Is Lisa Rinna Heading Back to Days of Our Lives?

Will Lisa Rinna return to Days of Our Lives' 2.0? The Huffington Post is reporting the actress is making her way back to Salem in the popular role of Billie Reed. It appears the new writing squad of Marlene Clark Poulter and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr. are hell bent on keeping DAYS thriving by bringing back favorites. According to the site:

Part of the strategy is bringing out the big guns, which includes bringing back Lisa Rinna and Billie Reed.

As of right now, DAYS and Rinna are keeping mum about when she would return to the sudser that made her a household name. Rinna is expected to start taping in December. 

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    Seriously? Ugh. DAYS has a full cast of characters. I like the show these days but Billie, no matter the actress, has no place on the canvas. To be honest, I don’t think Patrick Muldoon brings much to the show currently. The show needs to concentrate on the current cast. I like the John/money scandal, the mayoral race, Maggie’s mystery child and Jack/Jenn. The show should develop Sonny/Will and the younger set as well as Madison.

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    Now if they shipped Daniel and Melanie off and brought Billie and Chelsea back I might be a little bit happy but I just don’t like Lisa Rinna its so bad that I prefer Krista Allen over her!

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    I’m ecstatic Lisa is coming back! She’s an excellent actress, and I was a huge fan of Billie’s.

    I just hope that they keep her far away from Bo and Hope. Not because I’m a Bope fan (at all), but because every female character that comes near them ends up being turned into a crazy, desperate, stalker crackhead.

    I hope she comes back to good writing and a great story; with her brother back on the canvas, and her mother now being a Dimera (and bringing the company that Billie started back to Salem), it should be good.

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    Her life went full circle. I ALWAYS said she is a good actress but I dont know why she stopped with soaps. She went DWTS crazy and she stopped acting. I still wish Harry loves Lisa was still on. I just might start watching Days because of this.

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    I think it’s great to bring back favorite characters, but I must ask…why? What could Billie bring to the canvas that the show needs? The show is going so well right now and they should focus on who they have and work on the stories they have now. It’ll be nice to see her back on screen, but how about for a quick Christmas visit?

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    If she’s taping in December she won’t air until March at the earliest. I hate DAYS tape schedule. Needs to be fixed so badly. By the time she airs no one will care. If it was in like a month or 5-6 weeks then it would still be fresh news.

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    Know of the character of Billie but I’ve not experienced any of the actresses in the role. I do know she originated the role as Patrick M. I’m OK with bringing her on and a friend which was watching Days then said she and Patrick was strongest characters in the Reed family. That could make even a better family dynamic with Lucas returning in the spring. MarDar is putting the Reed family back together and who’s to say we won’t see a new Chelsea back in Salem.

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    I liked Billie, but I’d rather see Lucas return (who is Kate’s son AND a Horton). Still long for an eventual Lumi reunion, I can’t help it. I always rooted for those two kids. Not that impressed with Patrick Muldoon I must say, which saddens me, because my high school self loved Austin when he portrayed him. I actually see more chemistry between Carrie and Rafe than Carrie and Austin (ultimately, I was a Mike/Carrie fan though)

    I’m okay with Billie returning, as long as she doesn’t bring Chelsea with her. I HATED her!

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    Love Lisa, Love Billie. Glad to have her back. However the fact of the matter is is she had strong chemistry with Robert Kelker Kelly even though they apparently had problems backstage, they were a supercouple on screen. She did NOT have the same chemistry with Peter Reckel. He does much better with Kristen. I hope that Billie is not back for round 100 with bo and hope. That is played out. I would like to see her involved with the cosmetics war. She did create Countess Wilhemina cosmetics company after all. A nice triangle between her and Brady and Madison would be good. Or maybe her with DR Death….. I could see that. But no more BO HOPE AND Billie please! DID someone actually say the name Krista Allen and acting? I think I threw up a little in my mouth! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I do like Julie Pinson but she was kind of a stand in for Lisa in my head. She had the look, she is a very good actress, but she lacked the spunk that Lisa brought to the role.
    And the end game is gonna be Jen and Jack and that is final. All you people that want something else, for what reason? Those two explode off the screen with chemistry and love and funny. They are one of my favorite couples ever on Days and it is because they are absolutely wonderful together. If you can not see that, you need to get your eyes readjusted.

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    Julie Pinson, in my opinion, is a far better actress, but one can’t deny the iconography that Lisa Rinna has with DAYS. She is THE Billie.

    But with that being said, can someone PLEASE convince this woman to leave the Juvederm and pig fat alone? Not everything needs to be injected into one’s face and lips. Just saying!!! Aging naturally and gracefully needs to come back in style…….ASAP!!

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    Alston – I know she regretted that move with her lips. I watched her reality show and when she had them fixed (I dont know if you know she did have them fixed) she explained to her kids when and why she did it, so it was sort of the thing for her to do at the time. She is beautiful and I hope she knows it and dosent do anything else to change the way she looks. And she should act. She is a great actress. Ive seen her in a few movies and she is really good. And you are right – aging naturally and gracefully needs to be the way to go.

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    Ugh! Really?!?!?! She was annoying when she was on the first time, I don’t need her back again! She’s gotten even MORE annoying since then! I remember those photos of her campaigning to get on the “Melrose Place” reboot on this exact website! I’m not a fan of hers and I really don’t see the point of bringing her back unless Chelsea comes back too. And I would rather have Julie Pinson back. She’s my favorite of all the Billies. But I don’t think they should do a Hope/Bo/Billie triangle again. It’s really been there, done that. And it seemed as if when Julie played Billie, that they had settled everything.

    And I just don’t care for Patrick Muldoon in the role of Austin either. I know he was always older than Carrie, but since he was last on in the 90s, he’s aged quite a bit so the difference in age between Carrie and Austin is so much more pronounced now. Especially since Austin Peck played him last so the show kind of de-aged the character. And I get Austin Peck was HORRIBLE during his stint on Days, but he improved quite a bit too when he was on ATWT. I can’t believe I said that as I wasn’t a fan of Austin Peck’s either. Seriously, the Reed family is just NOT needed in Salem! I want Melissa and Sarah to come to town and deal with Daniel! More Hortons! Bring back Nathan or recast Nick Fallon! Come ON! No need to add more attention to Kate, she’s so annoying and shrewish! I like Madison giving her a run for her money. Kate has devolved into such a pale imitation of what she once was. It’s sad really. Let this family exit. Honestly, if they need a new family in town, beef up the Carvers! Jonah is a doctor. Lexie can have a long lost sibling. Beef up the color in Salem!

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    Preach, snags! Hallelujah and Amen!

    Seriously, whenever I try to make any of the points in your post I get attacked on this and other blogs. Not that I mind in the slightest.:)

    Hope/Bo/Billie? check.
    Patrick Muldoon? check.
    Lauren Koslow as Kate? check.


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    SNAGS! MORE HORTONS That should be our tag line! I totally agree with both Nathan and Nick but I want the original Nick back too. I would like to see alot of Hortons back. I am not convinced that Kate’s kids and Kate are a bad move though. I do like Austin (muldoon only) Billie and Lucas. I think her twins could be reworked and reintroduced as well. The only failure I see with Kates kids is Phillip. He is a ruined character by being too wishy washy to be a villian or a hero. He has been both and not very good at either. A war hero that got his foot blown off and sells cocaine and forces girls into marriage….. he is a failure as a character and be gone with him.
    Long Live the Hortons! I truly believe this would be the step FORWARD that the show should make.

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    Oh for the love of cupcakes…I hope not!!
    For so many reasons

    1) They have such a full cast right now…and it’s good too…don’t ruin a good thing…although i’d be happy for a reason to dump Melanie….and Sarah Brown:P

    2) Never liked the character of Billie…only time I could somewhat handle her was when the wonderful Julie played her…but Lisa…gag and more gag!!

    3) I finally have Bope back together!!!


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    petitejolie I still like Billie but I must admit that that is the best part of Billie’s time on the show. RKK and LR were combustibly hot together. They were one of daytimes most beautiful couples and the acting was way above the curve. She was saucy and funny and he was passionate and strong. I don’t want to start a war here but at the time I did think Days made a huge mistake brining back Hope and Bo (PR). RKK was so good in that role, I thought he was much better than PR. Nowdays, Bo and Hope are an intstution and PR is sentimenally THE only Bo. But that was not the case back then. Over all I am very happy the KA and PR are some of the stars of DaYS and would not change it.

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