Also Boasts Distribution Rights to Texas, Search For Tomorrow, The Edge of Night and…ANOTHER WORLD!!!


Are you screaming with glee yet, suds lovers? In an exclusive interview with We Love Soaps, prexy Mark Yates reveals in addition to As The World Turns and Guiding Light, his company has distribution rights to Search For Tomorrow, The Edge of Night, Texas and…ANOTHER WORLD!!!!!!!

"We are the distributor of the Procter & Gamble collection," Yates explained.  "AS THE WORLD TURNS, GUIDING LIGHT, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, ANOTHER WORLD, THE EDGE OF NIGHT and TEXAS. We know the next project we want to launch is the GUIDING LIGHT version of what we just did with AS THE WORLD TURNS. You can break the news that the next planned release is 20 classic episodes of GUIDING LIGHT."

Does this means I might get to see my Victoria Carson Love Hudson Frame Harrison McKinnon and my Rachel Davis Matthews Clark Frame Cory Cory Cory Hutchins again? Shut yo' mouth and call the chiropractor, because I'm gonna need him after I dance my back out to this.

Yates went on to reveal has episodes of Guiding Light and As The World Turns dating back to 1979 and the entire run of the short-lived Another World spinoff Texas.

ANOTHER WORLD and SEARCH FOR TOMORROW haven't been inventoried yet, because we've been so focused on this so I don't know exactly what we have for those shows."

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    I am so Happy right now I could scream…My Guiding Light is coming back to me…I have been praying for this for 2 years…Nothing could make me happier unless they brought the show back starting where it ended with the same actors like it was never canceled..Now that would be Amazing!!

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    OMG this is Freaking amazing as hell!!!!! Not only that they will stream shows starting from the 70s but that Guiding Light will have a DVD collection also! OMG Jamey, i’m dying here! I will SO buy that right when it’s available! This is such a blessing to us faithful fans of these shows! And I pray the dvd collections keep coming and selling like hot cakes!!!!

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    This is awesome. I’m hoping that the half hour shows get double the episodes. I also hope the themes are altered. Weddings not so big on EON, but murders, villains, etc. Would be awesome. This collection looks great. I hope it sells well.

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    I have already ordered my copy of the ATWT DVDs. Best $27 bucks I have spent all month!! I wish P&G had done this YEARS ago. Everyone, make sure that you buy them and convince your friends and family to buy them. The more profitable these DVD sales are, the more likely they are to start issuing more DVDs in the future. It’s time for us to utilize our purchasing power for the good of this dying industry that we all love so dearly…….

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    My fondest wish would be for them to release special Another World DVD sets that tell the complete Rachel Cory story (with Robin Strasser and Victoria Wyndham in the role), the Vicky Hudson story (with the three main actresses that played the part), and the Donna Love story.


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    They are about to release 20 episodes of GL? THats it? WOW! What they are gonna release a few every 6 months? This is no different than that one website that had GL and AW eps but they have been the same eps for ages.

    They should just release them all eventually. How about a new episode from each year every day? That way people can start whatever year they want to
    or maybe they stopped watching at that time.

    GL has probably 500 or more episodes on youtube and you can comment with others about them so 20 on a new website

    Not impressed yet.
    Time to go check it out.

    Hope their is a comment sectioN!

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    Oh its gonna be a DVD collection . Nevermind probably 20 random out of sequence episodes.

    Yep we have to pay for these. No thanks.

    I thought it was gonna be like Prospect Park where we can watch them
    online for free.

    I bet every episode they release is on YT in some format unless its from pre-vcr era .

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    Sounds great, how about also a classic soaps network, I mean really classic soaps going back to the ’60s and ’70s as well.

    I’m sure cable and satellite providers would love that.

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    Some of the dates are off on that sight. They have Luke coming out dated as May 31, 1984 with this description “16 year old Luke Snyder becomes the first gay teen on ATWT”. Luke wasn’t even born in 1984.

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    [quote=days4ever]Some of the dates are off on that sight. They have Luke coming out dated as May 31, 1984 with this description “16 year old Luke Snyder becomes the first gay teen on ATWT”. Luke wasn’t even born in 1984.[/quote]

    Where did you see that? This is the only thing I see on their site about Luke.

    Episode 5 . Luke Comes Out (May 9, 2006)
    After years of ambivalence, 16 year old Luke Snyder (Emmy nominee Van Hansis) finally comes to terms with his sexuality. In this pivotal episode, he musters the courage to tell his parents that he is gay.
    However, this is complicated by the fact that he has multiple parents, both adoptive and biological.

    Luke’s mother, Lily Snyder (Emmy winner Martha Byrne), struggles with the news. His biological father, Damian, will later do the same. His adopted father, Holden Snyder, who raised Luke as his own son and gave him his name, is more understanding. However, Luke’s announcement sparks a chain of events which eventually leads to a terrible accident.

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    WOW, WOW, WOW!! THIS IS SOOOOOO EXCITING!!! :) My only complaint is that I wish they would release all the available episodes of GL and ATWT on DVD instead of a 20 episode collection. That would be a dream come true. But nonetheless, this is still wonderful news!!

    I hope that eventually will get distribution rights to LOVING, PASSIONS, PORT CHARLES AND SUNSET BEACH!! PLEASE MAKE THAT HAPPEN MR. YATES!!!!!

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