The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers and November Sweeps Scoops!

Steffy: She admits to Taylor she was responsible for keeping Liam and Hope apart. Later, Steffy shocks Liam when she reveals she knew all along Hope was in Aspen.

Ridge/Taylor: The chiseled one and Doc aren't buying Brooke's claims that Steffy and Bill were in cahoots. Later, Ridge begs his wife to keep her nose out of Steffy's marriage.

Marcus: Ridge names him PR rep for the Hope for the Future campaign.

Thorne: The forgotten Forrester makes a gut wrenching statement regarding his life to Taylor. Later, Taylor stuns Thorne.

Brooke/Taylor: The two women have a mutual agreement.

Nick: The sailor is bugged by Jackie about his talk with Brooke. Nick then flips the script and grills Jackie about her own personal life.

Owen/Jackie/Eric/Stephanie: Mrs. Knight has tons of explaining to do. She neglects to tell her husband all about the afternoon she spent with Eric. When talking to Owen, Jackie mistakenly lets the cat out of the bag. Meanwhile, Eric starts to wonder about his relationship with La Forrester when she once again shoots down his romantic overtures. Eric goes to Jackie for a shoulder to lean on.

Later, Ridge starts to think his dad is stepping out on Stephanie. Jackie eavesdropson Ridge putting Eric in the hot seat about Stephanie. La Forrester realizes she has to get some fire going between she and Eric or she could have to kiss him goodbye.

Rick/Amber/Marcus/Dayzee: Marcus and Dayzee take their romance to the next level. Meanwhile,  now that Rick is back, Amber is thinking about the old days.

November Sweeps

Steffy/Liam/Hope/Thomas: The Forrester hellcat isn't out of the woods just yet , as her schemes threaten to blow up in her face. Although Steffy has Liam, his heart still belongs to Hope. Liam will find out what Steffy did, but will he stay true to his wife or go after the woman he really loves? Thomas offers his "sister" Hope a bit of comfort. 

Ridge/Brooke: The vixen from the Valley is hell bent on busting Steffy for suckering Liam into marriage. Brooke's drive to nail Steffy may just wreck her and Ridge's umpteenth romance

Thorne/Taylor: The couple have enough power to control Forrester Creations but, will Taylor use it againt Ridge?

Bill/Katie: Mrs. Spencer is not keen on Steffy being part of her family and lets it be known. Katie and Steffy will butt heads causing Bill to choose sides. When Katie finds out Dollar Bill was responsible for Liam and Steffy getting married, it isn't going to be pretty.

Nick/Jackie/Pam: Jackie ropes her son into a cray-cray scheme to keep Jackie M. on top with some assistance from Pammy. Pam however, has her own plans for Nick!

Donna: She starts down a new path that may rope her in with Pam.

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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Thomas and Hope!? Could be something if they DO NOT let them taking about each other as siblings. And it would be a nice change to that loser Liam. By the way, what happened to Oliver…?

    Eric and Jackie revisited!? It’s about time these two share a scene together once again. Those years that Eric spent with Donna should have gone to Jackie. -.-

    I’m loving everything about Rick and Amber. Just like the old days. And maybe Rick finally can pull Amber out of the teen scene.

    Nick and Brooke … what a long-time dream that is. I usually don’t like Jackie’s involvement in Nick’s love life, but when it comes to Brooke and Nick Mrs. Knight IS RIGHT!!! Don’t get what Pam’s plan for Nick could be…???
    Anyway, I hope this time it’s a actual storyline between Nick/Brooke and not just another tease. Come on, their fans deserve to see them for some time again…!

    Love Katie’s little fights with Steffy. Get that b!tch, Victoria Newman!!!!

  2. Profile photo of booze26

    This soap is a mess. The number of storylines that have been dropped in the recent months are riduculous. The teasing with couples or new storyline ideas makes it even more inconsistent. There is no consistency, no action, no excitement in any of the spoilers.

    Again, it could easily be the best soap on the air within 4 weeks, you never know with this soap. SOme good things:

    The storyline between Eric and Stephanie is wonderfull. The dialogue is different and nice and it shows another side from Eric. He is not just a horny old goat, he is just a man that needs some affection. Great soap.

    The revisiting of Rickj and Amber is promising. But we need to see how that turns out on our screens.

    AG is great as Thomas. I see in him great potential to be a new lead.

    The storyline between Owen and JAckie was nice. I hope they could develop it a bit more. But I wonder, is BB still on contract?

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