Blasts From Pine Valley’s Past: 10 Characters to Bring Back For All My Children 2.0


Which All My Children cast members will sign on for Prospect Park's continuation of the series? That seems to be the question on the lips of most soap fans and TV journos these days. While a good portion of the One Life to Live cast has agreed to continue with that series, only Cameron Mathison and Lindsay Hartley have signed pacts to continue on as con artist-turned-father-of-the-year Ryan Lavery and Martin-marrying Latina medico Cara Castillo, respectively.

As we hold out hope that such popular AMC stars as Michael E. Knight (Tad), Cady McClain (Dixie) Alicia Minshew (Kendall), Thorsten Kaye (Zach),  Darnell Williams (Jesse), Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), Bobbie Eakes (Krystal), Jill Larson (Opal), David Canary (Adam/Stuart), Vincent Irizarry (David),  Walt Willey (Jack), Julia Barr (Brooke), Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake), Chrishell Stause (Amanda) and of course Susan Lucci (Erica Kane) will eventually sign on with the show, the clock she is a ticking!

With only three and a half months before the scheduled relaunch of All My Children, this show needs to book more than two stars, and fast. I think it would be smart for Prospect Park to reach back into AMC's storied, 41-year history on ABC to find other characters and/or stars to consider bringing back, as negotiations with the most recent Mouse House cast continues. Here are 10 (or so) past Pine Valley dwellers I'd love to see make a return visit!



10.) Hayley and Mateo's son Lorenzo Santos wants to spice up Pine Valley

With Jacob Young already back on the soap where he got his start, The Bold and the Beautiful, Prospect Park's version of All My Children will likely begin missing a Chandler (That is, unless they decide to recast!). Why not bring on Adam Chandler's (David Canary) grandson Lorenzo Santos, son of Hayley and Mateo (Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos), to fill the void?

Former General Hospital villain Ignacio Sericchio would be a nice addition to Pine Valley, as a now 20-something Enzo returns to reopen his parents' salsa club SOS to compete with ConFusion. Or perhaps he takes a position at Chandler Enterprises? Enzo's scheming aunt Skye (Robin Christopher) could also pop back up in town to do battle with him from time to time!

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    I love all the suggestions, Jamey!!! Because in order to get interest you have to mix it up, but also bring back core characters.

    How about bringing Tom and Livia’s son, Jamal as well, they can bring back whoever played him last time (forgot his name because he’s only back for five seconds).

    I like the idea of bringing back Laura Kirk as well, maybe Erin Hershey or maybe Heidi Meuller.

    We never saw any of Jesse’s family so how about Victoria Rowell as Jesse’s long lost sister.

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    Excellent List Jamey! I am always screaming for the show to revive the Cortlandt clan. Mrs. A, you took the words right out of my mouth with Bobby Warner! I second Bradley Cole, he resembles Peter Bergman a lot! I would add the following:

    (1)Maddie Grey – Daughter of Edmund and Maria. Young, lonely, and enraged, she heads back to Pine Valley to make the Lavery family pay for allowing Jonathan to kill her father. Of course, nobody will know it’s her right away. This could also be a way to get Eva Larue back for a few episodes. Not sure who they could get to play her though.

    (2)Jacob Foster – With Angie possibly gone, there is no need to have Jesse around. However to keep the talented Darnell Williams in town, Jacob Foster(who looks almost identical to Jesse)could come back to Pine Valley after researching his origins. Sadly, Angela is gone, but he thinks someone in Pine Valley might know who his real parents are. I would retcon it so that he is indeed Jesse’s biological twin brother. I would also have him become involved with Liza romantically. How crazy for Liza to have a relationship with a man who looks just like Jesse? Yes, it’s a bit “eew”, but could also be hot.

    (3)The Roxbury Clan – Remember that rich Black family The Roxbury’s? Well how about they come back to town looking to bring a rival cosmetics company to Pine Valley? Taylor Roxbury Cannon(Sherri Shaum), Vivian Roxbury(Anne Marie Johnson or Valerie Pettiford from Half-n-Half), They can create a patriarch and maybe a male child…some hunky guy. The Roxbury clan is trying to take Pine Valley by storm, but many of the residents don’t like it one bit! If the show can get Susan Lucci(Erica) back and recast Kendall, it can be the Kane’s Vs. The Roxbury’s.

    ^those are my picks

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    Great suggestions and I hope that some of them come true. They need to work with Broderick and Nixon as writers and get their thoughts on who they can write for. They need to do this stuff fast though. We need more Cortlands and Chandlers for sure. Pete Cortland and Bobby Warner should be back. They are going to need more female characters though too so Kelsey should come back with a recast because I am sorry but the other actress was so boring. I love the idea of maybe Nina and Cliff coming back and I totally want Robert Newman in the role. I think Liza should be recast with Catherine Hickland.
    I would rather see Angie in a coma or something and maybe she was the one who got shot. Then after her role on Y&R doesn’t work out then she can come back. Mimi would be a good one to keep him busy though.

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    I think the return of Nina and Cliff (played by original Nina and recast Bradley Cole) would be GREAT! I also think Mimi Frye as a love interest for Jesse would be great or even that female cop Taylor (NO not Beth E’s Taylor– there was a spoiled rough around the edges cop named Taylor back in the day -right?) I also agree that a Petey & Kelsey recast would be great! Here’s some others who I think REALLY NEED TO RETURN:

    Here’s my list of returns I would like to see on the web:

    1. Booby Warner– WIth Jacob Young going to B&B – why not wriet JR out and bring back Bobby. Bobby could fill the void of the A-hole young businessman. Taking on Scott Chandler and vowing to take his grandfather’s company back. Bobby coudl toy with Madison (as a way to hurt Scott) but really have his eyes set on Cara. And his toying with Madison could really mess with her head and take her back to the insecure DA wife days! Brian Gasskill could play the bad boy right? If not – what about Forbes March????

    2. Laura Kirk—- I think that with the show restarting a life on the web- it needs to pay homage and restart some of the relationships that we all loved and miss. ERICA vs BROOKE has always been a beloved feud. I think they could switch it up a bit– have Laura as the self absorebed man loving diva and Bianca as the calm voice of reason. I would love to see Lauren Woodland, Vail Bloom or Erin Hershey in this role. I want to see Laura as such a wicked Bitch- who is hurtful, outspoken and self centered. Laura could come to town as the wife of a minister- who is against gays raising children– and really bash Bianca and Marissa. She could be having numerous affairs and her husband is clueless to this fact and the evil streak in his wife.

    3. BROOKE ENGLISH- they need to work out a deal with Julia Barr. And have Brooke take on the Mona role with the revamped Laura!

    4. Ross & Julie Chandler—- I am so surprised these two characters have not been recast and brought back to the show. They share such deep history with current characters. They should have never made the role of Caleb– but rather recast Ross. Ross Chandler the son of Palmer and nephew of Adam. He raped Amanda’s aunt. Have him come back to town and wants control of Chandler or Cortlandt. When Scott & Boby refuse to give over shares of their companies- Ross decides to play both sides of the fence- underminding both companies in hopes that one of the young men will turn to him to help regain their standing as a world leader. Maybe Ron Raines or Robert Newman could play Ross?
    Ross brings to town his spit fire of a daughter- attorney Julie Chandler. Julie – is the daughter of Erica’s borther Mark but adopted by Ross. Especially if Alicia M only signs on recurring– they need to have another Kane woman on canvas in a more leading role. I always thought Charles Pratt was lazy making Jamie Luner Liza (who attended law school while on the run with Colby)– when Jamie would have made the perfect Julie– who when last seen on screen was leaving for law school! Julie could be played by PORT CHARLES ALUM: Marie WIlson or Lisa Ann Hadley

    Having said that I would like to see Caleb, Asher and Liza not return to the web series of AMC.

    And this goes without saying– but will say it anyway– I WANT LUCCI BACK BIG TIME!! She is AMC

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    days4ever– I agree– I think Angie should have been hit by JR’s bullet- causing her to fall into a coma. JR gets hauled off to jail. I think the hsow should stay true to date and start as if 4 months had passed since the shooting. And YES Catherine Hickland OR Beth Chamberlain would make a great Liza– they are sexy like Jame L but the age range of Marcy W– get combo of the two women.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @ Angierblackerman @ Jamey: When it comes to Taylor why not call up Ingrid Rogers and bring her back in the role she originated. She played the perfect Bitch. Vivian would be great as played by either actress. But here is the problem. Agnes never liked the character and didn’t approve of Taylor being brought on the show in the first place. When asked about “white” Taylor she said that she felt the same way she did about the last one. So I don’t think that would happen.

    What they could do is bring back the popular Keith Hamilton Cobb as Noah Keefer in another case of a faked death. But in this case have Mimi find him with amnesia, so she allows him to live with her while he recovers.

    I would then create a Noah/Mimi/Jesse triangle. And bring Julia to PV so we could do it like in the tradition of soaps with all the near misses between Noah and Julia and then Noah seeing Julia but she not noticing him and having Noah become curious about this woman whom he doesn’t understand why he is drawn to her but keeps his distance.

    Have Julia always trounced with memories and flashbacks of her life with Noah. Not understanding why when he secretly is near or she is near him that she feels his presence. Then lead up to a wonderful reunion when they come face to face and his memories come flooding back.

    At the same time Mimi could have been drawn to Noah and they were slowly developing a relationship as she worked to help him get his memories back and figure out who he is and what happened to him, while she kept him hidden (per his request) in her home.

    Also you have Jamey’s idea of getting Mimi and Jesse together with the investigation of PVPD. So while Mimi is playing self-righteous Internal Affairs Investigator she is also showing her softer side with Noah and beginning to let her guard down with Jesse. Lets not forget that Mimi would have a lot on her plate mentally since the last man she was engaged too was Garrett Williams (Lammon Rucker) who turned out to be the head of some dragon mob and was trying to recruit her daughter Danielle. So she would be taking it slow with men and have her guards way up, which can add to her holier then thou attitude toward Jesse. Because she feels that as a women she is being judged by senior male members of IA who believe she is not up for the job because of the last time where she allowed her womanly emotions of love to get her caught up with the axis of evil. So she would have a lot to prove.

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    1) Bobby Warner- He is Palmer’s grandson and I believe they should have brought him back when his grandfather Palmer died but yet they brought back his mother, if anything with Bobby back in town, he can be a new love interest for Madison causing a Cortlandt/Chandler rivalry once again but with the next generation being Bobby vs. Scott and having them fight over the same woman, or Bobby can be a love interest for Cara. As for a casting choice for Bobby I would say bring back Gaskill as Bobby Warner.

    2) Sam Grey- Maria’s adoptive son, Palmer’s great-grandson and Tad’s great-nephew, Sam with him back in town he can be a new love interest for Colby Chandler causing a Cortlandt/Chandler rivalry but Sam is also a Martin too considering his biological mother is Tad and Jake’s niece. A good re-cast for Sam Grey would be Billy Magnussen

    3) Nina Warner- I agree she is needed most definitely, and especially with her to help her cousin Caleb run Cortlandt, and Nina she can be a love interest for Jackson Montgomery

    4) Aiden Devane- He is much needed in Pine Valley also and he can be a new love interest for let’s say Cara or reunite him with this woman who I am about to talk about now…

    5) Anita Santos- Maria’s youngest sister, I believe she was Aiden’s best pairing and if they were to bring her back now, Anita they can pair her with either Aiden, Scott, Bobby, or with any other man

    6) Mimi Frye- For the exact same reasons

    7) Danielle Frye & Reggie Montgomery- They can bring them back as a couple and Reggie is Jackson’s son, he is Greenlee’s half-brother and he is Bianca’s cousin, and they can always bring up the fact how they stayed together despite going their separate ways and they are back because they are here to tell Jack and the rest of the family that they are getting married and that Danielle is pregnant.

    8) Enzo Santos- I would bring him back for the same reasons you would want him back as he is a Chandler Adam’s grandson and I would want to see him work at Chandler alongside his uncle J.R. and his cousin Scott

    9) Molly Montgomery- She is Bianca’s half-sister and Travis’ other daughter, and she is Sean’s sister, and Jack’s niece and we haven’t seen her as an adult, and she would be a great love interest for Asher.

    10) Josh Madden- It turns out that David has yet another patient with Project Orpheus but it is a patient that no one knows about except for David, and when everybody finds out it’s Josh, Erica & her family would definitely want to kill David because Josh is dead and they miss him so much but with Josh back, he would have his second chance at life.

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    Hmm, not a bad list. I always thought AMC 2.0 should go in an entirely different direction cast wise when it starts again online, this is a good opportunity if most of the cast chooses to move on.

    [quote]10) Josh Madden[/quote]

    I can’t see Josh ever being mentioned again if Mrs. Nixon and Lorraine Broderick are closely involved with the new incarnation of AMC. Thank goodness.

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    Trevor Donavan as JR Chandler
    Jason Gerhardt (Cooper Barrett, GH) as Mickey Warner
    Jon Driscoll (Chance, Y&R) as Jamie Martin
    Nadia Bjorlin as daughter of Julie Chandler and Nico Kelly?
    Daniel Kennedy as Peter Cortlandt
    Brianne Moncrief as Colby Chandler

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    Some very inspired choices by you Jamey and fellow posters. Most I am most familiar with. One (Emily Ann) that I don’t remember very well.

    I get the feeling this is gonna be on AN and LB agenda to bring back past characters considering Tad’s “farewell” speech alluded to those who have been gone making their way back.

    I also never understood why they never brought TC Warner back as she was always great as Kelsey. She always reminded me alot of Brooke for some reason.

    And I liked Chris Lawford as Charlie. But then, he’s the only one I remember watching.

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    And people are throwing out some names and clan’s I have not even thought about in years. The Roxbury clan is definitely one I wouldn’t mind seeing in some form again.

    And if they were to ever recast Cliff, my vote goes to Bradley Cole. That man was fabulous on GL

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    If Susan Lucci does not sign on the show needs some deep roots. You mentioned her name two times in the top ten list and yet didn’t think to add her to the list. Tara. Specifically as played by Nancy Frangione. Toughen the character up a little to make her less sweet. Give her a little edge. Nancy is one of daytimes strongest actors ever and hasn’t been used in years. She killed it everytime she was on screen on Another World as Cecille. This show is gonna need a flag post and who better than it’s first young love female? She is now in the matriarch position in life. Nancy F would give you the tent pole to hold the whole show up. She will also give you some emmys with good material. Or whatever kind of awards the show would be eligible for. And even if Susan signs, all the better than a former rival of hers is in town. They could have a great time cat fighting. Especially if there was a love match between Tara’s son and Kendal……

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    For JR Chandler I would re-cast that role and bring in Greg Vaughan as a re-cast JR

    I at least agree with you on Jason Gerhardt as Mickey Warner, that is a really great casting choice for Mickey

    Jon Driscoll as Jamie Martin, I honestly never thought about that, really, but now that I think about it, he would make an awesome Jamie re-cast

    As Colby Chandler I would re-cast her with Brianne Moncrief too

    As for Pete Cortlandt Palmer & Opal’s son I would re-cast him with Mark Hapka who played Nathan Horton on Days of Our Lives to play Petey as a re-cast

    Nadia Bjorlin as a daughter of Julie Chandler & Nico Kelly, I definitely agree with that. Her character would be Erica’s great-niece and also Kendall & Bianca’s cousin as well since Julie Chandler is the biological niece of Erica since Julie’s biological father is Mark Dalton and Mark is Erica’s half-brother, and Julie is Ross Chandler’s adopted daughter and Palmer’s granddaughter. Which means Nadia’s character would be Ross’ granddaughter and Palmer’s great-granddaughter, and Nadia’s character would be Adam’s great-great-niece.

    With Nadia’s character with her as Nico Kelly’s daughter with Julie Chandler, she can be a love interest for Griffin should they keep him around

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    EJ Bonilla as Enzo Santos and build a teen scene around him, sent to PV to be disciplined by Adam and Adam puts all his new hope/expectations for the future of the family on Enzo!

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    Erica Kane
    Nina Cortlandt
    Liza Colby
    Annie Novak-Chandler
    Colby Chandler
    Cara Castillo
    Bianca Montgomery(E. REIGEL)
    Reese Williams


    Jeff Martin
    Tad Martin
    JR Chandler
    Ryan Lavery
    Petey Cortlandt
    Frankie Hubbard

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    Enjoyable read..

    Kudos on the Tom Kudahy mention, but not sure it would be the same if Brooke werent also brought back to continue the triangle.

    I think the guy that played Maggie’s newphew Nick on DOOL would be great as Petey.

    Charlie should only be brought back if Charles Lawson is willing to play the part.

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    [quote=Terry_Gyimah]For JR Chandler I would re-cast that role and bring in Greg Vaughan as a re-cast JR

    I at least agree with you on Jason Gerhardt as Mickey Warner, that is a really great casting choice for Mickey

    Jon Driscoll as Jamie Martin, I honestly never thought about that, really, but now that I think about it, he would make an awesome Jamie re-cast

    As Colby Chandler I would re-cast her with Brianne Moncrief too

    As for Pete Cortlandt Palmer & Opal’s son I would re-cast him with Mark Hapka who played Nathan Horton on Days of Our Lives to play Petey as a re-cast

    Nadia Bjorlin as a daughter of Julie Chandler & Nico Kelly, I definitely agree with that. Her character would be Erica’s great-niece and also Kendall & Bianca’s cousin as well since Julie Chandler is the biological niece of Erica since Julie’s biological father is Mark Dalton and Mark is Erica’s half-brother, and Julie is Ross Chandler’s adopted daughter and Palmer’s granddaughter. Which means Nadia’s character would be Ross’ granddaughter and Palmer’s great-granddaughter, and Nadia’s character would be Adam’s great-great-niece.

    With Nadia’s character with her as Nico Kelly’s daughter with Julie Chandler, she can be a love interest for Griffin should they keep him around[/quote]

    With Greg Vaughan as a re-cast J.R., he can be a new love interest for Anita Santos

    As for Jamie Jon Driscoll’s character, he is going to need a love interest, maybe put him with Cara or even put him with Nadia Bjorlin’s character

    Colby Brianne Moncrief I would put her with Petey “Pete” Cortlandt

    And as for Nadia’s character Julie Chandler & Nico Kelly’s daughter I would put her with Jamie

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    Angie Lucy

    If they do bring Hayley and Mateo’s son, can they please call him Lorenzo? He’s the only Santos I care to see (unless they resurrect both Julia and Noah).

    Yes to Nina, Cliff, and Bobby Warner. I wouldn’t mind a recast Charlie Brent. I can take or leave Kelsey.

    Reggie Montgomery and Petey Cortlandt should return from whatever attic Bobby Martin has them locked in.

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    I had a they brought back Tara Martin via Colleen Zink Pinter and Kelsey via Erin Hershey. Those two could come to town just to mess with the Kane women. I would love for them to write a story where Tara looks at her life and realizes she could have had the fame and fortune of Erica Kane, but always played it safe while Erica took risks and kept her eye on the prize. Now Tara decides she isnt going to play it safe anymore – she is going back to PV and try to live life on the edge. She shares her story with Kelsey- who looks at the success of Bianca and Kendell and is jealous. She drives her mother’s false ambitions- as she thinks she deserves life on a silver platter for all the hardships she has gone through in her life.
    They bring on Brian G to play Bobby again– and we all know Kelsey and Bobby share a past– and Brian and Erin were on Fire on PC- so they would totally work on AMC

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    I’ve always thought that one of the writing blunders that AMC made was not having Phoebe’s third generation story. Linc and Amy Tyler were great characters of a particular era. Amy Tyler was a 70’s staple, the blonde rich neurotic daughter whose anxiety was culled by the love of Paul Martin, a stable grounded guy. However, Amy died and Linc left town before having kids, so there’s nobody to bring back from that lineage. Sure Hillary and Cecily were honorary Tylers, but they lacked the complexity that came from being raised by Phoebe in her loveless marriage to Charles.

    That being said, my wish is for a AMC reboot. Reuse the original scripts, recast the original parts, and use current AMC actors in classic roles. Lindsay Hartley would make an amazing Ann Tyler and Cameron Mathison might fit better into hero like Paul Martin (BTW does anyone even remember that Joe and Ruth Martin had siblings?)

    I know its a pipe dream, but a guy can wish…

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    Erin Hershey Presley as Kelsey Jefferson
    Brian Gaskill as Bobby Warner (he played him before)

    These two were a super couple on Port Charles and could be magic for AMC again. I didn’t care for the actress who played Kelsey before (no offense) but Erin is such a great actress and she is missed on soaps.

    Jon Hensley as Charlie Brent
    Martha Byrne as Julie Chandler
    Rosa Nevin as Cecily Davidson Brent

    Julie could come back to Pine Valley and divorced from Nico Kelly. Then Charlie and Cecily come back to town as well and Charlie runs into Julie and sparks fly. This would be a great triangle for AMC with 3 great characters and actors in the roles.

    Forbes March as JR Chandler
    Brian Presley as Jamie Martin
    Tammin Sursok as Molly Montgomery

    The show needs to have JR as the head of the Chandler family since Adam won’t be around. Forbes March is an outstanding actor and he played Scott Chandler for about a year but now Daniel Cosgrove is back as Scott so why not have Forbes play his cousin JR.
    Brian Presley is Erin Hershey Presley’s husband and a great actor from Port Charles as well (and very handsome).
    I don’t even know who used to play Molly but she would be a great character to bring in so Bianca could have another sister and she could be paired with Jamie or JR. Tammin Sursok from Y&R (Colleen) would be a great addition.

    Eden Riegel as Bianca Montgomery
    Tamara Braun as Reese Williams

    Not that I don’t like Christina Bennett Lind but Eden will always be Bianca to me and if she is available she would be much better in the role. Reese should come back and try to get Bianca back. Marissa can still be in the picture and it would be the first lesbian triangle on a soap. Keep Sarah Glendening as Marissa because she is awesome.

    Bradley Cole as Cliff Warner
    Beth Chamberlin as Nina Cortland Warner (if Taylor Miller won’t come back)

    Cliff and Nina were one of the best super couples from AMC ever and they should be on the show to help represent the Cortland family since Palmer past away.

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