Sean Ringgold Staying Put in Llanview; Signs With Prospect Park’s OLTL

Looks like the Mannings will still have Shaun watching their backs when One Life to Live jumps to the web and other platforms in January 2012. Soap Opera Network is reporting Sean Ringgold has inked a deal with Prospect Park to continue with the series.

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    Yeah Sean! I love that Sean has managed to stick around Llanview longer than most of the other new characters over the last few years.

    Now we need Tea, Todd, Victor, nuJack, Dani, Destiny and Matthew.

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    Not to be rude, but REALLY!!!!??
    There are certain CORE characters who I think should have been worked on first— Tea, Todd, Victor Jr, Natalie, Clint, Dorian, Bo and Nora. Once they are settled then I could see them going after Aubrey, Irene, Cutter, Roxy, and Echo. Once those folks are signed on- then Sean, Carlotta and Nigel

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    Sean Ringgold is a humble, intelligent, well-spoken and talented actor……and I wish him nothing but the best. And the comments about him being “c-list” are just tacky and unnecessary. Given the chance to show his talents, I have every confidence that he can and will deliver.

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    I LOVE that he has signed on! It means that unlike ABC, PP has interest in POC’s to possibly help drive their own storylines, as Agnes intended with this show. Hello, Carla Gray with your Imitation of Life self. Between Heaven and Hell, camp with a mixture of true to life social issues that touch the heart. That to me is good soap. Who knows what could be in store for him! I like seeing people who look like me getting props like this, because they certainly didn’t have to offer him a deal. That said, like everyone else, I’m interested in more of the big guns too!!! They’ve annouced people like KDP, ES, TK, ME, which is great. But If they do sign TSJ or RH those names will most likely not come out until near the end of their announcements. THOSE are the REAL BIG GUNS, IMO. ;)

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