Will Hope Get to Liam in Time on B&B?

Will Hope (Kim Matula) make it to Liam and stop Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) from getting her hooks in Liam (Scott Clifton) or will she be too late? Watch this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful promo after the jump!

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    The storyline is stupid one it was much to quick of a jump from his daddy I might could have bought a slower build but come on the same day this dummy gets dumped by Bill she starts on his son? For weeks she’s been browbeating him like a broken record Hope is bad … you oughta be with me.

    Then there is the stupidity of Liam buying into it? I can’t understand why Hope would want him … its a variation of the Taylor/ Ridge / Brooke triangle with all these women written pathetic IMO. So Taylor accepts a ridiculous proposal from Ridge and her daughter does the exact same thing wanting to marry a man who she should realize is rebounding (like her Mom)

    Another sad triangle that the whole cast is involved in Rick is dragged into this nonsense along with Bill.

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    Gosh, what is it about the Bell family that has EVERYONE jumping sharks? So much desperation to tell a good story, but yet so little buildup and rationalization behind much of the storytelling. Brad appears to be letting his sister-in-law rub off on him. What would Bill Bell Sr. say?

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    This storyline is so wrong I cannot even watch it. This could be one reason the show continues in a 30 minute format (actually 19+ minutes with commercials). Steffy is clearly the “neediest” and most unbelievable character – really pathetic!! What I want to know is why did they bring Rick back – up til now he is totally worthless!! I would love to see his character come to life and give Steffy all she deserves!!

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    I do not know where to start with this ridiculous plot, but I understand that you have to keep the viewer interest and make the plot thicken. I felt that if Hope had been honest with Liam in the first place regarding seeing him kissing sluty stephie, then maybe they would still be together today, but now Hope is trying her best to travel and get Liam back, but to no avail sluty stephie has won again. But you know what they always say, “what goes around comes around”. I could not understand the moral of this love story at this point, because if Liam had any love for Hope, why would it be so easy for him to marry stephie, who remind you has been with his father, “YUK” I strongly feel that stephie is a coniving and manipulative, spoiled child who strives to get her way no matter what. You know this will come out and eventually Liam will see all that has went on behind his back with this dumb father and stephie once he return home,I hope this is how the story will play out. I guess we will not know until the soaps gives us our next surprise. The producers made Liam character so vulnerable, and stupid to a point, I can’t believe that in his mind he could not have clue about Hope whatsoever. I hope stephie gets what she deserves in the long run. If I was Hope I would move on with my life and put someone on the soaps for her to love as well. If I was a dude, I would luv to have virgin before a slut like stephie. I think I have vented enough, I will write back tomorrow. I am really piss with this story line. You need to take Bill and put him back on the young & Restless. (and get hime some more jeans to wear) LOL


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    I am so ready to stop watching this soap. I hate it that they had Liam marrying Steffy. She is ugly with that hair cut she has and do not like what you have turned this story line into. Having her go from Bill to Liam is really stupid. What it looks like is that you are keeping her in that family so Bill can see her anytime he wants since she is now married to his son and knows that she cant be with anyone else. A way to keep tabs on her and when he is ready to be with her all he has to do is say the word and she will leave Liam and be with him cause if you remember she stated that she would get back at Bill for him leaving her and would do what ever it takes to get him back. I feel that is why she is using Liam, she doesnt love him she did this to get back at Brooke and the whole Logan family. Anyway dont like this story line anymore. Going to stop watching this soap for awhile. Sorry

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    I have to disagree with the last post. Yes all weddings no matter what kind or setting should be beautiful. But the way this wedding was set up, its not true love, because if it was, then stephie would not have to be so dishonest with Liam in the first place and let him make the decision to marry her with the truth about Hope arriving in aspen,and why would you think that the Liam & stephie are more exciting then Hope & Liam? I feel the producers have not given us the opportunity to show how Liam & Hope could have been exciting as well. But like I say, we all have our opinions. Dont get me wrong I am not lashing out, but I believe in being honest with people. I feel that the producer makes the characters of this show so clueless when they act out their roles and what I mean by this for instance today story, Hope tells Rick about the ride stopping, would that give you a smoke screen that someone wanted you not to get to Liam, I would have open that damn door on that ride and hollered to Liam. I would not have made it that easy for stephie to take my man.I would have waited until they returned back from the ride and still approached no matter how hurt I was. I would still get clarity, and let dummie (Liam) no the deal. I wonder about the Logans, I feel they pick the most simple men to marry. First of all Ridge is caught in the middle of this triangle for both daughters, but it seems like he really doesn’t care that stephie is now seeing Liam, It almost saying “I just want to see stephie happy”, but what about hope? Taylor is another prime example, I cant understand what type of morals she gives her daughter because she know that girl is wrong for getting involved with someone elses man. OK yeah he saved your dumb life, but that was no reason to disrespect hope or brook the way she was doing during the time that Hope was with Liam, Its like stephie was relaying messages and hurtful words to the Logans, and basically Hope should have seen this coming a mile away, with all that stephie has said to her. I bet you next Hope will take hint on how serious stephie was about taking Liam from her. Talk with you guys next time, take care everyone.

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    OMG of course Taylor isnt going to respect Brooke. Here Brooke is castigating steffy for having poor morals and going after a married man…HELLO POT…meet KETTLE. I havent been watching long but didnt brooke slide between eric, ridge and thorne for a long time? Wasnt ridge with caroline and then with taylor while brooke pursued. Didnt katie sleep with nik while nik was married and didnt donna get with eric while he was married? hearing these three rail about how a clearly insecure and damaged young woman like steffy should know better when they dont bothers me to no end.

    I find steffy and liam far more interesting because liam and hopes convos are always the same – how sweet and innocent she is and how much he loves her…its all moopey and same old. Steffy wants to be rescued from all the pain and abandonment shes felt in her life and then at one of her lowest points in her life, having watched her father walk out the door again and then bill breaking his word, here she is about to slip away for good and then liam shows up. I would love to see liam realize that steffy needs him in a way hope never could and see him help her through her issues.The one thing you have to say too for steffy is that everything she said to bill and to liam about their respective relationships has an element of truth to it – Bill begged katie not to walk out on him every time they fought and liam begged hope not to make him an after thought and yet both women continued to ignore the request.

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    The truth will come out to Liam how stephie and bill planned everything. I feel katie was being stupid not to tell Liam about her neice going there to explain things to him. I could not be married to such a a—hole. True there is alot of history between the logans, but the good book says dont do unto to others just because they might have done something to you.
    So this makes both daughters trailing right behind the rest of the history of this sad story. No matter how you cut the cake, it was still wrong for stephie to steal that girls man. Ofcoarse everyone wants to have a wonderful life with someone,but not the way stephie went about getting Liam. Seems desperate to me. You jump from daddy to son. YUK I am not going to go back and forth with how anyone feels on their post, but I will log on every evening to give my input about the everyday soap for B&B.
    If the producers every change things around, I hope some of the fans can handle dissapointment.

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    Of course the truth will come out, thats how soaps work, but then liam has to decide does he want the woman that isnt always totally truthful but will do anything for him or the one that gives up every time the going gets tough. Steffy is a mixed up woman. Hope is a sweet naive girl. Liam is a sweet hapless young man who could use a woman that can help him find his backbone. Its sad that both steffy and hope have been so scarred by the fact that brooke behaves inappropriately and ridge values sex more than family.

    Bill – I dont know what his deal is. Theres part of me that thinks he does want to keep steffy around. Theres part of me that just thinks she is a great gal and if he cant be with her, he wants her to be happy and he thinks she can help his son become more spencer-esque. I also think part of it is his ego/pride…his namesake is basically being cuckolded in a very public arena all for the benefit of forrester. I would HATE that if I were Bill esp. if I knew it was also making my son miserable. Is he an assh000 for giving his son what he thinks his son needs instead of what he thinks he wants? lots of parents do that just with less costly means.

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