Kimberly McCullough BLASTS General Hospital Over Lexi Ainsworth’s Firing!

Former soap child star-turned leading lady Kimberly McCullough (Robin) is calling a flag on the play in regards to General Hospital's decision to fire Daytime Emmy nominee Lexi Ainsworth in order to SORAS the character of Kristina Corinthos. Here's some of what McCullough had to say about GH allegedly claiming Ainsworth was too young to continue in the role, from the Nov. 1 issue of Soap Opera Digest:

"That's baloney, because the same thing happened to me," she shares. "Young is a nice way of saying you're not sexy enough. This has nothing to do with being young. I completely relate because I faced the same problem. "

McCullough went on to reveal the brass at GH applied pressure to get the then 14-15 year-old to "vamp it up" during the time the character of Robin was sharing scenes with Jagger (Antonio Sabato, Jr.), Karen (Cari Shayne), Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) and Jason (Steven Burton). Nothing like sexualizing minors in the afternoon!

"I remember it being a really big deal and they were planning on recasting me, and I had to prove that I could be sexy."

While McCullough said she gets that sex sells, you don't toss out talented actors on a whim. For more of what the budding director had to say—including her own plans for Ainsworth's  future—pick up this week's Soap Opera Digest.

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    Who cares if a FEMALE on soaps is sexy? Isn’t it a WOMAN’S medium, technically? So who cares about sexy? We see men parading around with their shirts off half the time, but not women. And besides, shouldn’t talent trump looks? There are plenty of young actresses out there who weren’t what you could call “textbook” sexy…..such as Martha Byrne, Tricia Cast, Heather Tom, Melissa Hayden………but they all became Emmy winners and were among the cream of the crop on soaps during the 90s. Who really gives a damn about sexy? These women aren’t auditioning to become one of Hugh Hefner’s next playthings!!

    And these producers and networks forget, we tune in for LOVE and ROMANCE, not SEX!! If most of us wanted sex, we’d watch porn.

    Nevertheless, I liked Lexi Ainsworth, but to be honest, I am more upset about losing Megan Ward than I am about losing Lexi. But in either case, GH seems to be slipping in the casting department and making a bunch of idiotic mistakes that leave me wondering if they are trying to push this show into an early grave.

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    I’m glad Kimberly stepped up because I love Lexi and don’t want to see that role recasted. But this should do nothing to put out the flames on the rumors of her exit. Hope its false!

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    Not the New Prez of ABC Daytime

    Alstonboy, be upset about losing BOTH MW and LA for stupid ridiculous reasons. If they do age Kristina’s character, she’s going to look older than her former (and future?) stepmom. THAT’S just plain stupid. Really, Lexi not being old enough is dumb anyway, because all during Lexi’s tenure, they were writing Kristina to be YOUNGER than Lexi really was.

    And what does this mean for the role of Michael? Will Kristina suddenly be his older sister, or are we in for a whole rippling pond of insanity? (After all, when Michael was aged, they aged all his sibs too.)

  4. Profile photo of jphelps

    Good for KMc. I love her for speaking out now I hope Robin is not bludgeoned to death.

    AlstonBoy. GH seems to love having women parading around scantily clad and with their breasts showing. Look at LLC and how they dress Borlivia. And Pole Dancing? WHo on earth thinks women want to watch that crap and don’t get me started on that lame singing by Scott Reeves. Ths show hasn’t given a crap for years how their male stars looked yet always insisted the women had to have certain haircolors and lengths and maintain specific weights. Part of that is Hollywood but much of that is that old hag JFP and her blatant sexism.

    I am sure we will see Kristina “40DD” Davis soon enough.

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    I agree in the slip of casting direction. I really don’t find most of GH’s casting choices these past few years exceptional, aside from the teens they seem to fire. And if you have to fire because the actor doesn’t fit the role then that’s not really a casting win.

    They did the same thing with that actress that originated Maxie, but in Robin and Maxie’s case they were kid actor’s that grew up into their teen roles. I get the initial reaction that a cute / precocious kid may not be able to make the transition to a leading / supporting role that drives romantic story. But Lexi was hired as a teen and I am sure they must have been keeping an eye toward doing a romantic storyline with her. That is what I find puzzling.

    I for one will miss Lexi and I do miss Megan. Doesn’t matter much since I watch the show in 60 seconds nowadays.

  6. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    I am a gay man, so to be honest with you, I don’t really notice when women are half naked. LOL! I try to tune it out, actually, but I suppose you do have a point. GH is sexist….almost to the point of distraction.

  7. Profile photo of keanna

    So GH was doing this even back then, I’m sure they’re would’ve been riots in the streets if they had recast Robin.

    I hate what they did to Lexi (and Megan) too, for that matter. They aged Kristina just right, and it wasn’t as if she’s underage, Lexi will be 19, in a few weeks.

    Just shows you that GH is backwards at times when it comes to casting.

  8. Profile photo of tealita

    I’m still shaking my head over this one. Kristina was plenty sexy in a Nu-Lolita-ish way. But her behavior was also AGE APPROPRIATE, which I found refreshing. I’m still a little steamed by all those polls I saw on other sites that constantly asked if Krissy was right for Ethan–and all the moralizing, lecturing answers.

    And what’s with all the moralism, anyway? I know that we are an older audiance, but great teen stories bring new fans. I think some of us are just out of touch with teens and what their real interests are.
    Sometimes it’s ok for a younger girl to be interested in a young man who’s just a few years older.

    Lexi is an adult. She’s nineteen. IMHO, that should have been enough. If they do recast the character, I’ll bet the same people who nagged about Kristina, will complain about that the new person is just a long in the tooth hag, who’s too old for Ethan.

    I hope KMc doesn’t get any stank from the brass at GH because of her comments.

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I’m glad these GH actresses are so upfront and telling it like it is (even if I sometimes don’t like what they have to say).

    Perhaps, if all the other daytime performers had been like that in the late nineties and the early part of this century when the industry began sinking, we wouldn’t be where we are now, witnessing the death of soaps on daytime TV.

  10. Profile photo of pumpkin

    The whole show has been on this path for years. I believe GH wants to appeal to a certain age range. I did think they were aging Christina to do a match with Ethan. I have to point out that on some boards I have seen fans keep wanting that matchup. I never did. I thought it was stupid. But, just keeping it real, remember all the “Ethina” posts? I generally do not used the joined names but I have to make that point.

  11. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Don’t forget, the show is ending. All these crazy changes, the writing, casting shakeups (I still think Kristen Storms may be gone for good), etc…it’s all set up to bring the final ratings down so Frons and ABCD can start to say that GH is slipping in ratings. I think this is all orchestrated.

  12. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I get the feeling that Kirsten will not be back now too, especially after reading an interview with Bradford in this week’s SOW. He mentioned that the new actress came in at right time, as Maxie shifts character-wise. The interview’s tone made it seem that the recast was more permanent than just a place holder. Kirsten really made that role her own.

    I just googled Kirsten’s twitter because I wanted to see if she aid anything since this week’s Dirty Soap episode and she did re-tweet something 7 hours ago:

    TheGodLight Spiritual Truths retweeted by teenystweeting
    You must move through pain if you wish to be happy, for he who stands still, feels the full force of misery.

  13. Profile photo of LiliF

    I am so happy that Kimberly spoke up about this! I have always been a fan of Kim and of Robin and loved that I was able to see Kim grow up on my screen.

    Since Lexi announced that she was let go I have not been able to stop shaking my head! I cannot believe that TPTB would let such a beautiful and talented actress go. I, for one, did not always enjoy the way Kristina was written but I thought Lexi always handled the material beautifuly. I also loved her chemistry with Nathan and was looking forward to a potential pairing. I know a lot of the fans who were cheering for the “Ethina” pairing only wanted it with Lexi as Kristina because it was the actors natural chemistry with one another that made it – and I couldnt agree more. I have no interest in seeing Ethan with the new, older and “sexy” version of Kristina.

    I really hope that TPTB reconsider and bring Lexi back – the show is so dull as of late and once Lexi has her last air date I dont really have any reason to consider watching this trainwreck of a soap. Kuddos to Kim and good luck to Lexi!

  14. Profile photo of appleridge

    as For KS I believe since she is on sick leave they have to let her return but then could let her go at the end of her next contract cycle if they chose too.

    If they wanan recast Maxie, I wouldnt pick Jen Lilley. Sorry not buying her

  15. Profile photo of josser

    Yep! Sexism is alive and well at GH. This is just gross. What does this say to young girls who watch GH? They have to hot and sexy?

    Why couldn’t GH hire a younger looking actor to play Kristina’s boyfriend?


    It’s crap like this turns me off to GH.

    Compare this show to OLTL. Look at how the teen girls have been able to age with their rolls. There’s actually a modicum of respect for them.

  16. Profile photo of liason4real

    Go Kimberly!

    OLTL has teens playing teens (accept for Nate) in teenage story lines like pregnancy, bullying, the Prom, musical, popular kids vs the not so popular kids, teens running away, etc.

    GH chose not to have Krissy or Michael in a bevy of teenage stories with both of them in high school for at least a couple of years. Michael is in “lurve” with a woman Carly’s age!

  17. Profile photo of Mione134

    Glad KMc spoke up!

    She said everything I am feeling. Its an absolute DISGRACE they fired her. Glad TPTB weren’t running GH back in the day or Luke and Laura wouldn’t have existed…

    its ridiculous that they did this. But its okay for Michael (who still looks like a boy sorry) to be with a grown ass woman in Abby? Double standard, no?

    IF they didn’t want to do Ethina right away, they could have given her a college boyfriend for the time being. Nathan Parsons is only 3 years older than Lexi. I don’t see the problem here. It was refreshing to see a young woman BE a young, confident woman who doesn’t need to be overly sexualized to make her character work. I blame the writing if anything. They got lazy. They would write Kristina a strong woman and then in the next instant, make her a daft lovesick puppy, and you know what? LA WERKRED everything she was given. After Lexi goes, I am done watching. Ethina (with Lexi and Nathan) had that spark. I’ve only seen it three times in the soap teen world. (Belle and Shawn) (Colleen and JT) and (Georgie and Dillon).

    I am disgusted. I wish they would bring her back instead but you know that aint happening. Kudos to you KMc, hope they don’t punish you for saying what a lot of us feel about this ridiculous situation.

  18. Profile photo of Dariclone

    [quote=alstonboy4315]Who cares if a FEMALE on soaps is sexy? Isn’t it a WOMAN’S medium, technically? So who cares about sexy? We see men parading around with their shirts off half the time, but not women. And besides, shouldn’t talent trump looks? There are plenty of young actresses out there who weren’t what you could call “textbook” sexy…..such as Martha Byrne, Tricia Cast, Heather Tom, Melissa Hayden………but they all became Emmy winners and were among the cream of the crop on soaps during the 90s. Who really gives a damn about sexy? These women aren’t auditioning to become one of Hugh Hefner’s next playthings!!


  19. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I hope Kim’s words don’t come back to bite her. She is awesome and talented and the poster child for child actresses who can do the career right. She clearly knows of what she speaks. Love her!!!

  20. Profile photo of

    While I applaud KM for coming out with extremely strong words for the brass at GH, like others, I just hope that her comments don’t come back and bite her in the ass and cause her to be on the unemployment line fairly quickly. As we all know too well, Kristoff St. John (Neil; Y&R) had some harsh words for the Y&R brass and it got him 6-8 weeks off of the air and backburnered. I’m sure this has happened to other stars too who lob very harsh criticism towards the brass at their shows (look at Charlie Sheen……….oh, but that was an entirely different story there though).

    If she does get canned for her strong criticism of the brass at GH, GH will only have themselves to blame in this one. If they can’t take the heat, then they should get out of the frying pan! Should she get canned, I hope another show will pick her up (preferably not MAB PLEASE)!

  21. Profile photo of bishbay

    Such weird commentary in this thread. Lesbians watch soap operas. So, they care about sexy women. (Note that this comment is not meant to be a judgment on whether LA is sexy or not.) Second, one of the main reasons anyone of any stripe watches soaps is romance, and sex, eventually, is a part of romance. If X female lead is not a viable love-scene partner, then that actress isn’t viable. Again, this statement isn’t a comment on LA. I, personally, do think she looks younger than her age, but she’s very talented and shouldn’t have been recast. They should have just waited a few years.

  22. Profile photo of Ceridwyn2

    McCullough is right. Ainsworth did really well as Kristina. I don’t want to see her recast. She’s done very well, and really deserved that Young Actress Emmy this year.

    Though no guarantee of backlash, McCullough (at 33 years old) is a GH vet of 27 years. I wish them both all the best.

    I remember with GL when they SORASed the character of James Spaulding. In 2007 he was a 6 years old, younger than his half-sister, Emma Spencer, who was 7. When they brought James back in 2009, he was now 18 years old, to have more conflict with Phillip and get involved with Daisy. And yet, they left Emma the same age (thankfully, because I really liked Jacqueline Tsirkin in that role).

  23. Profile photo of ckg927

    Bish: Kinda agree, but in today’s environment you’re not going to see it happen. Entertainment execs seem to have all the patience of someone with ADD who’s addicted to caffeine and just can’t WAIT to find the next new hot thing. Remember the time when networks would give a show a full season to try to find itself in the ratings? Nowadays, you’re lucky if you get 2 months.

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