Will Franco Crash JaSam’s Honeymoon on GH?

Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) may have safely tied the knot without their wedding blowing up, but what will happen on their honeymoon? Will Franco (James Franco) do something to ruin the honeymoon of the man he’s obsessed with?  Watch this week’s General Hospital promo after the jump!

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    If the rumors I’m hearing about what Franco is going to do to Sam, I will not be a happy camper…we’ve had way too many of those stories on gh already. I think Guza is Garin’s ghostwriter.

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    I’m bored already. Have they not learned from all the other times that Franco has been on GH that he does nothing to boost the ratings? There is no point and it always involves the same handful of over-played characters.

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    WHYYYYY for the love of God do they keep asking him back??? I swear this show must be asking to get cancelled! I saw some promise over the summer, briefly, but it seems we are back to where we were before…

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    I don’t think Franco brings anything needed to this show. We’ve already got Crazy drug lord Papa Z running around loose, Greasy Lisa twitching her way back for some more of her brand of rabid bitchiness, and Helena running around Wyndemere conjuring up yet another Cassadine mystery… we don’t need anymore crazy in PC.

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    Franco is a cult actor who has starred in a supporting role in a few hit movies. How many people went to see him in Howl – the movie was a flop. Why they keep pushing this guy like he’s some super A list Brad Pitt I won’t understand. Hell Jennifer Aniston would probably be more popular than this guy. And to top that they waste him on Jason. Franco does ooz sex appeal but you won’t even see that on GH EVER.

    Why does he keep returning? Its because JFP thinks he’s cool and makes GH relevent and hip. ALl he does is drag the show down and makes GH look even more ridiculous than it is.

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    Ugh. Why didn’t GH make this guy Valentin Cassadine? Dark. Dangerous. Wealthy. Sexy. Valentin could have put the moves on the women of Port Charles while all of the men wanted to kill him.

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    This is sad. GH is going the way of Y&R to me…as in I’m about to stop watching. It is SO boring. I understand using Franco and having him come back, but this show is just so bland. There’s absolutely nothing happening. The Wyndemere stuff is the only thing that even intrigues me and I can tell that is so backburner I can miss a month and won’t miss a damn thing in that storyline.

    The Franco/Sam rumor may be going a little too far. I long for Guza. That’s bad…at least Guza was always exciting. Garin Wolf humored everyone with a couple weeks/episodes of ELQ, Quartermaines, Cassadines, Alexis, etc. It was just that, though. They have no role in his vision of GH. His vision is terrible and boring. They’re bringing in so many new useless characters and making formerly exciting characters so boring.

    Its crazy to think that a couple of months ago I was watching 5 soaps on a daily/weekly basis. AMC is gone, for now. I had to stop watching Y&R because it has gotten so bad. GH is done for me until I see or hear something that excites me enough to tune back in. DAYS and OLTL are all that I have left right now! They’re both great though.

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    I have never really understood the facination with Franco, the character or the actor. I don’t know much about James Franco’s resume, but his stint as some nutjob with a homoerotic facination with Jason does absolutely nothing for me. ITA, we have enough crazy with Papa crazy and now Dr. Lisa, crazyMD.

    I keep waiting for the upcoming stories to take shape, and unless I am missing something, nothing is really jelling.

    Btw, can anyone tell me how much longer we have to wait for Matt and Maxie to break up? It’s sooo obvious.

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    James Franco is a healthy helping of sexiness, quirkiness, geekiness and weirdness, all rolled up into a very attractive package. He’s educated, versatile and humble. What’s not to love?

    GH is lucky to have him, but I do feel like Garin Wolf and JFP need to either urinate or get off the pot when it comes to many of this storyline……um, choices. GH is definitely improved, but at times it seems to be sputtering alone aloofly with no real sense of direction.

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    Why do they insist on Franco only being tied to Jason’s storyline every time he comes why? Hello he flopped not once, not twice but three times…

    But do they do anything different?


    Tell me again why Gagin is so great? He’s does the exact shit Guza did GH is still in training mode to accept their failures this is the only show I know that keeps doing the same failures over and over this is such a sad show… Let me guess… he kidnaps Sam (again).

    I’m a huge Franco fan so he’s only allowed to pimp and prop bullshit angst for vanilla Jason and Sam Frons “It” couple cuz that’s all they’re gonna get is some badder guy to make the criminals look good. I see Jason is still coddled as the killer with a heart of gold that everyone dives under the bus to take it without lube for.

    Franco is a H-wood hottie (IMO) who was nominated for an academy award despite his cult movie status I’vce always liked him since Jimmy Dean and think he’s cute he can be sultry for “me.” Not in this crap but he can be sexy when he wants to be e.g. with Maxie.

    GH should have done more than just chasin Jaysin; Guza screwed up by making him way too dark (James Franco requested to play a dark character) however he shouldn’t have been a friggin serial killer chasing the boringest dude on the canvas.. Many of his fans (women)I post with wanted see his cute butt with his shirt off banging some chicks they made him a misogynistic asexual a-hole.

    I’ll take another pass. Zzzzzzz


    IA Liasion4real

    Yep he would have made a great Valentin (although I am a Matt Borlenghi fan the actor they cast for the role) he still could have been an artist and all that with pretty much the same backstory.

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    This is more of the same old same old. Where is the improvement? We still have Carly, Sonny, Jason, and Sam eating the show and doing the same old crap they have been doing for years. Franco is just more Jason love. There is no potential for good story unless they surprise me and kill Jason ans Sam. I would like Franco to kill Carly and Sonny after that.

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    I don’t pretend to know how “guest” contracts are worked out between parties. I get the feeling this latest visit from JF/Franco(I refer to him as “The Pest”), was initialed at the end of his first(and I believe only really successful appearance), as a guaranteed gig for as long as Guza was involved. Sure, he isn’t listed as the head writer in the show credits but
    is it possible that JF would only come back if Guza’s “outline” was still being included in the overall breakdown/arc for this couple? That being said, I’ve posted previously that while the man is a talent, at this point I’m tired of his characters’ shenanigans. Let KM and SBu do their story (difficult pregnancy or whatever), and let them do it on their merits without the “help” of an “outsider”. There are more than enough talented people in the GH stable who aren’t being used to fill out the canvas around them in this instance… 0:)

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