam Longish type of mystery to me and I loved her mystery stories. Bo & Hope is going to be my CarJack…love that couple! :) DOOL’s actors look and sound happier and not dread trying to get through Dena Higley’s dialogue. I’m sold! It will be “must see TV” on my DVR. I’m officially hooked and loving this ride and know it’s only going to get better……..Now, I’m exhausted but still hacking, calling, mailing, emailing, so Sony can fix my beloved Y&R….NEXT on THE AGENDA…Off with their heads!

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    I’m glad Marlena is back but not John only because Drake is a such a poor actor. I hope that it does not turn into the John and Marlena show. I don’t want Maggie stuck back into the kitchen at Chez Red like the last time they were on the show. Maggie has become the emotional center and needs to stay that way. I wish Julie and Doug would have a real story or be on it more.

    As for the Celebration, it would have been more of a tribute to Tom and Alice had the guest of honors actually BEEN Hortons. What the heck did Austin and Carrie ever do to deserve such a public welcome? Anyhow, I hope things continue to do well.

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    I’m still reserving judgment. I watched on Monday but wasn’t compelled to follow through and watch on Tuesday. When this reboot was announced, one of my biggest fears was that Days was trying to get viewers back by giving them exactly what they want—or rather what they say they want. The truth is, as soap viewers, we often send conflicting messages. We write, email, call, beg, plead, grovel, and promise a first-born—whatever it takes to see our favorite couple together. But once that couple is married off, we turn on them. We then write and complain saying that the story is boring or complaining for the lack of story for that couple. So, while I agree that the shows need to listen to viewers, sometimes they have to listen with one ear as the great Douglas Marland said in an interview. The entire show Monday was built around two things: the unveiling of this town square which is more of a concrete jungle than town square that might have an actual park AND the suspense of John and Marlene returning. Hope would drop hints throughout the hour as the attendees anxiously awaited the big reveal—the viewing audience certainly knew who the “special” surprise guests were. I thought, well they’ll have planned some other big, shocking plot twist that will keep us glued from now through February sweeps. But, I got to the end of the show and thought, that’s it? I haven’t watched Days in about 3 years. I watched religiously from the time Bo & Hope were in New Orleans until the early 1990’s–that is until the demon took control of saint Marlena. At that point, I thought, well, this is Fonzie jumping the shark and only watched occasionally until it just became unbearable. So, while I have heard how bad it’s been over the last few years under Dena, I didn’t actually experience it. For me, I bought into the promos & the interviews with the returning stars. I was tuning back in to what they promised– the romantic Days of the 1980’s. Unfortunately, what I got out the show on Monday was…well, a little bored. All the couples were happily together. Everyone was happy. There was no conflict. There was no need to root for anyone–because every couple that crossed the screen had smiles on their faces. That’s not a good thing. Soaps need conflict. The tension in a relationship whether that tension is between a couple in love or family members or business partners, tension is the key. Maybe the coming weeks will be better. But, now we are told that Mary Beth Evans is coming back. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some MB; however, is Days just giving us the characters we want and hoping that is enough for us to tune in? I hope not. Time and again over the last 20 years we’ve seen that bringing popular characters back without the benefit of a good long-term story only leads to frustration for the viewers and actors alike. Good soaps are not sustained by non-stop promotions, huge sets, or flashy stars– but rather with a story. A good, compelling story that keeps us on the edge of our seats; that’s what we want. The story allows us to become engaged, enraged, exasperated, and exhilarated. I’m hopeful that someone, somewhere associated with these shows remembers that one simple rule. Then and only then will our soaps be saved.

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    Maybe next time Reno, Bill and Mike and David and Jessica and Melissa could join in! Or there’s Marie, and Sarah, and Tommy and Sandy (although I thought the last Sandy was boring as hell, maybe they could think of a way to make her more interesting.) I wouldn’t mind seeing Nick Fallon again! I liked him and his portrayer. And if they recast Jeremy Horton that would be cool too. Oh yeah and Scott too! Although I would desoras him a little. Last time he was on he was about the age his father is. Oh yes and Steven. I think that is all….. Let me know if I forgot someone!
    I could think of great stories for most of these characters. They are very interesting ones too. David was once married to Renee Dimera. That should in itself bring about story. Mike ofcourse could be a spoiler for Carrie and Austin. Jessica and her alter is always one to go back and revisit. Nick was a really cool nerd. I enjoyed his whole vibe as a nontraditional leading character. Marie and Tommy brother and sister were once a couple and Marie ran off to be a nun. That should be good for a story or two.
    Ofcourse Sarah and Melissa being Maggies daughters, could weigh in on her current marriage proposal and possibly find a lover or two on the show. I think we need a resurgence of Hortons to go with the new Days. I hope atleast some of them make it back!

  17. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    Glad Days is getting a rating bump. I’m loving the new Days more and more with each episode. Love the way Jack was written today. Looking forward to the triangle, very hopeful now.

    The writing is totally different, people have deeper exchanges even talking at the party. The storylines are unfolding now I can’t wait to see where they go. I’m very hopeful about the show.

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    I read it’s dropping some each day. The tidbit said they are only sampling ratings in certain test markets and if they are that bad in those markets then it will be worse if or when figure in the whole country…could not even get AMC’s rating. Good, I hope so, it needs to die on vine like Frons. How could Disney\ABC keep Frons if both shows are huge flops? He’s ruined ABC’s daytime, got Soapnet cancelled, disposing of all 3 soaps?

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