Secrets Are Spilled on DAYS

Halloween is the perfect times of year for secrets, trickery and ghosts from the past. This week on Days of Our Lives, Salem citizens learn shocking news.  Watch the promo for this week’s DAYs after the jump!

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    Wow! I knew Maggie’s child had to either be Madison or Daniel. I’m not at all surprised that it’s Daniel who is Maggie’s son. I saw this coming last week as I started to put the pieces together.

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    I personally don’t have a problem with Daniel being Maggie’s son because I like this character and he has great potential. This also opens story for Maggie & Victor and shows Maggie being a grandmother like Alice. I feel this could turn out to be the best way to integrate Daniel with a solid family connection. Which we now could see a recast of Sarah coming home to fill another void for Maggie…I like that Maggie has real family on canvas. Kudos!

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    [quote=stlfille]ewww, so Melanie and Nathan are cousins then?! kinda gross.[/quote]
    Hahahah… I just thought of that as well but they aren’t blood cousins though, Melissa isn’t Maggie’s daughter by blood thankfully

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    I actually like Daniel. Truth be told, I hated him up until he was paired with Jen. He used to be so sleazy, sleeping with all his patients. Jen brought out a better side of him IMO.

    Shawn Christian is a decent actor, and I’m actually glad they found a way to integrate his character into the fabric of the show even more.

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    I was hoping for Madison personally. Daniel is just too old to be Maggie’s son by invitro fertilization. There wasn’t a such thing when he was born. But oh well. It is nice that Maggie and Melanie are related. They are so close but seriously she is the new John Black of who is she actually related to. She used to be Max’s sister then she was oh well rewrite away lol.
    As far as Daniel changing his ways, one should be reminded that Jen was his patient too. She had her heart removed from her body at the prison and he put it back in for her a week later. Amazingly without any problems and apparently no scaring.

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