Might Shawn be Getting a Son on GH?

Could General Hospital’s Shawn (Sean Blakemore) have a son? According to ABC Soaps In Depth, GH has made a casting call for a "14-year-old African American male named T.J. An urban and rebellious teen, T.J. is an appealing kid who masks it with a huge chip on his shoulder.” The magazine speculates whether-or-not the character could be Shawn’s son or if TJ have a different connection to the canvas.

As someone extremely interested in seeing things heat up even more between Shawn and Carly (Laura Wright), I’d prefer they didn’t have such a distraction, but I guess time will tell.

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    Angie Lucy

    [quote=Luke Kerr]GH has made a casting call for a "14-year-old African American male named T.J. An urban and rebellious teen, T.J. is an appealing kid who masks it with a huge chip on his shoulder.” [/quote]

    Gee, this doesn’t have stereotype written all over it, does it? [end snark]

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    I really wish I saw what you all at DC see in the Shawn and Carly pairing. I see zero chemistry. In my years of watching LW from Loving/The City to GL to GH, I have never sen her lack this much chemistry in a romantic pairing. Laura Wright looks disinterested in her scenes with Mr. Blakemore. Shawn and Carly, like Steve and Olivia, is a pairing of two very attractive people that has no spark.

    Well, I hope that adding a family member will round out this very dull character. I am a bit surprised that GH is adding a 14 year-old to the canvas as he’ll have no contemporaries besides Molly. I am also surprised that GH is casting a 14 year-old when Lexi Ainsworth was fired for looking too young. Hmm…

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    Wow, doesn’t EVERY teen have to be an insufferable brat with a huge chip on his or her shoulder to be interesting?


    (insert tired cliche here!)

    P.S- I have had enough of annoying teens. Between NotJack on OLTL, Michael on GH, Abby on Y&R (who is technically not a teen, but you coulda fooled me!) and the other generic teens on Y&R, I find it difficult to care.

    Yes, it opens up a new realm of stories for Carly and Shawn, but GH right now is boring as hell. Is this really what is going to bring the ratings up? I love my diversity and giving minority characters a shot, but this just seems like another story that is going to be hyped up and then never really go anywhere. I hope I am wrong and it will lead way to an INTERESTING umbrella story, something GH needs desperately right now.

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    Why can’t Shawn get a child that defies stereotypes. I can understand the kid having ‘father issues’. Why couldn’t Shawn’s son could identify more with Spinelli or be a pacifist. I am just tired of seeing the same old nonsense.

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    It has bugged me that Shawn has no back-story. I think it would be much more interesting if he had a wife, with a child in tow come to GH. That said, I’ll repeat the mantra about vets being lost to cheap newbies, and state my preference to see both new and old Cassadine/Quatermain friends.

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    Yawn another boring ass newbie tied to another boring ass newbie. I agree. Shawn and Carly are a big yawn and Ingo was about the only one on GH I saw LW have a lick of romantic chemistry with and she’s not engaged in this pairing at all. NO question this show needs a teen scene but isnt it a bit late now since both Michael and soon to be Kristina have been sorased out of their teen years. All thats left is Molly.

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    WTF……….another NEW character! GH is falling fast. Why not bring back characters with ties to existing families in Port Charles….what about Dillion, Lucas. We don’t need new people, we need BETTER STORY lines using
    the current actors-give them more screen time. What happened to GH when Gavin Wolf started it was like a new improved GH with everyone given screen time: ie the Monica, Edward, Alan was back briefly, Alexis, MAC
    ELQ, ETC…-then all of a sudden we get the same old garbage.–WHAT DID I MISS. –jason and sams wedding crap and honeymoon was a total bore, Sonny being a jerk, Carly screaming. This is the same stuff we have been watching for the last few years-same dialogue over and over again. Hate to say but I don’t watch as much as I used too!
    Found an old CD, do you remember– Think of Laura, Baby come to me, lady of my Heart,the good old days. I want action, intrigue, romance, I want our HISTORY used correctly. bring back laura, bobbie, felicia, lucas, anna-BUT the story lines need to improve. NEW KATE SUCKS, Christina recast that SUCKS! GIVE US BACK OUR GENERAL HOSPITAL NOW!

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    When Shawn was first introduced I had the wish that he might be tied to Epiphany in some way. Part of the reason being they never finished the story about her son Stan being murdered as he was doing computer work for Jason (as I recall). I remember she asked both Jason and Spinelli (when BA I believe was new to the cast), for help solving his demise, yet nothing was ever resolved. As for a son, unless they age Molly, who will be available to work with him? And Morgan is in “millitary school”. Will they bring him back into the mix as another older teen? There seems to be a “throwing stuff up against the wall and see if it sticks” feeling about a lot of this. Not exactly encouraging… 0:)

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    I swear I feel like my head is spinning…yesterday the sentiment was Elizabeth Webber is a great character and they should bring on someone fresh for her because thats what soaps do, bring on new faces to mix it up with their vets. TODAY its stupid Sean is getting a stupid son, why is the show getting so many newbies.

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    Shawn gets a son on GH? Why? Molly is twelve. Morgan is in military school. Cam is seven. Aiden is one. Josselyn is two. Emma is three. Michael is almost twenty.

    JMO…GH blew it in killing off Jake who should be having play dates with Emma, Josselyn, Aiden, Spencer and Cam all while setting up future love interests down the road.

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    Soapbaby, where did you see that everyone at DC is loving Shawn and Carly? More than 90% of the comments about them in Perkie’s Obs are negative!

    Personally, I agree with you and I find that they have zero chemistry and aren boring as hell… And I hate how this thug character, this mercenary is presented like this new Jason. I hated the way he was talking to Jax and never minding his own business. And remember that it is a guy who was ready to hurt Brenda FOR MONEY. What does it say about his way of respecting women???

    And now that stupid mobster-wannabe newbie is going to get a son? To eat alive the show? You must be kidding me… Enough of those newbies when actresses like NLG and JE are barely on screen! And give a real storyline to Johnny also!

    Two new docs, a new cop, this new teen? ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH! Why can’t they write for the characters we love instead of stupid boring Shawn?

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    Hey alexrochet – I am sorry, I should clarify. I meant the DC bloggers seem to love the Shawn/Carly pairing, as evidenced by the comments on the podcasts.

    Btw/ I completely agree with your statements. Watching Shawn share scenes with Jason last week was coma-inducing.

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    “I swear I feel like my head is spinning…yesterday the sentiment was Elizabeth Webber is a great character and they should bring on someone fresh for her because thats what soaps do, bring on new faces to mix it up with their vets. TODAY its stupid Sean is getting a stupid son, why is the show getting so many newbies.”

    My first thought in response to this is why does everything come back to hating on Liz?

    Second thought is that I am not sure it is the same posters on both days.

    Lastly, why can’t they have it both ways? EET – You listed a bunch of reasons why you feel Liz is limited for story potential yesterday or the day before. I am not sure which because I have been working endless hours and cannot sleep. But, others listed reasons why Liz has a lot of potential because she is a vet and a legacy character. Why can’t she get a fresh face with ties to the history of the show? How about ties that do not include the mob but would play on her history and the shows. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Frisco had a child out there who came to town to meet Maxie but fell for Liz? That is only one idea that does not involve Liz hooking up with the mob or a new character whose only tie to Port Charles is a character that has only been round for half a minute and has no other ties to the canvas. It can be done.

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    :~ I am not seeing anything with Shawn and Carly. I do not see a spark at all. Friends I can see. Why does Carly have to be with anyone right now . She would be better off with Sonny, than putting her with the wrong person..

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    Dew Chanin

    See this is why the writers make the big money because this is so creative, so inventive, that no one else in the last 40 years has thought of it.
    Wow. I’m in awe. A 14 year old kid with a chip on his shoulder. Genius!


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    Sorry but Im with alex vet, I will have an interest in newbies AFTER Alexis and Johnny and the Qs have story (and Ill add Ethan doing something more than carrying a painting of laura around). BUt I will agree with you with one thing – much better to bring back a character we love, even with a different actor, or one thats tied to the canvas in some way than to bring on someone random. Im not sure I want a frisco love child unless the real frisco is coming back, but I wouldnt mind the idea of a recast Ned or a recast dillon or scott coming back with laura and serena in tow. If they are shooting for diversity, Id rather see lanie back or tom hardys son.

    And my point really only was tangentially about liz. If you are a carly fan, then arguably you want sean, jaxs return, carson reunited, a carjo pairing or some other newbie because otherwise where does she go. If you dont like the character of carly then I would think the reaction would be why are “we having newbies, just backburner carly if shes run her course and make (fill in the blank) front burner”. Thats the emotional, I want my favorite to have story response, but you cant have it both ways from a rational pov – either you think newbies are important to keeping the core characters fresh OR you think newbies are unnecessary until other beloved characters have story. You cant say newbies suck unless they give my favorite character story. Personally I think newbies are necessary WHEN they give MULITPLE characters storyline and are tied in to history. For example, I wouldnt mind sam finding her dad IF it either turned out to be someone like Jeff Webber or robert because those arent newbies (unless the recast jeff) and because it would give storyline to potentially a slew of long term characters OR if they brought on a name and somehow tied him to johnny – maybe the doctor uncle that escaped the business and now wants to save johnny from anthony and thats how he runs in to alexis and sam. I usually have the biggest issue with characters like the last raft of newbies gh used that only gave story to one or two other characters. Sean ONLY provides story for carly, Siobhan ONLY provided story for lucky, abby ONLY provides story for michael. Again, they could have made siobhan 100 times more interesting if she was a long lost cassadine and was initially sent in to mess with lucky and then fell for him. The nu doc for liz/lulu has the most potential, but given the recent track record Im not holding my breath. Its like I dont want kate to have a long lost son with sonny…boring…I would rather see her son turn out to be spin and hes a love child with trevor lansing – sonny hates spin, spin would turn out to be rics brother (and hopefully they would make ric the guy thats been on the phone with kate) and makes spin related to molly. Id rather see story for him than some random new character.

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    Sam was some random new character who was brought on with no ties to the canvas and was supposed to slot into Brenda’s story of angst with Jax and Sonny.

    Liz was a newbie who had ties to Audrey and was meant to mix it up with the teen set at the time.

    Patrick was brought in tied to Noah and meant for Robin.

    Anna was a newbie tied to Robert to cause issues with Holly.

    Luke was tied to Bobbie.

    Shawn has no ties and is totally random like Sam.

    I like the new characters that are not brought in simply because the writer wants to create new characters. I don’t see any character that has run its course if the writer is creative. Sue me!!! But, I kind of expect a person who takes up writing as a career to be a little creative. I don’t hate Carly except on days where she is reiterating the same dialog that she has been repeating for years. we get it. She and Jason are besties that care about one another. Do we have to hear her say it everyday? We get that Sam makes a great cup of coffee. Could we maybe see her mix it up and have a conversation with her sisters while she learns how to maybe make some fried dough? Liz carries a mean clip board and everybody in Port Chuck is up in her biznass. Could she have a conversation about the weather instead of her kids DNA pool? There are other things these ladies can do. The writers just have limited brain power.

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