Franco Targets JaSam; Lisa Has a Deadly Plan on GH!

Two popular General Hospital’s couples–JaSam and Scrubs–are caught in the crosshairs of villains from their past. This week, Carly (Laura Wright) rushes to Hawaii to make sure Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) are warned about Franco.  Meanwhile, Lisa (Brianna Brown) is back and she’s cooked up a deadly plan. What will she do to Scrubs? Watch this week’s GH promo after the jump!

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    “This is the song that doesn’t end,
    Yes, it goes on and on my friend,
    Some people started singing it not knowing what it was
    But they’ll continue singing it forever just because…”

    (repeat at top)

    Well, maybe not Forever, but it sure feels like it.

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    I. just. cant even with this lisa sh*t. I’ve wanted her gone for IDK how long, and i thought i was free and clear months ago. then Garin brings her ass back. what FAN in their right mind finds this entertaining? putting her back between scrubs does, WHAT, exactly??? She doesnt create angst, patrick doesnt want to have sex with her. his sex could NOT have been that good. i’m over this. OVER IT!. It’s worse than StaGi Fiasco. I’m sorry.

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    Ill just say this…the writers know jasam fans have been clamoring for years for a finding Sam’s dad story that reunites Alexis with the love of her life…adventure story for JaSam, mother daughter story for Sam/Alexis and love story for Alexis. The writers know that JaSam fans have wanted a miracle baby at some point for this couple ever since she lost lila. You’ve got all the natural angst in that story with the fact that Jason just lost one child and now could lose the other if the risky pregnancy goes awry. So there they have two potentially good stories that they havent done with those characters and instead they went back to franco…AGAIN…its like snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    As for scrubs if they cant find anything better for robin and patrick to do given that shes COS and hes the top surgeon on a show allegedly about a hospital, then break them up. If they need a return to shake them up, how about Robert or noah (esp. now with matt dealing with all his issues) Hell maybe Robin gets a miracle baby too, the women go through their risky pregnancies/deliveries side by side and THEN bring back a villain just long enough to switch the babies. In true soapy style both women could raise their babies for a year only to find out they have the wrong child. Do they switch back or keep silent.Does patrick whos bonded with the baby fight for custody of both childen arguing that a mobster life is unsafe for any child. Would sam stay with jason if she knew that staying with him could cost her both children? Would robin stand by patricks side or would she think its wrong to deprive jaSam of both children given her relationship with jason. Could jason and robin bond and reunite over this situation. You would have a set up like tiffany/bobbie over lucas where both sets of parents love the child/children in question, did nothing especially wrong in their choices but nevertheless ending up on opposite sides.

    It just seems like there is so much NEW ground they COULD explore with these two couples without retreading stories theyve already done to death. And sadly even this done to death stuff is better than the rest of gh these days. Would the haters prefer to be watching carly and sean discussing the drugs AGAIN. Would they prefer Skate with baby kate (I find it comical when they talk about things as if they are nearly the same age LOL) rehashing bensonhurst and the story of kate talking sonny out of beating up some boy he thought kate was with. Would you rather watch lucky give the googly eyes to pills under his couch or lulu dealing with jackass dante? The show is just one serious hot mess.

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    is Franco going to get Sam pregnant or what??
    This is GH we’re talking about so it will be another WTD that ultimately has Jason as the father….yawn. After all, there is a reason why RH was fired/rehired and Jake killed off.

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    That is the funniest promo to watch on mute at work, especially Lisa tearing a blanket and bonking someone on the head.

    I actually like Lisa, but I was hoping that she was going to become a mob moll / doctor. I enjoyed her with Johnny. I would rather see her get her revenge that way than this silly and repetitive psycho we’re going to see, again.

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    I have to agree with some of what folks are saying. I’m a huge SB fan and I have to tell you him with Sam is just beyond awful! I could careless about Kate and Lisa. Lets get the s/l’s moving. I will say GW is I heard having to fight to get his s/l’s told. Which makes more like it probably is. The poor actors are getting hounded I’m sure all the time with how hard it is to keep supporting the show. I have heard strong stuff is coming that will be totally shocking. So I’m looking forward to blowing everything that exists up and change most of the s/l’s. We need ratings to move into 2.2-2.9 or so everywk in all groups! to save GH and our actors from not jumping ship. I like Franco cause he is here and gone that can’t be said for a handful of others. DO Not replace Lexi. She is the only Kristina I want to see.

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    Garin Wolf’s absolute lack of creativity spells death for GH.

    My eleven-year-old nephew looked confusedly at me and asked, “What’s the guy from Planet of the Apes doing on a soap?” I think that about sums it up.

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    Garin Wolf has clearly been living under Guza’s shadow for too long. It seems he has trouble asserting his own independence and TRULY breaking away from Guza’s crappery! Brianna Brown/Lisa provide VERY little in terms of talent or entertainment value, so seeing her get the boot was perhaps my favorite thing about Guza’s tenure ending, aside from Brenduh’s exit. Why they keep trying to shove this dreadfully boring excuse for a villain down my throat is beyond me.

    I actually like Franco, both the actor and the character. He’s just so yummy. Psycho and demented, but still yummy!! ;)

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    I don’t care about Jasam. They are not awful, they are not great, they are just boring even if the two actors have chemistry. So if something shakes up the “watching the sky-talking babies for the 1745th time”, I am all for it… but why does it have to be because of Franco? The guy should not even be able to set foot in the US as he is supposed to be on the top of the Interpol Criminal List! I know that cops are supposed to be the dummiest in PC but even SuperJason cannot get rid of Franco and we are getting the same storyline over and over (Franco comes to Jason at a critical point of his life and spread hell…)? Wow So new… so fresh…

    And EET, I would be interested with a WTD storyline regarding Alexis and Sam except that I don’t want him to be Alexis “greatest love” (after all, she got rid of the baby… and looked more disgusted than anything the rare time she mentioned Sam’s father so that a lot of Alexis fans think that she was raped and that Sam was the result of the rape). I don’t want history to be rewritten and suddenly Alexis will be the bad guy again for giving up her baby while we will get a guy on screen pictured in such a way that he will be a “great guy” and I bet Alexis will be blamed for not telling him that she was pregnant and bla bla bla… And I bet also that we would see more of Sam’s feelings and Sam’s reactions than Alexis… SO I want a storyline for Alexis. Not for Sam with Alexis being the “supporting Actress” one more time! Bring back Ric Hearst and reunite Rexis!!! This is something I would love to see!!!

    By the way, I bet this is Johnny that we see Lisa hurting in the end. Too bad that they couldn’t write Lisa waking up totally different and being this truly nice and sweet girl that nobody would believe because everyone would think that she is playing a game when in fact she is not which is infuriating Anthony. But the psycho is going to hurt the only guy who was ever nice with her since she arrived in PC. Just great…

    How appaling GH has become. Between the above promo and the joke of the last promo (“the reality of loving a cop”… I was on the floor. A “cop”??? Dante got shot because he didn’t behave like a cop!!! So stop insulting cops with promos like that. And Lulu was with Johnny, a mobster, during more than a year but suddenly we have to believe that she will become an alcoholic because of stupid Dumbte getting shot? You must be kidding me… That turned me down so much that I have not watched ONE episode of last week! I am vomiting Lante right now… must have become allergic because of too much Lante feeding? ;) ), does anyone really wonder why people are not rushing to watch such an amazing show? Pathetic…

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    General Hospital Still sucks big time. I was hoping with Guza gone that things would change for the good, but no luck it still is mediocre crap. Still mob, still characters no one really cares about, still no history or core families. and still no great characters that made General Hospital the history making show it once was. I could turn this show around in a matter of months if I was writing and producing it. I think Frons and Sweeney are still over seeing the show and making sure it does not show signs of life so they can usher it off as soon as the get closer to Katie Couric.

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    loungta – There is no way a WTD story for Sam would be about Sam or Alexis. The Dad will turn out to be a fed or a rival mob kingpin and the story will be about Jason and Sonny having to deal with that. Sam’s reaction will be about making Jason okay with it. Her feelings will get buried with Liz’s grief over Jake. You are most likely correct that Alexis will get blamed.

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    GHvet, unfortunately, I are more than probably right…

    That’s why after 23 years of being a very faifthful GH fan/viewer, I have officially stopped watching Monday of last week.
    Stupid Lante being front and center AGAIN for a storyline done already when we have barely seen Alexis in the past weeks was more than enough for me. Enough of the Falconeris airhogs!!!

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    OK DC why and the he!! did you have to put the couple of doom of GH on this pic. Rating are so bad the rumors of an earlier end of GH is all over the place. GH if your changing this canvas it better happen real soon. I don’t want to lose my fave’s from this soap going off air. Frons will keep who he wants and too bad veteran watchers and huge fans of this show.

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