The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Lily be Caught in Colin’s Crossfire?

Ronan/Colin/Lily/Cane: Mob boss Atkinson puts a hit out on Genaura and Gloria at his ex-wife’s house. Ronan fills Cane in on what his dear ole' dad has planned. Colin has his henchman go to Gen's house to have her and Gloria rubbed out. What Colin doesn't know, is undercover police officers are staking out the crib. Cane tells Jill to stay clear of Colin. Jill runs into Lily and her faux daughter-in-law tries to find out what exactly is going on with Cane.

Jill fills Lily in on what Cane told her. Lily gets pissed about Cane hiding things once again and heads off to her mother-in-law's, to do some digging herself. Jill bumps into Colin and tells him where Lily is heading and leaves. Colin gives one of his men a call and still proceeds with his plan to ice Gloria and Gen. Unfortunately for him; Jill listens in on the call and is stunned by what she hears. She realizes Cane was right about Colin all along.

Victor/Nick: Once again, The Black Knight gets all up in his eldest boy's biz. Nick isn't amused by his father's latest stunt.

Phyllis: Big Red is a bit jealous of Avery's relationship.

Victoria: She debates about fighting for her marriage or throwing in the towel, by signing divorce papers.

Billy: The Abbott playboy goes to Kevin for help to see little Delia.

Tucker/Devon: Father and son are not down with YoHarmony's new digs in Genoa City. Meanwhile, Tucker starts to debate about handing Jabot back over to Jack.

Ronan/Phyllis: Chemistry between the two starts to formulate.

Gloria: GloWorm gets troubling news about lover man aka Jeffery.
Diane's murderer: Her killer is revealed.

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    Ugh, more Lily drama? Why do they continue to focus on this insanely boring character? I stopped caring about Lily when Drucilla passed away. Christel Khalil is boring, this character is boring (and stupid!) and I just don’t care!!!

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    Jill and Katherine are not blood related. Jill came on the show as Katherine’s paid companion and hairdresser, then she fell in love with Katherine’s husband and had his child. Katherine then drove Phillip off a cliff. On his deathbed, Phillip wed Jill, but Katherine later had the marriage declared null and void.

    Katherine and Jill have been frenemies over the years, but they thought they were mother and daughter for a short period of time until a blood test proved that they are not.

    They are now back to being frenemies who fight and argue all the time, but deep down have a deep sense of love and respect for each other.

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    Myst Stied

    I’m just not interested in any of this anymore and have taken Y&R off my dvr..I thought I could watch Tristan Rogers last scenes since I really, really loved him as Colin and was crazy about the coupling of Jill/Colin..This pair was one of Jill’s best and the actor had major chemistry, Jess and Tristan rock on all levels and they should have been given so much more..Or at the very least tell a story worthy of their talent…Tristan sold all of the crap MAB’s and co wrote for him..The least they should have done was given the attention that they’re obviously given to the dud GF/Geneieve. How is it that the writers couldn’t write a decent story where Cane can be redeemed without ruining Colin or throwing him under the bus? Colin and Colin/Jill were my only entertainment on this boring show and these hacks had to ruined it.I’m so done with YR now.

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    Alston and Smitty – Thanks so much. Ive been trying to educate myself via Wiki etc. but I have not been able to make this connection. Thanks again

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    [quote=The_Moustache]Yet another man of Jill’s who ends up dying or leaving her.

    Story of her life.[/quote]

    LMAO! Lets me out Moustache…the woman is a SLUT..I love Jill…she needs a good powerful storyline. But she won’t have that until MAB is AXED…off with their heads!

    Philip Chancellor II
    Brock Reynolds
    Derek Thurston
    Stuart Brooks
    Andy Richards
    Brad Carlton
    Marc Mergeron
    Rex Sterling
    Blade Bladeson
    Victor Newman
    David Kimble
    Jed Sanders
    Michael Crawford
    John Silva
    Keith Dennison
    Shawn Bridges (not the vet, crazy stalker of Lauren)
    Larry Warton
    Jack Abbott
    John Abbott
    William Bardwell
    Ji Min Kim
    Tucker McCall
    Colin Atkinson

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    I wasn’t tuned into Y&R for most of Tristan Rogers’ run on the show. Nothing associated with Cane interests me, unless he’s in a scene with his shirt off. :) So I’d be lying if I said I feel bad about the end of the Colin character. Y&R is not GH. It is not supposed to be mob central with two GH imports.

    Hell, even GH is not the GH it once was. Tristan knows a little something about that.

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    If MAB had brought someone in who could write well, then something great could have happened with Colin, Jill, Cane, and company. Something great did start and had me hooked, but Bell’s now expected dropped s/l just made a big mess. I’m hoping for a change in the regime and for them to get this mess of the Atkinson story fixed. I want Tristan back. I want Colin and Jill together.

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    If we could erase the last 2 to 3 years of the show I would consider watching again. The Y&R is just completely unwatchable and has been for a long time (at least IMO). They really had a chance to do something great with Adam’s character. Let him be bad but don’t take him to far. They could have copied the Jill/Katherine dynamic, but they botched it. Cane is another example of a character whose potential was wasted. There are more but I digress.

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    I don’t care who Colin wants shot, I don’t care if Lily is caught in the crossfire, I just want all these people off my screen.

    It will be nice to finally find out who killed Diane, but you can bet that it is going to be a lackluster ending.

  10. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    The problem with the Diane storyline is that they immediately made the suspect pool too big. I can see MAB thinking that this would keep us all riveted to our seats as we couldn’t count anyone out.


    We all know it’s not going to be a prime member of the cast and Ronan pointing a different finger at a different cast member almost daily is just plain BORING. It would have been more interesting had she made the suspect pool smaller AND shocked us by making it a big cast member. The show is just too predictable.

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    I promised myself that I would post positive for one week about all the soaps I watch since to find some enjoyment in the ones that are left since I’m convinced they want me to hate them as an excuse to be rid of them with “see the audience is leaving because they don’t like them (even though we write them horridly and won’t write for the fans).”


    I’m looking forward to Debbi Morgan’s storyline w/Devon/Tucker and who killed Diane will be interesting. I’m also sorry to see Colin go I enjoyed much of his storyline esp w/Jill.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @koalygirl: Even Agnes Nixon could not write in a way that circumvented Christel Khalil and Daniel Goddard’s lack of acting talent.

    Then again if they had them pop on and off in less than a minute every few weeks like they did with Denise Vasi on AMC it could work. But other then that the hair model and Aussie Torso are out of their league.

    You have kindergarten actors trying to do graduate level work.

  13. Profile photo of tedew

    … but why do so many of these story lines just go on and on and on?

    Come on … how many weeks and months have we been watching and nothing ever happens? The main plots have been dragging and are boring, useless and incomprehensible anyway.

    And Victor … he’s just getting worse and more unbearable with each scene.

  14. Profile photo of Geminichilde

    I’m not sure if I like Phyllis and Ronan together. The only thing that looks promising is Devon and Tucker, I’ve been enjoying the s/l.

    And really what is up with the slut shaming of Jill? Because Jill is the only character in soap history to sleep with a lot of people?

  15. Profile photo of HowardBeale

    It’s been a while so I may be a bit rusty, but here goes… OMFG! – will someone please explain MAB’s fascination with this whiny, dreg of a useless waste of talent, Lily? Does this woman have secret pictures of MAB having relations with farm animals or recordings of her plotting to drown puppies? What else can explain why we should give a flying fart in space whether Colin’s hit squad pops a cap in her bony butt or if she is the victim of poorly aimed blat from a shaky trigger finger?
    As for the rest, this show has only gotten worse than the last time I posted a comment.
    Victor – what the hell is wrong with this jerkoff? And what the hell did Billy do that is so horrendously bad that he wouldn’t just tell Victor to shove his threats up his sauerkraut chomping ass sideways.
    And what is wrong with Katherine – in fact, what the hell is wrong with everyone of these characters?
    With the general exception of Murphy, there really isn’t a likable character on the entire show right now. They all stick on ice and could all stand a collective trip to the woodshed!
    Geezus H Kerist, will somebody stand up, look MAB and the other “writers” on this show in the eyes and tell them that they need to all take a course in remedial soap opera writing 101, ’cause right about now I would rather watch reruns of ‘Storage Wars’ than sit through another round of watching this tripe that’s being foisted on the unsuspecting viewing public.
    How in the name of all that is holy can AMC, GL and OLTL have gone down the tubes and this pile of crap is still stinking up the airwaves?? And how can it possibly be maintaining high ratings unless the people watching really don’t care that it’s garbage and a steaming pile of dung?
    Gives some credence to the atheists out there who keep telling us that there is no God doncha think?
    How about instead of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movements that someone come up with an ‘Occupy CBS Studios’scenario until the TPTB kick MAB to the curb and reclaim Y&R? That’s probably too much to hope for given the obvious apathy of the viewers… if anyone really gave a flying frig then there would already be a massive letter writing campaign afoot calling for MAB’s ouster and the rest of the writers all to be tarred and feathered and carried out of Los Angeles on a rail!
    Well that’s it for me, got laundry to do, groceries to put away and I could use a haircut… So in the end, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it… So be good to one and all and… until next time, c’ya!

  16. Profile photo of tedew

    HowardBeale for the most part echoes my sentiments to a tee …
    (except post #28 is probably much more amusing and caustic than anything I could have come up with).

    It’s certainly no secret about my sentiments when it comes to Victor and Katherine (two peas in a pod). I’ve already posted my theory about the Victor/Billy scenario and wondered just why Katherine is so devoted to Herr Newman. But what they have been doing lately only exacerbates my frustration that these two (most especially Victor) do what they want to whoever or whatever and always get away with it all in the end.

  17. Profile photo of HowardBeale

    I’ve always enjoyed reading your musings on the goings on within the Y&R community so thanks for the compliment. It must be the ‘Canuckness’ of how we view things.
    It amazes me that the writers have never tried to show how doing the wrong thing most of the time have consequences and ramifications that usually (in the real world) result in the person(s) responsible getting their “comeuppance”!
    Victor can destroy lives, lie, cheat, steal, bribe, and basically get away with murder and what happens to him? JACKSH*T, that’s what!
    Katherine can do basically the same things and what happens? JACKSH*T, that’s what! Oh she just follows it up by having a stroke, goes to the hospital, where every one gathers around her “deathbed” weeping and wailing about whether she signed a DNR or not and the next thing we know, she’s up out of bed and wandering the streets like she’s got a bee planted up her ass and is bringing homeless crack addicts into her shared abode like Mother Theresa reborn!
    WTF is that all about?
    Then look at Abby… she goes on a spoiled rich-bitch spree, embarassing the be-Jesus out of her family, destroys her mother’s wedding setup, tries to run over her ‘soon-to-be’ step-father, with her mother in the car at time, almost allows the same mother to be tried for his attempted murder, confesses on tape about the whole thing and when she is found out, what happens? JACKSH*T, that’s what!
    Victor is continually putting the boots to Jack at every turn, plotting and scheming to see to it that Jack is constantly served a steaming plate of crapburgers and what happens? JACKSH*T, that’s what! Basically Jack just smiles that idiotic Jack smile and asks blissfully for seconds with ketsup on top.
    Cain (oh Gawd, yes, I’m going to talk about Cain) lies at every turn to one and all, fakes his own death, pretends to be his own dead twin brother, makes his stupid (post-cancer stricken) wife’s life miserable and what happens? JACKSH*T, that’s what!
    There are no moral lessons to be learned here! No “Crime Doesn’t Pay” message! No good guys always win scenarios! No “Cheaters Never Prosper” tales to tell!
    No, in the world of the Y&R, if you’ve got the bucks, the determination and the lack of a moral compass, you too can be a complete and total scumbag just like Victor, Katherine, Abby, Cain, Ronan and virtually every other major character, including Phyllis, Nick, Colin, Genevieve, probably the guy who cleans Victor’s pool, the family dog, the guy who parks their cars, the mailman, Sharon … speaking of which, I forgot to mention in my prior comment about Lily – have you noticed how, with Lily’s incredible stupidity, she is starting to make Sharon look like a Mensa candidate?
    Anyhoo, I digress — now where was I,… oh yeah, please will someone pay for their friggin’ crimes for Gawdsake?
    It’s starting to be like watching Lindsay Lohan’s court appearances and hoping against hope that, this time at least, she will have that smug, crackpipe smoking smirk slapped off her face and be sent to jail for real, not just long enough to match the time it takes to watch an episode of CSI Miami! But then we are somehow amazed that, yet again, she is let out in time to make happyhour!
    What a messed up world and example we are leaving for the generations yet to come! It would make you laugh if it wasn’t so damned pitiful to behold!
    Well, once again, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it… see ya!

  18. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Tedew, TOTALLY agree with your assessment of Victor. His overbearing attitude is just ridiculous. When he legally forced Nick to bring his daughter to the court room in about five seconds, I wanted to scream.

    BTW, I’m not rich, so somebody help me out here. When Gen first moved to town, she informed Glo that she was sending over some of her favorite wine to be kept in private reserve for her at the restaurant. Then yesterday she asked for a bottle of that wine and said for them to put it on her tab. Wouldn’t she have already paid for that wine before it was sent to the restaurant and for them keeping it on hand for her?

  19. Profile photo of tedew

    HowardBeale and RebeccaJ … again in total agreement on posts #30 and #31!

    I was actually rather horrified that Victor would use the court system (that he also very much loathes) to do what he did concerning Faith without even trying first to “reason” with Nick. That was just so not necessary and was just very bad writing.

    It is high time that all around Victor (and yes, hopefully even Katherine will see the light; or darkness as is true in this case) and finally rally to take 666 back down to where he so deservedly needs to be! Come on all concerned or in power … this truly needs to happen.

    (also RebeccaJ … maybe Gloworm is charging a corkage fee ???)

  20. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    Warning about tomorrow’s US show as I caught some of it online: Cane is referred to as a “Hero” at least TEN times in the episode (ie. “Lily, you owe Cane your life. He’s a true hero.”)

    I’m going to be home tomorrow and might see the show “live” and already have my puke bucket ready.

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