Melissa Claire Egan to Reunite With AMC ‘Brother’ on Young and Restless

*Oda Mae Brown Voice* Melissa Claire Egan, you in danger girl! Entertainment Weekly is reporting the All My Children star has landed a contract role with The Young and the Restless. Egan will play Chelsea, a woman who is also linked to Billy's (Billy Miller) arrest in Myanmar. Egan's first episode is slated for Nov. 11. 

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    Great move. I know we dont need anymore newbies or AMC/GH transplants but Melissa and Billy had inappropriate chemistry as brother and sister. Billy has chem with a fruit fly so its not surprising but Im interested to see how this plays. Intriguing to me that Melissa could play Amelias sister – they have similar features even though Melissa is more endowed. My bet is Billy was seeking comfort with a Vikki look a like and Victor hired her to fabricate whatever charges he was thrown in jail for.

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    I agree completely that she should be paired with Adam. They would have crazy chemistry. Adam/Chelsea/Billy triangle? WOW.

    BUT Y&R will screw it up and she’ll be banging Victor and drugging Nikki into another vacation by January. I’m very sad that she chose Y&R. I thought she would have a primetime career. I would have preferred her go to AMC-online or maybe go to DAYS. I can see her having massive chemistry with Billy and Adam, but what are the odds she is written anything worth being there for? *SIGH*

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    The only story Adam has ever had on the show with Muhney has been obsessing over Sharon. I can’t see him changing his mind, unless he uses MCE’s character so that Sharon will remember her place and beg for forgiveness.

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    Enjoy your five minutes of fame girl on Y&R! Because that is all you will get, and I am a big fan of MCE, but let’s be real.

    Why choose Y&R of all shows? Why not B&B as JY is there as well?

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    Oh snap, how the hell did the show manage to get her to go back to a soap?! Maybe she just needed to work? I will watch to see how she does, but I am not optimistic here what with the Genie Francis debacle and hiring Carmine Ragusa.

    But at least MCE will have some friends on set…she’s gonna’need them!

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    I don’t watch the show anymore, but what the hell is with all the WOMEN being cast? GC is overflowing with women and not enough men to keep up. The women on the show are stuck with the same rejects over and over, going back and forth, while the men get new eye candy each month. WTF is up with that? Sexist much?

    Why do I get the feeling horny Hogan Sheffer likes casting these ladies so he has an excuse to go through tons of hot chicks on a daily basis, begging, I mean,”auditioning”, for their “jobs”. Ever since “The Dick Man Sheffer” has come aboard, we’ve been seeing a lot more young, sexy looking women being cast and more rough sex scenes being shown. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out HS is living vicariously through these characters. He’s a chauvinistic douche IRL and so are all the men on the show.

    When was the last time Y&R had a sexy, charming, sane, YOUNG, romantic looking guy being cast for the female part of the audience. Who the hell do these IIC think is mainly watching this show? Every idiot knows soaps are mostly watched by women, so give us something to tune into everyday.

    Y&R needs a major rejuvenation. The women are being written in the 16th century and the men are shown as their masters. It’s no wonder the show is sinking. These morons don’t know how to write for their main demographic.

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    Well do we really need another female on this show? Okay I know these days you don’t come far with logical questions when it comes to Y&R … but seriously.
    It seems like they don’t know what to do with some of the female characters they already have on the show … why bring on new ones?

    I feel sorry for Melissa Claire Egan, because she will be yet just another actress brought on for a stupid plot.

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    [quote=Brenda-OnlyMrsMorgan]Great move. I know we dont need anymore newbies or AMC/GH transplants but Melissa and Billy had inappropriate chemistry as brother and sister.Billy has chem with a fruit fly so its not surprising but Im interested to see how this plays.[/quote] Exactly what I was thinking about her & Billy. I was really hoping before Amelia resigned maybe they’d snag MCE to take over, but oh well. MCE is very similar in that regard(having chemistry with anyone or anything lol) imo. That quality in both of them is why it was sometimes uncomfortable how much chemistry they had while playing siblings. Part of me is really excited seeing as she’s by far one of the best actresses 30 or under in daytime period. The other part is worried, because for all the longer I’ve been watching Y&R, it seems like the HW lack skill in integrating new characters/recasts(seemingly more so the women for some reason) with the core cast members — no matter the caliber of actor/actress (i.e. Maura West).

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    Annie was one of my favorite characters on “All My Children” but she had no chemistry with Billy Miller over there.

    This will all change in Genoa City.

    As you all have attested, Scott Hamner and Maria Arena Bill are like Shakespeare on Speed when it comes to penning beautiful stories and they will do something fabulous.

    Girlfriends, I can feel it in my bones!!!


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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Jillian you be’s the bearer of bad Y&R We gotta pray to the soap Gods that something can happen to get these hacks fired so that when u get these great castings that they are given material worthy of their talent. Although come to think of it Melissa would have made a good recast for Victoria. That is if you had a good writer.


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    [quote=An_Emmy_For_Julia_Pace_Mitchell]*** YES, PLEASE — ONE EMMY NOMINATION FOR JULIA PACE MITCHELL ***[/quote]

    Emmy nomination for what?? I know you won’t agree with me, but she is a mediocre actress at best.

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    David! Re:YES PLEASE–A PINK SLIP FOR… Thanks for the laugh! :bigsmile: It was sorely needed given what’s happened in the soap world lately…I guess those who were pink slipped(ER, TR, DMc, and (sorry, I can’t remember the gentleman’s name),Sam), must have freed up some cash to bring MCE on board. All I can say to her is good luck and as with Debi Morgan, check for an escape clause in your contract… 0:)

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    Shakespeare on Speed? Emmy, I hope Maria Bell and Sony are paying you a pretty penny in order to justify you coming on here and making a complete and utter FOOL of yourself. Some of the stuff that comes out of your mouth?


    And furthermore, what kind of “chemistry” was she expected to have with Billy Miller’s character on AMC? They played siblings, for goodness sake! I certainly didn’t expect them to start ripping each other’s clothes off and giving me a porn show. There are laws against that, you know! I am not a fan of Amelia Heinous, so I hope that she does have kick ass onscreen chemistry with Billy Miller so that they can HOPEFULLY keep her around indefinitely and maneuver her into that relationship to shake things up. However, I think they should have brought her on as a Heather recast, even though that character has been basically WORTHLESS since Vail Bloom vacated the premises.

    Let’s just keep it real: The best thing that Melissa Claire Egan can do for her career is keep her stint on Y&R as short and sweet as possible and RUN, not walk, toward greener pastures. Nothing or nobody is safe from Maria Bell’s poisoned pen. And Debbi Morgan better have Prospect Park’s number on speed dial.

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    The Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight over at Y&R continues to fall way short of the target. MCE is a beyond obvious choice for recasting Heather. Unlike, Eden R., she’s proven that she can play someone of shady moral character.

    Do they seriously intend to pick up every AMC player that doesn’t get hired by Prospect Park?

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    Maria is on a kick now with AMC cast, since none of GH’s cast worked to well she’s on her next manic binge-casting for the wrong roles. We have more coming aboard yet with singing mafia family doing Sinatra. We just got Rick, Avery is rather new, Eden, Eddie Mekka, Yolanda, in just what the last 3-4 months? I’ve stopped watching this pile crap for over 2 months. NONE of these actors (many superb) doesn’t excite me as much as EEFING MTS…Nicki is coming home to whip some bitches in place!! :)

    MCE should of been a recast of Victoria…perfect role for her to show off her talent.

    Sony needs to look inside of Y&R’s soul and see it’s ratings loss is because its cancerous and the cancer are MAB, HS, SH…and the rest of the writing team.

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    david46208 … your antithesis JPM take is amusing.

    I’m not sure she really deserves Pink Slip consideration but the Emmy campaign from a/some certain poster[s] has gotten rather annoying …

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    Oh boy, this must be Jill’s new daughter! Billy’s twin sister, the one crazy Ashley stole at birth. LOL Jill needs something to do. What is she going to do once Tristan is gone?

    A new romance with Victor perhaps?

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