Diana DeGarmo Previews Y&R Character

American Idol alum Diana DeGarmo debuts on The Young and the Restless on October 31. In an interview with TV Guide, she discusses her new character–a mob boss daughter and aspiring singer–Angelina.

TV Guide Magazine: Sounds like Y&R is getting some comic relief! Give us the deets on this chick.

DeGarmo: Well, she's an over-the-top, gum-smacking, tone-deaf princess whose hair is as large as her attitude. [Laughs] And I'm having a blast! Angelina believes she's Barbra Streisand mixed with Celine Dion and her father — who thinks his spoiled-brat daughter sings like a choir of angels — really puts the pressure on Devon [the young music producer played by Bryton James] to show her the ropes and make her a success. It's fantastically hilarious because it puts the poor kid in a horrible predicament!

Read the entire interview at TV Guide.

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    This is truly pitiful and shows people the sad state Y&R is truly in as brick by brick this grand soap is being destroyed…just because she’s a Bell. Maria can hire all the top actors but if the story isn’t there to show their talents it’s a big waste and can hurt the performer and now a mob family in GC. WTF! This isn’t GH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! |( |( |( |( |( |( |( Off With Their Heads!!

  2. Profile photo of koalygirl

    Adding a new character when Bell has said the cast was too bloated? REALLY?? Unbelievable!! Y&R has been sliding downhill for awhile now, due to lame rewrites, incomplete plots and resolutions, and misusing the great talent they already had. They even brought in Tristan Rogers who made it possible for me to enjoy the show in the midst of the ZZZzz worthy material there. But Bell has worked her tail off to destroy this show and Sony has allowed her free reign to do so. Fans need to notify Sony every day of the reasons we quit watching faithfully or watching at all. Let them know you will no longer buy Sony products. For me the last straw was letting go of Tristan, so I’m telling them that too.

  3. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    WHAT. A. TWIT. Just what viewers want to see. I can’t wait for Y & R to get canceled. I for one will be laughing my ass off.

    You KNOW things are in a sorry state when I WANT my favorite soap to get canceled.

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    Didn’t they do this story back in the day with the mob daughter and the black dude in white face? And of course there was Luke & Jennifer Smith on Gh in the 70s. I doubt this story will lead to a classic like Luke & Laura. This sounds so lame. And De Garmo assures us it will be “hilarious”! Yeah, right. I can see her and Rikaart overacting now….
    MAB must be creatively bankrupt or someone else is calling the shots.

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    They fire soap legend TR who has off the charts magic with the original character of Y&R and bring on a pointless character? We don’t even know who Angelo is, why should we care about his whacky daughter. Is there going to be a laugh track?

    I’m not looking to watch a new sitcom, variety , or cable show. If I want to watch new characters that don’t have anything to do with Genoa City I will start watching a NEW show. When I turn on the Young and the Restless I would like to watch the drama in the lives of characters I have followed for decades and their children and families. All I see when I turn this show on is Vicotr, Phyllis, Jack, Ashley and boatloads of STRANGERS I could care less about.

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    I seriously give up. I need a drink!!!!


    WHO CARES???????????

    More useless stunt casting. I don’t know this woman and I am sure she’s a lovely person/singer, but really, who gives a good kitty?

  7. Profile photo of For Whom the Bells Toll
    For Whom the Bells Toll

    This sounds awful!!! We want characters we can care about.

    Her character sounds like she should be on GH. Also,she must have been cheaper to pay than Tristan Rogers, who is a class-act. Please,please, please this is ridiculous!

    :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|

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