James Scott: “It Has Always Been My Wish to Continue Working With Days of our Lives”

Don't send anyone to pack up James Scott's dressing room just yet. Following a report from Soap Opera Digest that the actor's contract negotiations to continue as Days of Our Lives' EJ weren't going well, the actor released the following statement:

"It has always been my wish to continue working with 'Days of our Lives,' and in light of recent reassurances given, I am optimistic of my future here at Days!"

Here's hoping all parties concerned reach an agreement and soon. Scott has become integral to DAYS as the sexy, Brit DiMera over the past few years!

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    This picture of James Scott that you chose is PERFECT. My hormones are on fire right now. I want soooooooooooo desperately to rub my hands all over his glistening, beautifully massive……um, chest. Now I must go take a cold shower!!! :D

    But in all seriousness, I could have SWORN that James said last year in a Soap Opera Digest interview that he wanted to leave California and move away, so I assumed that he was itching to leave.

    I think he’s a great actor, not to mention one of DAYS’ best pieces of male eye candy (if not the best piece!). I hope he sticks around. If he wants to keep acting, he’d be wise to stay put. We all know there aren’t as many jobs out there for working actors as we all THINK there are……

    But then again, he can always go back to modeling……..

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    He has given multiple interviews saying that he was going to move out of the United States, eventually. I’ve been worried for awhile that he has been working on his last contract so yesterday’s news was rough to hear. Thank God he released that statement and I can relax until things are settled. DAYS has been making great decision after great decision. I was really nervous because if Lucas is coming back in May there is no way they want to have Lucas, EJ, Rafe, and Austin on the canvas at the same time. DAYS isn’t Y&R. They usually stick to a core of maybe 4 or 5 stories at a time…not 30. I could live without Austin or Rafe. I’ll be happy to have Lucas back, but not at EJ’s expense!

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    Alstonboy, that line’s forming behind me!! :love: :bigsmile:

    But on a serious note, I hope he and NBC can work it out, say what you want about EJ, but James has made him relevant, and it would be a huge lose for Days!!

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    Although I got tired of the EJ SHOW, I think he is an important part of Days and to its future. I sure don’t want to lose him. He was way overused in the last administration though. He was on nearly every ep for years. That is too much of anyone. Glad to hear he wants to work on it!

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    I can see why he has a strong fan base, I didn’t the see as much of the past regimes shows but enough to know Higley and familiar with her god awful writing and in fresh eyes seeing EJ I understanding the importance of him on canvas. First full week down and ready for Monday. This has been a pleasure to watch this past week, to lose a another soap and then the recovery period and it was nice to SEE another long time soap STEP to the plate and not play around to change its course. Days could be the news of next year climbing in ratings because the belief is back in the show. It’s coming across beautifully on our TV screens….Go DOOL!

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    I hope he can stay on the show. He’s one of the reasons i’ve started watching the show again, the others are they’re bringing back the old core characters they use to have & the same actors who played them before & i hope they do them justice this time around & it’s not a gimmick to get us back only to not use them in relevant stories but have them standing around backing up others in the stories.

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    GHdoolFan Where did you hear that Lucas is coming back in May? I love James Scott but I don’t always love EJ but if the show is actually going to try to redeem EJ then I might be happy if he stays. I personally like him with Nicole out of everyone they have put him with. Sami is just not a good fit for EJ and I know a lot of EJAMI fans will not agree. I do like Sami too but I think she fits better with Rafe or Lucas. Nicole and EJ are similar people so they feed off eachother. If he does stay, and I think he will, I hope they do some great stuff with him and Nicole. Maybe Dr Baker stole their baby and she really didn’t die like he said. They could go on the search for her together. Nicole deserves to have a baby too.

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    days4ever – Marlene McPherson tweeted “May 2012 – LH.” on her official twitter page, then deleted it about an hour later after fans started going crazy. So the consensus is that Lucas will be back around then. Right before then she replied to a few other questions about Lucas and said “stay tuned” and “we love Lucas too” I don’t think there is any way to have Lucas, Austin, Rafe, and EJ all on the canvas.

    I do agree with you that EJ and Sami are way overrated and I don’t like them together at all. Sami should be with Lucas. I can’t stand Rafe with anyone so I’m hoping he’s the one to go when the time comes for someone to be cut. Austin has a very short lifespan, in my opinion. I don’t think he’ll be around much longer but he does get along great with the head writers and a lot of the cast.

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