The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Confronts Steffy!

Steffy/Liam/Hope: The Spencer heir has a showdown with his new wife. He accuses her of detouring Hope from him in Aspen. Steffy feigns innocence and puts the blame squarely on Hope's shoulders. Later, Liam is conflicted on who to believe, his wife or his lady love Hope.

Ridge/Brooke/Nick: The chiseled one has an argument with the vixen from the Valley and says she's just like Stephanie! Meanwhile, Brooke kicks it with her ex-lover/son-in-law/brother-in-law.

Taylor: Doc is torn up about the rivalry going down between Ridge and Thorne.

Thorne: The forgotten son insists Forrester Creations needs to make a change. Thorne is royally pissed when his suggestions are shot down.

Bill/Katie: The Spencers hit yet another rough patch.

Thomas: The Forrester playboy is dismayed when he can't be taken seriously at Forrester Creations.

Amber: Her career aspirations hit the skids after a meeting with Jackie.



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    Another Brooke/Nick tease or is that actually going somewhere??? It would be about time. KKL and Jack Wagner always had great chemistry… :)

    I just hope that Bridget isn’t back in town to win Nick back. :tired:

    I love the Forrester family conflict, but why is NOBODY pointing out that Ridge isn’t Eric’s son – that he IS NOT a Forrester.
    Thorne is Eric’s first born … I wish they would finally play it. That’s great potential you have there Mr. Bell.

    Can’t watch Hope/Liam/Steffy… :Sp

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    Hope should move on, why is she lamenting over a man who immediately marry someone else after their relationship ended. Please where is her commonsense?
    I certainly wouldn’t want Liam back. He married Steffy, she is his problem now.

    Gosh I really hate how these soaps write women as if we are desperate for a mate.

  3. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    i read this spoiler on another site, is it true??

    “Another man is going to be getting under Hope’s skin shortly and it’s not anyone you would imagine.

    Let’s just say with Brad’s history of inappropriate relationships, this one’s going to be a doozy.”

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    YR Southern Observer

    I am sick of Hope, Brooke, and all the Logans and their sense of entitlement. They just take whatever they want. I like Steffy…I also feel sorry for her…..Ridge has been a horrible father….always siding with the Logans against his own daughter. Let’s have Taylor and Thorne take control of the company and start putting people in their place!

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    Wasn’t Steffy just recently in a “relationship” with Liam’s dad? Why would Liam want to marry her? And why would his dad encourage him to hook up with her?

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    I don’t feel sorry for Steffy. She is a manipulative, lying, tramp who goes after other women’s husbands to prove her sexuality is better than anyone else. Give me a break about being a poorly treated daughter by Ridge. Can’t stand the woman. She is more like Brooke than Hope. The way this was written that Steffy has the right to ask Hope to respect her marriage when she got Liam from everything being set up from the first encounter. I am cheering for Hope. Hope is nothing like her mother or aunts. I hope that as writers you will write a good outcome for a change. Oh wait, now you will write that Steffy will get pregnant & will hold on to Liam that way. Isn’t that way all soaps are written. The woman always gets pregnant to hold on to her man.

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    First and foremost Bell please don’t let this be another love triangle.I admire Bill Spencer for looking out for his son if its good for the goose it good for the gander.And its about time Liam stop acting like a child,you are married regardless of the circumstances you have a wife who loves you .Let me see the woman who wants a man in todays world who would not do all in her power to have him.Hope seems to be a great girl but she is not ready,to have a man who truly loves you and treat him like that is a sin.I have sons and i can put myself in Bill’s shoe.Liam character is happy and yes he needs to know the truth forgive his wife and father and move on.I really do hope Bell choose someone more suitable for her.Liam was not the right man because just like Ridge and Taylor,Ridge spice and passion lies with Brooke.

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