Rise-N-Shine: Matthew to Wake Up on One Life to Live!

Matthew Buchanan is gonna have quite the surprise waiting for him when he wakes up and gets his horny little self back to Llanview. According to Soap Opera Digest, the popular character's portrayer Eddie Alderson is back to work this week at One Life to Live. I can't wait to see Destiny (Shenell Edmonds) inform Matt he's about to be a Pa… 

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    Yay Mestiny scenes! zzzzzz So unrealistic that he would hit that.
    And its not being racist its just that he is a rich Buchanan and can get a hot girl! Not a chubby chick that says stranger danger.

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    There is only a couple more weeks of filming. I think we will soon be seeing a lot of the stories tied up. I would also think that there are rewrites going on because there has to be some plan for the online version of this show.

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    You said it Y2! I always wondered why Matthew would be with her. And i’m sorry but I can’t stand watching the girl play Destiny. I know she’s young but her acting is bad. So is the boy who plays Jack. They need actors who can bring it.

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    Yes! I love Matthew and Destiny…..as friends! Destiny always seemed a little creepily obsessive from the jump when it came to Matthew while EA had great chemistry with KM.

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    1st, I think Destiny is beautiful and Matthew was boring before she came along but Matt and Destiny have been friends for years through Matt’s most trying times including paralysis which Destiny helped resolve for Matthew and ended up turning her own life upside down. The kind of bond they share often turns to best kind of romance. The story RC should have told was the Some Kind of Wonderful tale of Matthew thinking he wanted Dani but realizing it was Destiny all along but that would have been too soapy, it also would have lessened the need for one of his pet Ford boys, and let’s make no mistake Matt/Dani were not broken up for Destiny but for Nate.

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    As usual, I agree with both liason4real and maxsmom. This pairing worked so well as friends and then their ONS came out of no where. But I’ll take it to see Eddie Alderson back on my screen upward and acting.

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    Glad to see we aren’t being superficial and shallow on here today……….


    I agree with Angie Lucy, Destiny is beautiful. Women don’t have to be 100 pounds soaking wet to be “hot” or to be worthy of love and affection. Plus-sized women can–and are–beautiful in their own right.

    I swear, some people will seriously say ANYTHING, regardless of how insulting or asinine it happens to be. :p

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    Destiny is beautiful. Such pretty, flawless skin. And I am aware that these two were friends for a long time. Many relationships begin that way.

    Matthew may be a Buchanan, but he’s not Jack. Meaning his parents are Bo and Nora, and they would not have raised him to be superficial in general. I’ve never thought much of Blair and Todd, so it’s no surprise that Jack is the way he is.

    And as for that asinine comment about Matthew being a ‘Buchanan and able to get a hot girl’, I wouldn’t say Bo, Clint, David Vickers or even Rex’s choice of life mates have been ‘hot’.

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    Yahoo…Matthew has been missed! The writer’s really dropped the ball when this s/l was drawn out for so long! I do hope EA continues with PP, but if not, I hope they wrap this s/l up with Matthew and Destiny together.

    And to all those making snarky, scumbag comments about Destiny and her looks…who the hell are you to judge?? The actress is a beautiful young woman who clearly has both poise and self confidence in herself…and that makes her even more beautiful!

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    [quote=Y2Jin99]Yay Mestiny scenes! zzzzzz So unrealistic that he would hit that.
    And its not being racist its just that he is a rich Buchanan and can get a hot girl! Not a chubby chick that says stranger danger.[/quote]

    Wow..what a slap in the face to us chubby girls! That will put us in our place!

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    Destiny is a very beautiful young lady. When Mathew and Dani were together I got the feeling that in her mind, Dani was always “too good” for Mathew. I always got the vibe that Dani really didn’t want to date Mathew and only did because she felt sorry for him or that he was a Buchanan. Destiny always had Mathew’s back, no matter what. And I believe that Bo and Nora raised Mathew to look beyond looks. I like Mathew and Destiny together. And I can’t wait till Mathew wakes up and finds out that he’s gonna be a dad!

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    So what happens with respect to the guy he killed? Too many young boys are killing people in Llanview in a very short period of time. Also, it seems that two of the deaths may have involved someone who masqueraded as someone else.

    Matthew killed someone. Will Bo and Nora make him face the music? Shane killed Victor, who unknowingly masqueraded as Todd. Jack caused Gigi to die (or possibly Stacy masquerading as Gigi).

    Those darn kids.

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    Some of these comments chile..

    Anywho i’m excited for Matthew to be finally waking up. Interested to find out what his reaction will be. This is going to get me to start watching OLTL again. I’ve missed the past 2 weeks. I’ve just been un interested with the show right now. The whole Todd and Irene thing sorta annoyed me.

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