V.P. of Publicity For Live With Regis and Kelly Claims Publicist’s Account Was “Hacked”


Boy oh boy, those ABC Daytimers really need to get better firewalls! Once again someone working for the lineup has allegedly been hacked on Twitter. Following our decision to post the tweet from Live With Regis and Kelly publicist/producer Brittany Forgione's personal account allegedly stating how happy she was that the soaps were over, Forgione's boss, Barbara Warren, vice-president of publicity for the talk show, contacted us saying Forgione had been hacked and demanded we remove the post. First off, no one can "demand" anything from us, because we don't work for Disney or ABC. Now that we've gotten that out of the way…

While we won't be removing the original post—it seems a bit odd Forgione didn't realize she'd been hacked until two days after the offensive post was published from her account, and continued to tweet on a regular basis, including a response asking soap fans to "calm down"—we agreed to create this post letting our readers know that—according to Warren—Forgione was hacked and that she didn't write either post herself. See both tweets below and judge for yourself:


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    After a classic case of “Open mouth insert foot and start gnawing” comes the classic follow up of CYA. Any ridicule this so called industry
    “professional” receives is well deserved. Karma, my dear… 0:)

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    What an arrogant jerk to demand that you take down a report. Warren’s imperious attitude is disgusting. Why do people like her think that everyone should quiver and shake in fear of her?

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    Is this supposed to make her seem like less of a bitch? Because, sadly, it doesn’t. Oh and all that BS about her account being hacked sounds like exactly that——-BS! I wish these “celebrities” (or whatever the hell she is supposed to be!) would come up with more original LIES>

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    It seems the hacking claim is a ploy to try and misdirect the blame of what she really tweeted–WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE FOOLING? Honestly.

    Warren s/b fired for trying to cover up for Brittany and looking like a bigger fool in the process.

    Brittany’s obviously ignorant, insensitive, out of the loop, over her head, you pick one! Sure it sounds foot in your mouth but, they are back peddling now.

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    OMG Its Wienergate all over again, his account was hacked to hmmmmmm. Oh wait his wasn’t hacked, oh neither was Chris Lee’s, wow all these not so innocent person’s social media accounts are being hacked. You did it, now own it!

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    well i tweeted and said everytime she opens her mouth she shows her stupidity. kelly r ipa was a big part of all my children. she is dogging her own kind. wonder how kelly ripa feels about this.

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    [quote=BETTYSUE113098]well i tweeted and said everytime she opens her mouth she shows her stupidity. kelly ripa was a big part of all my children. she is dogging her own kind. wonder how kelly ripa feels about this.[/quote]

    Yep, I’m wondering the same thing! Kelly, where art thou Kelly?! Care to comment?!

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    Now we know. Both Brittany Forgione and Barbara Warren are pathological LIARS and bullies. No surprise considering they work for ABC. Talk about egg on their faces!!! Go DTC! What goes around comes around.

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    Kelly is going to tow the company line.

    Do not remove info. Freedom of press.

    People with the talk shows, game shows and court shows are probably glad the soaps are going. It gives them more space for their shows and more security for their jobs.

    I still think that that was a stupid move for pr person. Yikes. But lets face it cbs/P&G were just as mean spirited as abc and assciates. I don’t forget it even when cbs is playing the good guy now employing those who lost their jobs and having all the abc actors on their shows to show support. Enough time has passed that many have forgotten. I bet the atwts/gl folks have not.

    Kelly gets on my nerves so obviously I don’t watch that show but she is not going to say anything because she has moved onto her other endeavors.
    I saw some videos of her on amc and never cared for her on the that show either. See I am not in pr and I know enough to weigh my words.

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    LMAO!!! Clearly the idiot PR person wrote both tweets and was NEVER hacked!!! And clearly her boss was embarrassed so she made up a lame excuse which is simply that, lame!!! LMAO!!!

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    Can we get some numbers or e-mail addresses of this woman’s bosses? (Not Warren, though–she obviously doesn’t care and probably agrees with what she wrote.) She really should be fired for this.

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    Ms 45

    Email your comments here:

    This is what I sent:
    Get rid of her!

    In fact, get rid of both of them. How rude was it for your PR rep Brittany Forgione to tweet her approval of the demise of soaps when touting The Chew? Bad PR, bad form, bad move. Uh, Kelly’s roots are AMC and Susan Lucci has been a delightful and gracious guest many times. Then to compound the error, instead of issuing an apology, Barbara Warren tries to bully the good folks at Daytime Confidential to retract their story and claims Forgione’s account was “hacked” when her subsequent tweets clearly indicated that the original ill-considered tweet was legit. It says something when your PR staff cause bad publicity and then try to cover it up with BS spin.

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    I think her account WAS hacked…….by Brian Frons!! LOL

    I actually tweeted Brit F and told her what a lousy thing that was to say considering that actors/writers/crew are out of work and that Kelly got her job on the show in part due to AMC. A few people did retweet me. Next thing I see is that her account has been removed.

    I get it that Brit F is not a soap fan. But, considering she work for someone who got her start in the genre and currently producing Dirty Soap–what a dumb thing to put out into cyberspace.

    PS–Barbara Warren must think we are all a bunch of dumb f-cks with the hacking excuse. Hilarious!

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    I seriously want to know where ABC get’s these people to staff their office? Brian Fronz, his whole PR team, these idiots… WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE COME FROM? And does no one above Brian Fronz’z stupis ass care that they are making a mockery of ABC? Jesus in the morning.

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    Who’s this Brittany woman trying to fool?! Obviously, her account wasn’t hacked and she meant what she said. She probably wasn’t expecting the backlash that came after she posted that tweet.

    She’s an idiot, even though she is entitled to her opinion. Good for you Jamey for not listening to that other idiot, Barbara Warren!!

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    Isn’t twitter great? People tweet things with out thinking & we get to see the stupidity. She’s a PR person? Talk about clueless!

    ABC gets bit on the ass again. :)

    Hacked is the go to excuse now.

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    I sent an email to ABC complaining about the lack of professionalism, and chalking it up to probable Frons Croneyism.

    I suggest you all do the same.

    I have no doubt that it will most likely fall on deaf ears, but recognize that this girl can thank a soap star (Kelly Ripa) for her job.

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    Who the hell cared what this bimbo thought anyway? Who cares if she is happy that the sun came out today or that she thinks that global warming is a myth or that she is happy that soaps are dying out? Who exactly is she and why is her opinion even worth talking about?
    And I would suggest that the vp of publicity be replaced like now not because of any lying ( a publicist is simply a spinner of information ie a liar.) It is because this is not how one handles this kind of situation. One lets the story die not fan the flames.

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    Kansas Bubbles

    Kelly won’t say anything for the same reason that Susan Lucci didn’t say anything until way after the last AMC episode was taped. Kelly is still under contract with ABC. Although not saying that Kelly should be fired, but remove the contract and I bet Kelly would have lots to say about it.

    Was the twitter account hacked? Oh hell no!!! ABC is completely anti-soaps. They were planning on removing the Soap Channel to put Disney Jr in its place. ABC is trying to find lame excuses to get rid of the remaining soaps. After OLTL ends in January, I wonder what excuse they will use to axe General Hospital. Their current excuse/reason for getting rid of AMC is that THE PUKE is cheaper to produce. I guess it will be even cheaper to run when it gets cancelled due to everyone refusing to watch it. I’m also wondering if they will count viewers the way that they supposedly counted viewers of AMC & OLTL. I bet they change the rules and count online viewing and DVR because they refused to count AMC viewers that way.

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    It’s no wonder she likes the chew as she is gnawing her foot off as we speak. I will no longer be watching Regis and Kelly. That’s how this soap fan calms down. I just cut the aggravation out of my life. So far the cost of the two soaps being canceled are: I no longer watch RR and now I no longer watch R&K. CBS and NBC are getting alot of business thanks to Mr. Fronz and his silly minions. My suggestion to the shows that led into the two soaps that were canceled is that they should understand that the “soap fan” is and was their audience also and they really shouldn’t be antagonizing your” bread and butter” to keep it in chew mode. By the way I have no intention of watching anything on ABC in the daytime as of now except OLTL for as long as it airs and GH. Take them off and you’ve lost me completely. That is how this Soap fan is calming down. :|

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