The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Are Liam and Steffy Gonna Say I Do?

Steffy: The Forrester vixen gets help from Bill to keep Hope away from Liam.

Katie: Mrs. Spencer is pissed by Bill and Justin's attempts to derail Hope from being with Liam. Katie grills Bill on why he wants Steffy to marry Liam.

Rick/Hope:  Big brother Rick rides to Hope's rescue, when her ski gondola is stuck in the air. Rock attempts to get a message to Liam.

Eric/Stephanie:  La Forrester gets great news about the latest test she has done. Eric is over the moon with the news and is hoping he and his lady love can get their freaky sneaky on.  Things are a bust for Eric. He gives Stephanie a gift that doesn't amuse her at all and shuts him down.

Ridge/Brooke: The lovebirds are at odds with the drama surrounding Steffy/Liam/Hope.

Rick: He gets clued in on Thorn and Taylor going against Ridge. Brooke will be placed smack in the middle of a feud between Ridge and Rick. Meanwhile, Amber learns Rick is back in town and starts to take a trip down memory lane.

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    You mean to tell me that Brad Bell is hinting that Stephanie and Eric are still doing it!? Always thought Eric had Brooke, Sheila, Lauren, Jackie and Donna for that for the last twenty years. ;)

    This Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle is beyond ridiculous and so is how many of the adults get involved in it. And of course Brooke and Ridge have their different opinions about it too. What else is new…!?

    Brad Bell should get Sean Kanan back and finally give the character of Hope a little medicine of her own great history. It’s about time that Hope gets to know her father – AND stops calling Ridge “Daddy”… -.-

    The only thing I’m excited for in the moment is that Jacob Young is back as Rick and how they are going to play the history between Amber and Rick.
    Otherwise, Brad always lets Rick lose against Ridge. His mother tries to stay by his side, then Rick does something stupid to cover a scheme against Ridge … and Ridge wins. I’m hoping with a different outcome this time, but we all know by now Brad does these things over and over again … and in the end it’s always Brooke and Ridge that have to be destined to be together. *sleep*

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