Catherine Hickland Back To One Life To Live!

Now we've got a ballgame! Outspoken diva Catherine Hickland is heading back to One Life To Live to reprise her role as the bitch-tastic Lindsay Rappaport. The fan favorite made the announcement via Twitter stating:

Ok, are you sitting down? OLTL has asked me to bring Miss Lindsay Rappaport to the dance B4 the end. I said YES #puttingdancingshoeson

No word on when Hickland's first airdated is slated for, or how long her run on the show will be.

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  1. Profile photo of soapy opie
    soapy opie

    Yes!!! Nora vs Lindsay, with Bo stuck in the delicious
    middle. Bring it on!!!

    P.S. – I only hope they don’t isolate her in a story with one
    of the boring newbies (i.e. – please don’t make her Aubrey or
    Cutter’s long-lost mother or Echo’s long-lost sister).

  2. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    I’d love it if RJ came back with or shortly after Lindsay. Let them and one of my all-time faves–Hank “the Cannon” Gannon–transition to OLTL 2.0. Hank should be the new mayor. After all, he’s the former DA. Also, age Jamie Vega to a young teenager who runs away from that idiot Antonio (gorgeous, but idiot nonetheless) to be with her grandpa RJ. I remember Lindsay loved that little girl, too.

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