Abtastic Drama Continues on Dirty Soap

Drama, drama, drama and more drama, that’s what you can expect on Sunday's episode of Dirty Soap on E! The latest sneak peek at the Dirty Soap season teases New York fashion week and the relationship struggles of  Brandon Beemer and Nadia Bjorlin.

Meanwhile, Bjorlin’s mother Fary isn’t sure what a six-pack does for a woman. When will John-Paul Lavoisier put a ring on Farah Fath's finger? What is up with Kirsten Storms? Is Kelly Monaco too skinny and will Galen and Jenna Gering be able to get pregnant? Watch the Dirty Soap sneak peek after the jump!

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    I just caught up and this is such a fun show. I’m curious to know if most viewers are Team Kirsten or Team Farah?

    I am definitely Team Kirsten. It’s a she said / she said as far as the past so I am basing on what I see on screen and Farah and her gay guy friends are pretty bitchy to Kirsten in regards to her looks, personality, and dating habits. That’s pretty classless. Talk about smelling a fart, re: the last podcast, but Farah looks perpetually in that state and miserable. I have yet to see her “happy” or having any fun with anyone. Get those pajama pants into the nearest bag and run JP.

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    I must confess that I started to watch out of curiosity (I had to check my TV Guide to find on which channel E! was LOL I know I know It means I must be old?) but I like Dirty Soap. Even if a lot of KeMo seems really scripted and I have trouble being sad for her when I know she indeed already had a new boyfriend for quite some time when she was shooting the Jasam wedding (do the producers think we are THAT clueless) I really like Kirsten, Nadja and Brandon as well as Galen (and his adorable kids). The one I cannot stand is that horrible Farah. She says that she doesn’t want to pressure JPL but in the next sentence she adds that her dad want him to put her ring to her finger. She says she doesn’t like drama when she is the one trashing Kirsten all the time. The smug way she asked Kirsten if she was in any stable relationship? So mean.

    I didn’t know FF before. Was not a fan of Gigi and Rex but I had no opinion on the actress. After 3 episodes of Dirty Soap, I just can’t stand her. And I hope JPL will be wise enough to never marry this insecure b*tch.

    Kirsten seems so fragile and so lonely. I hope that whatever happened between her and her parents, if they watch Dirty Soap, they will make the first step to help their daughter as she really seems to need it.

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    I like it too. I do take everything with a grain of salt since a lot of it seems really contrived. KeMo is not still crying regularly over a past relationship, Jenna is not fighting with Galen every day about the fact that he has been getting paid for kissing another woman for years, and the Kirsten/farah stuff happened years ago. I think if you are an offline soap fan and dont know the backstory, you will love every second of it. For me is entertaining but I am not turning on E! every Sunday night at 10:30 to watch it. I will get to it at some point during the week after real scripted shows like The Good Wife, Parenthood & Revenge.

    I am team Kirsten but I am fan of both actresses on their respective shows (or in Farrah’s case, former show). Farrah comes off like a huge drama queen even though all she talks about is hating drama and how big of a drama queen KS is. Hello?!?!?! You people are actresses – of course you are all drama queens. But I do want to punch all of Farrah’s friends int he mouth. Are they all in 7th grade?? How tacky can you be??

    Farrah, honey…he’s not going to marry you. If you have to ask him every week and all he does is crack a joke or change the subject – it aint gonna happen. Besides, do you really want to marry a guy who only wears pajama pants?? And no…its not because he is trying to play down his looks, of which he is so uncomforatble with. Its because he’s lazy and acts like a 4 year old. Run, sweetie.

    Brandon probably should run too. Momma Bjorlin will never accept him. I loved that she called him out on bringing her flowers – probably only because the cameras were on. But I would like to find out more about how he has treated her in the past which is illiciting all this ill-will towards him.

    I LOL’d at Galen trying to get his son out of the locked room. I have lost respect for Galen – he has never watched his kids before?? Are we supposed think this makes him a good dad or husband? Jenna – you need to get more of a life!

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    The_Moustache ,

    Are you referring the episode in which Storms cries when her brother moves away? Didn’t her sister-in-law and her brother’s stepson also cry buckets of tears?

    Also, when did you hear or read that Storms is in rehab? I only heard that she is sick.

    Finally, why is she too thin? She’s petite but doesn’t look skeletal.

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    The Moustache, do you have any proof that she is actually in rehab? A picture, a note from her doctor? I don’t think so so could you please stop spreading that kind of rumors? I thought that site was respectful of the actors but apparently not. You already called Brandon Barash a “dummy” for something he has no responsability of?

    I see no problem of speaking of how KS or FF behave in front of the camera of Dirty Soap as we are watching it with our own eyes but speaking of rehab for KS without proof, or calling BB a “dummy” for getting LA fired because of a non existing Johnny/Kristina love story when even MB cannot get what he wants on the show. This is really crossing a line for me.

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    Ms 45

    Wow, everyone’s so down on FF! I think she and JPL make the show. The others come off very safe and guarded (maybe the smart thing to do), while FF is letting it fly — a must for reality TV. Bearing in mind that “reality” is anything but, I do think she was way more invested in her friendship with KS than KS was and though she says she’s over it and wants to move on, that’s just not true. And so what if it happened years ago. I “broke up” with a good friend and felt wounded for over a decade.

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