James Scott Re-Ups With Days Of Our Lives!


The prayer vigils can now end. Soap Opera Digest is reporting Days of Our Lives thespian James Scott has inked a new contract. According to the site, Scott struck a deal that will keep him in Salem until 2013. 

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    I’m a new Days viewer and I’m falling in love with his character. I love him and Nicole, they have some fire between them going on with some chemistry. I absolutely falling in love with the actress playing Nicole. Flove those bad soap gurls, she is a good actress. I am loving this reboot and DOOL is now officially my favorite soap. The one problem I’m having with and not liking at all is Kate. I liked her on Y&R many moons ago, but Kate is annoying and those streaks makes her look ridiculous and so silly. I could care less about Kate, wouldn’t be sad in the least if Kate left town. A friend said that Deborah Adair originated the role, I think I would like her so much better, for the short period when DA played Jill on Y&R she was good as Jill and gave Jill more depth aka Jess Walton.

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    Thank goodness, I can breathe again. I love EJ! I also love Kate! She’s supposed to be a bitch and you’re supposed to hate her so if you don’t like her in that way then that’s a good thing. It might take some getting used to for new viewers, but I hope you warm up to her. Lauren Koslow is great and she will make Sarah Brown’s transition to DAYS that much easier. Kate is the Queen Bitch of DAYS and their showdowns should be epic, especially once Sami gets involved.

    Deborah Adair was a good Kate and made much more sense than LK with Patrick Muldoon (LK looks younger or the same age as Muldoon), but the role is definitely Koslow’s now. She owns it.

    I fully expect 1-2 people to be cut in the near future to make room for James Scott’s new salary. My preference would be Rafe, especially if Lucas is really coming back in May. If not maybe Daniel just so I can be sure that he doesn’t turn into Maggie’s child…yuck.

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    harlee44, every word of your post is true.

    Yes on EJ. Yes on Nicole. Yes on Lauren Koslow. As a longtime Days viewer, I can tell you that there are no members in the Reed family I have ever really liked, as played by any actor. I never cared for Kate, Austin, or Billie. That said, Deborah Adair’s Kate was somewhat more sympathetic than Lauren Koslow’s.

    And I know the anti-superficiality police will probably chime in on this. But I will say that Lauren’s cosmetic “procedures” are just way overboard.

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    SoapA…LMAO over your comment LK’s cosmetic “procedures”…sometimes it’s better to age gracefully maybe alittle Botox is ok but it’s way overboard on most soap divas….HT aka Taylor on B&B, I just saw a recent picture of JZ aka Bobbie and it isn’t flattering at all ;)

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    Glad that he signed another contract but too bad its only for a year. I have a feeling that he will most likely not sign again so we will be without our handsome Brit after 2013. I am of course praying that he decides to stay past 2013 too but I know he wants to do other things.

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    Great that they managed to find an agreement so soon after news over his troubling negotiations broke.

    And I agree with “The Moustache” … please put EJ back together with Sami. Of course they have done a lot of crap to one another … but they belong together. Sami should be finished playing house with Rafe. She already seems bored with him. :P

    Also every scene James Scott says “Samantha” with his amazing, sexy, charming accent is orgasmic. :D

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    Happy he is staying. He has promising story ahead with the mayoral race. But I have to say that I much prefer him with Nicole. They are awesome together.

    Lauren Koslow has always looked too young to have kids the ages that she has. I like her as an actor and I liked the original Reeds. In fact one of my favorite stories of all time is “Who Killed Curtis Reed?” from the early 90s.

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    Back in the glory days of this show, there used to be talk of doing a Days spinoff with all those missing Hortons. I wish Days’ ratings would go sky high and encourage Sony to do that… I know it’s only a pipedream, but a guy can dream, can’t he? :)

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    For Whom the Bells Toll

    Agree totally with “SonnySprocket” – EJ has such spark with Nicole and she challenges his character mentally and physically. I find Sam’s character so immature, but maybe the new writers will address this. As for Kate, I am about her age and I love her appearance and her flashy dressing:it is good to see a mature woman comfortable with the way she looks and she expresses herself with her clothes.Good on DOOL’s wardrobe department!!

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    Harlee I have a similar problem with Kate. I would have at some point brought Deborah Adair back as well. Lauren is a very good actress however she has a problem bringing any sympathy for this role. Deborah conversely maybe too sympathetic. However as a mother of six kids, a more maternal version of this character could be called for. The only time I really truly love Kate as played by Lauren is her scenes with Joe Mascalo. Those two have chemistry out the wahoo…. Ok I also like when she is butting heads with Sami or EJ. The problem for me is that she is not very likable. Nor can I fathom that she has given birth that many times. It would mess up her hair. I could picture Deborah coming on and letting us get more sympathy for this character. I could picture her going back to Roman and the two forming a strong pillar for their two families. Lauren’s version is more likely to tear a family apart than to hold one together. She can only manage to be involved with one of her kids at a time. And if none of them are around, she doesn’t even seem to notice.

    As for the actual story! Yeah EJ is staying! He adds so much to the show, it would be a shame to lose him!

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    Marknsprmo, yes thus far the last 2 weeks have been heaven for me personally to watch a soap not SO way over-the-top but more timely in stories and focus on families. The one surprising element is the Jack\Jennifer story. The direction it seems isn’t going the same old route Jen doesn’t believe Jack, and on and on, but they done something different with maybe Jen going to be torn between two men and their love. I like Shawn C. and think Days need to keep him for whomever, he’s a good actor. When was the last time a soap did that type of story-line?? It has been forever having a love story in that vain. Shawn said Jack will pursue Jennifer to win her back in typical Jack fashion which he said is classic Jack|Jennifer romance. Its refreshing instead of enduring the nonsense soaps do now days. I enjoyed LK on Y&R as Lindsay in the ’80s and was familiar with her but not being familiar with her on Days and I just don’t like the character….6 KIDS…Holy crap BATMAN..they need to have her tubes tied!! lol. Deborah Adair can play bitchy because she was a damn good JILL (3 yrs) on Y&R. I was so disappointed when she left and Brenda was back. DA put more feelings (as JW) and heart into JILL. Shawn, said DA was great in the role of Kate and better chemistry with John A and Louise S. LK is suppose to be this high powered business woman and she looks like a glam up ’80s punk rocker. I think EJ\Nicole is HOT, maybe even test the waters with Madison for Mad\EJ\Brady triangle. I know there is quite a lot of support for Sami\EJ which I didn’t see but there is also a lot of negative vibes on EJ\Sami hook-up too, what I have been reading online. So maybe they need to keep the Sami\EJ on the back-burner for awhile then maybe go there again. If the new writers just go there with Sami\EJ again so soon, that’s just rehash of Higley’s work.

    It is so nice to enjoy a soap again for the stories and the writing. I’m entertained completely so far with all :) the stories lining up and being new to DOOL it’s pure joy.

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    Harlee I agree about the Jack/Jen/Daniel thing. They are finally finding something for Daniel that doesn’t make people feel like he is creepy. It is refreshing and rare that a show will do a triangle between three people that are all basically good people. In the past Days has done this a few times. Most notably with Bo/Hope/Billie and Roman/Marlena/John. The show tried to give one person two choices and to see what happens. In one ending Bo and Hope become the couple after a series of events that drew them together. With the other, Marlena actually cheats on Roman with John and gets pregnant. It is hard to totally blame anyone in that situation other than Stephano. Because her emotions were so twisted around that John actually represented both Roman and John in her mind. It will be interesting to see who Jen picks (my guess is long term Jack. their chemistry is way off the charts.)

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    This new Days is one that I have not seen since Tom and Alice were the patriarchs of Salem. Everybody just seems re-energized. The early to middle nineties are regarded by many as a golden age for this show; but all James Reilly did was basically go for shock value.

    This show is rocking. The Dimeras seem a little out-dated now, but I like EJ’s mayoral storyline. I really think they should go for the comedy angle with the Sami in the workplace story. She’s had so much drama surrounding her for the past eighteen years; the character needs to be seen in a new light.

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