Nancy Lee Grahn Speaks Out on Lexi Ainsworth’s GH Departure

Nancy Lee Grahn let her feelings be known on Twitter about TV daughter Lexi Ainsworth being fired at General Hospital. Grahn stated:

It is no secret how much I love Lexi, and how talented I think she is. It will also come as no surprise that I am sad about her leaving… and yes, tears were shed.

Very often things out of our control turn out to be the most perfect orchestration of circumstances that lead to even better experiences, that shape our lives in profound ways. As much as I will miss Lexi, I believe this will end up being a blessing for her. At 19, there are endless acting opportunities, and now she is free to pursue them. My TV baby is a beautiful, classy young woman with a fantastically, supportive family, and a bright, bright future. I'm so excited for her.


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    Classy responses from both of these beautiful and talented women. My heart is heavy at the thought of losing LA to say nothing of the shabby treatment of NLG’s Alexis and her Davis girls. What started out as bright promise from GW’s pen has dissolved into dismay and disappointment. Much love and good fortune to LA… 0:)

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    NLG is really sweet. And yeah, Lexi can do it out there. She will be fine. It’s just sad that GH once again didn’t saw what they had in the actress and fired her for a more mature sexier version of Kristina. -.-

    Lexi should be glad she’s out of there and maybe an appearance on an ABC Family show is next!?

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    NLG usually speaks her mind whenever she wants, regardless of the consequences, and I feel like she held back a lot with this statement. Still a classy move to say anything at all. Same with Haley Pullos’ statement. I feel like the Davis family had incredible chemistry and its just been shot to Hell.

    I find myself HOPING that GH will be cancelled, but I think that might be part of ABC’s plan so I really just feel indifferent now. I would be more confident in a good show with good stories if this was in Prospect Parks hands and they hired a completely new headwriter. Garin Wolf is a terrible, terrible writer and couldn’t even lace Bob Guza’s shoes. That’s bad.

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    Lexi Ainsworth is in the prime of her acting life, and I am sure her agent(s) are clamoring for her to move onto primetime and film now, while the “proverbial” iron is hot. With the growing instability of soap opera employment, the soap watcher in me will definitely miss her, but the logical, business-minded side of me says that this is the perfect time for her to jump ship.

    Besides, GH still has a long way to go before it’s “must-see TV” again.

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    I can’t believe I’m saying this, as I NEVER think GH does the right thing, and ratings prove it, but this time they did. They either needed to keep Kristina in the teen scene (of which they don’t have) or recast her if they wanted her to be taken serious as an ingenue with older actors.

    She simply looks TOO young. That’s is a great thing in life, but not such a great thing when the soap you’re on wants to pair you with actors who look their age.

    I LOATHE all of the Davis Girls. One is worse than the next, but any person losing their job in this economy sucks. I hope LA lands on her feet, and find a role more suitable to her very fortunate asset of looking very young and youthful.

    GW is as sexist and narrow minded as Guza. His love for all things Jason and his ride or die skank is actually worse than Guza if that was at all possible. So the show has a year at the most. So LA probably is lucky she got off this sinking mess when she did.

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