Judith Chapman Stars in Vivien!

The Young and the Restless’ Judith Chapman will star in Rick Foster’s Vivien. The limited run solo performance, from November 18-20 at the Coachella Valley Repertory, features Chapman as Vivien Leigh.

“Vivien” is an illuminating journey beyond Leigh’s triumphs into the madness that tortured her all of her life, as she reflects on her tumultuous relationship with actor Laurence Olivier and her tragic battles with manic depression and tuberculosis.  The very English Leigh also expresses her insecurities, despite winning two Oscars for her “Southern Belle” performances in “Gone with the Wind” and “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

For ticket information visit Coachella Valley Repertory. LA Stage Times has a great feature on Chapman's role you will want to check out too.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Judith Chapman should either return to her role as Sandra Montaigne on One Life to Live (1987) or Anjelica Deveraux Curtis on Days of our Lives (1989 to 1990 and 1991).

    On DOOL Anjelica was Jack’s stepmother. Having her come back would be a great way put a wedge between Jack and Jennifer if she had to come live with them due to the downturn in the economy and living on a “fixed income.” And since Judith is a great meddler she could also cause some havoc between Victor and Maggie when she sets her sights on Vic because he is a man with money. Scheming bitch is Judith’s best character type and she plays it well.

    Here is the character history on DOOL:

    Angelica was the second wife to Harper Deveraux, but there was little love between them. Angelica became infatuated with Justin Kiriakis, and had a brief affair with him while he was separated from his wife Adrienne. Angelica assumed the child was Harper’s, but when she learned he was sterile she realized the baby was Justin’s. After her husband Harper was arrested for being the Riverfront Knifer, Angelica revealed Harper was not the father of her child, she also told Justin he was not as well.

    Victor Kiriakis suspected the child was Justin’s and he proposed to Angelica in hope of passing the baby of as his own. Victor went through elaborate measures to try to marry Angelica but never did. Instead she wed Neil Curtis. Victor tried to ruin their marriage by luring Neil back into his old habit of gambling. Neil eventually went into debt and had to sell Blondies. Angelica quickly left him when he was near broke.

    Angelica decided to go after Justin in hope’s he would marry him and take care of his son. In an attempt to break Justin up Angelica allowed Adrienne to learn that Alexander was Justin’s son. However that didn’t break them up. Angelica then agreed to marry Justin’s uncle Victor because she knew Justin wouldn’t allow his uncle to raise his son. Justin stopped the wedding and put Angelica up in a penthouse of her own. In a last ditch effort to hold onto Justin Adrienne pretended to be pregnant. When Angelica learned that Adrienne wasn’t pregnant she exposed her to Justin, and Adrienne and Justin eventually agreed to divorce.

    Angelica tried to eliminate Adrienne once and for all by having a site that Adrienne’s’s construction company was working on bombed. As a result, Adrienne was caught in the blast. Justin rescued Adrienne and took the blame for the bomb, but Angelica knew it was only a matter of time before the truth was revealed. Angelica, with Alexander, fled Salem and vowed to return. She also let Salem believed she and Alexander had died in a plane crash. Eventually Angelica returned Alexander to Justin and hasn’t been seen since.

    On OLTL there is no information on the character. But having her return as rival for Viki would be a great way to get her going on that soap.

    Yet since the character as it appears was more developed on DOOL if she were going to go another soap DOOL would be the place where she would flourish. I trust that the writers would craft a great storyline with a down-on-her luck Angelica. Plus Angelica has so many ties to core characters. That would fit right in line with where DOOL is today.

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    Genie Francis’ character has been brought on as a Gloria replacement in a FAILED attempt to recreate the Gloria/Jill dynamic that Lynn Latham capitalized on during her tenure. The only problem is that Judith Chapman and Jess Walton had GENUINE and NATURAL onscreen chemistry and were interesting to watch when they were sparring. Genie Francis and Jess Walton might be great actresses, but they bore the crap out of me during their snarkfests.

    I wish Judith the best of luck. Maria Bell doesn’t give a damn about Gloria, so why shouldn’t she spread her wings and try something else?

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    david46208, I’d be open to seeing Angelica back on Days, but I think Jane Elliot’s Angelica was far superior to Judith’s. Judith played her in rather the same way she does Gloria, sort of like a caricature. Jane Elliot gave the character a lot of depth so that you kind of understood why she was such a bitch.

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